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In today’s generation, many individuals invest in precious metals for their finances. If you’re interested in this investment, this review is for you. There are various companies where you can buy gold or silver. With that, you should choose a reliable company that can meet your needs. One company you can trust is Goldcore. Is this the right gold provider for you?  Read on and use my Goldcore review notes to help you make a decision.

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About Goldcore

about goldcore

Goldcore is a company established in 2003. It has a full title of GoldCore Ireland. Their CEO is Stephen Flood. He has been with the firm for more than 16 years. He stated that he’s dedicated to delivering the best services for their valued clients.

Goldcore Ireland was the first-ever Irish gold broker. Additionally, their service is not only focused on Ireland. They have a Goldcore UK office and clients from more than 130 countries. They are handling over $260 million of assets and have a 7,500 client list.

They can offer people savings. The company also has plans for financial specialists, trusts, and more. You can choose if the bullion will be delivered to you. Meanwhile, they also offer excellent storage for gold bullion.

The firm provides international bullion coins and bars, including British Sovereigns and Britannia coins, American Eagles, South Africa Krugerrand coins, and Canadian Maple Leafs. In addition to their safe storage, you can have access to buy ten ounces, one ounce, and one-kilogram bars from Perth Mint.

Although they are a reliable provider of precious metals, they don’t provide precious metal IRAs. So, if you’re a US citizen searching for a US-based business that provides IRAs, Goldcore is not the best for you.  You can view this list of gold investment companies I recommend.

Their team is dedicated to contributing to the gold industry. In fact, they have been interviewed as professionals on Today FM, The Irish Times, Newstalk, and RTE. If you have high standards for your gold and silver needs, this company may be the right choice.

Goldcore Products

gold products

The following are the products that Goldcore can offer to you.

  • Gold coins
  • Gold bars
  • Gold bullion
  • Silver bullion
  • Silver coins
  • Silver bars

You don’t need to worry because they have different locations where you can safely store precious metals. Unlike other brokers, they only focus on gold and silver. So, people interested in platinum and palladium products can search for another provider.

In this review, we will also give you a list of the advantages and disadvantages of Goldcore.

Goldcore Benefits

Goldcore benefits

The following are the advantages that can be offered by the company.

Multiple storage locations

As an investor, for sure, you want to store your metals in the right and safe place. Fortunately, Goldcore has multiple storage locations that can minimize risk.

User-friendly website

The company comes with a user-friendly and professional website. With this, you can easily navigate and look for your specific needs on the Goldcore website.

Easy to find spot prices

Another benefit of Goldcore is that they can make it easy for you to the current spot price of silver and gold. The website will provide you with the right prices.

Goldcore Drawbacks

Like other brokers in the industry, they also have some disadvantages.

Only gold and silver

Silver and gold are among the most popular precious metals. However, some individuals like to invest in other metals. Goldcore doesn’t offer these products.

It doesn’t offer products for US citizens

You can’t buy IRAs which most Americans are searching for, so you should find another company that can provide such products.

Usually, high net worth clients and investors

Goldcore accepts different types of clients. However, most of them are high net worth investors and clients. It can be a concern for the little gal/ guy. Most of their customer service is for the biggest clients.

One Source for Most Reviews

They have thousands of positive reviews in the UK, but rarely in the USA. It can be a concern for people since it seems that they don’t understand the US and its complexities.

Is Goldcore a Scam or a Legit Business?

legit business

If you’re an investor in precious metals, for sure you want to deal with a reliable company. Exactly, Goldcore is a legit company that can provide you with excellent gold and silver services. They have been serving the people for about 20 years through excellence and honesty.

Goldcore LTD is a firm you can trust for your bullion holdings. You can easily reach them, and they have strong reviews on their website. However, you should not sign up with the firm due to its good qualities. Make sure that it can fit your individual needs.

One drawback of Goldcore is they don’t provide IRAs. It is understandable because of their location in the UK. That’s why we give Goldcore Ireland an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

Goldcore Ratings and Reviews

goldcore ratings

Goldcore LTD is an Irish company, so you will not find them on Better Business Bureau. Goldcore has many good reviews from its clients. Trustpilot, a review site, gives them with 3.7 rating with five as a perfect score.

On the other hand, has with 4.8 stars score with five stars as the highest. They have over 2000 reviews of Goldcore. Your view about Goldcore Ireland will depend on where you live. For example, if you’re residing in the UK, it can be amazing for you. If you’re in the United States, you may need to find another company.

Are there red flags? One concern about the company is its lack of rating on other review sites. However, you should not base your decisions on these reviews for using the firm in your investment.

Best alternative for USA clients

American clients who wish to purchase precious metals; IRAS can find the best alternative company that can provide them with such products. One credible firm is Goldco, the highest-rated gold firm based in the USA.

Goldco is beneficial for portfolio diversification which can improve your metal investments. It can also make excellent precious metals in IRA. The firm comes with IRAs for gold & silver with allocated storage.

Why choose Goldcore Limited Trading for your gold silver coins and bars?


This Ireland firm offers the best service for your bullion investment. The following is a list of the reasons why you should choose Goldcore.

Top-security vault in safest jurisdictions

The bullion will be stored in the safest vaults. They have secure storage and the safest jurisdictions internationally.

Allocated silver and gold coins and bars

You own your gold and silver bullion coins and have the legal title for your property. They can deal with allocated silver, gold, platinum, and palladium products.

Competitive rates for buying and selling

The firm allows you to buy gold and silver coins and bars at a competitive value.

Award-winning research

Their search has already received awards and has been interviewed and quoted on CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, and more. Goldcore educates the community and clients regarding precious metal and their essential part as important safe haven diversification.

Reliable customer support

Goldcore Ireland trading hours allow you to sell gold, platinum, and other metals and get the best storage for your investment. You can receive excellent customer service through their UK phone number. The firm is perfect for first time buyers since they can guide you from start to finish.

Wide range of choices

As a trusted broker in the industry, they can provide you with a wide range of choices, including the GoldSaver gold accumulation program, Perth Mint Certificates, and Goldcore Secure Storage programs.

Hassle-free payments and withdrawals

You can sell at Goldcore Ireland Monday to Friday from 0900 to 1700 GMT. Your funds will be delivered to your bank account in 3 working days after liquidations.

Buy and sell in your currency

The business allows you to buy and sell in major currencies such as pounds, euros, Hong Kong dollars, Swiss francs, dollars, Canadian dollars, New Zealand dollars, and Australian dollars. Their wholesale rates help you to save the cost of foreign exchange charges.

Dedicated precious metal advisors

They have more than 14,000 clients. Their high net worth clients invested more than $10,000,000.

Express international fully insured delivery

The firm comes with discreet and fully insured express international deliveries. The bullion is stored in unmarked envelopes, without an exterior label or mentioning the contents. So, you can have increased safety.

Deal with different sizes with liquidity

The business is ideal for both first time and professional buyers. They have the best team of expert precious metal advisors that can answer your concerns during the consultation.

How to buy silver and gold for the first time?

buy silver

If it’s your first time buying precious metals, you can follow the steps below.

1. First, you should open your account.

2. Lodge funds

3. Buy orders through phone or online.

4. Decide for storage or delivery.

With these simple steps, you can improve your investment with the firm. Their responsible team will guide you to your specific needs. With that, you can have a stress-free investment in precious metals, including gold and silver. Goldcore offers excellent products.

Final Words

Generally, Goldcore Ireland is a legit provider of precious metals, including silver and gold. Like other brokers in the market, the firm also has its specific advantages and disadvantages.

It is a fully insured company where you can sell and buy gold coin and bars during their normal business hours. The Irish-owned Goldcore can be your efficient partner for storing precious metals.

With the help of this detailed review about the firm, we hope that you have already decided whether it is the right firm for your gold and silver investment. Is this review helpful for you? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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