Wholesale Direct Metals Review 2023: Are They Legit Dealers?

In the precious metals industry, one name has stood the test of time – Wholesale Direct Metals. Wholesale Direct Metals, situated in Pacific Palisades, California, boasts a rich history dating back to 2006. As the curtains are drawn back, a legacy spanning more than 15 years comes into view, delving into the annals of Wholesale Direct Metals’ history – a legacy fueled by an unwavering commitment to unparalleled service and an undeniable fervor for all things precious.

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An Overview About Wholesale Direct Metals

Wholesale Direct Metals started its journey into the world of precious metals in 2006. They had only been on the road to success for a year when their efforts began to pay off in 2007 when they received certification from the Better Business Bureau. This early acknowledgment confirmed their commitment to sustain ethical business practices and created a solid foundation for their further endeavors.

The history of successes of Wholesale Direct Metals is a distinguishing feature that puts the precious metals company in good stead. With nearly two decades in the industry, the company proudly stands with no outstanding complaints against its name. This clean slate speaks volumes about their dedication to customer satisfaction, reliability, and transparent dealings.

Who is Damon Geller?

At the helm of Wholesale Direct Metals is its knowledgeable CEO, Damon Geller. Under the astute leadership of its founder, Wholesale Direct Metals has effectively negotiated the many obstacles unique to the sector and has emerged as a vibrant force in the always-shifting environment. The firm has greatly benefited from Damon Geller’s outstanding managerial skills and wide-ranging experience, which have helped it achieve its current important position.

Under Geller’s strategic direction and forward-thinking style, Wholesale Direct Metals has not only weathered the industry’s storms but has advanced on a path to victory.

Under Geller’s direction, Wholesale Direct Metals has emerged as a significant participant in the precious metal market by navigating the complex currents of that market.

Wholesale Direct Metals’ Commitment to Quality

Wholesale Direct Metals’ enduring success can be attributed to their unwavering commitment to quality. Whether it’s their extensive range of precious metals or the services they offer, quality is at the forefront of everything they do. This dedication to providing high-quality materials ensures that clients receive tangible assets that hold both value and significance.

Beyond the products themselves, Wholesale Direct Metals places a premium on educating their clients. The company believes that informed decisions are the foundation of successful investing in precious metals.

Wholesale Direct Metals Associated Fees

When it comes to the financial aspect of Wholesale Direct Metals, prospective clients will encounter a range of noteworthy particulars. About shipping and insurance, the company maintains a fixed fee of $37. This fee factor should be duly considered when planning the safe delivery of one’s acquired precious metals to their doorstep.

However, an element of complexity enters the scene when exploring storage and administrative fees. Unlike the transparent nature of shipping and insurance charges, discerning information about these fees isn’t as straightforward as browsing through a social media feed. This aspect resembles the proverbial needle in a haystack, with these details seemingly evading easy discovery on Wholesale Direct Metals’ platform.

In a separate vein, Wholesale Direct Metals has established a collaborative partnership with Sterling Trust Company (now known as Equity Institutional) that distinctly enhances the landscape of precious metals IRAs. The convergence of precious metals with the benefits of an IRA presents a scenario akin to securing the best of both realms – the allure of tangible assets and the advantages associated with IRA accounts, seamlessly amalgamated into a single, compelling package.

Bullion Coins and Numismatic Coins

Within the realms of precious metals, Wholesale Direct Metals presents an intriguing offering that spans both bullion coins and rare numismatic gold coins. Their listing on the Business Consumer Alliance website attests to this comprehensive spectrum of coinage, encompassing both the tangible value of bullion and the historical allure of numismatics. Interestingly, while this dual offering is highlighted within the company’s BCA entry, their website curiously lacks explicit indications of this dual focus.

A notable facet in Wholesale Direct Metals’ journey is its designation as a founding member of the Business Consumer Alliance, marking an enduring affiliation that spans 17 years. This duration of involvement is indeed noteworthy; however, it’s equally intriguing to observe the absence of any fake reviews or complaints related to Wholesale Direct Metals on the platform. Despite their foundational status, the company’s presence within the BCA domain lacks the familiar trail of consumer feedback – an uncommon scenario. This fact highlights how Wholesale Direct Metals sticks to its principles, keeping its reputation squeaky clean on trusted consumer platforms.

Self Directed IRAs

Speaking of financial moves, Directed IRAs offer a cool path for those wanting to mix up their investment game with precious metals. It’s like taking control of your retirement savings and adding some shiny diversification. A fundamental point to note is that traditional IRAs, whether of the regular or Roth variant, do not accommodate the inclusion of gold, precious metals, or bullion coins. Instead, a unique subset of self-directed IRAs has been designed exclusively for accommodating these tangible assets.

It’s crucial to emphasize that the option to have a self-directed IRA specialized for precious metals doesn’t preclude the simultaneous existence of other conventional IRA types. Individuals can possess both a self-directed IRA tailored for precious metals and either a regular IRA or a Roth IRA, or even both, concurrently.

In essence, this self-directed approach involves selecting a custodian who facilitates transactions on behalf of the account holder. Whether the custodian is an individual or an entity such as a secure institution or bank, they carry out transactions as directed by the account holder. This self-directed aspect is paramount, giving the account holder authority over transactions within the IRA.

For instance, suppose an investor wishes to acquire a 400-ounce gold bar when the market price is $1,976 per troy ounce. The custodian executes the purchase by transferring the necessary funds to the designated entity, such as Wholesale Direct Metals, which then facilitates the shipping of the gold bar to a chosen depository.

This process remains consistent regardless of the type of precious metal chosen for investment. It’s imperative to remember that the precious metals added to such an account must adhere to specific purity standards set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). For instance, gold must be 99.5% pure, silver 99.9%, and palladium and platinum 99.95%.

Bullion coins can also find a place within a self-directed IRA as long as they meet the stipulated purity requirements. However, there is a unique exception. Certain American double eagle coins, despite having a purity of 91.67%, are considered allowable due to their historical significance.

Collectible coins, on the other hand, do not qualify for inclusion within a self-directed IRA. Their value does not primarily stem from the metal content, but rather rarity and condition. Since their worth isn’t intrinsically linked to their metal composition, they don’t align with the criteria of these specialized IRAs.

Moreover, the standard regulations that govern IRAs apply to these specialized self-directed variants as well. Access to the assets held within a self-directed IRA isn’t permitted until the account holder reaches the age of 59.5. Withdrawals made between this age and 72 incur specific penalties. After reaching the age of 72, mandatory periodic withdrawals become requisite. The IRS strictly prohibits physical possession of the precious metals within the IRA, as any such action is considered a withdrawal, which might result in penalties and additional taxes.

Notably, any gold integrated into this specialized account must be newly purchased, as pre-owned assets aren’t eligible due to the inherent price fluctuations of precious metals. Thus, careful consideration is pivotal before integrating these tangible assets into a self-directed IRA.

Unveiling “American” through Wholesale Direct Metals

While the surface suggests that Wholesale Direct Metals might not be directly engaged in the buying and selling of its stock of precious metals, the whispers of the term “American” lead us to believe that there’s more to the story. Could “American” be the hidden linchpin, the silent partner, through which Wholesale Direct Metals sources its precious metals? These concealed dynamics add a layer of intrigue to the precious metals market, raising eyebrows among those seeking transparency in every transaction.

In an industry where transactions can soar into seven figures and beyond, transparency isn’t just an ideal – it’s an imperative. It is in this context that the scarcity of information regarding “American” on Wholesale Direct Metals’ website raises concerns. The absence of comprehensive insights about this crucial partner, responsible for the very metals that investors and collectors seek, casts a shadow over the company’s operations. In a landscape where trust is paramount, Wholesale Direct Metals might find itself under increased scrutiny due to this opacity.

For anyone navigating the terrain of precious metals and considering engagement with Wholesale Direct Metals, a prudent step would be to directly inquire about the enigmatic entity known as “American.” This increasingly emerges as not just a matter of curiosity, but a necessity for those seeking clear understanding and complete transparency in their precious metals dealings. As questions surround Wholesale Direct Metals and its intricate relationship with “American,” the distinction between a broker and a full-fledged precious metals company comes to the forefront. The path forward requires a vigilant eye, inquisitive mind, and the assurance of clear and open communication to unveil the mysteries and ensure a seamless journey in the world of precious metals dealer.

Owning Gold At Home with Wholesale Direct Metals

When it comes to owning gold on a personal level, Wholesale Direct Metals provides an option that extends beyond the realm of a self-directed IRA. While this alternative grants the freedom to possess gold without the constraints of an IRA, it’s worth noting that this approach might not align with the highest standards of security. Home storage, though appealing in its proximity, often lacks the robust safeguards that professional depositories can offer, potentially exposing precious metals to risks that might be otherwise avoidable.

It’s essential to highlight that while the option of owning gold at home is available, experts and financial advisors often recommend against it due to the inherent security vulnerabilities. Home storage might not provide the same level of protection against theft, damage, or unforeseen events as reputable depositories can offer. The allure of having your gold close by needs to be balanced against the need to ensure its safety and longevity.

For those who opt for the convenience of having Wholesale Direct Metals ship precious metals directly to their doorstep, the process is relatively straightforward. However, interestingly, the details related to shipping are not presented on a dedicated page. Instead, Wholesale Direct Metals has chosen to include this information within its terms and conditions. While this might require an extra step of seeking out this information, it’s worth noting that the company has opted to organize its shipping policies in this manner.

Wholesale Direct Metals Review

Delving into the realm of Wholesale Direct Metals reviews, one encounters a sparse landscape. The available reviews are at least five years old, rendering them somewhat outdated in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Notably, one reviewer sheds light on a key aspect that contributes to this scarcity – the company’s deliberate choice to refrain from conducting business transactions over the Internet.

A Unique Approach to Business

Wholesale Direct Metals takes a distinct approach by preferring to engage with clients over the phone rather than through online platforms. This preference for direct human interaction might initially raise security concerns.

Trustlink’s Dated Insights

Venturing into Trustlink, one encounters a collection of 20 reviews for Wholesale Direct Metals. However, these reviews are predominantly six years old or even older, with some spanning as far back as 15 years. In this context, the relevance of these reviews diminishes considerably. The passage of time and changes in the company’s operations over the years render these dated insights less informative for individuals seeking current and accurate feedback.

While Wholesale Direct Metals’ online presence may be limited, it’s crucial to approach the available reviews with an awareness of their timeliness and applicability to the company’s current operations and practices.


While the legitimacy of Wholesale Direct Metals is apparent, a disconcerting aspect arises from the paucity of a substantial web presence in recent years.

Moreover, the allusions to “American” within the terms and conditions introduce an element of obscurity, as this entity’s role and significance remain shrouded.

Amid these disquieting aspects, Wholesale Direct Metals does possess commendable attributes. It is worth noting that, in the past three years, Wholesale Direct Metals has managed to maintain a clean record with no complaints lodged against them.

However, despite these merits, a prudent stance might dictate a cautious approach when considering Wholesale Direct Metals. In light of these factors, it becomes challenging to wholeheartedly recommend Wholesale Direct Metals as a preferred partner in the realm of precious metals investment.

The legitimacy of Wholesale Direct Metals seems evident, but a cause for concern arises from the lack of a substantial online presence over the last six years.

Despite these hesitations, Wholesale Direct Metals does boast some positive aspects. It’s worth noting that, in the last three years, Wholesale Direct Metals has managed to maintain a clean track record without any complaints filed against them.

However, given the outlined concerns, it’s wise to approach Wholesale Direct Metals cautiously. The lack of a robust online presence combined with challenges in accessing timely information might make potential clients pause. Thus, making a wholehearted recommendation for Wholesale Direct Metals as a go-to precious metals partner might require further investigation and consideration.

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