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Oxford Gold Group Review: Scam or Legit?

Oxford Gold Group is a precious metals trader situated in the state of California, United States of America. The firm was founded in 2017 and specialized in gold coins and bars, silver coins and bars, platinum coins and bars, and palladium coins and bars with a high investment value. This organization offers a range of bullion coins and bars, and they can also assist you with individual retirement plans and 401(k) rollovers. While investing in precious metals gives long-term stability, it also delivers quick cash upon metals liquidation. Apart from their metal worth, precious metals retain their status as collectors or rare sources, where the coin’s mintage date and condition determine its value rather than its metal composition. Coins’ face value and mintage value add to the total cost of a precious metal coin.

A precious metals IRA is a kind of self-directed IRA that enables you to invest in a variety of assets, such as actual gold, silver, or other bullion. Additionally, you may use your IRA to invest in paper gold or numismatic coins. You may buy gold or silver bars and coins from a merchant and keep them in an observatory using this IRA. All of these services are provided by IRS-approved firms. Several financial advisers also recommend the diversification of investment portfolios. The Oxford Gold Group can assist you in purchasing precious metals and establishing a precious metals IRA. Investments in precious metals should account for between 5% to 10% of your retirement assets.

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About Oxford Gold Group

The establishment is new to the market and specializes in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They will sell you bullion bars and coins and buy them. Additionally, they provide many IRA services. You may start an individual retirement account with the firm or convert your 401(k) to a precious metals IRA (gold or silver). Besides that, the company works as an IRS-approved depository for the residents of Texas. And for the IRAs,

Depository: Delaware Depository, Brink’s Banks Global Services.

The firm provides exceptional customer service, and the proprietors have over two decades of expertise in the precious metals industry. The firm is owner-operated, which means that its employees are also stakeholders. As a result, everyone you communicate with will be actively involved in the organization’s growth. Patrick Granfar formed the company.

Additionally, the organization places a premium on education, with a learning center loaded with blogs, articles, and videos that will instruct you about precious metals and IRA services. Additionally, you may consult the company’s glossary of terms or FAQ section if you want additional information.

Oxford Gold Group

How Does the Oxford Gold Group Operate?

The company has 24/7 customer service so you can call them on a direct line. Oxford Gold Group has its headquarters in Beverly Hills. And if you hold any queries about the establishment, you can contact them directly by filling out their query box with your name and address. To purchase precious metals, you don’t have to go through any intricate method.

You may choose merchandise from their product list and choose between the IRA or home delivery services. Moreover, you must include your name and phone number. They will mail you the metals price with just your address and phone number if you want a straightforward transaction. However, there will be several stages involved with IRA services.

However, if you are unfamiliar with precious metals and IRAs, you may receive a free guidebook from the Oxford Gold Group. To get the free guide, you must provide a postal address and phone number. Also, the website has articles and a “How to Buy” Also, the website has articles and a “How to Buy.”

The organization provides storage services to its customers. If you buy a vast quantity of metals from the company, it will be better to choose them as a depository or safe house. Instead, you may save it to your place. The firm will keep you informed about your purchases and shipping progress, and you can trace everything. In the case of precious metals IRAs, quarterly updates are offered.

Products of the Oxford Gold Group

Oxford Gold Products

The company delivers precious metals investments and precious metals IRA services. Their services are offered across the United States of America, and they also provide storage and custodian services.

Precious Metal Products

Oxford Gold Group is first and foremost a precious metals trader, dealing in a variety of bullion bars and precious metal coins. All of these items are published on the site, and the market rate likewise decides their prices at the time of purchase.

Gold Coins and Bars

On the site, fourteen gold coins and one gold bar are featured. You may choose any of them, and their pricing will vary according to their mintage and face value. There are both US mintage and foreign mintage gold coins available. American Bald Eagle, American Gold Eagle, and Gold Buffalo are all United States mintage coins. Additionally, British mintage and Canadian mintage coins are available. The ten-pound 2022 British Royal Mint Gold Standard features a picture of Queen Elizabeth and is commemorative of the Gold Standard’s 200th anniversary. The Royal Canadian Mint originally produced the gold Canadian Maple Leaf in 1979, depicting Queen Elizabeth as the Commonwealth’s Queen on one side and the Maple Leaf, Canada’s national emblem on the other. The gold South African Krugerrand was first produced in 1967 and displayed an antelope from South Africa on the reverse. Also, there is a gold Canadian Arctic Fox and a gold Canadian Polar Bear on the list.

On the Oxford Gold Group’s website, a 283.4-gram gold bar is offered. The producers of these bars vary in terms of size and quality.

Silver Coins and Bars

On the site, seventeen silver coins are offered from the precious metals market. The bars weigh between 28.3 and 1000 grams, and the coins weigh between 31 and 42.5 grams. Silver coins are much more stable than gold coins because they are all 99.9% pure. There are several coins, and they originate from a variety of mints. Almost seven distinct US mintage coins, including the American Silver Eagle and Kennedy Half Dollar. Among these coins is a silver round measuring 28.3 grams. Instead of having a face value, rounds have a liquidating value. The Silver Franklin Halves are one of the most collectible bullion silver coins since they were all struck prior to 1963.

The PAMP Suisse Silver bar is listed on the site. These are produced in Switzerland and can be purchased in a monster box with five bars in it. The precision of the silver bars is per IRS standards.

Other Precious Metals

Platinum is more costly and scarce than gold and silver. The majority of platinum is excavated in South Africa and is mostly utilized in the automobile sector. While platinum was originally considered a form of currency in Russia, it is now considered rare. The Oxford Gold Group offers four distinct coin kinds. The Platinum Australian Philanthropic is one of the most aesthetically compelling coins on the list, along with the Bortlesnese Dolphin.

You may purchase a 99.9 percent pure platinum bar weighing 1 ounce or 28.3 grams on the site. Each bar comes with an assay certificate.

On the site, there are just two Palladium goods offered. Palladium is the rarest of all the bullion metals listed. The Canadian Maple Leaf Palladium Coin was minted in 2005 by the Royal Canadian Mint, and the face value of these coins is $50. A 28.3-gram bar of 99.95 percent pure palladium is offered on the site.

Precious Metals IRA (Individual Retirement Accounts)

Oxford Gold Group provides services for gold and silver- precious metal IRAs along with other precious metal IRAs. Individuals may contribute a certain amount to an IRA tax-deferred account. Moreover, you may form a gold IRA account and acquire metals straight from the corporation. Instead, you could rollover your 401(k), 403(b), and 457(b) retirement funds. There are several types of IRAs, including standard IRAs, Roth IRAs, and SEP IRAs.

To start an IRA account, you must contact Oxford Gold Group, and the process will take just a few moments. You may choose from an IRS-approved list of custodians who will move your assets to your IRA account. Then you may decide on which precious metals to invest in. Subsequently, the gold will be sent to a depository; the Oxford Gold Group chose the Delaware Depository Service Company as its preferred depository. This corporation is covered by Lloyd’s of London, the world’s oldest insurance company, and the vault is a private, state-of-the-art structure. Your precious metals IRA permits you to invest up to $6,000 to $7,500 every year.

Pricing for Precious Metals

Precious metals’ price varies in accordance with the prevailing market rate. And the Oxford Gold Group’s prices are adjusted to reflect these changes. You may buy up to $1,500 worth of merchandise at a time. The Oxford Gold Group store comprises bulk bullion coins and bars.

Additional Oxford Gold Group charges are associated with precious metals IRAs, such as yearly maintenance, storage, and transportation. Annual maintenance expenses range between $175 and $275. If the value of your account surpasses $100,000, you must pay a yearly fee of $275. There are no shipping charges for Oxford Gold Group customers. Storage costs may range from $75 to $225 each year, depending on the size of the investment. The Oxford Gold Group offers a rebate for their clients for up to five years. A maximum of $7,500 may be spent on an IRA purchase.

The Oxford Gold Group Review

Oxford Gold Group is fairly well-known and reputable across the United States of America, particularly in Texas. As such, the company’s websites have been reviewed on several occasions.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The overall Oxford Gold Group review on this page is favorable, and the Better Business Bureau accredits the firm with an A+ rating. There have been no complaints against Oxford Gold Group on this site in the previous three years.

Trust Pilot

The organization has a 4.9 rating from Trust Pilot, and the majority of Oxford Gold Group evaluations are good, with 95 percent of customers rating the company outstanding on their trip back. Trust Pilot currently has 0 negative feedback or reviews. The majority of individuals, including me, believe that the company’s customer service is superior to that of competitors, as are their goods and delivery times. Most of the comments here include the fact that the employees of Oxford Gold Group were accommodating and informative. Personnel was commended for their contributions.

Consumer Affairs

There are 53 reviews for Oxford Gold Group on the internet, and they average 4.8 stars out of 5 on precious metal investments. The majority of reviews are five stars. Much like the Trust Pilot, workers are applauded here. Both the website and the personnel received accolades for their work. Individuals who contacted Oxford Gold Group were satisfied adequately.

Retirement Living

The majority of the Oxford Gold Group Review is favorable, with a 4.6-star rating. The unfavorable criticism was directed at the company’s competitive strategy to precious metals acquisition.

Google and Other Social Media Platforms

Google has rated Oxford Gold Group with 4.7 stars, and most people have given them five stars. Facebook has 4.4 stars with 13 reviews online.

Is Oxford Gold Group Legit?

The firm consistently receives positive feedback on its website and from other reputable sources. Better Business Bureau accredited the Oxford Gold Group and has a substantial overall score compared to precious metals companies. Gold’s price is determined by market pricing, and particular laws also govern the transaction of physical precious metals. Their precious metals IRA services are flexible, and several direct buying choices are accessible. Additionally, the company’s storage capacity is a bonus. They are not partnered with any custodians. The Oxford Gold Group does not offer online purchasing or application procedures. There is no detail on its staff members on the company’s website, and this might be due to the company’s brief age of three years. Nonetheless, the company appears genuine, with no evident warning flags.

Competitors of OxfordGold include OneGold.  


Judging from online reviews and outcomes, we recommend the Oxford Gold Group. However, before you take any action, ensure that you understand the company’s policies and strategic vision. And if you have any inquiries, you may reach them through phone or mail, or you can read their articles and watch their videos for additional information. They provide a range of bullion coins and bars, and their customers benefit from reduced expenses.

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