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My name is Tim Schmidt, and for my full bio, I invite you to check out my personal website at

The condensed version is as follows:

Tim Schmidt IRAInvesting.comI’m a Florida-based Entrepreneur who has worked in the digital marketing space since 2001.  I own businesses, consult businesses, and often contribute content to websites looking for compelling stories or opinions that fall into my lines of expertise.  I enjoy traveling the world, sports, cigars, and tequila.  My son is my world, and he keeps me plenty busy as a single Dad.  #FamilyOverEverything.

This website expresses my views on retirement. As a life hacker of sort, I decided many years ago to take control over my retirement account and do a self-directed plan. This isn’t only something that gave me a lot of options with my money, but it also stimulates me to think long term. It makes my mind work when I trade equities, invest in real estate, or lend money from the account.  While it’s not something everyone is comfortable with, I’m getting to know more and more people who are tired of socking money away into a managed account that gives them zero control and influence over what their money does for sometimes up to 50 years!

I’m not a financial advisor, and don’t hold any degrees anywhere near finance.  Please know that I’m not offering financial advise and that this website is for entertainment purposes.  Always consult with a financial advisor or CPA prior to investing.  My views are my views, and this is a website that I plan on growing over time and figuring out the earnings play with advertisers as time unfolds.  Again, Digital Marketing is my forte, and while I do consider myself sharp and in front of a lot of trends, don’t take me for a rain-maker, a tout, or a financial wiz – even if I do strike gold once in a while.

Thanks for reading, and please come back soon!


Money MGMT.

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