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Augusta Precious Metals

If you are looking for physical gold and silver products, one company that you must consider is Augusta Precious Metals.  Protecting your wealth through the use of a precious metals custodian isn’t as difficult as it sounds, especially when you work with a top tier, full-service provider.  I have been analyzing companies offering gold IRA services since 2012, and I’d like to tell you why Augusta Precious Metals is a very unique organization that MUST be considered.

Retirement savers can learn the many benefits of adding gold and silver to their portfolios and find out how it worksby speaking to the highly professional team at Augusta. Let’s get down to what makes them a powerhouse in this highly competitive space.

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An Overview of Augusta Precious Metals

Award-winning Augusta is an industry leader and proponent of adding physical gold and silver to retirement portfolios. Unlike other gold companies, Augusta Precious Metals stays with its valued customers throughout the entire life of their physical gold and silver portfolios with the company. This company operates differently from other gold companies — it has specialized departments that handle each step of the streamlined process, which produces cost savings that are passed to customers through lower prices.

According to the company’s website, Augusta is committed to total transparency, simplicity and lifetime service to customers and their customized metals portfolios.

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana is the company’s corporate ambassador. Mr. Montana said he found Augusta when he asked his personal financial advisors to find the best gold provider in the United States. Through a one-on-one web conference, he met with the Augusta analytics team and its lead analyst, who is a member of the Harvard Business School analytics program. He was so impressed with the company after that meeting, he wanted to help other Americans gain the same kind of retirement protection he had found through Augusta. The Augusta analytics team is available to anyone who is interested in considering gold and silver as a protective portfolio asset.

Augusta Precious Metals Commitments

Augusta Precious Metals sets itself apart from other gold companies with superior experience and knowledge of precious metals, especially gold and silver. Augusta is known for its specialty in gold IRAs, as opposed to other gold companies that provide gold IRAs as one of many other unrelated products.

1. Total Transparency
Augusta is very forthcoming with information about the company. You can get robust information on the website. They charge no hidden fees, continually update your transaction status, and are always available to answer questions.

2. Simplicity
Augusta Precious Metals makes it very easy to purchase precious metals within an IRA or simply as a cash account. This is done, in part, with an easy, streamlined gold IRA process and a personal agent assigned to each customer. The Augusta team does 95% of the legwork to set up your account. Augusta also pre-selects precious metals products at very competitive prices.

3. Knowledge and Expertise
Augusta’s gold and silver agents share the knowledge and expertise you need to help you build a precious metals portfolio to best meet your personal objectives. The company’s team of analysts, led by a Harvard-educated expert, is available for the life of your account to serve as your personal information resource.

Augusta Precious Metals has earned high customer loyalty and repeat business by serving customers with true transparency and integrity. You can see evidence of this in the company’s many high ratings and quality reviews from consumer agencies andcustomers.

Who Can Benefit from Augusta Precious Metals Investing?

Augusta Precious Metals is a gold IRA company that helps any customer who wants to use physical gold and silver in his or her portfolio to grow their savings or protect their portfolio. However, the company can best help customers who have at least $50,000 in an existing retirement account, such as an IRA or 401(k).

This is an excellent company for those who have hesitations about working with a precious metals company, because Augusta has established a strong reputation for transparency and integrity. In addition, because Augusta offers a host of educational materials for potential customers to study before purchasing, this company is a great option for those who need robust information before making a decision to fund a self-directed silver or gold IRA.

Although Augusta doesn’t provide financial advice, it is helpful that the company studies precious metals options and presents the most popular physical gold and silver products to choose from – it saves customers a great deal of time and helps sort out the best options.

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Precious Metal Perks You Enjoy With Augusta Precious Metals

There are always good resources at Augusta that help make your investment worth your money. These perks came in handy when I was starting to invest in gold.

Online resources available for Augusta Precious Metals customers include current market news, videos led by a Harvard analytics program member, and tools such as a required minimum distribution (RMD) calculator and a ticker showing the current spot price of gold and silver.

Judging from the company’s reviews, Augusta’s free one-on-one webinars with its in-house economic analysts and free guides are highly respected as helpful sources of information for those considering the purchase of precious metals to add to their portfolios. Online chat is available for instant connection with the company’s agents.

Augusta Precious Metals goes the extra mile for its customers by partnering with the Royal Canadian Mint to introduce Americans to purer coins at lower prices than other mints. Other efforts to help customers include providing free shipping and transit insurance. Although Augusta can’t guarantee buybacks, the company says it has never declined a buyback, which is helpful for those looking to liquidate their accounts at some point in the future.

Other perks of working with Augusta Precious Metals include a seven-day window to revise prices, a 100% money-back guarantee and fast shipping and distribution. The website says, “When you need your money fast, we can quickly liquidate precious metals on your behalf and wire the cash to you. Or, if you prefer, you can request expedited shipment of your physical precious metals directly from your custodian.”

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Augusta Precious Metals Management

One thing that sets Augusta apart is the management and team of precious metal experts. Below are some of the experts on their management team. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Isaac Nuriani

Nuriani has always been at the forefront in helping seniors plan for their retirement. When the banks and Wall Street posed a threat to retirement plans, Nuriani took the initiative to educate the public on ways to secure their future.

He is not only the CEO, but also the founder of Augusta Precious Metals. The idea behind Augusta was to offer retirement savers a platform to safeguard their future. Although Augusta was an addition to many similar companies in the industry, he wanted a company run on transparency and ethics.

For many years before starting Augusta, Nuriani was a gold and silver IRA advocate. He helped many savers diversify their investments and avoid losing money through investments that never pay back. He is a member of ICTA (Industry Council for Tangible Assets), which is the watchdog for coins, currency, and precious metal communities.

Nuriani has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of California.

This information is all verified with LinkedIN.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – Howard Smith

Before joining Augusta, Howard Smith worked for at least 20 years in the capital markets and banking sector. He joined the management team at Augusta in 2018 to help Americans save for retirement and preserve their wealth.

Having worked in the capital markets, he comes to Augusta with vast experience in risk management. He also brings to the Augusta management team aknowledge of transparency and personal ethics. A certified public accountant, Howard has a degree in finance and economics from the University of Toronto.

Senior Economic Analyst (SEA) – Devlyn Steele

Over his years working in the finance industry, Steele has processed more than $2 billion worth of assets. At Augusta, he leads a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to teaching retirement savers about using precious metals to safeguard their IRAs and 401(k)s. He brings with him a great deal of knowledge of the economy and markets as a member of the Harvard Business School analytics program.

How Easy Is It To Work With Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta Precious Metals’ specialized departments help customers understand economic pressures on the value of their retirement accounts, as well as the effects of market changes on precious metals. The company’s highly competent agents and personnel streamline and organize the process unlike any other precious metals company. Augusta customers work one-on-one with a personal customer success agent who acts as the customer’s primary contact at all times, and they also have access to an economic analytics team led by a member of the Harvard Business School analytics program, the Augusta IRA processing team, and the company’s order desk.

The Augusta Precious Metals approach is much like an automobile assembly line system. The effectiveness and efficiency that result from this unique setup produces cost benefits that Augusta passes through to customers. Many high-net-worth individuals have taken advantage of this savings through Augusta for years. Joe Montana, the company’s corporate ambassador was looking for the nation’s best gold company when his advisors found Augusta.

Even after an initial account has been established, Augusta Precious Metals customers can call on members of any of Augusta teams for assistance. In fact, the company prides itself on serving as a resource for customers as long as their accounts are open. Other gold companies do not offer as many services after the account has been initiated.

3 easy set-up steps to open a gold IRA through Augusta Precious Metals:

  • Open an IRA account. Augusta Precious Metals works with one of the industry’s most-reputable, most-efficient gold IRA custodians, which gives Augusta customers preferred pricing.
  • Fund the account. If you have an existing 401(k), IRA or other retirement accounts, you are allowed to roll over funds from those current accounts.
  • Buy gold or silver. You decide which precious metals you want to buy for your IRA. Augusta sends your gold and/or silver to the Delaware Depository or another secure location in one of several cities in the United States.

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How Safe is the Augusta Precious Metals Storage?

You do not have to store precious metals in a safe in your home when you can store them in a secure fully insured facility. Augusta has seven secure facilities in the United States and Canada. After you finalize your purchase, the precious metals will be at the storage facility in 7 to 10 days.

Storage Facility Locations

• Los Angeles, California
• Jackson, Ohio
• Salt Lake City, Utah
• Wilmington, Delaware
• New Castle, Delaware
• Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
• Springfield Gardens, New York

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How Secure are the Storage Facilities?

I prefer to store my metals at the high-security facilities recommendedAugusta Precious Metals instead of dealing with the hassles of keeping the metals in my house. The facilities use class 3 security vaults with cutting-edge security systems in a building fortified with steel. Only a few people have access to the facilities and to the inventory controls,which adds to accountability. The facilities are the industry standard for precious metals, and they follow all regulations to ensure that your precious metals are safe. Furthermore, the facilities insure the metals up to $1 billion in case of any loss or theft. Facility creditors do not have access to the metals.

You can arrange to visit the facilities to see and touch your gold and silver. Each of the facilities is privately owned and your metals are always safe in the vault, with the storage facility liable for any loss or damage. To deliver your gold and silver to the depositories,Augusta works with Brinks Global Services and International Depository Services (IDS), two recognized depository services that keep your investments secure at all times. Augusta pays for transit insurance for you.

With the advanced security and limited access of the depository vaults, there is no need to store your precious metals at home. However, if you choose to store precious metals in your own safe, Augusta can open a cash account for you and ship the metals to you. Although the company claims to never have lost a shipment, they have a policy to refund any metal lost during shipping.  Although Augusta cannot guarantee buybacks by law, the company has never declined a buyback request as of this writing.  You can sell your precious metals back to Augusta at any time, and the company will give you competitive prices for your metals.

Augusta Precious Metals Fees

The cost of coins and bullion purchased from Augusta is based on current gold and silver spot prices and market rates for premium coins. Remember that the price of precious metals fluctuates depending on many factors. Augusta is very transparent about its markup over cost and market prices – this is important because some gold companies do not share this information. There are no hidden charges or commission fees. Augusta can help customers with a minimum $50,000 in existing retirement accounts.

Augusta customers often share in reviews that they believe Augusta’s prices are very competitive. Both gold and silver bullion coins from Augusta cost 5% over cost, and that includes free transit insurance and free shipping for orders that qualify.

In addition to the cost of buying the actual gold and silver for a physical precious metals IRA through Augusta Precious Metals, there are negligible costs for setting up the IRA with a custodian (as required by the IRS), plus storage fees. One-time account setup with the custodian is $50. There are two annual fees involved: an $80 custodian maintenance fee and a $100 storage fee at the depository. (Ask about getting fees paid for a lifetime.)

The precious metals you buy for your gold or silver IRA are stored in a secure depository that specializes in securing precious metals in their physical forms. All the coins come certified by independent grading companies PCGS and NGC.

Precious Metals Products

When you buy from Augusta, what products will you by buying? Augusta offers IRS-approved bullion coins and bars in gold and silver. For these two precious metals, there is a full range of products in different weights to match your goals.

Note that early withdrawal of the metals from your IRA might lead to taxes and penalties unless you choose to roll them over to a qualified account. You need to talk to your tax and investment adviser before withdrawal. If you bought the metals with cash, and not in an IRA, you can withdraw them without any extra charges.

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Augusta Precious Metals Reviews, Rating and Complaints

Augusta Precious Metals has performed excellently since its inception in 2012. The Internet is awash with positive reviews and ratings of the company. I have only seen a few complaints, and the company has always responded immediately in a positive way. From the ratings, you can tell that this company gets a lot of praise and works hard to satisfy every customer. If you do a search for Augusta Precious Metals, you can see what customers have to say.

A number of consumer watchdog websites have awarded Augusta Precious Metals high ratings based on customer reviews, lack of complaints, years in business and other criteria. The company was chosen “Best of” four years in a row by TrustLinkand voted “Most Trusted” by IRA Gold Advisor. Augusta also received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

At, Facebook and Google My Business, Augusta has received 5 out of 5 stars or close to it. To see Augusta Precious Metals reviews, visit the Augusta Precious Metals reviews webpage. Also an indication of the company’s integrity: Augusta donates a portion of its net proceeds to K9s for Warriors.

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Joe Montana Bought Gold & Silver With Augusta Precious Metals and is Now the Company’s Corporate Ambassador

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana is an Augusta Precious Metals customer and the company’s corporate ambassador. When he was looking for a way to preserve his retirement savings, Mr. Montana asked his financial advisors to vet all the gold companies in the U.S., and they chose Augusta. They recommended Augusta Precious Metals because of the company’s streamlined, organized approach and reputation for integrity and compliance.

On the company’s website, you can read about Mr. Montana’s experience with Augusta. He offers more details in this quote:

I wanted to explore Augusta Precious Metals as a gold and silver provider myself, so I attended a unique one-on-one web conference with their lead analyst, Devlyn Steele. It’s called the Augusta Profit & Protection Web Conference. It helps educate you on market conditions and gold/silver options and explains how this knowledge can empower you with a self-directed IRA.

He went on to add:

If you’re seriously interested in learning more, you should ask these guys about a one-on-one conference with the analytics team – so you can learn what I learned. I, for one, am really glad I did.

-Joe Montana

Additionally, here’s a video that he shot about his experience:

Are Augusta Metals Fit for your IRA Account?

Augusta Precious Metals offers gold and silver coins and bullion, as well as premium coins.

Gold options include:

• American Eagles, American Eagle Proofs
• Austrian Wiener Philharmonikas
• Vienna Philharmonics
• Australian Kangaroos and Nuggets
• American Buffalos (no proof coins)
• Credit and Pamp Suisse Bars
• Canadian Maple Leafs

Silver options include:

• Australian Koalas
• Canadian Maple Leafs
• American Eagles, American Eagle Proofs

Augusta Metals Return Policy

Once you make an order, it takes between 7 and 10 days to receive the metals you buy from Augusta. The speed of processing depends on how fast you transfer the funds.

If you are a first-time buyer, Augusta extends a generous return policy that allows you to cancel your order with or without reason within seven calendar days after the date your transaction is confirmed, unless the laws of your state of residence provide otherwise. Subsequent purchases are final upon confirmation of your order, which Augusta completes by phone, unless laws in your state provide otherwise. (It’s important to talk with your own legal and financial advisers before making any purchases.)

How is Augusta Precious Metals Shipping?

Augusta does not ship precious metals internationally. For IRA accounts, the company can only ship products to locations in the United States. The only shipping they do outside the country is to a secure depository in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

The precious metals ship in airtight containers, well-wrapped to ensure no one can see what they are. Their shipping box is not special in a way that anyone would realize that they are shipping gold. This keeps the packages secure as they are transported to the depository or to your house. If you have chosen to receive the metals yourself, once the package is in your hands, it is your responsibility to keep it safe. After you receive the order, you need to sign to show that you have received it.

Small packages ship via the USPS Express Mail, Federal Express, or Registered Insured. All of these are safe shipping options for your metals. If you make a huge withdrawal, the company ships your goods through Brinks Armored.

It takes between 7 and 10 days between the time Augusta confirms your order and the time you receive your precious metal. Every order is fully insured during transit and any loss during shipping is not your responsibility.

Augusta’s Online Community and Support

One of the areas where Augusta excels is customer support. On the Augusta website, you can access many details about precious metals or talk to an expert through the company’s online chat. The website is easy to navigate. It provides pleasant graphics and quality content to get you up to date with all the information you need about precious metals purchases.

On the homepage, you’ll find links to consumer ratings websites where you can see Augusta’s very high ratings, which provides reliable proof that the company is credible and there are strong advocates behind its work. Once you are in the website, you will find the tabs easy to navigate with a link to a free gold IRA guide on the top right corner of the homepage. You can learn more from the guide – download it today.

The Tools & Resources pages of Augusta’s website are ideal places to learn more about precious metals IRAs. In these pages, you’ll see tools and information to help you get started, including a required minimum distribution calculator, detailed information on how to buy gold and silver, a blog with updates every week, a list of IRA-eligible coins, and so much more. In the FAQ section, you will learn more about shipping, products, payments, buybacks and more.

You can learn more about the company and how it operates by visiting the About Us Page, where you will see the people who manage the company and a word from the CEO.

You can call 800-700-1008 today and ask to speak to an Augusta Precious Metals representative if you have any questions. The few times I have called the number, the representatives have been very helpful.

Augusta Precious Metals Pros & Cons

The low Augusta Precious Metals fees are one of the reasons I love the company, but there are more. Below are the pros and cons of Augusta:


1. Education and Customer Support

Augusta Precious Metals has a team of experts who help customers with every step of their precious metals purchases. The education section on their website has five detailed articles that prepare you on topics such as inflation, effective diversification, protective, and the advantages of investing in precious metals. They also have a risk disclosure page, so you know what you are getting into before you make an investment. You can view current news about precious metals markets and prices. For most of the precious metals you purchase from Augusta, you will pay a relatively low price compared to other companies in the industry.

2. Safe Storage with Buyback Program

Augusta Precious Metals works with Brinks Global Services and International Depository Service to ensure that your precious metals are safe at all times. You can visit the depository and see or withdraw your metals – just make an appointment. The main advantage, however, is that you can sell your precious metals to Augusta and they will give you competitive prices.

3. Wide range of investment products

You can buy gold and silver bullions coins and bars in different weights. There are also many different coins available.

4. Metal fees

Although you must purchase a minimum of $50,000 in an IRA or $25,000 in cash accounts, Augusta offers competitive prices for its metals and services. You can shop around and compare the prices you get at Augusta and what you get everywhere else. Whether you are buying or selling, the company offers competitive prices, with no hidden fees.

5. Family-owned and run business

Being a family-run business, you can expect a personal touch and more handholding than you would expect with any other precious metals company. The team of experts works with you through the buying and selling process, so you are sure of what you are getting into. I did a deep dive online and there are ZERO Augusta Precious metals complaints.   (My day job is in search engine marketing and I pride myself on finding these things).  Incredible.

6. You can talk to a representative through the whole buying or selling process.

All Augusta teams are standing by to assist you with any of your precious metals needs for the life of your account. The teams work together seamlessly in a streamlined process that makes your purchase of gold and silver easy.


1. You need a minimum of $50,000 in an IRA or $25,000 for a cash account to open an account with Augusta Precious Metals. I never saw this as a disadvantage, but I have come across people online who would have loved to have that amount lowered to accommodate even those who need to start small and then add to their accounts as their cashflow allows. If you have enough money, the minimums should not be a hindrance.

2. They don’t offer platinum and palladium precious metals. This isn’t the end of the world, as they aren’t as popular as gold and silver, but it’s worth pointing out.  Although there is a wide range of gold and silver investment options, you will not be able to take advantage of price fluctuations in platinum and palladium.

Some other websites that have posted an Augusta Precious Metals review talk about the inability to order bullion online as being a negative. However, it’s important to point out to those people that there aren’t any companies that offer that service when you are trying to set up a gold or silver IRA.  It’s a lot of moving parts, and the process needs to be directed properly by an expert, which makes online ordering impossible. I’ve had this site online since 2012, and I’ve seen many uninformed bloggers come and go. It’s important to keep my readers informed by posting facts, whether they are good or bad. 

In Summary

Because gold and silver are not affected by inflation, adding them to your portfolio can be an advantage. You can sock away so much money, but if inflation takes more than 2 percent every year, you will not get much in terms of the final value of your portfolio. Savings accounts with banks will give you an average of 0.5 percent, which means you will only get a few cents for every dollar you sock away.

To eliminate the problems of inflation and low interest rates, you can decide to roll over some of your retirement savings to precious metals. The problem with most gold IRAs is that most companies are not transparent. You end up paying so many fees after your purchase. This does not happen with Augusta Precious Metals. What you see is what you pay. This company insists on transparency and personal ethics, and those are two of the most important virtues that makes them successful.

Check out Augusta Precious Metals today.

Tim Schmidt

A Florida-based Entrepreneur, Author, and Life Hacker, Tim Schmidt decided to take control of his retirement portfolio several years ago by setting up a self-directed IRA. This website shares his thoughts and opinions on retirement, investing, and managing credit. You can follow his career and travels on his Official Website as well as on his Instagram page.