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Witter Coins – Reviews That You Should Know Before Buying or Selling

Witter Coins started in 1960, intending to buy and sell various types of paper money, antique silver, gold, and diamond jewelry, collector coins, and bullion gold and silver.

It has one of the largest stocks of PCGS, NGC, and CAC coins; and it specializes in rare US coins.

This San Francisco-based company has a proven track record of helping collectors. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice coin collector looking to invest some money or an advanced collector seeking an elusive rarity to add to your collection.

Witter Coins works with coin collectors of all income levels, focusing on young collectors. It has a large selection of coins that are ideal as gifts.

About the Witter Coins Website

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Dean Witter produced a unique coin album in 1959 to store US-proof sets.

He made the decision to launch Witter Coins in a small shop on Bush and Kearny in San Francisco’s financial estate area because of the album’s success.

In 1982, Dean relocated to the famed Hobart Building on Market Street in San Francisco Bay Area.

What Does the Witter Coin Company Sell?

Every day, Witter Coins purchases collectibles from the public. It buys items like watches, jewelry, rare coins, and silver bullion.

With the Witter Coin site, it is simple to sell, whether it’s a huge lifetime collection or just one item.

Since 1960, Witter Coins has been trading rare coins and other numismatic items. Its collection of PCGS-graded coins is among the best in the nation.

The company is renowned for handling great US Gold rarities and creating incredible sets of rare coins.

You can look at all the items that are an elusive rarity to complete your collection of unique coins or jewelry.

What Does It Buy?

The company buys the following items:

  • Coins

  • Paper money

  • Bullion

  • Diamonds

  • Gold Jewelry

  • Sterling Silver

  • Watches

  • Sports Memorabilia


2299 Lombard St, San Francisco, CA 94123, United States

Products and Services for a Beginning Coin Collector with Just a Few Dollars

Witter Coins Products

Witter Coins is an authorized dealer of PCGS currency that has a track record of assisting collectors with their investments:

  • E-commerce facility

  • Bullion Coins

  • Bullion Bars

  • Investment/Retirement Vehicles (like a gold IRA company.)

  • Numismatic Coins

If you want to complete your collection, Witter is your company.

Recent Updates

Seth Chandler, the company’s owner, and head numismatist organized a revolutionary week-long instructional session at Witter Coin University in the latter part of July 2021.

Witter Coins “U,” which hosted 25 young numismatists (YNs) ages 13 to 21, taught its pupils a wide range of numismatic topics in a forum.

Although Chandler claims his main objective was to increase student knowledge of numismatics, other significant goals may have been to advertise his company.

Three of the 25 students who attended the week’s events—which included a quick tour of the City by the Bay, coin grading sessions, and ample time at Witter Coins to inspect rarities in person—gave an account of their experiences.

They claimed to enjoy the “Fun and Learn” experience.

The Verdict

Witter Coins is a renowned company that helps collectors buy and sell unique currency.

With years of experience, it surely has a team of skilled advisors that have helped thousands of people invest in coins.

Your investments are safe in the hands of Witter Coins.

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