Kinesis Money Review

Kinesis Money Review – Should You Buy Gold This Way?

I have been hearing a lot of talk about investing in precious metals over the last few years. This is mainly a response to the growing uncertainty surrounding fiat currency and stock market investments. As the world edges closer to a global recession, investors are looking for ways to secure their funds.

One company I have heard investors talking about on more than one occasion is Kinesis Money. In such a volatile economic climate, I have become used to hearing about new precious metals companies that are entering the market. As such, I do not always pay attention whenever a new company suddenly becomes the talk of the town.

However, something about the unique way Kinesis Money does business caught my eye. Rather than simply buying and selling gold and silver, the company offers investors a unique pathway toward precious metal investments.

Considering how the precious metals industry is full of scammers and fraudulent companies, I decided to take an in-depth look into Kinesis Money for the benefit of would-be investors.

If you are looking for a different way to invest in gold and silver, read this Kinesis Money review!

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Investing in Precious Metals

Before going further, it is important to understand how investors normally invest in precious metals. This will give you a better understanding later on when looking at the qualities that set Kinesis Money apart.

Ordinarily, investors can choose any of the following pathways when investing in precious metals:

  • Buying physical gold and silver bullion products
  • Investing in mining and mintage companies
  • Buy gold-focused exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds
  • Opening gold IRAs
  • Investing in precious metal futures

Any one of these investment options is a reliable way to enter the precious metals industry. However, these traditional methods do not fully embrace the Digital Age and all of its advantages. This is where you need to look at forward-thinking companies, such as Kinesis Money.

Overview of Kinesis Money

Many people still consider the digital currency industry to be risky and largely unknown. As such, not all investors are willing to diversify their portfolios into digital gold and silver products. Kinesis Money is one of the pioneers of this industry, and the company is making a huge impression among investors of all ages and backgrounds.

Established in 2018, Kinesis Money is a unique form of digital currency whose value is linked to that of physical gold and silver. That means when the prices of these tangible assets rise or fall, so will the value of Kinesis Money tokens.

Investors can buy Kinesis Money tokens that are backed by the specific weight of physical gold or silver. This makes these coins more than just data stored on a blockchain but actual reflections of how the precious metals industry is performing.

When you look at this unique way of investing in gold and silver, you will realize that Kinesis Money is very different from traditional precious metals companies. However, it also stands apart from the many cryptocurrencies that have flooded the digital market. Kinesis Money is somewhere in the middle, offering investors the best of both worlds.

Why is this link to physical gold and silver a very important feature of Kinesis Money? Well, the answer to that may lie in the stability investors can enjoy. With Kinesis gold and silver, investors are not merely speculating on the value of digital currencies anymore. Here, they can invest in a product whose market volatility is a lot more stable.

After looking at the structure of Kinesis Money, I realized that three things make this company different from anything I have ever come across in the precious metals industry, and these are:

  • New Monetary System

Unlike other digital currencies whose value is based on promises made on paper, Kinesis Money offers investors an entirely new monetary system that is a lot more reliable. This means that when you switch to Kinesis Money’s gold or silver tokens, you have the full backing of the physical assets combined with the flexibility of digital currencies.

This new monetary system is a lot more convenient and easily accessible to investors. Using the cutting-edge technology of blockchain, Kinesis Money can offer investors something new and exciting for their portfolios.

  • Kinesis Blockchain Network

Kinesis Money brings the safety and transparency of the blockchain network to precious metals investors. They can rely on its digital records and quarterly independent audits to give them assurance and peace of mind.

  • Borderless Currency

The world is slowly learning to adapt to digital currencies as a normal way of conducting transactions, and Kinesis Money is right at the forefront of this movement in the precious metals industry. This company aims to spread its reach further across the globe, giving investors access to borderless digital currency.

The Team Behind Kinesis Money

As always, a major part of any organization’s success is the team that is running the show in the background. In the case of Kinesis Money, the company has a dedicated team that is structured in the following way:

  • The Executive Team

Thomas Coughlin is the CEO of Kinesis Money. He brings over 17 years of precious metals experience and a very impressive track record of managing various investment companies. One of his key attributes is his experience with cross-border bullion investments, which is a skill that is valuable to Kinesis Money’s ambitions of becoming a borderless currency.

Supporting Thomas Coughlin is a highly capable executive team that includes, among others, the following talented individuals:

  • Michael Coughlin – Chief Financial Officer
  • David Charles – Group Special Counsel
  • Richard Melbourne – Chief Operating Officer
  • David Charles – Group Special Counsel
  • Eric Maine – President – Chief Strategy Officer
  • David Underwood – Non-Executive Director
  • The Leadership Team

The day-to-day running of Kinesis Money is what keeps the company going, and this vital task is entrusted to a very reliable leadership team that consists of the following members:

  • Shane Morand – Strategic Consultant
  • Christiaan Roesch – Head of Operations – South Africa
  • Martín Aguilar – Head of Operations – Latin America
  • Boris Shekerov – Head of Development
  • Som Ranga – Head of Delivery
  • Jeremy Lee – Head of Compliance & CRM
  • Natalina Inglis – Head of Global Administration & HR
  • Alp Berker – Head of Commercial Operations (Eastern Europe & Middle East)
  • Gökhan Aksu – Head of Physical Operations (Eastern Europe & Middle East)
  • The Advisory Board

The third part of the Kinesis Money team is the advisory board, and it includes the following personnel:

  • Sergio Fernandez De Cordova – Public – Private Partnerships Expert
  • Axel Paul Diegelmann – Co-founder – LPM Group
  • Tariq Al Habtoor – Investor Relations
  • Pádraig Seif – Advisory Board Member
  • William Kaye – Senior Director of PGL
  • Chimezie Chuta – Advisory Board Member

Benefits of Kinesis Money

As an investor, if you are going to move from the safety of physical precious metal investments to investing in digital tokens, you need to see a clear benefit. One of the main advantages that Kinesis Money has over other digital tokens is the stability it enjoys from being backed by actual gold and silver products.

This stability was highlighted during the 2020/21 crypto meltdown that saw many digital tokens rise and fall dramatically over a short period. During this turbulent time, Kinesis Money remained steady, basing its value on the unwavering demand and appeal of silver and gold bullion.

Investors with a low-risk tolerance will feel much safer with a token that is based on precious metals. However, they will also be able to venture into the turbulent waters of digital currency investments and enjoy the many advantages that lie there.

Bullions and Coins

Challenges and Growing Pains

Digital currencies are a fairly new form of investing that a huge part of the world has yet to accept. As such, I quickly realized that there were some challenges that a growing crypto-based precious metals company is likely to face.

In the case of Kinesis Money, the sheer complexity of integrating digital technology with precious metals is not an easy obstacle to overcome. This is part of the reason why the company has such a diverse team running the day-to-day operations.

As one of the pioneers of this unique way of investing, Kinesis Money needs a lot of innovation and fresh ideas to survive.

Using new technology always exposes a company to unique challenges, and Kinesis Money found itself in such a situation back in 2019. A series of technical glitches affected investor confidence, and it was only through a lot of effort that the company was able to get back on track.

The leadership behind Kinesis Money quickly realized that it needed to be proactive in identifying and resolving potential challenges in the future, and it has been operating that way ever since.

However, as the digital market continues to recover from the crypto crash, Kinesis Money must deal with a lot of uncertainty when trying to attract new investors. Although the company is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its investors’ assets, it may take an evolution in the crypto industry as a whole to attract investors with low-risk tolerance.

Security and Compliance

When researching new investment opportunities, I always take the time to dig deeper into the security and compliance aspects of the company. This is especially important when dealing with digital assets where the threat of cyber-attacks is an ever-present one.

By linking digital tokens to physical precious metals, Kinesis Money becomes a part of two industries that are both the targets of plenty of criminal activity. As such, the state-of-the-art encryption and multi-signature wallets used by Kinesis Money are very welcome additions to its robust security system.

Even at the height of cyberattacks in 2020, when some of the biggest names in the digital assets industry fell victim to hackers, Kinesis Money was a shining beacon of safety, security, and compliance.

The company’s security policies are heavily reliant on industry-standard protocols of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. As such, investors can rest assured that once they log in to their accounts, they will be conducting transactions in a safe and transparent environment.

User Experience and Community

If you want to get a real feel of what to expect if you choose to invest with Kinesis Money, the most reliable sources of information are the Kinesis reviews generated by former and current investors.

By choosing to combine digital tokens with precious metals, Kinesis Money was wading into uncharted waters. As such, there was a huge risk that the user experience would not be something investors are used to.

However, the platform managed to surprise many potential investors, myself included. Its interface is both modern and functional, allowing users to easily navigate from one feature to the next.

As part of a relatively unknown way of investing in precious metals, Kinesis Money also invested heavily in its educational material, giving investors a chance to learn more about the industry.

Anticipating that many new investors would face challenges navigating this new world, Kinesis Money also dedicated a lot of manpower to its support center, user guide, and community forum. This ensures that no matter what issues users experience on the platform, help will be easily available.

Kinesis Reviews

Whenever I look into new investment opportunities, reviewing platforms such as Trustpilot and Reddit plays a significant role in my decision-making process. As such, I was pleased to note that Kinesis Money had more than 360 Trustpilot Kinesis reviews. With 75% of them giving the platform a five-star rating.

The majority of these Kinesis reviews are from customers who have enjoyed their experience with Kinesis Money and are more than happy to recommend it to potential investors.

What I liked even more is that the company was quick to address the few negative Kinesis reviews it had, showing that it is a platform that is dedicated to improving its customer experience.

Products: Kinesis Gold and Kinesis Silver

If you decide to invest in Kinesis Money, you will have two options to choose from, which are Kinesis Gold (KAU) and Kinesis Silver (KAG). These products are backed by one gram of gold and one ounce of silver, respectively.

The precious metals are stored in audited vaults that are fully insured. When you invest in KAU or KAG, you can trade, spend, send, and earn physical gold and silver anywhere in the world. Since you are dealing with digital tokens, you do not have to worry about storage fees when you buy KAU or KAG.

Kinesis Money Rewards

As a growing company, Kinesis Money is dedicated to attracting as many investors as possible. As such, it has a rewards program that will give an ounce of silver to be shared equally between a new investor and the user who referred them.


When I came across Kinesis Money, I was very excited about this new form of investing in the precious metal industry. I was not quite sure what to expect, but it is safe to say that the company left me quite impressed.

If you are considering taking your first step into the world of digital precious metal investments, Kinesis Money has the platform, products, and reliability to make your user experience an awesome one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Kinesis Money Safe and Legitimate?

Both the precious metals and digital currency industries have their security protocols designed to protect investors from the criminals targeting them. As a company with a finger in both pies, Kinesis Money has adopted these protocols on its platform.

As long as users adhere to the KYC and AML regulations set by the company, they will be guaranteed safety and security. Kinesis Money also uses state-of-the-art encryption and multi-signature wallets as an added layer of protection.

  1. What Is the Holder’s Yield for Kinesis Money?

Kinesis Money is a platform that has shown a lot of dedication to rewarding its growing community of users who have shown faith in the company. As an example, the company has an incentives scheme that allows users to enjoy a holder’s yield according to the size of their investment.

The company also gives a 57.5% share of all transaction fees back to the user every month, with a part of it being in gold and silver. This allows the user’s portfolio to grow faster the more they choose to invest.

  1. What Is the Difference Between Physical Gold and Digital Gold?

Physical gold refers to the bullion bars, coins, and other tangible assets that an investor can choose to buy or sell. Digital gold is intangible. It is made up of tokens whose value is determined by the gold they are linked to. Both are reliable ways of investing in precious metals, with each one having its own advantages and disadvantages that investors will have to look into.

  1. What Is the Alternative to Investing Through Kinesis Money?

There are many alternative means to invest in precious metals besides buying digital tokens. You can choose to buy physical gold, invest in an ETF, or even buy stocks from mining or mintage companies.

Each method of investing in gold and silver needs to be looked at to determine which option is best for your needs. If you are looking for a forward-thinking company to guide your future investments, Kinesis Money offers gold and silver digital tokens that may be the ideal solution.

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