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Investing in gold or other precious metals is one of the safest investments out there. The gold IRA is a popular choice for many people nowadays, and it’s only getting more popular each day.

When you’re looking to invest – you need to know that you’re investing in a safe company. After all, you’re leaving your life savings in their care!
 Advantage Gold is one of the many choices for an investment company . However, is this company reputable? What are the pros and cons of working with Advantage Gold?

Continue reading to find out our thoughts in this full Advantage Gold review.

About Advantage Gold

Review Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold, LLC is an investment company founded in Los Angeles, California back in 2014. Their address is 12100 Wilshire Blvd #1450, Los Angeles, CA 90025. Their specialty is gold IRAs designed to help out their clients looking to protect their wealth and pave their way into the investment world .

At first, there were two founders – Adam Baratta and Kirill Zagalsky. Adam Baratta was a successful entrepreneur and a Senior Account Executive at a US Mint listed dealer (specializing in gold IRA) before he decided to team up with Zagalsky to found Advantage Gold. In Advantage Gold, he serves on the Board of Directors.

Kirill Zagalsky was also a Senior Account Executive at a US Mint listed dealer before he decided to found Advantage Gold, but he was specialized in precious metals IRA. Also, he is a licensed futures broker and a precious metals specialist.

For potential clients looking to secure their IRA or 401 k with gold,  Advantage Gold is one of the best choices . They offer a wide range of guides and training to help you learn about this new world.

That’s not it – Advantage Gold teaches its clients how to secure precious metals investments with as little tax as possible. This is great since accumulating fees or taxes with the IRS can significantly lessen your profits.

Generally, Advantage Gold likes to make a point of the education they are offering their clients, as well as a team of financial experts that guides those customers.

Advantage Gold’s Core Values

Advantage Gold is one of the leading investment companies for precious metals, especially regarding the IRA market. This company has a specialized IRA department for rolling over existing IRAs into gold IRA accounts.

The main goal of Advantage Gold is to educate the clients on the aspects of the gold IRA account, as well as all the types of bullion. One of their core beliefs is that an educated client is a happy client.

Their core values are transparent prices, exceptional service, and exceptional account specialists. All those values made them so popular for investing in precious metals!

For new clients, inexperienced in the world of investments,  Advantage Gold offers a First Time Gold Investor Program . This program consists of experienced specialists guiding clients through the process of investing in precious metals.

The specialists provide the new clients with knowledge about the coins, bullion, and everything else there is to know about the entire process. The specialist will guide you through each step of the process of opening a precious metal IRA account or rolling over an existing account.  For clients investing over $50,000, Advantage Gold waives the fees during the first year .

Also, there is a program for clients that are investing outside an IRA – the First Time Delivery Discount. This program is for clients that are investing over $25,000 and want the precious metals (gold and silver coins) delivered. In this case, Advantage Gold offers free, fully-insured shipping in this investors program, along with fast delivery – two to three business days.

Advantage Gold accreditations

  • US Mint listed dealer for precious metals
  • A-rated and accredited by BCA – Business Consumer Alliance
  • A verified member of ANA – American Numismatic Association
  • A-rated and accredited by BBB – Better Business Bureau

Precious Metals Products Offered by Advantage Gold

Star Rating

Advantage Gold offers a wide range of products and services for those looking to invest in precious metals. They offer gold bullion and coins, as well as platinum, and palladium. All of the precious metal bullion is IRA-approved.

The Advantage Gold has a fantastic offering of US and Royal Canadian mint coins and bullion. Do note that this company doesn’t hold or sell European mint, as well as bullion from any other part of the world, apart from North America.

A Wide Selection for the Precious Metal IRA

Free Gold

Advantage Gold has a rather wide selection of IRS-approved coins and precious metals bullion. They specialize in converting the 401 k or IRA into a gold IRA to protect the assets of their customers.

The selection of IRS-approved precious metals is rather great. For Advantage Gold, making sure that their clients are compliant with all the law and government regulations is principal.

Custodian and Storage

Advantage Gold does business with one of the best custodians in the whole IRA industry. The custodian in question is Self Directed IRA Services, Inc. Keep in mind that customers do not have to do business with Self Directed IRA Services, but they can choose their own IRA-approved custodian instead.

As for the gold bullion storage, Advantage Gold partnered up with two storage companies for long-term storage of approved coins and precious metals. The first company is Brink’s Global Services USA, Inc. with two locations – Los Angeles vault and Salt Lake City vault. The second company is called Delaware Depository, with a vault located in Wilmington, Delaware.

Education, guidance, and training

For first-time investors, picking out Advantage Gold may be the best choice there is. The benefits of going with Advantage Gold are seen in their business practice of educating their customers about gold IRAs, investing in gold and silver, nits and grits of an IRA account.

The team of financial experts at Advantage Gold provides investors with trustworthy education, quality information, and guidance. However, each customer should do their research first and find out all the pros and cons of the Advantage Gold investment company, before they make the final decision on where to invest in gold IRAs and precious metals.

Fantastic customer service

The quality of customer service is one of the best tell-tale signs of whether the firm values its reputation or not. Investors looking to invest their gold IRA are not going to do it at a company that has unsatisfactory customer service.

For each and any of your questions or complaints, you should be provided with excellent support and pertinent information about your account. Some investment companies are pushy and tend to overcharge their customers. For those companies, the customer service experience is usually sub-par.

However, not at Advantage Gold! This company may only be six years old, but they deem all complaints from investors very important. This is precisely the reason why  they have the best customer service .

Advantage Gold Reviews


Knowing Advantage Gold’s rating and what the customer reviews are saying about the firm is principal to make sure you’re placing your gold IRA or precious metals in good hands. Simply being an IRA-approved company is not going to cut it. So, to make sure that you have all the information, you should check out the Advantage Gold reviews from all over the Internet!

Better Business Bureau – BBB rating

Better Business Bureau - BBB

Currently,  Advantage Gold has an A- rating , which is not bad at all. Of course, this isn’t the highest rating there is, but it’s more than acceptable. Advantage Gold has been BBB-accredited since August 8, 2014, and to this day there were no complaints filed within the last 12 months. There were two complaints in the past on the BBB website, but those complaints have been marked as resolved.

Business Consumer Alliance – BCA Rating

BCA has accredited Advantage Gold and given them a BCA membership years ago – all the way back in 2014. The company received no complaints via BCA ever since they were accredited.


TrustLink is a website reserved for rating various companies. The rating given by TrustLink is very reputable. So, it’s good to know that Advantage Gold got a 5-star rating in the customer reviews. Having 5 stars on TrustLink is one of Advantage Gold’s proudest moments!

Advantage Gold – Pros


Professional, specialized staff

Advantage Gold has all the best experts to provide you with quality information and education on gold IRAs. Managing your account is in safe hands, even when the market conditions become unpredictable.

Great ratings and accreditations

Advantage Gold has been accredited by the best financial institutions in the US. They are a US Mint listed dealer, so they are reliable and their coins are 100% genuine.

All over the internet, we can see positive, 5-star reviews from customers. A good, 5-stars review gives more information about the company than any advert!

Fast Delivery Times

Fast delivery is principal for online businesses. Knowing that your precious metals order will arrive within a few days upon purchase is a must-have for success. Advantage Gold knows this, so it’s only natural that their silver coins will arrive at your address in 2-3 business days!

Custodian and Storage Options

Some investment companies don’t offer custodians or storage for their investors. If that is the case, it can take a lot of your time to find a good custodian or a storage company.

Because of that, Advantage Gold has strong partnerships with custodian and storage companies. On the website, you can see the information and choose the company that suits your needs best!

Buy-Back Program

Buy-Back program is something customers are bound to appreciate. The Buy-Back program is great for those investors looking to change up the way they invest their money. If you would like to invest your IRAs a different way – it’s good to know that you can!

Advantage Gold – Cons

Advantage Gold Is a Young Firm

Advantage Gold has been in business since 2014, meaning this firm is only 6 years old. This isn’t too much time to build a strong reputation. Time will tell, though!

Limited Selection of Foreign Coins

Generally, not having foreign mintage is a large con. Having the option to invest in all kinds of coins, not just the US and Canadian coins is better.

Advantage Gold Review – Bottom line


To conclude, Advantage Gold is already well known for its products. They are one of the market leaders in the precious metals and IRAs industry. Their website offers a large number of products – from gold bars to silver coins.

The reviews are positive and there are no complaints on the BBB or BCA website for Advantage Gold for the years in business. So, the conclusion is: Advantage Gold may be a new company, still starting in the investment world, but we can see that their future is bright!
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