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Noble Gold Investments Reviews

Noble Gold was founded by Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume. They stated the company because the felt other consultants in their industry were starting to be less truthful and more concerned with their own self-interests than about serving their clients.

There are only a few companies in this space that I've interviewed all the way to the top.  Early in 2020, I had a very nice conversation with Mr. Plume and was highly impressed with his honesty and excitement of being in this business.  I'm happy to announce that they make my list of the best gold ira companies and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to protect their retirement portfolio.  Please read on to see how this process works and why I hold them in such a high regard.  

Before you scroll down, I must disclose to you that some links in this post are from website sponsors. I only aim to provide you with accurate, reliable informatio based on my first hand experiences. Read my disclaimer.

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Noble Gold Reviews Speak Volumes

NobleGoldInvestments puts the focus on clients and does an exceptional job of educating people about the process of putting your retirement savings to work for you.  On my phone call with Mr. Plume, I learned that a trustworthy corporate culture and focus on being transparent was of high importance.

Noble Gold believes that it is vital to assist their customers in making good and well-informed decisions concerning money and investments. This generates a relationship between a client and an advisor that is built upon respect for each other, honesty, and trust.

The team of investors in Noble Gold practice serious understanding in the significance of possessing valuable metals inside an unstable economy. Their objective is to explain this value to their customers, and with it, they will learn how to safeguard the money that they worked so hard on.

Here is a list of benefits when you decide to invest in Noble Gold

  • They have 25 of investment experience
  • They have approachable advisors that give priority to clients
  • You can work at your own speed and in your level of comfort
  • When it comes to precious metal coins and bars, they offer the best value
  • There is a free kit for investment
  • The call number is toll-free
  • There is an online IRA application
  • Account setup is in 24 hours
  • The setup process is uncomplicated, taking only five minutes of your time
  • Quick delivery of rapid metals
  • The fees for the first year are waived which means you can save $500
  • The IRA Transfer Process is done within 48 hours

The service of this company is top-notch.  Various planning attorneys, CPAs, and various financial advisors are bringing up their customers to Noble Gold.

Fiduciary professionals are even referring this company, which comes as a great compliment.  This is a straight result of Noble’s comprehensive approach to investment assistance. However, they are unique because they strive to have a specialized and compassionate method to the guidance they offer.

Interested in a Noble Gold IRA?  Get a Free Info Packet Here

In a review, it was stated that many customers face anxiety in the industry with physical metals. Nonetheless, the advisors of this company will help you go through the entire process at your own speed. They will also reassure inquiries, and are easy to contact.

The founders of Noble Gold have strived for their reputation in the gold and silver companies. They have done this for decades. And, surely, they have more than twenty years of shared experience. They have invested more than $200 million in precious metals properties ever since 2005.

The principal advisors of Noble Gold have become popular recommendations for fiscal agents, estate development attorneys and CPAs who request trustworthy efforts for their customers.

The company is well-known for its excellent customer support, and client satisfaction. They strive towards maintaining their widespread knowledge, stress-free signup, and straightforward guidelines.

With this, they are confident to show their reviews on their website. One NobleGold review talked about how they were capable of answering all her questions and reassuring her by always being available.

Here are the rest of their great reviews.

Noble Gold IRA Fees and Policies

The company always says that they prioritize the needs of their clients first. After looking at the Noble Gold Ira fees, I can say that whethere you are looking to buy precious metals or safeguard an up-and-coming retirement, their fee structure is in line - OR BETTER - than the industry averages.

The annual fee to have an account is just $80.  

Storage is only $150 yearly, and that includes insurance as well as housing your metals seperately from other investors precious metals.  (*This is important.*) Custodial fees will vary depending on your investment choices, but the team is happy to discuss this with you when you call for information.

As a welcome gift, they cover your storage fees for the first year, which is a very nice touch.  

As for delivery, they are insanely fast.  Your metals are guaranteed to be protected within a certified Gold IRA pool in five days. They preserve a detailed inventory of lasting IRA properties. 

In Conclusion

Customers prefer Noble Gold because of its excellent customer support. With its rating almost being perfect, they can get, offer their service, and maintain satisfied clients. They have a strong client foundation. The satisfied customers can be read here. The ratings and reviews are authentic. They are superior in this industry, because the put the needs of their customers first.

Below are 6 Benefits of the Superior Service Given by Noble Gold

  • No Excessive Stress Sales Tactics
  • Storage Facility in Texas
  • First year fees are waived for retirement accounts of clients
  • Quick, assured shipping of metals
  • 24-hour account opening, along with quick, electronic business systems.
  • Instant account fulfillment. Precious metals delivered in 7 days

They can be found on:

Make sure to browse the site and download a free Gold Investment kit, and contact them to comprehend if Noble Gold is the right choice.

IRAInvesting Noble Gold

Noble Gold









  • Diverse metals offering including palladium and platinum.
  • Free Investors Guide with a Simple Call or Website
  • Visit Metals storage in the USA


  • No international storage (not a huge deal for most people)
  • Pricing can be confusing
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