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Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin

You may not know this, but the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin has been around for a long time. In fact, they first minted the original set in 1839 and they stopped minting this beautiful precious metal in 1908. On the face of the coin, the original value was five dollars even though it was a gold coin. Today, these coins will contain much more significant value because the value of gold is worth a lot more now than it was in 1839.

Another important thing to note is that the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin is among a few other coins that are the smallest gold coins for sale. But the face value is not the total real-world value at this point, so things could be deceiving.

If you’re truly looking for the smallest gold coins you can buy, you may not necessarily get to purchase a Five Dollar Liberty Coin for a low dollar amount. This is a collector’s item now as you can undoubtedly imagine.

How Much Will I Pay to Buy a Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin?

Liberty Gold Coin

It’s very difficult to determine exactly how much you’re going to pay specifically, because there are different types of liberty gold coins. There is  the 1866 gold line, which is definitely considered a collector’s edition .

And the life of these coins spans over 69 years during their total time in circulation. These coins had tremendous spending power back in the day and they are even more valuable right now.

The main thing to do is to contact a local coin collector or dealer to find out about different versions of this coin, how much they sell for, how rare a coin might happen to be, the age, and other factors. After you’ve determined all of the various factors that contribute to the value of the specific coin, you’ll have a much easier time determining exactly what you should pay for the particular coin in question.

As an example,  a good roundabout general price to pay for one of these coins is around $300 . Yes, that may seem expensive since the coin was originally worth five dollars, but it has definitely grown in value over the years because the cost of gold has risen and the rarity of the coin makes it even more valuable.

Ultimately whenever you’re shopping for Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coins, you might want to focus on the smallest gold coin price. As I said, I doubt you’ll be able to find one of these coins for less than $300. But if you do happen to find a collector or dealer willing to part with one of these coins for cheaper,  you’re likely going to get a good deal so you should probably jump at the opportunity because you’re undoubtedly paying much less than the actual current value .

Just remember that the condition of the coin always comes into question when trying to determine how much you should pay for a Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin. If the coin is in poor condition, then you should probably try to get it cheaper instead of paying too much.

How Much Does the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin Weigh?

The weight of the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin is definitely a factor to consider as well. You may not realize this, but this coin is actually fairly light to the touch and it doesn’t feel like much when you’re holding it in the palm of your hand.  This is perhaps the easiest precious metal to keep in any gold storage facility, you can even stack quite a few of these even in a small safe.

gold safe deposit

More specifically, the total coin gross weight is 0.1091 Troy ounces. In grams, the weight is 393 g. Even more interesting, because this isn’t a pure gold coin, the weight of the actual gold within this coin is 0.10 Troy ounces, or to look at it a different way it’s 3.110 g in total weight.

The Different Types of Liberty Head Five Dollar Gold Coins

Believe it or not, this coin also goes by another name at times. The other name is the Five Dollar Coronet Head, and it was originally minted between 1839 and 1908.

You may not know this, but this particular coin series is one of the series that has run for the longest amount of time in the history of the United States Mint. And even more interesting to note: this coin was actually minted at all seven branches in the United States. No other coin can make this claim because it never happened in any other circumstance.

There are actually two varieties of Five Dollar Liberty Head Gold Coins.  The first variety was minted between 1839 to 1866 . This particular version of the coin has a beautiful eagle on the front but it does not have a motto resting over the Eagle’s head like the other version does.

And as you can imagine, the second variety was minted between 1866 to 1908. This particular version has an American Eagle on the coin but it also has the motto In God We Trust over its head. These two distinct versions are quite rare and difficult to find in top condition, so they definitely possess serious value if you’re a collector.

Should I Consider Investing in Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coins?

In truth, only you can determine whether or not you should invest in gold coins of any type or magnitude as a collector or someone looking to earn extra money as part of their gold IRA account.

 I personally believe in this investment strategy because I know the value of gold has continued to rise year after year for decades . But nothing is perfect. And the value of gold may remain stagnant or even diminish temporarily after you first buy your gold coins. You have to be willing to wait out the ups and downs so you can eventually hold for the long term and fetch a hefty price for your valuable gold coins in the future.

Are you willing to consider long-term investing? If so, then buying Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coins is definitely going to be a lucrative investment for you at some point in the future.

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