Angels & Entrepreneurs Network Review

If you are looking to look outside of your IRA account and REALLY diversify your retirement portfolio, you may want to consider becoming an Angel Investor.  Sure, you’ve heard the term thrown around, I’m sure.  But did you know that with as little as $50 you can become one?  Read on to hear about the Angels & Entrepreneurs network reviews and how this was recently all made possible.

Our Bottom Line Angels & Entrepreneurs Network Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The exciting thing about this network is it’s the first one of its kind and it presents a growing opportunity for trendy enterprises and hot startups looking to change the world. Even more important, it’s an excellent place to show investors how you make big profits with your exciting business.

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Ever take time to watch Shark Tank on ABC?

The entire show is about angel investing. In fact, it’s made up of a group of angel investors providing exciting startups with the needed seed money to get their company off the ground.

When the sharks get it right, they end up investing in companies that make them big money – like hundreds of thousands of dollars and more.

In the past, it was necessary to be like the sharks in order to begin investing in startups. You had to:

  • Be incredibly wealthy – the wide majority of angel investments cost $50,000 at a minimum.
  • Be a member of a large network – otherwise startups would have no idea whether or not you existed.
  • Be able to identify strong opportunities – let’s face it, not every startup is going to be successful. In fact, most are going to fail. Having the ability to identify strong startup opportunities was crucial for success in the past.

But things have changed and becoming an angel investor is much different and much easier.

In the recent past, angel investing was part of a secret private opportunity on a market that very few knew about and could participate in.

The Title III Jobs Act changed everything. With this new law, anyone 18 years of age or older can invest in startups by sharing as little as $50. This change now makes it possible for about 250 million Americans to start angel investing if they want to.

But the simple question is… Where do you find awesome startup investment opportunities? And how do you find ones that will make you money? You obviously don’t want to go broke during this process.

Angels & Entrepreneurs Network has come to the rescue.

A Brief Summary of the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network

  • Retail Price – $39 and this is the founding members pricing.
  • Service Summary – with this service, you will have access to exciting investment opportunities before their initial public offering a.k.a. IPO.

Review Overview

  • Angels & Entrepreneurs Network: What Is It?
  • Neil Patel: Who Is He?
  • The Angels & Entrepreneurs Summit: Hosted by Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank Fame
  • The Real Truth about Angel Investing
  • Angels & Entrepreneurs Network: How Much to Join?
  • Program Membership Levels
  • What to Expect When Joining Angels & Entrepreneurs Network
  • Your Membership: Everything Included
  • Positive & Negatives
  • The Real Reasons Why Joining Angels & Entrepreneurs Network Is a Good Idea
  • Closing Thoughts

Angels & Entrepreneurs Network: What Is It?

The Angels & Entrepreneurs Network was founded by successful Internet entrepreneur Neil Patel. He created this network to give everyday investors an opportunity to help fund some of the hottest startups hitting the market today.

Each month, Neil and his team evaluate hundreds of potential startup opportunities. Most companies do not make their list of startups with excellent potential. In fact, they only choose two startups each month to showcase for their members.

This membership certainly has its privileges. As a member, you’ll get immediate access to knowledge about the successes, difficulties, and financial information of the startups being highlighted each month.

You’ll also have an opportunity to participate in live interview sessions with each startup. You can speak with them directly, ask questions, and find out why investing in this startup would be a good idea – or not.

You can invest in the startups directly through your dashboard and track their progress on the site. Your investment could be as little as $50 or much more if you choose.

Neil Patel: Who Is He?

Neil Patel has many wonderful credits to his name. He created the Ubersuggest SEO tool. And he also cofounded Kissmetrics, Hello Bar, and Crazy Egg.

Guess what? He’s accomplished so much yet he’s still in his 30s. And his Angel investing has generated him so much wealth that it will last for several lifetimes.

Neil Patel is also an online marketer, an author, and a successful entrepreneur. He also became a billionaire in large part through Angel investing.

Even more exciting is Neil’s belief that the average Joe or Jane should have access to exciting opportunities just like the ultra rich. That’s why the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network exists today. To give average people an opportunity to invest in exciting startups like the ones they share in the network.

The Angels & Entrepreneurs Summit: Hosted by Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank Fame

Believe it or not, Shark Tank plays a prominent role in the Angels & Entrepreneurs Summit because one of the shows sharks, Robert Herjavec, is also a founding member of the network.

To kick things off, he met with Neil Patel and had a one-on-one interview and discussed creating wealth through Angel investing. If you take the time to watch the online Summit, they even offer a membership discount at the end of the video.

The Whole Truth about Angel Investing

You may not realize it, but Angel investing is one of the greatest ways to create lasting wealth. Instead of purchasing stock to get a small piece of a company, you can get in early as a ground-floor investor. And the statistics do not lie. Angel investing pays much bigger dividends as opposed to buying the IPO.

The statistics tell a much better story:

  • If you invested in the Fitbit IPO you could have seen a 750% return, which is incredible. Angel investors, on the other hand saw a 305,137% return on their investment, which is outstanding.
  • Purchasing the Pinterest IPO would have netted you a 28% return. Pinterest Angel investors made astronomical returns at 583,264%.
  • Buying the Spotify IPO could have paid a very healthy 631% return. On the flipside, Spotify Angel investors earned a whopping 138,375% return on their investment.

Is Angel Investing a Risky Proposition?

Just like any investment, angel investing is speculative in nature. But in this case, when compared to buying stocks from a brokerage account, it’s the riskier choice. In fact, many startups fail and there’s a chance that your investment can fail too.

The great thing about the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network is it helps you diversify your risk. Instead of dumping hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars into one startup, you can invest smaller amounts across many startups. This is diversification in action and a fantastic way to make good money while not keeping all of your eggs in one basket.

Angels & Entrepreneurs Network: How Much to Join?

Founding members can enter the fray for as little as $39 when joining the network. There are currently three different membership levels and each has its own privileges and specific price points. We’ll tell you more about that below.

Program Membership Levels

  • Gold membership – the gold membership is $39 per year and it provides two due diligence packages per month.
  • Diamond membership – the diamond membership is $79 for a two year membership and provides two due diligence packages per month plus two bonus Angel deals per month.
  • Platinum membership – the platinum membership is $129 for a two year membership. You’ll receive two due diligence packages per month, plus two bonus Angel deals and two bonus reports at this level.

Please note that these deals are for founding members and regular membership costs $599 per year.

What to Expect When Joining Angels & Entrepreneurs Network

As a special thank you for joining the team, Neil and the rest of the A & E Network crew will present you with an exciting welcome package. It includes:

  • A free copy of Neil Patel’s book Hustle. This is a great gift for every entrepreneur looking to make more money.
  • Deal Flow Notebook – this notebook is perfect for the Hot Seat sessions, so have it handy to write down all of your thoughts and notes.
  • Angel Investor Boot Camp – in this video series you’ll learn the ins and outs of Angel investing on the network.
  • Angel Investor Cheat Sheet – these sheets provide a list of questions for founders to answer before making an investment. It helps determine if an investment is right for you or not.

Your Membership: Everything Included

There are so many huge benefits to joining the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network. In fact, you’ll gain access to 15 major essentials that include:

  • Virtual Boardroom – use the membership site to review deals, converse with other members, and share your thoughts in a collaborative way. This will help you increase your returns tremendously.
  • Due Diligence Packages – each month, as a member you’ll receive two due diligence packages. These packages showcase exciting investment deals and share each startups business plan, partnerships and deals, projected revenue, their pitch deck, critical startup information, and much more.
  • Angel Investor Action Plans – these action plans help you decide on the best investments to make because they are jam-packed with valuable information. Within these plans, you’ll receive Neil’s independent analysis of each startup, Neil’s competition analysis, and his comprehensive market research.
  • Deep Dive Videos – the deep dive videos consist of Neil Patel personally explaining important aspects of each deal. First, he explains the deal in greater detail, he assesses the potential risk, tells you what he likes and dislikes about the company, and talks about the company’s potential to go public, get acquired, create a dividend, and more.
  • Hot Seat Sessions – some people prefer to hold off investing until they hear directly from the founders. That’s your prerogative and you’ll truly appreciate the hot seat sessions. In these video chat sessions, Neil will talk about each startup and put them on the hot seat. You can submit questions to the company founders which they will answer live on these video chats.
  • Hot Seat Briefing – after each Hot Seat Session is completed, the A & E Network team will provide a short briefing telling you what happened. In the briefing, you’ll receive a list of all questions asked and answers given as part of the live chat. So if you miss the live chat, you’ll know exactly what happened after reading the briefing.
  • Investing Instructions Step-By-Step – are you ready to invest in a deal? You’ll receive step-by-step instructions on how to initiate your investment. Instead of waiting and wondering how to get started, these handy-dandy instructions will teach you the entire process from start to finish.
  • Investor Updates – you may not realize this, but many startups are secretive in regards to their companies. It makes sense because they do not want someone else to come along and take their idea. So traditionally, smaller Angel investors wouldn’t learn much about startups for this very reason. Unless you had millions of dollars to invest, you were pretty much kept out of the loop. With the A & E Network, you’ll gain access to great investments and exciting opportunities even if you have no money to invest. Plus, you’ll receive exciting investor updates for every company that was showcased during the month. These progress reports take place monthly and provide a look at a company’s revenue projections, milestones, setbacks, and potential new deals.
  • Deal Flow Tracker – the membership provides a startup evaluation tool known as the Deal Flow Tracker. This tracker is exciting because as new developments happen and new evaluations take place, the program is immediately updated to reflect these new changes. So if you are concerned about the performance of an investment, you can check out the tracking tool to see what’s up.
  • Recurring Reports – detailed information and thorough reports are a regular part of this platform. Neil Patel makes every effort to ensure that his members have all of the latest information about their startup investments and deals. The two main reports include Momentum Reports and the State of Angel Investing Reports.
  • Private Forums – the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network provides its subscribers with access to a member’s only forum. This forum is fantastic because you can ask opinions of other members, questions about potential deals, and so much more in this private space. And you can even offer information about hot new deals that you come across as well as find info about exciting deals that you may not have ever heard of.
  • Networking Opportunities – you can use the platform to set up face-to-face meetings with other Angel investors. In fact, there may be an existing community or local chapter already in your neighborhood.
  • Angel Investor Master Class – each month, Neil Patel invites a successful Silicon Valley legend onto a live chat. On these calls they share strategies, successes, failures, and secrets with the audience.
  • Founders Corner – this area is designated exclusively for the founders of startups. In this space, they can use it to discuss the highs and lows of their businesses, get advice, and even network with the founders of other startups.
  • Yearly Retreats – each year Neil hosts a retreat with members of the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network. These retreats are held in the most gorgeous places like San Diego and the Grand Cayman Islands. Go there to network, share your successes, meet startup founders and listen to in-person pitches.

Positive & Negatives

As you can imagine, there are definitely positives and negatives to joining the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network. But what we’ve discovered is the positives far outweigh the negatives as you’ll soon see. They include:

  • Positives include: low cost investment opportunities, founding member discounts, investment diversification, fully vetted startup offerings, three membership levels, and it was created by successful Angel investor and entrepreneur Neil Patel.
  • Negatives include: the company is relatively new so there aren’t many customer reviews to read and use as a barometer to help you decide if you should join or not.

The Real Reasons Why Joining Angels & Entrepreneurs Network Is a Good Idea

At this point, you should have an idea as to whether or not you want to join the A & E Network created by Neil Patel. Ultimately, the main reason to join is because of the huge potential of getting in on the ground floor of exciting startups.

The examples above proved that with the right company you could literally make hundreds of thousands of percent returns on your investment. These returns do not exist in the stock market. It’s nearly impossible to make such a huge windfall with life-changing possibilities.

Plus, founding members also receive a money back guarantee. If you decide that you no longer want to be a member within the first 60 days, you have the ability to get a 100% refund. Or if the 60 days has already passed, they will give you a refund for whatever part of the membership you haven’t used.

Closing Thoughts

In this review you learned that you no longer need hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to become an angel investor. As well, if you join the network you will longer need affluent connections inviting you into potential lucrative startup Angel investing deals.

Neil Patel and the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network have made it possible to get in on the ground floor of exciting startup investment opportunities. And the best part is you can invest a minimum of $50. You no longer need to have a minimum $50 K investment in order to become an angel investor.

Are you ready to get started? Take a moment to watch the Angels & Entrepreneurs Summit hosted by Neil Patel and Robert Herjavec. In the video, you’ll learn about an exciting discount opportunity. So take some time to watch the video and remember to get started right away.

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