Nuview Trust Review

NuView Trust empowers investors to seize command over their investments through a self-directed IRA. The organization emphasizes its collaboration with individual and professional clients, assisting them in navigating a diverse selection of alternative assets and mutual funds.

While numerous IRA holders choose to invest in public equities and individual stocks to fortify their retirement portfolios, a burgeoning group of investors is seeking avenues to explore alternative assets.

With a distinct focus on alternative assets, NuView Trust aims to cater to individual investors’ and financial professionals’ needs, aiding them in attaining their financial objectives.

I decided to check them out in my routine scans of companies in the retirement industry.  I didn’t put them on my list of the best IRA gold accounts, but I do urge you to continue to read the Nuview trust review.

About NuView Trust

Nuview Trust Review

NuView Trust came into existence 18 years ago under the guidance of Glenn Mather. Since its establishment in 2018, NuView Trust has dedicated itself to offering its clients a diverse range of IRA options.

Through a self-directed alternative investments account, clients assume the role of account fiduciaries, which means that NuView Trust does not itself provide investment advice, tax, legal, accounting, investment, or any other form of professional investment advice.

Services Provided by NuView Trust

NuView Trust provides various administrative services and processing designed to help investors expand their portfolios, with a particular focus on alternative assets for individual investors.

In an increasingly volatile market, diversifying one’s portfolio with different asset types and of assets is a smart strategy to safeguard investments and promote growth.

At NuView Trust, investors can explore alternative assets Nuview custodies options such as real estate, private lending, cryptocurrency, private equity, private stock, precious metals, and more.

Here is some additional information on a few of the assets available for investment:

Real Estate Assets

NuView Trust offers several real estate asset options, including single-family homes, commercial properties, apartment buildings, undeveloped lands, condominiums, farms, and timber investments.

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Cryptocurrency represents a digital form of currency or money that functions as a digital asset. It has experienced rapid growth and has become a popular addition to many investors’ portfolios.

NuView provides numerous opportunities for investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

Private Equity

Private equity investments, also known as private placements, sell investments that involve providing liquidity, such as cash or bonds, to a private company in exchange for ownership stakes.

When working with NuView Trust, private equity investing serves as another exceptional alternative asset option for investors.

NuView Trust

Customer Reviews Analysis

When selecting the ideal company for your self-directed alternative investments account, customer reviews play a crucial role. NuView Trust has garnered a variety of reviews online, presenting a mixed picture. On GoogleMyBusiness, 74 clients have given NuView Trust a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Among these reviews, numerous customers expressed satisfaction with their association with NuView Trust, highlighting positive experiences with the company. Customers have praised the easy-to-work-with customer service management team here at NuView, emphasizing their professionalism and expertise in self-directed alternative investments accounts.

While the company doesn’t have an abundance of negative reviews, there are a few noteworthy ones. Yelp reviews indicate that NuView heavily relies on automation, leading to consistent errors regarding annual fees. Moreover, it appears that their software system may not be up to date. Investors with multiple accounts at NuView must ensure that any changes made to their accounts are updated across all accounts.

Certain clients have also mentioned a lack of transparency regarding withdrawals. Although NuView claims that investors can withdraw money and receive it on the same day, some customers have reported waiting several days, sometimes up to 6 days, to receive their requested mutual funds. Additionally, customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the level of customer service provided.

In the event of an account-related issue, customers may need to make multiple phone calls to achieve a resolution.

How to Open An Account

To open a NuView Trust account, you’ll need to follow a specific process. While I can provide you with a general outline, it’s important to note that procedures may change over time. So, it’s best to refer to NuView Trust’s official website or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date information. Nonetheless, here is a general guide to opening a NuView Trust account:

  1. Research and gather information

    Before opening an account, familiarize yourself with NuView Trust and its offerings. Visit their website, read about their services, and understand the types of accounts they provide. Consider the specific account type you want to open, such as a self-directed IRA or a solo 401(k) account.

  2. Contact NuView Trust

    Contact NuView Trust by phone or through their website to express your interest in opening an account. Their customer support team can provide the necessary information and guide you through the process. They may also send you an account opening kit or direct you to an online application.

  3. Complete the application

    Fill out the account application form provided by NuView Trust. This form typically includes personal information such as your name, contact details, Social Security number, and employment information. It may also require information about the type of account you wish to open, your investment preferences, and other relevant details.

  4. Provides supporting documents

    NuView Trust will require specific documents to verify your identity and comply with regulatory requirements. These documents typically include a copy of your government-issued identification (such as a driver’s license or passport), proof of address (utility bill or bank statement), and possibly additional documentation, depending on your account type.

  5. Fund your account

    Determine the initial funding amount required to open your NuView Trust account. This may vary depending on the account type and NuView Trust’s specific policies. You will need to transfer funds from your existing accounts or make a deposit to fund your new NuView Trust account.

  6. Review and sign legal documents

    NuView Trust will provide you with legal documents related to your account, such as an account agreement, custodial agreement, and disclosure statements. Carefully review these documents, ensuring you understand the terms and conditions, fees, and investment guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, contact NuView Trust for clarification.

  7. Submit your application

    Once you have completed the application, gathered the required documents, reviewed and signed the necessary agreements, submit your application to NuView Trust. This can typically be done online, through email, or by mailing the physical documents.

  8. Account setup and confirmation

    NuView Trust will process your application and verify the information provided. They may contact you for any additional information or clarification if required. Once your account is approved and set up, you will receive confirmation from NuView Trust company, including your account details and login credentials.

It’s important to note that the specific steps and requirements may vary, and NuView IRA may have additional instructions or documentation needs. Therefore, contacting NuView Trust company directly is recommended for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the account opening process.

Advantages of NuView Trust

  • Dedicated Online Portal: NuView Trust company offers investors a dedicated online portal, making it convenient to track and manage their investments efficiently. This hands-on approach allows investors to stay involved in their investment choices.
  • Several Investment Options: Opening a self-directed IRA account with NuView Trust company provides access to a wide range of alternative assets. From real estate assets to cryptocurrency and precious metals, NuView Trust company offers diverse options for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.
  • Several Customer Service Options: NuView Trust company stands out by offering multiple ways to contact its customer service representatives. This extensive customer service support ensures that investors can quickly and easily contact the company for assistance and support.
  • Professional Website Navigation: NuView’s website reflects the company’s professionalism and expertise. With easy navigation, comprehensive information about the company, and insights into its offerings, the website establishes NuView IRA as a leader in the investment self-directed IRA industry. It helps clients find the information they need.
  • Several Positive Reviews: NuView Trust company has received numerous positive reviews on platforms like GoogleMyBusiness. Customers highlight the professional team, knowledge about self-funded IRA and retirement accounts, and the wide range of alternative assets offered. The abundance of positive reviews provides potential investors valuable insights into NuView Trust’s reputation and helps them make confident decisions.
  • Start the Application Online: NuView Trust company simplifies the account opening process by allowing potential clients to start their self-directed IRA account application online. This user-friendly feature saves time and provides a convenient option compared to institutions that require phone inquiries.

Disadvantages of NuView Trust

  • No Explanation of Account Types: One drawback is the lack of detailed information about NuView Trust’s account types on its website. While they offer various alternative assets, the absence of account-type explanations can be inconvenient for investors making informed decisions about their retirement portfolios. It also makes it challenging to understand the full range of options available and the associated fees.
  • Some Negative Reviews to Consider: Although NuView Trust has many positive reviews, there are negative reviews that investors should pay attention to. For example, customers have mentioned issues with the outdated software system, particularly regarding updating personal information across multiple accounts. Withdrawals, which should be received on the same day, according to NuView Trust, have taken several days, causing inconvenience and uncertainty.
  • Flaws in Customer Service Support: While NuView Trust offers various contact options, customers have reported inefficiencies in resolving issues, often requiring multiple interactions with representatives. This indicates potential flaws in their customer support team’s efficiency, which can be problematic when conducting business with the company.
  • No Details on the Online Account Procedure: Although NuView Trust allows investors to start the application process online, they lack comprehensive details about the procedure on their website. When clicking the application link, users must input their information without prior knowledge of the account types offered, required funds to open an account, or other essential details necessary to complete the process.

Fee Options

NuView Trust maintains and stands out in the market with its highly appealing fee structures. Customers can choose between two payment options based on the number of assets or the financial worth of their IRA and retirement accounts.

While some traditional IRA companies offer just one of these options, NuView Trust goes the extra mile to offer both. Let’s delve deeper into understanding the fee structure implemented by NuView Trust.

Option 1: Fees per Asset

Investors are charged $295 for each asset or liability they choose to associate with their investment. To put this into perspective, we compared this rate with another IRA company, which starts at $300 per asset. Clearly, NuView Trust’s offer of $295 is highly competitive and favorable.

It’s worth noting that the minimum account fee is also set at $295, ensuring fairness across all investment sizes.

Option 2: Fees Based on Account Value

As is common with most IRA fee structures, novice investors or those with smaller account balances are usually better off paying fees based on the value of their IRA and retirement accounts rather than the number of assets they hold. This option provides greater convenience and suitability for investors in such situations.

NuView Trust: A Reliable Choice for Self-Directed IRA Accounts

When it comes to finding a financial institution for your self-directed IRA account, NuView Trust stands out as a promising option. This company presents a range of alternative asset choices, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios effectively.

One notable aspect of NuView Trust is the positive feedback it has received from numerous satisfied customers. Clients have praised the company for its professionalism, expertise, and extensive product offerings.

However, it’s worth noting that NuView Trust falls short in providing comprehensive information about the types of accounts they offer. This lack of transparency may leave potential customers seeking further clarity.

Furthermore, some former clients have expressed concerns regarding the subpar online portal software and delays in withdrawal processing, which exceeded the timeframe promised by NuView Trust.

Considering all factors, investing in NuView Trust emerges as a solid option for starting a self-directed IRA. Nevertheless, before making a final decision, engaging in a conversation with a NuView Trust representative is advisable to understand their account processes and associated fees better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does NuView Trust work?

NuView Trust serves as the custodian of your self-directed IRA account, which means they hold and administer your retirement funds. As the account owner, you have the freedom to choose and invest in a wide range of alternative assets through NuView Trust’s platform.

Q: What are the benefits of using NuView Trust?

Some benefits of using NuView Trust include the ability to diversify your retirement portfolio beyond traditional assets, potential tax advantages, access to a wide range of investment options, and the flexibility to make investment decisions on your own terms.

Q: Are there any fees associated with NuView Trust?

NuView Trust charges various fees for its administrative services and processing alone, including account setup fees, annual account maintenance fees, transaction fees for certain investment activities, and fees for specific services like real estate purchases. Reviewing their fee schedule or consulting with a representative for detailed information is recommended.

Q: How do I open an account with NuView Trust?

A: To open an account with NuView Trust, you can visit their website and follow their account opening process. It typically involves completing an application, providing the required documentation, and funding your account.

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