Pimbex Review 2023 – Is This Gold Bullion Dealer Legit?

If you have not yet started considering investing in precious metals, maybe you have not been paying a lot of attention to the global economic situation.

The outlook has been very worrying for stock market and fiat currency investors ever since we emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, now seems like a good time to run for cover and start investing in precious metals. With your funds secured in gold and silver bullion, the rise in commodity prices and interest rates will not worry you.

This is why finding a reliable full-service online retailer to buy physical gold, silver bullion, palladium coins, and other assorted types of precious metals is now more important than ever.

The chance to buy gold at great prices is fast running out, so you need to take action and start looking for a reliable precious metals bullion exchange.

Investing in the Precious Metals Industry

While investing in precious metals might be the best decision you will make in 2023, it is important to make sure you choose the right company to work with.

Ideally, you need to look for a fully insured, reliable, full-service online retailer with a wide selection of precious metals to choose from.

In that regard, you will not find many better precious metals bullion exchange platforms than PIMBEX Metals LLC.

When you invest in precious metals, you need to find the best prices so that you can make a profit from your gold or silver bullion. PIMBEX Metals LLC can offer you that and so much more.

About This Bullion Exchange Review

Bullion Exchange

When I took a look at some of the precious metals bullion exchange companies that operate in the U.S., I was shocked at the high number of scammers and fraudsters in the industry.

I quickly realized that finding the best price of gold was not my biggest problem. A lot of research was needed before I settled on any precious metals dealer. That is how I came up with this PIMBEX review.

Hopefully, if you are new to the precious metals industry, this review will help you decide whether PIMBEX Metals LLC is the right choice for your investment requirements.

What Is PIMBEX Metals LLC?

PIMBEX Metals LLC is a fully insured, industry-leading, full-service online retailer that has a well-deserved reputation for offering some of the best prices for assorted types of bullion products in the market.

My research has shown that PIMBEX Metals LLC is a reliable company that investors can trust with their hard-earned money as they prepare for turbulent economic times ahead.

With access to a variety of private mints and gold dealers across the globe, PIMBEX Metals LLC can offer investors a diverse selection of precious metals to invest in. This allows for a much more diversified portfolio, which is essential when investing in bullion products.

The company also provides many services to investors who are looking for IRS-approved bullion to add to their gold IRA portfolios.

Company History

If you are looking for a bullion exchange that has been in the industry for a long time, PIMBEX Metals LLC is not it. The company was started just a few years ago in 2020, which means it is very young and may still have a lot to learn in many ways.

However, I always like to look at a company’s ideals before dismissing it based on a lack of experience. PIMBEX Metals LLC is a family-owned business that was founded by two brothers, Brian and Michael Vediner. Its core values are based on the firm belief that everyone needs to have access to precious metals at great prices.

As such, PIMBEX Metals LLC is dedicated to keeping the dollar cost average as low as possible for all its customers.

Ever since the company was established, it has guaranteed that all its products are sourced from the best sovereign and private mints in the world, ensuring nothing but the highest quality of precious metals.

What Do the Customers Say?

Simply looking at the PIMBEX Metals LLC website is not enough to base your opinion of the company. Your best insight about how the company operates usually comes from other investors who have done business with it.

As such, I decided to look for any customer reviews about PIMBEX Metals LLC, and this is what I found:

Better Business Bureau

A Better Business Bureau accreditation always puts my mind at ease, and I was very happy to see that PIMBEX Metals LLC has one, even though it has only been operational since 2020.

It also has an impressive A+ and four-star rating. Moreover, the company has no customer complaints, which is a good sign regarding its customer service.

Shopper Approved

On Shopper Approved, more than 560 customers who had made verified purchases from PIMBEX Metals LLC gave the gold dealer an awesome 4.9 stars out of a possible five.

Almost 90% of all the customers gave the company a 5-star rating, with only about 2% giving it a 3-star rating or less.

PIMBEX Metals LLC Products

PIMBEX Metals Products

PIMBEX Bullion products are quite diverse, which makes it a great dealer to consider for investors who want to diversify their portfolios.

The purity of the bullion products available at PIMBEX Metals LLC means you can use your purchases to invest in an IRA.

Here are some of the many precious metals available at PIMBEX:

Gold Bullion

  • Valcambi Gold Bars
  • Asahi Refining Gold Bars
  • Argor Heraeus Gold Bars
  • Perth Mint Gold Bars
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin
  • Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin
  • American Gold Eagle Coin
  • American Gold Buffalo Coin

Silver Bullion

  • Mexican Silver Libertad Coin
  • Silver Round – Engelhard Prospector
  • Armenian Silver Noah’s Ark Coin
  • South African Silver Krugerrand
  • Leif Ericson Commemorative Silver Dollar
  • Morgan Silver Dollar Coin
  • Great Britain Silver Britannia Coin
  • Silver Bar – Istanbul Gold Refinery
  • Valcambi Silver CombiBars
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin
  • Australian Silver Kookaburra Coin
  • Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin
  • American Silver Eagle Coin

Platinum Bullion

  • Platinum Bar – Valcambi
  • Platinum Bar – Argor Heraeus
  • Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coin
  • American Platinum Eagle Coin

American palladium coins and all other assorted types of palladium were out of stock at the time of writing this review.

The Gram Club

Precious metals can be quite expensive, especially when you want to make a big investment for the future. As such, many potential investors find even the best prices of gold, silver, and platinum to be prohibitive.

However, PIMBEX Metals LLC has a possible solution through its unique Gram Club. If you find that you cannot afford to buy gold and silver outright, you can register for the Gram Club precious metals subscription services.

By contributing either $125 or $250 per month, you can use the Gram Club to help you save enough money to buy the precious metals you want.

You will receive a monthly package of precious metals based on the amount you have placed in your Gram Club account.

How to Buy Gold and Other Bullion Products

If you want to purchase PIMBEX silver and gold products, the process is very easy. On the PIMBEX Metals LLC website, you will find a “Register” button that customers can use to start their account setup process. Here, you can add your details and preferred payment method.

Once your account is ready, you can either browse the page and add whatever bullion products you want to your cart, or you can call PIMBEX Metals LLC directly and speak to a sales representative.

When the order is complete, you can use your preferred payment method to pay for your products so that PIMBEX Metals LLC can ship them to you within two days.

How to Sell Physical Gold and Other Assorted Types of Bullion

Do you have any gold, silver, platinum, or palladium coins that you wish to sell? PIMBEX Metals LLC makes it very easy for customers to sell their products on the website.

If you click the “Sell to Us” tab on the website, you will be directed to a form that you need to use to request a free product quote.

Alternatively, you can call PIMBEX Metals LLC and talk to a representative about the types of products you want to sell.

Whichever method you choose, you will be given specific instructions regarding the shipping of your bullion products. You need to follow these instructions carefully and make sure you pay for the shipping.

When PIMBEX Metals LLC receives the package, your metals will be inspected. Only after the product quality has been determined will you receive your payment. You can decide to get paid using a wire transfer if you want, but it will cost you $20.

Shipping and Storage

All the products you buy from PIMBEX Metals LLC will be delivered to you or your preferred storage facility in a discrete package that does not attract attention.

The company is fully insured, which means that should anything happen to your products before you receive the package, both you and the company will be covered.

Free shipping is offered for purchases valued over $500, but anything less than that will require a $10 payment for shipping.

Make sure both your billing and shipping addresses are the same. Products from PIMBEX Metals LLC cannot be shipped to international addresses or Hawaii, Alaska, and Minnesota.

Payment Methods and Payment Plans

There are many ways you can use to make payments to PIMBEX Metals LLC, including bank wire transfers, ACH, debit cards, and credit cards. If you frequently buy from PIMBEX Metals LLC, you can make the process easier by saving your preferred payment method on the website.

At times you may find the prices too much for your budget. You can set up payment plans with PIMBEX Metals LLC.

However, you need to meet all your payment deadlines or PIMBEX Metals LLC will add interest as well as late fees on top of what you owe the company.

Does PIMBEX Metals LLC Offer IRAs?

PIMBEX Metals LLC is not an IRA custodian, but the company is in partnership with many trust companies that are licensed by the IRS to manage IRA accounts. If investing in an IRA is your objective, the company makes the process very easy.

There is no minimum purchase requirement, so you can buy whatever amount of precious metals you want for your IRA.

If you want to open an IRA, you will be required to use one of the custodians that are partnered with PIMBEX Metals LLC. However, you will have a lot more freedom when it comes to choosing your storage depository.

When it comes to choosing the right kind of IRA account for your needs, PIMBEX Metals LLC offers you a wide range of choices to consider, such as traditional IRA and Roth IRA accounts.

You will have to consider the various tax benefits and your goals for opening an IRA account before you make your decision.

If you are in doubt, you can talk to a PIMBEX Metals LLC representative or a financial advisor about tax-deferred accounts and minimum distributions.

Opening a PIMBEX Metals LLC Account

If you are browsing the PIMBEX Metals LLC website as a visitor, you can use a guest account to place your orders. However, PIMBEX Metals LLC prefers customers to open accounts on the webpage before placing any order or selling any items.

This allows the company to know who they are dealing with so that you can have smooth transactions whenever you buy gold from PIMBEX Metals LLC.

You must keep your account secure by not sharing your details with anyone. Any unauthorized use of your account from home will be your responsibility, not PIMBEX’s.

Who Can Buy Gold From PIMBEX?

Anyone can buy gold or other assorted types of precious metals from PIMBEX Metals LLC as long as they are over 18 years old. The company has a strict minimum age policy that all customers must adhere to.

Violation of this age restriction rule may result in fees being placed on the account holder’s PIMBEX Metals LLC account.

PIMBEX Bullion Newsletter

There is a lot to learn about investing in precious metals. If this is your first time buying gold or silver, you may find the process overwhelming. However, PIMBEX Metals LLC has a bullion newsletter that is regularly updated with all the information investors need.

You can sign up for the PIMBEX Metals LLC newsletter when you create your account. Sometimes, the company offers great prices and discounts to customers who sign up for the newsletter.

PIMBEX Metals LLC Return Policy

PIMBEX Metals LLC allows customers to request a refund not more than two days after buying the metals. You will have to contact the help desk and request a refund as soon as possible, If approved, you will get a returned merchandise authorization number which you will use to return the product to the company.

The metals being returned must be in the same packaging and condition that you received them in, and any market losses or shipping costs will be paid for by the customer.

Buy Gold From PIMBEX Metals LLC Today

If you are thinking of joining the precious metals industry, I hope this PIMBEX review is helpful when choosing the right company to invest with. With its great prices and wide range of high-quality bullion products, PIMBEX Metals LLC might be the right company to guide you as you invest in the future.

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