Exploring Paradigm Gold Group: Your Trusted Precious Metals Investment Partner

Originally established in 2012 by venture capitalists, Paradigm Gold Group has carved a prominent place for itself in the precious metals industry. With a strong focus on wealth-building through precious metals, the company prides itself on being an industry leader with decades of experience and invaluable insights to navigate complex financial and economic settings. Paradigm Gold Group recognizes the challenge investors face in finding a trusted advisor equipped with the right tools and guidance to make the best decisions for their portfolios. Thus, the company is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and a commitment to protecting and preserving its clients’ prosperity. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into Paradigm Gold Group’s offerings, services, and reputation, empowering you to make informed investment decisions.

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Company Background and History

Founded in 2012, Paradigm Gold Group embarked on a journey driven by a vision of honesty, expertise, and a commitment to clients’ success. As industry leaders, the company has amassed decades of experience, earning them a strong reputation in the precious metals market. Throughout the years, Paradigm Gold Group has achieved significant milestones, positioning themselves as a trusted partner for investors seeking wealth preservation and diversification.

Precious Metals Offerings

Paradigm Gold Group offers a comprehensive range of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. One of the company’s flagship services is the precious metals IRA, a unique alternative to traditional IRAs. Unlike traditional IRAs that hold paper assets, a precious metals IRA comprises physical gold or other IRS-approved precious metals. Paradigm Gold Group believes that having a self-directed precious metals IRA is key to effectively diversifying one’s retirement portfolio. The company offers IRS-approved coins, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, which must meet specific minimum purity levels to qualify.

Investment Options and Services

To empower investors on their journey, Paradigm Gold Group provides an array of resources for both newcomers and seasoned investors. The company’s learning center offers valuable information on various qualified retirement plans, including traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401ks, and more. By simplifying the account setup process, Paradigm Gold Group ensures that investors have access to essential tools and knowledge to make informed decisions.

Benefits of Investing with Paradigm Gold Group

Investing in gold with Paradigm offers several benefits. Firstly, the company helps clients hedge against inflation through strategic gold purchases. Precious metals, such as gold, have a history of preserving purchasing power over time, making them an ideal choice during uncertain economic climates. Furthermore, diversifying one’s retirement portfolio with gold provides an additional layer of stability, given its distinct fluctuation patterns. Paradigm Gold Group also values client privacy, ensuring that all information remains safe and secure from private or public entities.

How to Get Started

To embark on an investment journey with Paradigm Gold Group, the company offers a straightforward three-step process. First, set up your IRA account by contacting the dedicated IRA department and speaking with a specialist. Next, fund your new account through either a direct IRA transfer or a rollover from an existing qualified employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k) or thrift savings account. Finally, select and purchase your IRA permissible precious metals to complete the process.

Customer Service

Paradigm Gold Group emphasizes open communication with its clients, providing several methods of contact. You can use their online contact form or email them directly. For those who prefer speaking directly with a representative, Paradigm Gold Group can be reached at 844-778-3241. It is advisable to speak to an IRA specialist from Paradigm and compare information with other reputable companies before making any commitment.

Paradigm Gold Group Pros and Cons

As with any investment company, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of choosing Paradigm Gold Group. Some of the pros include their specialization in precious metals, offering a wide range of alternative investment opportunities. Clients benefit from dedicated retirement experts who provide comprehensive support and guidance. Paradigm Gold Group’s legitimacy is further solidified by its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

However, the company does have some potential drawbacks. One of them is the absence of an online application feature, which may inconvenience investors seeking seamless processes. Additionally, the lack of information on the company’s fee schedule makes it challenging to gauge the suitability of their fees compared to other companies. Furthermore, the limited number of reviews available across various platforms may make potential investors cautious.

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In conclusion, Paradigm Gold Group offers a valuable opportunity for wealth-building through precious metals investing. As you explore this option, be sure to consider the advantages and drawbacks and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. Paradigm Gold Group’s expertise and commitment to customer service make it a potential contender for investors seeking to diversify their retirement portfolios with precious metals. By making informed choices, you can pave the way to a secure and prosperous financial future.


Q : What is Paradigm Gold Group?

A : Paradigm Gold Group is a precious metals company founded in 2012, specializing in wealth-building through investments in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Q : What is a precious metals IRA?

A : A precious metals IRA is an alternative individual retirement account that holds physical gold or other IRS-approved precious metals instead of traditional paper assets.

Q : How can I contact Paradigm Gold Group?

A : You can contact Paradigm Gold Group through their online contact form, email them or call at 844-778-3241.

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