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Meet Bond.  Jason Bond, of Raging Bull Trading. The man with the private jets who visits exotic lands for frequent vacations and holds giveaways that will make anyone drool. That’s right, he’s a millionaire who casually hands out Porsche’s to a lot of his students. Now you’re probably wondering: how did he get where he is in life? Before we dive deeper into that, let’s discuss who Jason Bond really is!

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My Two Cents:  Jason Bonds Picks focuses on penny stock trading, which can be highly lucrative and lead to a windfall of cash.  The strategies he teaches have turned many people into traders making a full time income, with some of them even earnings millions of dollars. If you are a trader to get into penny stock trading, this is something you must check out.

Who is Jason Bond?

Jason is the founder or JasonBondPicks.com and his rags to riches story is ultra relatable and also unbelievable. When Jason and his wife started out, they were working as teachers in New York and lived paycheck to paycheck. Their total net worth was actually negative $250,000! Talk about being broke.

Finally, Jason got tired of living hand to mouth and it’s then he decided to start increasing his income significantly. He learned all about swing trading and found himself a legendary mentor in Jeff Bishop, who was also a stock trader.

jason bond

Jason struck a deal with Jeff. He promised Jeff that he would pass his knowledge on to anyone and everyone if Jeff taught him all he knew. Jeff agreed and Jason was able to quit teaching full time!

Jason Bond is now a full time trader and trading teacher. He claims he has been able to make millions of dollars just by trading penny stocks! You might be familiar with the story if you’ve seen Wolf of Wall Street, though this story is even more impressive. And that’s because you can access Jason’s plethora of knowledge if you like!

With a net worth of $5 million, Jason Bond training you can only elevating your trading and help you achieve peak success in the stock market.  His story made me look at my short term goals and do something besides IRA investing, because hey, tomorrow isn’t promised, nor is retirement.

Learn Jason Bond’s Stock Trading

What is Jason Bond Picks?

Jason Bond Picks is essentially a stock trading service that utilizes a small cap swing trade strategy. This is how they generate profits. Both Jason Bon and Jeff Bishop set up the service and it has grown rapidly since then.

However, both of these legendary traders don’t see themselves as out of reach. They are super accessible mentors and consider themselves to be personal trainers, just like coaches for athletes. If you need to learn how to make a killing in the stock market, these men are the way to go!

Jason Bond Picks has seen over 10,000 people join and this number is only increasing day by day. Basically, once you sign up, you will receive exclusive training and will be able to identify common pitfalls and mistakes. You will also gain extensive knowledge of trading secrets and strategies that will be key when you start trading on your own.

What You Need to Join Jason Bond Picks

As a young, yet learning every day investor and trader, I have apprehension before signing up for something like this and often feel it may be over my head. Below are some key items that you should make you feel comfortable prior to investing in this swing trading course.

I have to say, this graphic gets my blood flowing.

sign up for jasonbondpicks.com

  • You don’t have to be trading already. You can be completely new at the game and you will learn everything there is to know. You also don’t need to be committed to trading 24/7. You can also trade part time.
  • You don’t need to be loaded to join. All you need is a couple thousand dollars and you’re good to go! Of course, there are clients who have a lot of spare cash, but this is certainly not a requirement or pre-requisite.
  • You won’t win every time. Trading is a risky business and you have to account for that. You won’t be able to strike success with each deal. The key is to have patience and go with the flow.
  • You won’t be taking on a lot of stocks at once. Jason Bond Picks will teach you how to build your portfolio in a way that gives you maximum advantage instead of collecting all the stocks possible.
  • You won’t be in danger of overtrading. Jason and Jeff will teach you how to avoid overtrading which is one of the biggest dangers with beginner traders. You will be encouraged to make conscious trades instead of betting on everything.
  • You will be independent. You won’t have to mimic or copy Jason or Jeff’s own trades. They personally discourage this and are right to do so. You will be asked to apply the strategies you will learn to your own trades and see where they get you.

The Swing & Long-Term Trading Services (Core Packages)

If you buy Swing & Long-Term Trading Services (his key packages), you will have access to:

  • 3-5 swing trade notifications investigated by Jason
  • Snapshot sent later in the morning
  • Alerts sent later in the day
  • High Octane Long-Term Trading Service
  • Jackpot Penny Stocks (stocks intended to score big wins)
  • Regular Watch List (prepare for swing)
  • Learning Pack (65 in-depth video lessons)
  • A DVD Set (65 video lessons)
  • A Day Trading Playbook (for full time traders)
  • Live Strategy Sessions every month

The Millionaire Roadmap (Advanced Package)

The advanced package from Jason is called the Millionaire Roadmap. This advanced program is intended for people who want to earn more money beyond the basic services provided by the Core Package.

You will receive access to an exclusive chat room, one-on0one instruction from successful students, and live streams of various real-money accounts, in addition to all the benefits you get in Jason’s core packages.

You will learn from four main trainers in this group. These are:

  • Jason Bond (owner & CEO of Jason Bond Picks)
  • Jeff Bishop (Jason’s mentor)
  • Taylor Conway (graduate of the program)
  • Nathan Bear (graduate of the program

You are guaranteed a fast track to success when you learn from these people!

The Jason Bond Picks Webinar

The Jason Bond Picks Webinar is designed to get you to sample the product (and eventually purchase it at the end of the hour-long segment).

Be warned, Jason’s full of non-stop energy, so you might feel like he’s yelling at you all the time (you decide whether that’s good or bad). A clear description of what to expect in the course is given by the webinar. It breaks down the three trading strategies used by Jason and gives you a summary of his true story, along with stories of other successful stories.

Here’s how the price breaks down after you watch the webinar:

  • Video Training Collection (free)
  • Strategy Course (free)
  • Day Trading Playbook (free)
  • Jason Bond Picks Subscription ($297/quarter)

This package, priced regularly at $5,796, ends up at $297. Only bear in mind that the $297 per quarter is charged.

This webinar is the closest thing to it if you’re looking for a Jason Bond Picks Promo Code or Coupon Code. It looks like at this moment, Jason does not offer any other kind of discounts.

Whether you want to dip your toe in, or just go all in with his program right away, it’s all outlined right here on this page:  Jason Bond Program Overview.

Ready to Start Getting Trades Sent to You?    —-> Sign Up Here.

The Daily Watchlist

The watchlist goes out once a day, and it includes a rundown of which Jason’s trades are searching for that day, as well as the various tactics he uses.

Learn Jason Bond’s Stock Trading

The Trade Alert Service

Jason promises to deliver up to 10 swing trade alerts in real-time via SMS text message or email.

Most of these alerts come from the watchlist from Jason that sends out these alerts the night before or the morning after.

Live Portfolio Access

As a shareholder, you can access the live TD Ameritrade account of Jeff Bishop and the live E-Trade account of Jason Bond Picks.

If you are a member of the Millionaire Roadmap, you will also have access to the live business accounts of the mentors.

The DVD Pack

Jason Bond says his collection of DVDs is worth $4,996, but if you watch his webinar, you can get it as a free bonus. There are four DVDs in this collection.

The first three are by Jason Bond, covering topics on basic swing trading, selling naked options, and trading as a professional. Jeff Bishop’s fourth DVD is available on stock options.

The Chat Room

The chat room for Jason Bond Picks is intended to serve as a place where good business decisions are promoted and bad decisions are restricted.

Through consulting with other traders, you can speed up the learning process and make money faster. The chat room is run by other successful traders, so there is always an “expert” to talk to.

The Education Suite

Over 65 in-depth video lessons are available at the Jason Bond Picks Education Suite. Access to this suite is available 24/7, so you can learn at your own pace and refer as needed to the videos.

Before you start trading, Jason recommends that you start with these video lessons:

  • Penny Stock 101
  • How to Trade Like A Pro
  • Swing Trade Scanning Made Simple
  • Pay Yourself

Mastermind Meetups

The Mastermind Meetups is a unique feature of the Millionaire Roadmap — an experience designed to build camaraderie and easily track your progress.

You meet face-to-face with Jason, Jeff, and a number of successful students during these events. This event is free for students from Millionaire Roadmap and is limited to approximately 50 students per session.

The Pros and Cons of Jason Bond Picks


  • The program is comprehensive and cohesive. You won’t get confused or feel lost
  • Millionaire Roadmap Package. You will get to have a lot of meet ups with successful students and mentors
  • Access to Jason and Jeff’s Live Trading Accounts. You will be able to see their wins and losses for maximum transparency and assurance


  • Considerably expensive for new investors/traders
  • There is a strict and stringent refund policy
  • There are no auto-renew notifications so you’ll need to remember this yourself

How to Get Started

Jason Bond Picks says they’re doing you all the hard work. Jason selects up to 10 trades to transfer and sends them to you every week.

He claims that you can know about his system, trade with his system, and keep all the money for yourself.

It looks like this in his 4-step process:

  • Step 1: Set up your account
  • Step 2: Watch 7 Jason Bond lessons
  • Step 3: Watch Jason’s Primer
  • Step 4: Wait for Jason’s real time alerts

Jason’s swing trading strategy is based on 3 simple stock setups: fish hook (oversold stocks), pennant (continuation pattern within existing stock trend) and rocket (breakout from current stock trend).

It took Jeff Bishop 10 years to learn these trading techniques, but he was able to teach it to Jason Bond in one year. And they claim they can teach them to you even faster!

Learn Jason Bond’s Stock Trading

Who Can Benefit from Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading System?

Jason Bond Picks may be perfect for you if you’re new to trading, interested in penny stocks, and have a few thousand dollars to play with.

His program includes over 65 swing trading videos and you can even join a live chat room with professional day traders.

For part-time traders, this service is designed. Anyone with a phone can do business, and the most successful students of Jason have done it, making upwards of $4 million!

Is Jason Bond Legit?

Jason Bond Picks has a faithful following on TrustPilot with a 9.2 out of 10 ranking. He’s an outstanding energy-filled coach, and his top students seem to have won millions of dollars.

Jason Bond Picks may be the perfect way for you to learn the basics and start making money if you’re interested in penny stocks.

But before you hurry and sign up, you should do some more thorough research to see if this is perfect for you!

Start by watching the webinar on Jason Bond Picks. If you have any queries, feel free to contact their customer service line. After that, if you’re still interested, go ahead and try the course.

We just want you to be 100% confident in your purchasing decision!

Jason Bond picks

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