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Tim SchmidtI’m Tim Schmidt, a 20+ year Entrepreneur who has built, scaled, and sold several brands in the competitive health space by leveraging my expertise in Internet Marketing I’ve been building up since the late 1990’s.

I built this website in 2012 when I noticed many flaws in the retirement investing space.  Upon doing a thorough examination of my own retirement investing options, I found that starting a self directed IRA (which is something MOST financial advisors will steer you clear from) gave me flexibility that traditional retirement investing doesn’t present.

For example, through my self directed IRA, I have invested in passively managed businesses, real estate, and commodities. My financial advisor simply could not compete with these alternatives to the stock market, mutual funds, and bonds.

As of 2022 I’ve made this a more prominent focus in my life.  After my latest exit, I have the time and capacity to educate consumers about alternative methods of putting their retirement savings to use, including ways to help defeat inflation and navigate rough economic markets.

As as savvy online consumer, I like to see who is behind the content I’m reading.  For this reason, rather than be a faceless blog, I give you an open look into who I am, and how I got to become someone who likes to educate others on ways to improve their life financially.

To see that I’m a real person with a story that most near-retirement age Americans can relate to, I invite you to check out the links below.  I’m also offering a concierge type service where you can ask me, an Entrepreneur and Investor, my opinion on investments.  I’m a member of several masterminds and investing clubs, and I’ve always felt that “knowledge and networking” can really impact our lives in a positive way.

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You can also find me doing guest content on Digital Marketing, occasionally speaking about Marketing, and also appearing on podcasts.  You get the idea – this is NOT some faceless website.  This is something I truly believe in and have dedicated time to.   Down below, you can also familiarize yourself with guest authors that contribute to the website from time to time.

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