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In the past two years, the demand for precious metals has increased dramatically. And it makes sense because inflation is up and the economy is on shaky ground right now, so people are finally looking to gain additional financial security. Silver and gold have represented financial security for thousands of years and they continue to gain value, so they are trusted more by the people.

Cornerstone Bullion is a precious metals broker that makes it very easy for customers to begin investing in silver and gold. Even more important, they provide precious metals IRA services as well. So, if you ever wanted to augment your retirement account with a self-directed gold IRA, they’ll help you set it up and even cellular precious metals to invest in.

More than one company can help you set up a precious metals IRA, so please keep that in mind. It’s a very competitive and common niche. Does cornerstone bullion withstand the test of time? Are they better than the competition? What can you expect while doing business with them?

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Further Info about Cornerstone Bullion

The company first got its start in 2009 and they made the great state of Colorado their original headquarters. As a company providing precious metals IRA services, they make it possible for their customers to work with multiple custodians. The four custodians that they commonly recommend to their customers include:

  • Entrust Group
  • Goldstar Trust
  • Kingdom Trust
  • New Direction IRA

Every one of these custodians have the correct licensing in place to act as custodians for precious metals IRAs, and each one also has an excellent reputation. But each of these industries also have varying setup fees and overall fee schedules, so it’s important to choose the correct one to meet your investing needs.

Customers also have the possible ability to choose from one of three different depositories. So, if you have a specific depository that you’d like to keep your precious metals stored in, you must choose a custodian that also works with the depository. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that each depository is going to have different storage fees. In some cases, it will be flat fees, and in other cases it will be a percentage fee.

The depositories to choose from include Delaware Depository, Idaho Armored Vaults, and Dakota Depository. Each of these depositories are located in different regions throughout the US, so that’s also a consideration to choose from. If you need to have your metals stored as close to home as possible, pick the corresponding depository in your particular region.

Since Cornerstone Bullion is an IRA specialist, the wide majority of the products sold are already qualified and meet IRS purity levels and regulations. You’ll have to keep all of your bullion and coins stored in a vault, and it’s not possible to view precious metals prices on the website.

Their lack of pricing transparency likely has nothing to do with trying to hide their prices and more to do with the fact that precious metals prices fluctuate each day. Then again, the competition doesn’t have a problem posting their prices and keeping them updated. Some of their competitors have set up an algorithm that immediately adjusts price inventory as it changes. That makes it very simple to compare prices on these websites.

Services & Products

This company uses a narrow niche to focus on as a full-service company. Their ultimate goal is to help clients open precious metals IRA retirement funds and to invest in precious metals. With this aim, they specifically sell precious metals coins and bars with IRA approval.

The process gets streamlined because they not only help you set up your gold IRA, they will also help you find it and choose the best investments for. You’ll have to fill out a lot of paperwork and follow certain steps to begin, which makes the process feel overwhelming at times. Similar to other precious metals IRA companies, cornerstone bullion makes this investing more accessible to the public by simplifying the process.

They also put forth the effort to educate their customers regarding the precious metals market. They have a resources section on their website that helps customers gain access to FAQs, articles, blog posts, free guides, and more.

Management at Cornerstone Bullion

The company was founded by a man named Chad Roach. Before opening his business, he was in the alternative investments space working in a variety of other jobs. He’s very familiar with precious metals and the overall market, and he even has experience with tangible assets and real estate as well.

Currently, Chad Roach is still the principal owner of this company.

Reviews from Previous Customers

Company reviews provide good things and bad things for us to focus on. But in truth, the good and bad thing is very similar because it’s hard to find these customer reviews.

On the website, it’s possible to read customer testimonials. But we all know that companies can make them up if they choose to do so. But finding objective information from third parties isn’t always the easiest thing to come by.

With that in mind, we haven’t discovered any major red flags. As a matter of fact, the company has a fantastic rating with the Better Business Bureau, because they received an A+ rating. And the Business Consumer Alliance has also given them a perfect AAA rating.

The BBB hasn’t received any complaints about this company. But on the other hand, they haven’t received customer reviews either, which is also true of the BCA.

On Trustlink, we discovered three available reviews and they were all five-star reviews. The problem is that they are very old reviews written in 2014. Each person mentioned having a good experience with the company, but it’s hard to determine if this is still the case eight years later. The company may have completely transformed for the worse since then and they may no longer be deserving of their positive reviews.

They haven’t claimed their Yelp page either, so the five-star review on yelp could have been automatically generated. Besides the one review, we couldn’t find any other information about them on this website.

The one thing I’d like to mention is that the yelp five-star review was written in 2019. This is much newer than the 2014 reviews on Trustlink. It did say that the customer service rep was fantastic, so that’s always positive.

Is It a Scam to Do Business with Cornerstone Bullion?

No, I can tell you with certainty that this company isn’t a scam. They are a legitimate business with a legitimate address and the company founders and trying to hide from anyone. Additionally, the Better Business Bureau has given them their top A+ reading and the Business Consumer Alliance gives them their top AAA rating.

All of these things combined indicate a legitimate precious metals IRA company. They may not have a lot of online reviews, but there are few reviews published about the moral positive. And we haven’t been able to come up with any customer complaints, which is likely a good sign.

Since the Internet came into being, finding information about companies is usually easy to come across. But every now and then it’s difficult to find reviews about a smaller company from previous customers. This doesn’t signify that the business is a scam and it doesn’t tell us that anyone has mismanaged the company. But you’ll typically feel better buying precious metals from a company with lots of positive reviews.

Cornerstone Bullion Pros

  • They are gold IRA specialist
  • They focus on selling precious metals with IRA approval
  • They maintain a perfect BCA and BBB rating

Cornerstone Bullion Cons

  • No third-party complaints or customer reviews
  • Not a good choice for non-precious metals IRA investors

Bottom Line

The company Cornerstone Bullion definitely seems to have all of its ducks in a row. We can obviously see that it’s a legitimate business.

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many online reviews or negative complaints about this company on the Internet. This lack of information makes it difficult to fully determine whether or not this company is the best fit.

Then again, a lack of information doesn’t mean anything negative toward a company. It just makes it difficult to fully recommend them to our readers. I find it much easier to recommend other precious metals IRA companies with hundreds or even thousands of positive reviews. In that case, you know exactly what you’re going to get.

In the end, it’s important to realize that Cornerstone Bullion doesn’t offer anything so special or spectacular that you should feel compelled to do business with them. There are other, better choices out there that we can guarantee you’ll have a great experience with because they’ve been tested and have a great reputation.

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