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The Metal Exchange was established by a group of senior American precious metals veterans with a clear mission: to simplify the online investing experience of purchasing gold and silver coins in the United States. Their belief in the power of informed buyers making better decisions is reflected in their motto, “Gold and Silver Investing Simplified.” With a commitment to security, transparency, and portfolio diversification, The Metal Exchange stands apart from other online precious metals retailers.

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The Metal Exchange – An LCI Company

The Metal Exchange is an LCI Company, part of the respected LCI brand established in 1997. Over the past 16 years, LCI has successfully facilitated over $1,300,000,000 in financial transactions. This partnership lends additional credibility and trust to The Metal Exchange’s offerings, further reinforcing their reputation as a reliable and reputable player in the precious metals market. As an LCI Company, The Metal Exchange benefits from a wealth of experience and expertise in the financial industry. This solid foundation allows them to provide exceptional service and innovative solutions to investors looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals.

Security and Integrity: Ensuring Peace of Mind

One of the unique features that sets The Metal Exchange apart is its unwavering commitment to security and integrity. Every sale made by The Metal Exchange is shipped insured, providing customers with peace of mind that their precious metals are protected. Additionally, The Metal Exchange guarantees the authenticity and purity of each precious metal sold, assuring buyers of the quality of their investment. Unlike some competitors, The Metal Exchange maintains a transparent pricing policy, devoid of any hidden fees, buyback fees, or VAT taxes. What you see is what you get – the price you see is the price you pay.

Simplicity of Choice: Focused on What Matters

Navigating the vast array of precious metals available in the market can be overwhelming. At The Metal Exchange, simplicity of choice is a guiding principle. While there are over 5,000 gold bullion coins minted worldwide since 1900, The Metal Exchange focuses on offering only the top-selling products, accounting for over 70% of sales in the investor market. By targeting these easy-to-buy, easy-to-sell, and easy-to-value products, The Metal Exchange caters to buyers rather than collectors, ensuring that investment decisions are straightforward and effective.

Portfolio Compilation: A Unique Approach

The Metal Exchange goes beyond traditional precious metals firms, offering a portfolio compilation service that combines the best aspects of traditional mutual fund diversity with the physical ownership of gold and silver. This innovative approach provides investors with precious metals portfolios tailored to their risk appetite and investment goals. Whether one seeks aggressive, conservative, or traditional investment exposure, The Metal Exchange has a suitable portfolio option. These portfolios enable investors to track performance similar to how they track their mutual fund investments, giving them valuable insights and control over their precious metals assets.

Simplifying the Buying Experience

At The Metal Exchange, the team has revolutionized the gold and silver buying experience with a philosophy of “addition from subtraction.” Their approach is simple – offer a carefully curated selection of products that meet the needs of investors without overwhelming them with unnecessary choices. The Metal Exchange’s product lineup includes 10 gold products and 5 silver products, streamlining the selection process for their clients.

In addition to individual product purchases, The Metal Exchange presents pre-made portfolios for gold and silver investors. These pre-made portfolios, each valued at $5,000, cater to different risk appetites and investment preferences, providing an easy entry point into precious metals investing.

Shipping, Insurance and Delivery

A crucial aspect of any precious metals transaction is the shipping, handling, and insurance fees. The Metal Exchange maintains transparency in this regard, charging a flat fee for shipping, handling, and insurance. For gold and platinum orders, the fee is $24, plus $1.00 per thousand of the order’s value. For silver orders, the fee is $24.00, plus $13 per thousand. This straightforward pricing structure ensures that customers know exactly what to expect when placing their orders.

Efficient order processing and delivery are paramount at The Metal Exchange. All orders are shipped within 72 hours of confirming good funds, usually arriving within 10-15 business days from receipt of a personal or cashier’s check. The Metal Exchange accepts various forms of payment, including bank wire, certified check, bank draft, credit cards, cashier’s check, and postal money orders. It’s important to note that personal checks require additional verification, causing a slight delay in processing.

Cancellation Policy

While The Metal Exchange aims to avoid cancellations, they understand that rare situations may arise. If necessary, cancellations must be made during normal business hours, and a cancellation fee of $40.00 (USD) will apply, along with any market loss incurred by The Metal Exchange. Cancellations may be approved over the telephone, and any market gain on cancellations remains the property of The Metal Exchange.

Furthermore, any market loss incurred will be calculated and added to the cancellation fee. Once a cancellation is processed, future orders may only be permitted after any market loss is paid in full, ensuring fair and transparent business practices at The Metal Exchange.

Credit Cards and Pricing

The Metal Exchange accepts credit card payments; however, orders exceeding $25,000 (USD) are typically processed only by bank wire. This additional step ensures a secure and seamless transaction. Notably, The Metal Exchange does not accept credit card payments for international orders. The Metal Exchange strives to provide accurate product and pricing information. However, errors may occasionally occur. If an item is listed at an incorrect price or with inaccurate information, The Metal Exchange reserves the right to refuse or cancel such orders. Rest assured that The Metal Exchange is dedicated to delivering reliable and up-to-date information to its valued clients.

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The Metal Exchange lives up to its motto of “Gold and Silver Investing Simplified” by providing a user-friendly and transparent precious metals investing experience. From a thoughtfully curated selection of products to streamlined portfolios and secure transaction processes, they demonstrates its commitment to making precious metals investing accessible and straightforward for all investors. With a focus on transparency, a curated product selection, and diverse investment portfolios, The Metal Exchange empowers investors to make informed decisions and safeguard their financial future with precious metals.


Q : What sets The Metal Exchange apart from other precious metals retailers?

A : The Metal Exchange stands out with its commitment to security, transparent pricing, and a simplified selection of top-selling products.

Q : What payment options does The Metal Exchange accept?

A : The Metal Exchange accepts bank wire, certified check, bank draft, credit cards, cashier’s check, and postal money orders.

Q : How long does it take for orders to be delivered?

A : Orders are typically shipped within 72 hours of confirming good funds and are expected to arrive within 10-15 business days from receipt of payment.

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