JM Bullion Review: Are They a Reputable Gold Dealer?

Is JM Bullion legit or a scam company? Are they worthy of the money you have earned and how well-known is the business? This JM Bullion review will help you determine if this precious metal company is legitimate and worth working with.

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JM Bullion Short Overview

JM Bullion is a merchant of gold and silver bullion and other precious metal goods, providing both investors and collectors with a wide range of possibilities. They sell precious metals and the good news is that there is no minimum order requirement. Orders over $199 ship for free by UPS or the Postal Service; orders under this amount ship for a flat charge of $7.99.

Gold is one of the precious metals that JM Bullion deals in. Since 2011, they have been in operation and the majority of people in the precious metals industry are aware that gold is a reliable hedge against the stock market. The fact that JM Bullion solely operates in the US and deals in actual goods distinguishes them from companies that merely purchase metals from the market.

Getting to Know More About JM Bullion

A retailer of precious metals with a focus on the distribution of gold and silver coins, rounds, and bars is JM Bullion. It provides a large variety of goods sourced from mints all around the world. Additionally, a range of collectible coins featuring well-known films or television shows, such as “Harry Potter,” “Batman,” and “James Bond,” are available.

Customers can buy actual gold and silver via the company’s website at any time, wherever in the world. JM Bullion additionally has a self-service buyback program that enables clients to sell back precious metals at any time of day without having to speak to a live person. This is helpful for securing a favorable sale price after business hours.

Numerous educational tools are available on the JM Bullion website, including frequently asked questions sections, market updates, charts, and articles produced by specialists in the field of precious metals.

How Does JM Bullion Work?

Customers can shop on the JM Bullion website whenever it suits them without creating an account. To place orders or for support, clients can also call during business hours.

You can complete the online checkout once you’ve put your selected product and quantity in your cart.

Orders may be paid for with a wire transfer, debit or credit card, a check, Google Pay, PayPal, or a cryptocurrency. Depending on how much of an item you buy and how you pay for it, the price will change. Debit and credit cards, Google Pay, and PayPal, for instance, all have greater purchase costs than the alternatives.

Furthermore, the amount of merchandise you can buy at once might be restricted by your form of payment. The maximum amount you can buy with Google Pay is $50,000; however, with ACH, it is $100,000.

Customers get tracking information once the product is shipped, enabling them to follow its journey until it is discretely and securely packaged and delivered to their homes. Each product is covered while it is being delivered to your house.

Product Offerings: A Wide Range for All Investors

No matter if you are a novice investor or a seasoned collector, JM Bullion’s wide selection of products has something for you. Let’s examine the many product categories that JM Bullion offers in more detail:

Gold Products

JM Bullion provides a wide range of products made of gold, including coins, bars, and rounds. You may buy gold bars from renowned mints and refineries like PAMP Suisse, Valcambi, and Perth Mint as well as well-known gold coins like the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and South African Gold Krugerrand.

Silver Products

The American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and Austrian Silver Philharmonic are all well-known silver coins. Both investors and collectors can find silver bars and silver rounds in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Platinum and Palladium

For customers wishing to diversify their portfolios, JM Bullion now offers platinum and palladium products. Coins, bars, and rounds made of platinum and palladium are available from renowned mints and refineries like Credit Suisse, Valcambi, and the Royal Canadian Mint.

Copper Products

A novel and inexpensive way to add to your collection of precious metals is using copper goods. If you want copper bars or copper bullets, you can find them here at JM Bullion. They are accessible in different sizes and shapes.

Numismatic and Collectible Coins

There is a wide array of numismatic coins to choose from. This online store is perfect for coin collectors searching for commemorative coins, limited edition coins, and proof sets. The metal composition of these coins gives them inherent value, but they also sell for more money since they are rare and have collectible appeal.


Another good reason why JM Bullion stands out from the rest is the wise selection of amazing and exceptional accessories to choose from. This is the best place to get coin capsules, storage tubes, display cases, as well as protective gloves, to assist in safeguarding and highlighting your precious metals assets. These add-ons guarantee the secure handling and long-term preservation of your priceless collection.

JM Bullion’s Storage

Secure storage is something that many bullion dealers provide, as does JM Bullion. Only, they only provide this if your order is more than $3,000 in value. Secure storage is provided by the company through a partnership with TDS Vaults, and new clients receive 6 months for free.

Has JM Bullion Ever Had a Buyback?

Yes! Metals that you have purchased from JM Bullion will be purchased and added to their stock. JM Bullion claims to have the greatest repurchase rates in the business, though you will need to call and ask for the specific prices as they change frequently.

In addition to buying and selling precious metals, JM Bullion also provides loans, IRAs, and useful resources.


Charts are accessible for every precious metal, including Bitcoin. JM Bullion also offers an overview of chart timeframes, technical analysis, and dollar-cost averaging, which you can view separately from the charts at your convenience.

There is also a special area that provides price charts for other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.

Precious Metals IRA

Customers of JM Bullion can also obtain precious metal IRAs. The business works with New Direction IRA to ensure that each client is swiftly and affordably set up so they may begin taking advantage of IRA tax benefits. Even if you are unfamiliar with this type of investing, there are lots of materials available on the website.


The bullion you currently own can be used as collateral for loans secured by gold or silver. You will have access to cash without giving up any assets thanks to this. The process for applying is very simple because JM Bullion offers this service in conjunction with Collateral Finance Corp. It only takes 15 minutes to complete, there is no credit check required, and you receive verification within one business day.

JM Bullion Reviews and Ratings

JM Bullion is a legitimate business with outstanding reviews on review websites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which awards it an A+, and Trustpilot, which has a 4.5 rating!

The excellent customer assistance offered by the platform is a big factor in the outstanding ratings. You can contact them by phone or email, and previous clients have praised the business for its prompt assistance, professionalism, and accountability. Most of the time, JM Bullion assists consumers in finding quick solutions to their problems.

Additional Services: Market Research and Education

JM Bullion goes above and beyond simply being a precious metals dealer by giving its clients useful information, market insights, and instructional tools to aid in decision-making. For both novice and seasoned traders in the precious metals market, this added value has the potential to completely transform the game. Let’s investigate these extra services that set JM Bullion apart.

Educational Materials

On their website, JM Bullion provides a thorough instructional part that addresses subjects like learning about market dynamics, investing in precious metals, and how to begin purchasing and selling bullion. Among the subjects covered are:

Precious Metals Guide

This manual explains the fundamentals of precious metal investing, including the distinctions between gold, silver, platinum, and palladium as well as the variables that affect their pricing.

Market News and Updates

Keep abreast of the most recent developments that affect the price of precious metals. On their blog, JM Bullion frequently publishes articles, analysis, and commentaries that offer helpful information for investors.

Price Alerts

JM Bullion provides a price alert service that enables you to select your preferred target price for a particular metal in order to assist clients in making timely decisions. When the market price meets your target, you will be notified through email or SMS, making sure you don’t miss out on investing chances.

JM Bullion makes investing in precious metals simple while also empowering its clients to make wise choices by providing educational resources, market insights, and customized tools. JM Bullion’s reputation as one of the top marketplaces for buying and selling precious metals is further cemented by this dedication to customer satisfaction. So whether you’re an experienced investor or you’re just getting started, think of JM Bullion for a thorough and trustworthy precious metals investment experience.

Fees for JM Bullion

All prices are live spot pricing, so there are no additional costs to worry about while making purchases. You will lock in that pricing for ten minutes after your cart has reached the checkout stage. JM Bullion offers larger product quantity reductions in addition to a 4% discount for wire, check, or automated clearing house (ACH) payments.

A market loss charge, which represents the amount of cash the business loses because your purchase was canceled, will be applied to all canceled orders. This fee protects the business from product price changes.

Fees are determined by the custodian you choose and are set up via New Direction IRA. Look forward to the setup fee and a yearly charge.

Pros and Cons

This JM Bullion review will also give you the advantages and disadvantages of this precious metal company along with a short explanation:


Wide Selection

JM Bullion offers a diverse range of precious metal products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion, coins, and bars. They often have a broad inventory to choose from.

Competitive Pricing

JM Bullion is known for competitive pricing on their products, which can be appealing to investors looking to buy precious metals at reasonable rates.

Transparent Pricing

They provide transparent pricing that includes the current spot price of metals and any applicable premiums, making it easier for customers to understand the cost of their investments.

Online Platform

Their user-friendly website allows customers to easily browse and purchase precious metals online, with secure payment options.

Secure Shipping

JM Bullion typically offers secure and insured shipping options to ensure that precious metals are delivered safely to customers.


Shipping Delays

Like many precious metals dealers, JM Bullion may occasionally experience shipping delays, especially during periods of high demand. This can be frustrating for customers waiting for their orders.

Customer Service

While JM Bullion generally provides good customer service, some customers have reported mixed experiences with their customer service agent, particularly during peak demand periods.

Storage Options

JM Bullion primarily focuses on the sale and delivery of physical precious metals. They do not offer in-house storage solutions or precious metals IRAs, which may be a drawback for some investors.

Market Fluctuations

Precious metals prices can be volatile, and JM Bullion’s pricing is influenced by market conditions. Customers should be aware that the value of their investments can fluctuate significantly.

Limited Payment Options

Payment options may be somewhat limited compared to other online retailers. While they accept major credit cards and bank wire transfers, some customers might prefer additional payment choices.

It’s essential to conduct thorough research and consider your specific investment goals and preferences when choosing a precious metals dealer. Additionally, since conditions may change over time, it’s a good idea to check for the most up-to-date information and reviews about JM Bullion before making any decisions.

JM Bullion Review Final Thought

As stated earlier, JM Bullion has gone a long way since it was founded in 2011. We’ll be honest and claim that initially, JM Bullion reviews were not great, but they worked relentlessly to reach where they are right now, and this is a highly-rated bullion dealer. There are going to be some negative reviews, so go with what feels right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gold a Better Investment Than Silver?

Silver is still a suitable alternative for individuals who cannot acquire gold, but gold is unquestionably a better investment due to its historical steadiness. In addition to being widely accessible, silver is extremely varied; you can find it in the form of coins, bars, rounds, and even statues.

When will JM Bullion Shipping be completed?

Despite JM Bullion’s assurance that orders will be delivered within a day, a number of customers have reported delays of up to seven days.

How can I place an order with JM Bullion?

To place an order with JM Bullion, you can visit their website and browse their selection of precious metals products. Select the items you wish to purchase, add them to your cart, and proceed to the checkout process. Follow the instructions for payment and shipping to complete your order.

What payment methods does JM Bullion accept?

JM Bullion accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank wire transfers, paper checks, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Payment options may vary, so it’s essential to check their website for the most up-to-date information.

How is shipping handled by JM Bullion?

JM Bullion provides secure and insured shipping for their products. They offer various shipping options, and the cost may depend on the order’s size and shipping destination. Customers can track their shipments, and JM Bullion takes measures to ensure the safe delivery of your precious metals.

How can I contact JM Bullion for assistance?

You can reach this dependable and trustworthy precious metals retailer through their website, where you’ll find contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses. They also have a physical office location for in-person consultations.

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