Lexi Capital Review

Lexi Capital Review – Securing Your Future in Precious Metals

Traditional retirement savings have a lot of challenges. The situation has created the desire for many people to explore precious metal IRAs such as silver and gold investments.

This Lexi Capital review explores one of the reputable precious metals IRA options in detail to determine whether the business is a good fit for your gold IRA investing ideas. It will also help you understand how to assess other similar options to determine which is the better business bureau.

What Is Lexi Capital?

The Lexi Capital business bureau was founded by two young business students at UCLA while they were working on a company plan. They developed that successful method into Lexi Capital to help retirement investors navigate the complicated gold and silver markets.

Furthermore, the precious metals IRA has simplified investing in gold and silver IRAs. By limiting price fluctuation in the short term, Lexi Capital assists clients in reducing risk for clients when they purchase precious metals. The company uses its exchange and refund procedures to safeguard investors concerned about making a mistake while purchasing gold for their IRAs. With the help of its Gold Assurance Program, investors in gold are protected from price declines for up to six months after making a purchase.

Lexi Capital Services

Lexi Capital

The only precious metals that Lexi Capital offers are silver and gold. There are self-directed IRAs accessible. The business specializes in establishing rollovers as well as Silver and Gold IRAs.

You could also add other investments to your account, such as:

  • Deeds, trusts, and real estate

  • Closely held stocks, promissory notes, and real estate investment trusts.

  • The IRS grants approval for tax liens, precious metals, and mortgage loans.

  • Limited liability businesses and partnerships with private ownership.

Gold Custodian

Lexi Capital partners with STRATA Trust to ensure that gold purchases clients make are kept safe.


Investors should have a lot of knowledge about a market to prevent errors and lessen the likelihood of losing their hard-earned money. Lexi Capital helps its clients make wise decisions by providing current market information, advice on investments, and wealth protection. This is an excellent

A Wide Range of Gold and Silver Investments

Lexi Capital understands the value of options. The company offers a variety of investment items, including numismatics, new edition coins, vintage coins, and more.

Customer Service

They have a knowledgeable and friendly staff to provide you with all the necessary information. Expect a timely response if you contact us by phone or email for assistance.

Gold Assurance Plan

Silver and gold are often strong options for diversifying your retirement account and assets. However, there are often changes in the price of precious metals. Investors can benefit from Lexi Capital’s Gold Assurance Plan in this situation by protecting their IRA savings from unanticipated economic and geopolitical disasters.

Lexi Capital Benefits

The business provides you with a host of advantages you’ll value, like:

Investor Education:

There is always some risk involved with investing. This explains why so many people find investing challenging. By educating you well and responding to all of your inquiries, Lexi Capital reduces your risk of suffering a loss. Additionally, you will get advice to make sure your investments turn out well. You can make the best choice while safeguarding your cash after you have the crucial information regarding the particulars of investing in gold and precious metals.

Experienced Staff Members:

Customer service representatives can give you the information you need if you need any investment advice or have questions regarding the services and products offered by Lexi Capital. Sending an email or making a phone call to the support team is all that is required to address your inquiries or worries. Your queries will be answered completely and factually by the representatives.

Excellent Product Selection:

You can buy a wide variety of goods from Lexi Capital, including numismatics, semi-numismatics, and special edition coins. The team will outline the benefits and drawbacks of both being an investment and a collector.

What Does Lexi Capital Offer that its Competitors Don't? 

Lexi Capital offers

The Gold Assurance Plan, one of Lexi Capital’s standout features, acts as a point of uniqueness for the company. Moreover, the strategy provides investors with price protection for up to $500 per ounce of silver and gold coins over six months. Bullion products must be included at an additional cost.

By comprehending the nuances of silver and gold investing, you can select the greatest investments for your retirement. Lexi Capital provides investors new investment choices while addressing short-term pricing changes.

When it comes to novice investors, they offer sufficient information on market reports and impart precious metals investing knowledge. They give discounts to clients who switch from 401(k) plans or open IRA accounts.

What Are the Fees at Lexi Capital?

It costs nothing to open a new IRA account with Lexi Capital. It is a fantastic alternative for those wishing to diversify their portfolios or for novice investors who want to start out modestly due to its $1,500 minimum commitment requirement. Shipping costs for orders under $15,000 are $14.95.

Regarding assets of $50,000 or less, the yearly account administration costs are $285 in the first year and $180 in future years; for larger investments ($50,000 and up), Lexi Capital does not charge an annual account maintenance fee.

The financial institution offers a 3% discount for orders paid for through cashier’s checks, wire transfers, and these methods combined.

Additionally, the clear cost structure is one of the main benefits of starting a Precious Metals IRA. All fees at Lexi Capital are disclosed upfront. Your IRA setup will cost you $80. Annual administrative fees are $95 and storage costs are $100. As a result, starting an IRA and doing business with Lexi Capital will only cost you $275 for the first year.

Can You Trust Lexi Capital?

The majority of web reviews are outstanding, and the clients are content with the assistance. Furthermore, the company has received great ratings from both the Business Consumer Alliance and the Better Business Bureau. The website of Lexi Capital features a thorough section devoted to frequently asked questions in addition to phone and email contact options.

One of the best Gold IRAs in the nation is Lexi Capital. Their Gold Assurance Plan is very exceptional; it protects investors from stock market volatility, worldwide unpredictability, and price fluctuations. You can retire whenever and however you please with this plan. Without a question, Lexi Capital has a respectable past.

Lexi Capital Review and Rating for 2022

Lexi Capital has gained excellent ratings with the Better Business Bureau (A+) and the Business Consumer Alliance (AAA). The firm has received no reviews or complaints elsewhere.

Investing in Precious Metals with Lexi Capital

Silver and gold are the only precious metals offered by Lexi Capital. In general, compared to other precious metals, these precious metals are more in demand for both domestic and foreign markets. The company’s main goal is to give customers the most dependable and profitable returns. Furthermore, the company specializes in creating Silver and Gold IRAs as well as Gold IRA rollovers. You may also make additional investments in your account, such as:

  • Real estate investments, trusts, and deeds

  • Closely held stocks and promissory notes

  • Precious metals, tax liens, and mortgages sanctioned by the IRS

  • Private limited partnerships and limited liability businesses

You can discuss your selection of custodians when you consult with the business. Lexi Capital partners with STRATA Trust, a well-known and trustworthy gold IRA custodian. The company sells a wide range of coins, including numismatics, semi-numismatics, and special editions. It focuses on the distinctions between collecting and investing. This is crucial if you are a beginner.

On the Lexi Capital website, the corporation offers news feeds for silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. Despite being straightforward, the website is well-designed and clutter-free. However, for starting or converting an IRA, bonuses are provided.

The Gold Assurance Plan

Gold Assurance plan

When it comes to retirement savings, both silver and gold are excellent choices for diversity. Remember that the cost of precious metals is subject to frequent swings. The business provides investors with the Gold Assurance Plan as a result. This special choice gives investors a safeguard for their IRA accounts against unforeseen monetary and geopolitical events.

Price protection is offered to investors under the scheme for six months, up to $500 for each ounce of silver and gold coins. Bullion products must be included for an extra cost. An expert advisor is accessible if you have any questions. You may choose the best investments for your retirement by understanding the nuances of silver and gold investing.

Available Storage Options

Lexi Capital will deliver your order of precious metals to your house if you are buying them for personal investment purposes. Due to IRS rules, you cannot store your precious metals at home if you are starting a Gold IRA. The Delaware Depository and Brinks are the company’s two primary storage suppliers. Because the tax and commercial rules in Delaware are more favorable for investors, several businesses advise keeping precious metals there.

You have the option of keeping your precious metals at home or at a secure storage facility, depending on the sort of investment you make. The shipping cost for orders under $20,000 for precious metals that will be delivered to your residence is $14.95. You are breaking IRS regulations and your IRA will be deemed invalid if you buy precious metals for your IRA and store them at home.

IRA Services Inc. is Lexi Capital’s primary custodian. You can decide on the storage facility of your choice if you’d like. Because Lexi Capital is one of the most reputable and significant options available in the sector, we advise using one of their options.

Pros of Choosing Lexi Capital

  • It has been operating for more than 10 years.
  • The minimum investment requirement is $1,500.
  • Lexi Capital partners with STRATA Trust Company as its IRA custodian.
  • A repository in Delaware provides both mixed and separate storage.
  • There are a few pricey and uncommon non-IRA coins for sale.
  • Support for live chat is offered locally.
  • A specific analysis of your portfolio will be given to you.
  • There are options for both private and exclusive storage.
  • The IRA application is easy to complete and takes little time.
  • Your assurance program lasts for six months.
  • The focus is on buying gold or silver as an investment.
  • In your account, you may have both silver and gold assets.
  • There is a six-month return period for the Gold Assurance Plan.

Cons of the Lexi Capital Offer

  • You can only get information by speaking with Lexi Capital directly.
  • There’s a lack of transparency on websites.
  • They have an obsolete and inactive social media presence.
  • There are a few non-IRA bullion products.
  • The customer care phone number does not have set business hours.
  • It could be difficult to phone the company when it’s busy.


Can You Return a Purchase from Lexi Capital?

Yes. Anything Lexi Capital sells, including certified coins and all bullion, is covered by a return, exchange, or refund policy. Only three days after the client receives their merchandise does this privilege remain available. Customers are only qualified for a refund, return, or exchange if they telephone the customer service department within three days of receiving their goods and keep them in their original packaging. Additionally, you need to call customer support, who will provide you with guidelines on how to return the goods.

Steps to Creating a Lexi Capital Account?

Applying to start an IRA with Lexi Capital only takes a few minutes. Representatives of the company assert that these accounts are fully set up and funded in seven to 10 days.

Create the Account

Applying for a gold IRA with Lexi Capital must be done online. To do this, you’ll need information about your other investments, such as your IRAs, 401(k), etc. If you want to roll over money from one of these, you’ll also need to know who is responsible for running the plan.

Add Funds to the Account

Then you will pay to maintain your account. Fiat, check, or a rollover from a current retirement account are your three payment alternatives.

Consultation with Advisor

Lexi Capital offers a comprehensive portfolio review of every new investment. Your current investment portfolio will be covered, as well as how gold and silver investments can fit into it, by the advisor.

Invest in Precious Metals

The gold and silver will then be bought and kept in your IRA. Only a few metals are permitted for purchase, according to IRS guidelines.

Store The Metals

Your metals are transported to the location of your choice, be it your home or the safe storage facility run by Lexi Capital.

What Are Your Options For Account Withdrawal?

Your gold IRA adheres to the same distribution policies as other retirement accounts. However, there is a 10% penalty if you withdraw money before becoming 59.5 years old. The withdrawal may also be subject to income taxes.

After completing an IRA withdrawal form with the required amount and your justification, you can withdraw the funds.

Alternatively, you can submit a request via your online dashboard.

Can You Store Precious Metals That You Buy Through Lexi Capital At Home?

Any purchase you make for yourself can be delivered and stored immediately at your home. All new clients receive free shipping. It is a great extra that most companies that specialize in Gold IRAs do not provide. Gold IRA assets may be held by trustees who have received IRS approval.

Why You Should Get a Gold IRA with Lexi Capital

An IRA with Lexi Capital would be a good choice for the cautious client who may not have much money to invest because of the low $1,500 minimum investment requirement. It is challenging to determine the level of service quality offered given the lack of review activity and the scant information available online. Customers should exercise caution before selecting this provider of gold and silver IRAs.

Having said that, STRATA Trust, the IRA custodian used by Lexi Capital, is unquestionably a trustworthy supplier. The Delaware Depository, the designated vault of Lexi Capital, is reliable. Even though we don’t know much about Lexi, the fact that they work with respected third-party vaults and custodians gives us confidence.

Remember that you shouldn’t only invest in a gold IRA if you want to protect your retirement funds. Ensure your portfolio is well-diversified, including exposure to equities, ETFs, commodities, and real estate. Gold is considered an investment because it has traditionally increased in value over time and survived stock market crashes. It also acts as a hedge against inflation. However, to be wise, you should complement your gold IRA with other investments.

Lexi Capital is one of many trustworthy and open gold IRA providers available. However, the company’s minimal capital requirements can tempt consumers to search for a low exposure to gold in their IRA without paying more than $1,500. 

Lexi Capital Review Summary

The North Carolina-based Lexi Capital offers IRA services and bullion that is IRA-compatible. With its exchange and refund policies, Lexi Capital provides the ideal remedy for anyone concerned about making a mistake when purchasing gold for their IRAs, and what distinguishes the business is its Gold Assurance Program, which shields buyers of gold from price drops for up to six months after the purchase.

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