Best Retirement Podcasts

Over the years I’ve become more prone to listening to educational podcasts rather than the same old music I’ve been listening to since the 1980’s!  Covering the best retirement podcasts is something I decided to do after I’ve found that learning about investing, trading, or even my day job – being a Digital Marketer, elevates my game so much quicker and gives me so many more tools to apply to work.  If you have any interest in checking out podcasts, here’s a short list of the top ones on the topic of retirement that I have personally enjoyed.

(This will be updated as I come across more!)  

Which Podcasts About Retirement Are the Best?

best retirement podcasts

Learning about finance and wealth accumulation isn’t always the most exciting topic in the world, but it sure does beat getting your butt kicked in the market year after year!

We live in the digital age, which means we have no excuses when it comes to not having information at our fingertips – err – in our airpods.  There are many blogs and websites about the topic of finance and investing, but if you are like me, you want something you can take with you while you exercise, walk, or drive.  Having the ability to listen in anywhere you are is a huge advantage and lets you do so on your time.  Time is money, and we all use it to prioritize things important to us.

If you are interested in learning more about money and investing, especially in your retirement, here are some podcasts I recommend you check out.

Stay Wealthy Podcast

This one is by Taylor Schulte, who hails from San Diego. He founded Define Financial, which helps people with their retirement planning.  His podcast will share with you information on investing better, reducing taxes, and making work something that isn’t in the forefront dominating your life.  He also talks about pensions, social security, and more, which makes his podcast very robust.  He’s won many media accolades, including being one of the top 100 advisers by Investopedia and being a top 40 Under 40 adviser by InvestmentNews.  Best of all, if you suffer from ADD or just don’t like long, drawn out talks, his pods are normally 45 minutes or less, which is refreshing.  This one really vibes with younger people, and as I get older, and people keep saying that barely being 40 is young, I guess that means anyone under 45 will enjoy this one?

Your Money Your Wealth

This one has some serious humor to it, and if you, like me, enjoy a good dose of humor, this is the best one for you to listen to.  Big Al, a CPA, and his co-host, Joe, cover retirement topics with a focus on taxation.  As bland as that may sound, their content is A+ and their humor and good natured vibe is off the charts.

Retirement Starts Today Radio

I’m also a fan of Benjamin Brandt’s show, another one you’ll see doing weekly episodes that are usually 30 minutes or less and easy to digest.  He’s a fee-only financial adviser who also happens to be an Iraq combat veteran.  Items I’ve heard discussed on his program include scams that aim at taking advantage of Senior Citizens, something that has happened to my 96 year old Granda, Wilma, on so many occasions that we had to change her phone number multiple times!  (You can see why this topic hit home with me!)

Brandt also interviews experts from time to time, which gives more color to the topics he covers so beautifully.  

The Retirement Answer Man

Certified Financial Planner Roger Whitney goes by the moniker of “The Retirement Answer Man,” and his podcast will provide answers to your most burning questions.  How to live without a paycheck?  He covers that.  Determining your needs in your golden years?  Got you.  Hopes, fears, and even traveling in an RV in your retirement years.  (I didn’t hear this one, but it was mentioned on the aforementioned Taylor Schulte’s Kiplinger article.

There are no shortage of others in the retirement podcasting space.  You can also check out Afford Anything, Bogleheads on Investing, Sound Investing, The Long View, and The Money Guy Show.



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