The Side Hustle Bible Review By (James Altucher) is Eye Opening

Everybody just wants to be able to make some extra money. Maybe that’s what you describe as your ideal goal in life. Hey, who are we to judge?

You may have loans that you want to pay off, or you want to drive your savings on retirement into high gear. Or perhaps you just want the extra room that would provide a second income in your budget.

And possibly, you’re feeling like you’re stagnating in your regular job, and you’re open to starting a side business that will give you the chance to spread your wings and rise to a higher level.

Meet the Side Hustle Bible

If you are concerned with any of these cases, you will be interested in James Altucher’s Side Hustle Bible. The book offers numerous side hustles that can do everything from providing you with a much-needed extra income, to building a new six-figure career, or even a multi-million dollar company.

There are plenty of books, blogs, and online programs to show you how a side hustle can be created. But its author is what makes the Side Hustle Bible unique.

He is one of the financial independence industry’s most prolific and authentic advocates, because he has first-hand experience with both sides of the game.

James Altucher is a three-time millionaire who lost his fortune twice and turned it around both times! He started 20 companies by his own admission, 17 of which failed.

But you shouldn’t be intimidated by the mistakes–quite the contrary indeed.

A person who got it right the first time may have been lucky enough to ride the elevator to the top floor for the first time. That’s a rare thing in the real world.

If you really want to know how to run a business, even a side hustle, it’s better to learn from someone who has tried several times and failed. After all, from our failures, we learn more than from our successes!

In the novel, Altucher offers the nearly 200 side hustles he recommends and also discusses his own personal experiences. You can use the book to produce a few hundred extra dollars each month, or to become something more – like a multi-million-dollar business.

This is something that many multimillionaires learn early on – you often have to sift through a lot of different business ideas before you come up with one that works really. And if you’ve been looking for ways to make extra money, this book will definitely help you find one or more based on the sheer number of proposed business ideas.

If you want to make extra money – or become financially independent – you’re going to want to soak up any advice that James Altucher has to offer, especially if it’s offered in a concise volume such as the Side Hustle Bible.

Can You Make Money with a Side Hustle?

Approximately one-third of Americans have a side hustle, including nearly half of all Millennials, according to Bankrate’s 2019 Side Hustle Survey.

While the survey highlights that one-third of side hustlers “need the income to stay afloat,” which is as good a reason as any other for having a side hustle, it also indicates that side hustles are more common among high-income earners.

There is a connection here that’s hard to ignore. While working a side hustle along with a full-time job can certainly be difficult, it may be the best way to help increase your income, build savings, pay off debt, and achieve financial independence.

Let’s face it, many full-time jobs are somewhat stagnant today. Not only are the profits puny, but there are few and far between promotional opportunities. And it’s often with a depressingly low pay increase even when promotions come.

Even if you’ve never had a side hustle before, or think you might not be successful for whatever reason, you can be reassured by the fact that millions of others are doing it right now.

If they can, you can.

Millions of people who are now full-time self-employed began their company as a side hustle. So it is not only possible, but it is already being done by millions of people.

Above all, it’s about evaluating the skills you have – perhaps those you’re doing in your current job or those you’re doing in your personal life – and finding a way to monetize them by selling your services to specific clients or the general public.

Once you get to that point, it’s mostly up to you to decide exactly what kind of side business you want to start.

Here’s where the Side Hustle Bible comes in!

How The Side Hustle Bible Works

The Side Hustle Bible gives you 177 ideas for side hustle revenue. If you are like many people, you have the willingness and the willingness to make extra money. But the right business idea is what you lack. You should be able to find several ideas in this book to get you started.

While most ideas might not appeal to you, the proverbial lightbulb will light up –and the creative juices will start to flow – if you find three or four that can work for you.

It is necessary in itself to find multiple ideas. It may not work out your first side hustle concept. But you can simply try another concept if you’re committed to a positive outcome.

Or, you can combine two or three business ideas into one that is best suited to your skill set. That’s the benefit of having so many business ideas in one place. You may also find that you are motivated to try another one after successfully starting one side hustle. Many side hustlers are turning into serial entrepreneurs.

Instead of being limited to one business, they start one, get a cash flow going, then parlay that into another business–then another business. It is a way for your inner entrepreneur to be released. That may already be in you, but waiting for you to show them the way.

However, the personal stories of people who already do it are just as important as the 177 side hustle ideas. Altucher does not rely solely on his own experience in the book–which by itself is considerable. He also introduces other testimonies that were down the side hustle path and made it a success. These testimonies revolve around the fundamental reality of side hustles–that you can do it if others do it.

Special Features of the Book

The Bestseller Blueprint

How to Write and Sell the Next Harry Potter: James Altucher wrote five best-selling books and knows a great deal about self-publishing.

If you want to include writing a book with your side hustle, this free gift will help.

The Five Best “Retirement” Jobs in America

James shares five lucrative part-time “work for yourself” gigs that will enable you to live as you retire, regardless of your age. You don’t have to wait to retire until you’re 65 or 70!

Your Side Hustle Quick-Start Guide and Workbook

A step-by-step method is provided by the guide and workbook to turn your ideas into income streams. Speak of it as your own personal roadmap that can be personalized.

Get Free Tickets to See The Altucher Show Live!

Altucher has recorded podcasts in front of live audiences that were downloaded tens of millions of times. You are free to attend one of these recordings.

Free Q&A Skype Call with Altucher

You will expect to run into obstacles once you launch your side hustle. But you can submit questions to James and two other side hustle success stories with this free gift that will answer your question live on the call.

If you pair the Side Hustle Bible with these free gifts and other deals that are part of the package, you will have a real chance to be submerged in a world of success.

Anyone who has ever been successful in business will tell you that the development of mentors is one of the most important ingredients. These are people who are already where you want to be and who are willing to share with you their secrets.

The Side Hustle Bible–and all the other benefits that come with the book–will give you a chance to collaborate with these mentors.

The Pricing

The Side Hustle Bible’s stated price is just $25.

But if you order the book, you can receive a complete package including the book itself and the five free gifts, as well as a 12-month subscription to the Altucher Report. All at a full price of just $49, The Altucher Report is James ‘ monthly newsletter, which gives you cutting-edge information.

Along with the report, you will also receive:

  • “Choose Yourself” Facebook page where you can bounce ideas and get help from other members of the Altucher online community. Members can send updates, offer guidance on what stocks to purchase, sell or hold. Updates come regularly and also provide feedback on financial markets.
  • Connection to the support team from the Altucher Study. This will send you live contact by phone or email, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern time, with a member of James ‘ team.

A money-back guarantee comes with the price of $49.

If you are unsatisfied with the book, the Altucher Report and the other services included in the package after 12 months, you can call or email customer service and cancel your full refund subscription.

Waiting for a refund can have you waiting for a long time, but you will be able to keep the five free gifts. And that’s worth much more than $49.

What the Side Hustle Bible Can Do For You

One of this book’s major advantages is that it provides side hustle ideas for people of all kinds. This includes people with strong online skills, and people who don’t. It even includes “awkward folk” ideas. If you’re not completely comfortable talking to strangers or dealing with the public, this can describe you.

The book claims to do everything from providing you with daily side income, earning a few thousand dollars in just a couple of weeks, generating passive sources of income, or developing a multi-million dollar business.

The best thing about the book? It deals with a lot of different business ideas. If you’re writing a book, making a film, developing an online store, starting a blog, saving or creating a passive income that will make you money while you’re sleeping, it could benefit you.

Over 400 of the world’s most successful people have been interviewed by Altucher and bring a lot of their wisdom to bear in the book.

What the Side Hustle Bible Won’t Do For You

You will receive 177 side business ideas from the Side Hustle Bible, as well as personal testimonies from many of the people who successfully put them into action.

But the book is not a program of coaching. Just doing the math, 177 business ideas packed into a book of 372 pages limit the discussion of any business idea to just about two pages each.

This is an idea book on every business idea and not a detailed “how to guide.” Given important tips, you will be introduced to the basic idea, and with some, you will be given personal testimony.

You’re going to have to take that idea and be prepared to further research and test it out. And finally, you’re going to have to implement it. If you just read the book, then place it on the shelf, it’s going to be $49 in total waste.

The most critical factor in determining your success will be what you do with the material that the book offers.

In my own life, having engaged in several side hustles, I can testify that even winning business ideas will only work if you put in time and effort.

Should You Purchase the Book?

One of the greatest advantages of starting a side hustle is that it provides an opportunity to start a very risky business.

First, most of the side hustles on the front need little or no capital. It’s primarily about providing your services.

Second, you can work alongside your full-time job with your side hustle. That means that while you’re building your business, you keep your salary and benefits.

And you will take that leap of faith only once your side business earns enough to be viable by quitting your job and making your side hustle your full-time job.

If in the past you have never had a side hustle, or you have tried and failed, try (or try again) you owe it to yourself.

A side hustle is your chance to take advantage of your best skills and apply them in a way that works best for you. Usually you discover financial independence when you find that combination.

The Side Hustle Bible does not guarantee success for businesses. But it will introduce you to almost 200 business ideas that you can launch.

If you can find an idea that suits your talents and interests among them, you could just be on to the winning combination that you’ve been looking for all of your life.

Sign up for your copy of the Side Hustle Bible if you want to start a side hustle, but you have no idea which one to start with.

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