American Silver Eagle Coin

American Silver Eagle Coin

US Mint Silver Eagles

I learned the American Silver Eagle is the United States official bullion coin. The US mint is responsible for minting these coins. The first coin was issued in 1986. All US Mint Silver Eagles contain 99.9 percent pure silver bullion struck in a size of one troy ounce. The Silver American Eagle is classified as legal tender in the United States. The face value is $1. These coins are traded independently according to the silver content.

American Silver Eagle coins can be purchased from a wide variety of sources including United States Mints, local and online coin dealers, antique coin shops and even Silver Eagle coins eBay have become popular. I found out American Silver Eagle coins are eligible for inclusion in a Silver IRA. I have found these coins are often popular among silver coin collectors. The 1 oz American Silver Eagle coin is traded for several different factors including condition, mintage and silver content.

The United States Mint has stated the only silver bullion coins with purity and weight the United States government will guarantee are bullion American Silver Eagles. There are currently three mints producing uncirculated Silver Eagles. These are the Philadelphia, San Francisco and West Point Mints. Proof and burnished uncirculated versions are also produced by the US Mint and struck specially for collectors. I have viewed the American Silver Eagle Value Chart to determine how much American Silver Eagle bullion coins are Worth.

1 Oz American Silver Eagle Coin Design

The obverse side of the coin features the design of Adolph A. Weinman from the Walking Liberty. This design was originally featured on the Walking Liberty Half Dollar coins minted in the United States from 1916 until 1947. This iconic design is one of the most beloved and popular designs for any United States coin. This is the reason the design was revived decades later for the Silver Eagle. There is an inscription on the obverse depicting the issuing or minting year, In God We Trust and Liberty.

Emily Damstra designed the reverse side depicting an eagle landing upon a branch. The inscription on the reverse included the phrases 1 oz Fine Silver One Dollar, United States of America, any applicable mint mark and E Pluribus Unum. John Mercanti designed the reverse between 1986 and 2021 showing a heraldic eagle and shield. The right talon is holding an olive branch and the left arrows. This is a representation of the United States’ great seal.

Above the eagle, 13 stars with five points each are a representation of the 13 colonies. The banner held by the beak of the eagle on the reverse says E Pluribus Unum.

Certified and Uncirculated Silver Eagles

I have talked to a lot of people confusing certified and uncirculated coins. According to the American Silver Eagle Value Chart, there is an important difference. A certified coin has been graded and certified through a professional rating company like NGC or PCGS. This type of coin is considered a premium version due to a higher value than simple bullion and the outstanding condition. Uncirculated coins are in exceptional condition and have never been circulated. In addition, rolls and proof sets are available.

Proof Dollar and Bullion American Eagles

Bullion and Proof coins are the two main types. The most collectible is the proof due to the shinier finish, exquisite detailing and greater rarity than the bullion coin version. Proof Silver Eagles are more expensive. Silver bullion coins are often referred to as Brilliant Uncirculated and are more common. This type of coin was originally created to ensure a market rich in silver during the 1980s to drive the price of silver down. Production increased in 2000, with over 34 million coins available by 2010.

American Silver Eagle 2021

The American Silver Eagle 2021 celebrates the anniversary of the 35th coin release. Later in the year, the reverse will feature a new design. Silver 2021 Eagles can still be purchased with the original reverse design. The highlights of the coin include:

• Last issue for the heraldic eagle design
• BU edition contains one Troy ounce of .999 percent pure silver
• Coins are delivered in protective plastic flips
• Obverse features Walking Liberty and United States heraldic eagle
• Limited mintage of approximately 13 million coins
• American Silver Eagle 35th anniversary
• United States face value of $1

Generally speaking, American Silver Eagles sell better anywhere in the world than any coin collection featuring individual silver bullion. I realize there has been a decrease in demand during the last few years. Despite this, several million coins have been sold every year. The United States Mint made an announcement in 2019 the American Silver Eagle 2021 would feature a new design on the reverse for the 2021 date mark of the series 35th anniversary. New 2021 Silver Eagles with a new reverse design will be introduced no later than the middle of 2021.

The obverse side depicts Walking Liberty. The left-profile relief shows Liberty walking to the sun on the horizon. The early 2021 coins will feature the United States heraldic eagle. This design originated in 1794 and John Mercanti was responsible for the modification when the series debuted. The 2021 American Eagle is a 1 oz coin available in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The coins will be individually shipped in protective plastic flips. Multiple coins ship in Monster Boxes containing 500 coins with 20 coins contained in 25 tubes or in tubes of 20.

How Much is the American Silver Eagle Coin Worth?

The question of how much is the American Silver Eagle coin worth depends on several factors. US Mint Silver Eagles are generally collected according to the silver content. These coins are the best way to make an investment in silver because they trade at higher premiums than any other silver product currently available. In addition to the popularity established by bullion investors, Silver Eagle coins eBay have also become available. There is a collectors market for these coins as well.

The only exception I have found is the 1995 W Proof coin since there is no other low mintage or rare Silver Eagle. The value, collectibility and desirability of the coin are dependent on certified condition. The silver value spikes a minimum of 100 times for perfectly pristine coins in PR70 more MS grades. There is only numismatic value in 69 and 70 grades. The value of grades 68 and lower is in the silver content. Coins graded 69 have a slightly higher value than the preceding grades.

The 70-grade coins with no blemishes are considered perfect gems. It is important to note coins dated after 2000 do not have a lot of value due to the century mark despite being in 70 condition. The potential worth of 2001 through 2006 coins can increase due to the numismatic value. Even though these coins are purchased at premiums due to the perfect 70 grades, the value is not even close to 100 times the silver content. Silver was trading for $24 an ounce in October of 2020.

At this time, Silver Eagle coins were trading at premium prices. The estimated value is approximately $30 per ounce. This means the value of every 1 oz American Silver Eagle coin is about $30. The coins listed below have an estimated value of more than 100 times the silver content. When in perfect MS70 condition, these coins are
valued at roughly $3,000 each.

1999 Silver Eagle:

When in perfect condition, this is the rarest coin in the series. The Greysheet value is approximately $10,000. This means this is the only business strike Silver Eagle worth five figures. The most current PCGS grade auction was a little over a year ago with this coin selling for more than $13,000.

1994 Silver Eagle:

When in perfect condition, this is the second rarest coin in the series. The Greysheet value is more than $6,000. This means the coin is valued at more than 200 times the content of silver. At this time, there has only been one MS70 American Eagle PCGS graded coin sold at auction. The coin was purchased for more than $11,000.

T1990 Silver Eagle:

When in perfect condition, this is the third rarest coin in the series. Other price guide values in addition to Greysheet place the value above $3,000. Two of the most recent auctions with PCGS grading were in 2019 and 2020. Both auctions sold this coin for $3,600.

In addition to the three coins mentioned above, there are five additional dates with a value of almost 100 times the silver content when in MS70 condition. These dates are 2000, 1996, 1995, 1993 and 1991. The potential value of Silver Eagle coins is part of the reason investors and collectors throughout the world have started to stockpile silver. The effort is believed to be worthwhile due to the recent precious metals spike in value.

In 2008, the first significant Silver Eagle variety was released. This is referred to as the Silver Eagle 2008 W Reverse. Slight alterations were made by the United States Mint on the reverse design. These coins were minted from 2007 until 2008. Some of the 2008 Uncirculated Silver Eagles were accidentally struck with the reverse die type from 2007 causing a die error. The error can be seen in the dash located between the words silver and one and the U found in United States.

Cheapest Silver Eagles for Sale

Some of the cheapest Silver Eagles for sale I have found include:

• Walking Liberty Private Mint 1 oz Collectible BU Coin Medallion available for around $32.50.

• Uncirculated United States .999 fine silver 2020 American Silver Eagle selling for roughly $17.99.

• 2021 American Silver Eagle available for $38.95.

• BU Silver American Eagle selling for approximately $40.50.

• Silver Buffalo 1 oz coin available for about $32.50

About the US Mint

The American Eagle Silver coin is exclusive to the US Mint. The newly freed American Republic was responsible for the first establishment after overthrowing British rule. The United States Mint was founded in 1792 in Philadelphia and located in a building referred to as Ye Olde Mint. There are currently four branches of the US Mint in operation including secure storage facilities. The branches are located in Denver, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

The majority of American Eagle Silver bullion coins are minted in West Point, New York. The world-famous depository for bullion is located in Fort Knox, Kentucky and under the authority of the US Mint. When the US Mint was initially established in 1792, it belonged to the State Department. The mint received status as an independent agency in 1799. One of the main functions of the mint is to strike legal coins for circulation.

The US Mint is also responsible for the production of national commemorative medals, special coinage and Congressional gold medals. When specifically authorized, silver and gold are disbursed. The United States bullion movement is controlled and safeguarded by the mint. Coins are distributed to Federal Reserve Banks through various facilities. Prior to 1968, the Philadelphia Mint was the first to produce official proof coinage.

The famous P mintmark was not added to coins until 1980. Coins struck at the Philadelphia Mint prior to 1980 did not have this mark. The only exceptions are the wartime Jefferson nickel and Susan B. Anthony dollar. The Denver Mint was founded in 1863 as part of the US Mint. Operations initially began as a local assay office. The Denver branch was inaugurated in 1906 and coins started to appear in circulation containing the D mint mark.

In 1854, the San Francisco Mint was established to handle the California Gold Rush. After 1968, proof coin production was handled by the facility. The Philadelphia location was no longer responsible for this duty. Coins struck in San Francisco displayed the S mint mark. The most recent addition is the facility located in West Point. The Mint was founded in 1988 and was initially a United States storage facility for reserves of gold bullion. Currently, this mint strikes gold, silver and platinum variants of the American Eagle.

The Beginning of the Silver Eagle Legacy

Congress authorized the American Eagle bullion coin in 1985 in the Liberty Coin Act. This legislation was enacted and conceived so investors would have access to a simple and safe investment in precious metals. The first minting of the American Silver Eagle took place in 1986. The obverse contained the date. A striking ceremony was held on October 29th of 1986 in San Francisco. The first coin was struck when Treasury Secretary James A. Baker stated he did not require a shovel and pick to begin the 1986 San Francisco Silver Rush. He then pressed the start button for the coin press.

Generating Future Assets with American Silver Eagle Coins

Not every American Silver coin is equal. I have found many selling and purchased for higher prices due to the time value, supply and demand, mintage and condition. The rarest Silver Eagle coins are the most expensive. The value of these coins increases over time because market availability diminishes. The price of this unique coin is dependent on a variety of factors. The Silver Eagles must be in good condition. I have discovered many reasons why one coin is more valuable than another such as a shortage of supply and scarcity.

I recommend low mintage coins as an excellent option to collect Silver Eagles such as the 1996 Silver Eagle bullion. The fewer coins minted during a specific period of time increases the future value. The Silver Eagle is similar to other coins because the value is influenced by time. For this reason, many collectors prize vintage coins. The condition or grade of the silver coin is also important. I believe Silver Eagles are an excellent choice for investment portfolio diversification.

I recommend purchasing coins of the highest possible grade to increase the value of rare Silver Eagles. Although the value of silver is less than gold, I have found it to be a worthwhile investment and a hedge against inflation. This includes rare Silver Eagles. When I compare this coin to investments in a volatile environment including real estate and stocks, I believe numismatic coins are an extremely stable investment. I receive a lot more control with rare Silver Eagles than real estate, stocks and forex.

This is because the above are influenced by political and economic conditions. An American Silver Eagle is a physical asset capable of generating money as time passes. The chances are good the value of rare Silver Eagles will not decrease in the future. This preserves capital while offering an opportunity for long-term growth. American Silver Eagles can be handed down from generation to generation. I have never seen an investment with a 100 percent guarantee including Silver Eagles.

I do believe the benefits are far superior to any disadvantages. Collecting American Eagle coins is beneficial for investors, retirement planning and future generations. I strongly recommend storing all coins in a safe place to preserve their condition and to ensure they are protected against the elements.

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