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JM Bullion Products Offered, and Reputation Inspected

Investing in precious metals has been very popular for a long time now. Gold, among other things, can be a safe and lucrative investment, which is why so many people decide to invest in gold bullion.

Those who decide that it’s finally time to get into bullion investments, know it’s not as easy as it seems. There are so many billions to invest in, as well as bullion dealers.

Those just finding their way around bullion investments may not have the slightest clue about what dealer to pick. So, is JM Bullion a reputable gold dealer? Should you invest your money with JM Bullion?

Continue reading to find out all about JM Bullion and their products!

About JM Bullion

11700 Preston

JM Bullion is one of the top web merchants in North America. They offer a wide palette of bullion – silver, gold, copper, platinum, and palladium. This company is actually one of the rare companies that offers copper bullion.

JM Bullion has a rather large inventory because they prefer to only sell the items that are in stock. The main focus is on the important items, so the company can charge less over the spot compared to their competitors.

As we all know, the spot price changes a lot – even a few times a day, and so do the prices of each bullion-selling company. At JM Bullion, the spot changes are in real-time, so the customers won’t be surprised at the price at checkout.

The whole website gives away a user-friendly feeling; it’s effortless to use and navigate. Along with that, the pricing structure is transparent and easy to understand. The website has features for investors like the Automated Investment Program to make the best experience.

JM Bullion finds their customers very important, so they pay special attention to the quality of their customer service. One more thing that proves that – the order is typically shipped within a day!

History of JM Bullion

JM Bullion Review

The company JM Bullion was founded in 2011, by the founders Michael Wittmeyer and Jonathan Wanchalk. Originally located in Lancaster, PA, it relocated to Dallas, TX after two years in business.

The move was a decision to sustain the growth since the JM Bullion started pulling in a lot of money. The company had a $1 million sales day, just eight months after their first $100,000 sales day.

So, the decision to move states was a decision to relocate the company into a wider-talent marketplace. Since Dallas is over a hundred times larger than Lancaster, JM Bullion got access to top talent with the relocation.

A few months after the relocation to Dallas, it seems that their efforts have paid off. The company hit a huge milestone – it hit 100,000 customers. What’s more, they managed to do that in a little over three years of being up and running!

After that, with more customers, more sales, and more employees, it was only natural that the company got some outside recognition as well. The city of Dallas honored the company with the #1 ranking in the marketplace on the Dallas 100 list.

What’s more, over time, the relocation continued to prove to be a great decision, since the company continued to grow. Inc. 500 released the annual list of private companies, based on the increase in revenue in the past three years.

Just a year after the move, JM Bullion was awarded 40th place in the Inc. 500 rating, as the 40th largest growing private company in the US. Other notable companies that made it into this exclusive list are Zappos, Microsoft, and Oracle.

JM Bullion developed strong relationships with dozens of bullion and mint suppliers. This has allowed the company to expand and offer more products and unique items. Because of the deep inventory and the wide palette of products JM Bullion offers – in 2018 the JM Bullion website surpassed 2,000 available products for investment!

In 2019, the company got more country-wide recognition, in the sense of online businesses. The 2019 Internet Retailer rankings rewarded JM Bullion with 96th place in the Top 500 online businesses in the US.

As if that is not enough, the JM Bullion company hit another milestone in 2020 – reaching over $3 billion in sales. At the moment, the company was just a little over 8 years old.

Precious Metals Offers

1 oz silver

The products offered by JM Bullion are, obviously, gold and silver, as well as other precious metal bullion. Although, the offers of this company are focused on physical metals, without the paper investments.

Potential investors have the option to buy bars and coins – and there are so many different types available. The most popular coins are South African, British, American, Canadian, and Australian coins.

The price of gold and silver bullion is agreed upon between the customer and JM Bullion. The metals are shipped quickly after the order placement, usually within a few business days.

What is great about buying precious metal bullion at JM Bullion is that the insurance and shipping are included in the price of the item. So, you won’t be surprised by the final price when the order clears!

Bullion Storage

What many investors pointed about JM Bullion is that they offer so many products like gold, silver coins, gold bars, and so on -but they don’t offer storage services. As an investor, you will need to email or call a separate storage company.

Of course, storage fees can rack up extra expenses, but many investors prefer having that option. Moreover, the withdrawal requests have to be written requests to the company that handles the storage.

Generally, this is a complicated and unnecessary practice, because many customers would just like to click “buy” and not think about much else. Similar companies offer storage options for their clients, which is something people truly appreciate. If you don’t have a storage option, all this is definitely something to keep in mind.


Another thing we would like to point out is that JM Bullion doesn’t offer IRAs. Their website only offers custodians like New Direction for you to contact on your own behalf.  If you want to find a gold IRA service that will help you set everything up, I suggest you review this page for my recommendations.  Any of the gold companies on that page will help you sort out all the details.

What a customer needs to do next is to fill out the precious metals paperwork. After that, the customer needs to pick a depository and fill out more IRA paperwork, buy the precious metals and have them transferred into the depository from the dealer – a bit complicated.



On the other hand, JM Bullion offers a lot of different products and the catalogs are transparent and easy to look through. The customer reviews left all over the internet for JM Bullion are generally positive with a 5-star rating, especially regarding their customer service.

The purchases are shipped within 1 business day after the order is received, there is an option to ‘check order status’. That way, you can see on the website when you can expect your bullion delivery, which is a very useful service.


#1 Ranked in 2021

TrustLink 5 Stars

Best Service

  • Fees Waived with Minimum IRA
  • Get 10% Back in FREE Silver

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At the moment of writing this article, the JM Bullion website states that 3-5 day delays in shipping are to be expected. This is due to an increased volume of precious metals orders!

Payment can be done with various options – using a check, money order, credit card, or debit card. Do note that the product prices may vary on the payment option.

Good customer support and exquisite service make the JM Bullion company stand out in the crowd. The customer service is available virtually all the time, and they will gladly answer all the questions you may have and provide you with all the information you seek. New investors will certainly appreciate it!

In the past, many people filed various complaints about the service – because they often received no response about the delivery of product orders or changes in prices. The complaints JM Bullion received about the lack of response could be seen all over the web in the customer reviews.

Luckily, JM Bullion realized their mistakes, and now the JM Bullion reviews are full of praise for their fast response. It seems that the issues are resolved and they returned to best online business practices, with 5 stars customer reviews all over the web! After all, good service, quick delivery, and quality product is the way to receive no complaints from the customers!


The products JM Bullion offers are commonly precious metals: gold, silver, and platinum bullion – coins and bars. Do note that that’s not all – they offer many precious metals accessories, as well as limited edition 1 oz coins.

Other notable product lines offered by JM Bullion are the gold, silver, and copper coin collections, Credit Suisse bars, palladium bars, and they all come with free shipping if you go over the specified amount. An online bullion business rarely offers copper coins, because they don’t sell as well as gold or silver coins – but they are a precious metal nonetheless.

The coins offered on the JM Bullion website have a wide range from American, Native American, African, British, and Canadian coins to Chinese, New Zealand, South African, Korean, Solomon Islands coins! Also, this bullion online business offers shipping for themed/gift idea coins: Star Wars, Simpson, Harry Potter, Apollo 11, and many more themes.

That is, if your order has a price of $299 or over, you are granted free shipping. This can save you a lot of money if you order gold in bulk!

Ranking and Complaints

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

bbb accredited business

JM Bullion is a BBB-accredited company since 2014. The current BBB rating is A+, keeping in mind that this online business received a few complaints.

A few complaints were on advertising issues, as well as billing, collection, and delivery issues. More issues were found with various problems on product and service.

Keep in mind that the JM Bullion company has resolved these issues with BBB – but they still lost a volume of customers. Some customers just aren’t fond of working with a company that experienced problems in the past.

Ripoff Report

At this very moment, there are 21 negative reviews on Ripoff Report.com. Ever since 2013, the company has experienced several issues regarding precious metals. On the other hand, JM Bullion has given each client response and resolved each complaint.

Pros of JM Bullion Online Business

Low shipping costs


When we’re talking about precious metals, it’s all about the 5 stars rating, shipping, and the prices. JM Bullion is well aware of this, so the shipping prices are pretty low, considering they offer free shipping as well if you go over a certain amount.

Wide range of products

Big businesses have a wider range of products than smaller businesses. Also, JM Bullion prefers to have all products in stock, so they are ready for orders. Being able to purchase any kind of metals you want, silver or gold, on one website is great, and we have to list that the main advantage of JM!

Competitive and up-to-date pricing

When it comes to prices, there are two things an online investment company must have – competitive pricing and real-time pricing. That’s why we liked their low prices and the fact that the prices are changed instantly. There are no negative surprises at check-out!

Another plus is that there is no minimum amount you need to spend on the website. Some similar companies do have a minimum amount you need to spend, so it’s

No service fees

Besides the low prices, we liked the fact that the orders don’t come with service fees. All the fees are included in the price of the metals, so there is no purchase premium. Everything payment-wise is transparent, and there are no hidden fees revealed at purchases’ check-out. All information is out there, but if you have more questions, you should contact the company via email.

Another great thing is various payment options for your purchase (information about the options can be found on the website). No complaint there, either!

Lots of positive, 5-stars reviews

We talked about some complaints the customers had, but the overall rating of the JM company is pretty positive. The company worked hard to improve its image, and the reviews are proof of that. Nowadays, a complaint may rarely be seen in the review.

Automated Investment Program

The Automated investment program is an in-website program that helps you figure out payment options, and it gives additional information about the purchases. With this helpful program and the information it provides, you are never going to make reckless purchases again!

Cons of JM Bullion

Quality Issues

Various complaints were filed for the JM Bullion products, regarding their quality. Since then, the issues were resolved, but back then, this situation negatively affected the company’s reputation.

Lack of storage options

Many people prefer to work with businesses that offer storage, as well as the option to purchase precious metals. The website refers the clients to storage companies, but that just may deter potential clients. Using a separate company for storage can be too complicated.

No Gold IRA Option

JM Bullion doesn’t offer IRA for the silver or gold bullion you purchase on the website. Instead, they refer to several custodians that do offer IRA, but just like storage issues, that may be time-consuming and complicated for some people. It would be so much more convenient to offer the complete service for clients, including gold IRA.

Bottom Line

Purchase Review

To conclude, we have thoroughly reviewed JM Bullion and what they do. We discussed the pros, the cons, what products they offer, and all the nits and grits.

Generally, this company has a lot to offer and we liked that a lot. They have great customer service and they are very responsive to any email inquiries they get. In the past, there were complaints about that but they certainly learned from their mistakes.

The prices are highly competitive and updated in real-time for the best buying experience. The shipping is affordable, there are no hidden service costs, the internet is full of positive reviews – all in all, great!

There are a few issues we have found – like the lack of storage options and the gold IRA. JM Bullion should consider changing this in the future to truly offer everything for their clients. After all, the customer is always right!

JM Bullion experienced some problems with clients over the years, but they have managed to overcome every obstacle and come back stronger. They grow from every experience, so it’s only logical that the best times for JM Bullion are yet to come!

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