Quality Silver Bullion Review

Quality Silver Bullion Review

Investing in silver is a wise decision for diversifying your portfolio and protecting your wealth from market fluctuations. When it comes to selecting a precious metals dealer, Quality Silver Bullion is one option that offers a variety of silver products and custom minting services. But how does it measure up against its competitors, and is it the right choice for savvy investors? In this quality silver bullion review blog post, we’ll examine the company’s background, reputation, product offerings, and more to help you make an informed decision.

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Key Takeaways

  • Quality Silver Bullion offers silver products and custom minting services, but payment processing issues may lead to delays.
  • Limited online presence and product availability could be a disadvantage for investors.
  • Research alternative dealers with more positive reputations before investing in silver bullion.

Evaluating Quality Silver Bullion

Quality Silver Bullion is a precious metals dealer with a focus on providing silver products and custom minting services. Although the company was acquired by Regency Mint in 2020, its website remains available for informational purposes, and you can still find quality silver bullion reviews online to learn about their past services.

However, individuals considering this company need to be cognizant of a noted payment processing issue, wherein QSB may charge a customer’s credit card multiple times even if the order fails, leading to a pending status that may take 3-10 business days to resolve. This issue might affect the purchase of popular silver bars and could be a significant warning sign for potential investors.

Company Background

Founded in 2008 by Jim Little, Quality Silver Bullion is based in Utah and specializes in silver products, custom minting, and commemorative coins. Regency Mint is the new name of the company after its acquisition in 2020. It is now operating under this new identity.

Quality Silver Bullion procures its silver and gold bullion from Asahi Refining, a reputable precious metals refiner located in Salt Lake City, ensuring the highest quality products for their customers.

Online Presence

Quality Silver Bullion has a somewhat confined online presence, with a website featuring a FAQ section but lacking a strong customer review presence. Although the company’s online reputation is generally satisfactory, it may be challenging for potential customers to find comprehensive information about its offerings and services.

This lack of online visibility could be a concern for investors who value transparency and accessibility when choosing a precious metals dealer.

Quality Silver Bullion Products

A variety of silver products including coins, rounds, and bars

Quality Silver Bullion presents an assortment of silver products, including coins, rounds, and bars to cater to the diverse needs of investors. The company provides silver bars from various mints and with different designs, making it easy for customers to find products that suit their investment preferences. However, be aware that product availability might be restricted, with many items being out of stock or on backorder.

Silver Coins

Quality Silver Bullion offers silver coins of various mints and designs, but stock may be limited. Some of the world silver coins listed on their website are currently unavailable, possibly due to factors such as:

  • Economic trends
  • Supply and demand
  • Global turmoil
  • The stability of the U.S. dollar

This limited availability could be a disadvantage for investors seeking a wider selection of silver coins to diversify their portfolios.

Silver Rounds

Quality Silver Bullion provides a variety of silver rounds, including:

  • Walking Liberty coins in various weights
  • Packages with a selection of designs
  • Antique pillar dollar rounds
  • Indian head rounds
  • Morgan Silver rounds

At the time of writing, 4 out of 14 silver rounds are out of stock, potentially limiting the options for investors interested in these particular designs.

On the other hand, the company does offer fractional silver rounds, which are beneficial for storing smaller portions of assets in precious metals and for quickly liquidating in urgent situations.

Silver Bars

When buying silver bars, consider obtaining them from the following brands:

  • Quality Silver Bullion
  • Valcambi
  • UK’s Royal Mint
  • Asahi Refining
  • Credit Suisse
  • Sunshine Minting
  • SilverTowne

However, information on brands and sizes is limited for Quality Silver Bullion. Competitors offer a wider range of options, providing investors with more choices. The lack of detailed information on brands and sizes could make it challenging for investors to compare and choose the best silver bars for their needs.

One notable silver bar offered by Quality Silver Bullion is the 10 oz Silver Royal Canadian Mint Bar, which has its weight and fineness printed clearly on the bar and is fully guaranteed by the Canadian government. This bar could be an attractive option for investors seeking a reliable and reputable silver product, but considering other options and examining competing products before purchasing is advisable.

Custom Minting Services

Quality Silver Bullion offers custom minting services through its partner, Regency Mint, for customers looking for personalized designs on silver coins. This service offers a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to create custom silver products that reflect their brand, message, or personal interests.

Process and Timeline

Quality Silver Bullion’s custom minting method involves creating personalized designs on silver coins, though specific details about the process are not readily available on their website. Custom minting jobs typically require four to eight weeks for completion, with expedited options potentially available but not explicitly mentioned on the website.

Investors interested in custom minting services should reach out to the company for detailed information on the process, timeline, and associated costs.

Business Reputation

Assessing the business reputation of Quality Silver Bullion might be difficult due to the limited information available. The company is not BBB accredited and does not have a BBB rating, which could be a concern for potential customers who value trustworthiness and integrity when choosing a precious metals dealer.

BBB Accreditation

Quality Silver Bullion’s absence of BBB accreditation indicates that the company has not fulfilled the requirements set by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to receive accreditation. This could be due to not meeting the BBB Accreditation Standards or choosing not to pay the associated fees for accreditation.

Without BBB accreditation, the company may not possess the mark of trustworthiness and integrity that comes with being accredited by the BBB, which could be a drawback for potential investors.

Customer Reviews

There is a scarcity of reliable customer reviews to assess Quality Silver Bullion’s reputation, making it difficult to gauge the company’s standing, the authenticity of its coins, and the quality of service provided. Despite the limited number of reviews, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company.

Consequently, after conducting extensive research, potential customers may want to consider alternative precious metals dealers with more robust online reputations and positive customer reviews when seeking to invest in silver products.

Comparing Quality Silver Bullion to Competitors

Limited product availability and pricing information

In comparison with its competitors, Quality Silver Bullion, there are some drawbacks that potential investors should consider. One notable disadvantage is the limited product availability, with many items being unavailable or on backorder, which could make it challenging for customers to find the specific silver products they’re seeking. This is where quality silver bullion pros can make a difference in guiding investors towards the right choices.

Product Availability

The range of products available from Quality Silver Bullion is limited compared to its competitors. This could be attributed to factors such as:

  • Heightened demand
  • Imbalance between supply and demand
  • Industrial demand
  • Economic factors

Investors looking for a more comprehensive selection of silver products may want to explore other precious metals dealers with a wider range of offerings and better product availability.

Pricing and Shipping

The pricing of Quality Silver Bullion is on par with its competitors, with the pricing of silver products clearly stated and the quality of the silver bullion products being superior. However, the company’s standard shipping costs are $9.95 for orders of less than $199, and international orders incur additional shipping charges.

While the pricing information is accessible, potential customers should consider shipping costs and compare them with other dealers before making a purchase decision.

Secure Investment Tips

Silver investment is a wise strategy for portfolio diversification and wealth protection, but it’s essential to make informed decisions when purchasing silver products. A vital factor to consider is the storage alternatives for your silver bullion. Here are some options to consider:

  • Storing your investment-grade silver in authorized depositories or vaults can provide optimal security and peace of mind.
  • Obtaining an appraisal of your assets can help you understand the value of your investment.
  • Selecting the appropriate insurance coverage can help protect your investment from potential losses.

By considering these factors, you can ensure that your silver investment is well-protected and secure.

Another significant factor in silver investment is buying from trustworthy dealers with positive customer reviews. This can help ensure that you’re buying genuine coins and receiving excellent service from the dealer. By carefully considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can make secure investments in silver bullion and enjoy the benefits of a well-diversified portfolio.


In conclusion, Quality Silver Bullion is a precious metals dealer offering a range of silver products and custom minting services. However, the company’s limited online presence, lack of BBB accreditation, and restricted product availability may be concerning for potential investors. When considering investing in silver bullion, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, explore storage and insurance options, and purchase from reputable dealers with positive customer reviews. By doing so, you can make informed decisions and confidently invest in silver products to diversify your portfolio and protect your wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most trusted silver bullion?

The American Silver Eagle is the most trusted Silver bullion coin, backed by the U.S. government’s guarantee of weight, content and purity.

Does it matter what brand of silver I buy?

When buying silver bars, it is important to look out for brands like Valcambi, Royal Mint, Asahi Refining, Credit Suisse, Sunshine Minting, and Silver Towne to help guide your purchase decision.

Why is silver bullion so cheap?

Silver is considered a cheap precious metal primarily due to its abundance in comparison to gold and its lower gold-to-silver ratio. Additionally, people tend to value gold more than silver, creating a difference in prices.

How can you tell if silver bullion is real?

You can tell if silver bullion is real by performing a bleach test; when bleach comes into contact with silver, the metal should tarnish and turn black quickly. You can also perform an ice cube test, where genuine silver will cause an immediate melting of the ice due to its stored heat.

Is jm bullion legit?

JM Bullion is indeed a reputable company, having been in business for more than 12 years and selling billions of dollars worth of precious metals to satisfied customers across the last decade.

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