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Heads or Tails Coins Review

Investing in silver and gold is a smart choice for those with an extra fund. One reliable online market where precious metals investors can turn is Head & Tails coins. We’ve reviewed this company to help you make a good and wise investment decision.

Head & Tails Coins Overview

Head & Tails is a fast-growing precious metal company with an extensive selection of precious metals. Anyone can buy bullion in the form of bars, rounds, coins, and bullets.

The company has a bulk discount, making it more reasonable to place big orders.

The site also provides a wide selection of gold, silver, and platinum bullion, which accounts for different shapes, bars, and coins.

The design of the website is very simple. Buyers do need to spend much time searching for silver and gold websites for further information before choosing products.

Investors will like that there’s no minimum amount for placing an order and that all bulk orders get free shipping every day. This site also sets out to educate people on the significance of securing financial assets.

The founder saw a great demand for a low cost bullion dealer and decided to put up Head & Tails.

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Heads & Tails Coins

Head & Tail Reviews and Complaints

Head & Tails Coins has a remarkable A+ rating from the BBB or Better Business Bureau.

On the other hand, it has had few complaints in the past couple of years, all of which were closed to client satisfaction. The Better Business Bureau withheld a high rating from this company as of its comparative lack of time in business.

On the other hand, BBB says that this company has few complaints for company size, has replied to complaints and addressed them quickly and adequately, and has given enough background details to the agency.

Customer Reviews

Pros & Cons


This review is now complete without knowing the pros and cons.

Transparent Pricing of Coin

This company has transparent pricing. Clear pricing on the dealer’s website is a plus; however, this can be hard to find in other dealers where you need to search or contact a rep to get the precise and latest prices.

Dealers who don’t provide fast and transparent pricing can use unnecessary delays, which lead to a different rate than you anticipated. Good thing Head & Tails has clear and transparent pricing. 

High Quality Products and Services

Head or Tails offers the best products but at the same time, they also have the best services. The staff or workers work correctly to meet the needs of the clients.

Provides Relevant Information

All types of investment have risks. Head & Tails is a good precious metal company as they are upfront regarding the possible risks and realities of precious metals investing; therefore, search for a disclosure page that provides you with the facts.

Head & Tails comes with a disclosure page where you can see many information about precious metal investing.  There are also ads on its website for relevant information should you decide to buy coins and wanting some advice or opinions.

Payment options are also one factor where this company stands out. 

The company accepts payments by credit card, money order, check, wire transfer, etc. This makes paying for orders fast and convenient. 


Despite the many perks, it also comes with some flaws, such as poor customer service.


Buy and Sells Precious Metals

Head & Tails Coins is indeed a good and reliable place to buy precious metals of any kind. They are reliable and have been in the business for many years. 

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