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Do you fear that one day your retirement investments could lose an incredible amount of value?

Are you scared of what a change in leadership in our country could do to your life savings?

You are not alone.  Your fears are valid.  

I’m Tim Schmidt, a South Florida based Entrepreneur, Author, and Single Father.  Back in 2014 I attended a seminar that changed my life.  It was all about taking advantage of our IRA investing and using different vehicles that a traditional financial advisor can’t access.  With the help of many financial journalists, I designed this website to serve as an educational tool for people looking to take control of their retirement investments and sleep well knowing there are moves that can be made to help you hedge against inflation, world chaos, and even pandemics.  

While every component of retirement investing is covered and explained here, my personal opinion is that using a Self Directed IRA allows in investing in items that can diversify your portfolio, such as cryptocurrencies, precious metals like gold and silver, and of course, equities. Along the way, I share experiences and factual statistics about the various companies I’ve encountered, investigated, and spoken to, that have helped (or failed at helping) me put together any missing pieces.  

Sad Truth: There are retirement vehicles can allow you to invest in all of the investments above, plus real estate, and even domain names, if you set up your structure properly. It’s very simple, but most financial planners don’t want you to know about them because they wouldn’t earn a commission from any investments you make.

What is IRA Investing?

If you don’t know this answer, you could find yourself behind the eight ball as you save money for retirement. But don’t worry, this educational website was set out to help people learn the finer points of finance.

A good starting point for new retirement investors is this page – what does IRA stand for?

I’ve personally been able to control my own destiny by selecting to use various investment vehicles not offered through a regular savings program and using a self directed IRA that allows me to make investments otherwise not available. I hold nothing back in my findings and experience on this website, and if you are looking for my top three choices for doing something yourself, look no more than the companies below.  Each is HIGHLY recommended, and will walk you through the process of getting your account set up in a consultation – not a sales pitch.  

Many of the FAQ’s surrounding IRA investing are answered below. Click on the icons and you’ll see a virtual library of information you can use to help you decide the best path for you to save money for retirement.

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