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What is it like to live in Ecuador – A Day in the Life

Ecuador was never a country I thought would be ranked in a list of best places to retire, but here we are in 2020 and they made the list!  You can read all the reasons and see the rankings on this page, but today I present you a video as well as transcription of what it’s like living in Ecuador.  Hopefully this gives you some clarity on how daily life in Ecuador stacks up in comparison to other retirement destinations.

What It’s Like Living in Ecuador

Roman: Welcome home.

Speaker 1: Welcome home.

Roman: Welcome in.

Speaker 1: We’ve got fruit whole here, papayas, bananas, and pitahaya, dragon fruit. Red bananas, more bananas, bananas, granadilla. There you go. This is really sweet. Pina. Some salad ingredients. These are the sweetest- snow peas we call them in Australia. Potatoes, batatas. What are these, Roman?

Roman: This is [unintelligible 00:01:38] berries.

Speaker 1: These are [unintelligible 00:01:39] berries?

Roman: Inca berries.

Speaker 1: Inca berry. Wow. I didn’t expect it to look that amazing inside.

Roman: Yes. It looks really nice inside.

Speaker 1: It smells really good too.

[background noise]

Speaker 1: Sunday in Quito. That must not be good for his mouth, putting his turps in there all the time.

[background noise]

Speaker: [spanish language].

Speaker 1: He’s heavy.

[background noise]

Speaker: [spanish language].

Speaker 1: [spanish language]. It’s like a really good workout.

Speaker: [spanish language].

Roman: It’s good.

Speaker 1: Try it.

Roman: It’s cold.

Speaker 1: It’s cold?

Roman: It’s good.

Speaker 1: Up goes the monkey. He’s in his natural habitat.

Roman: Up goes the monkey.

Speaker 1: Twist.

Roman: This one is so ripe.

Speaker 1: It’s going to fall.

Roman: I’m going to drop.

Speaker 1: Hang on. Yes. It looks good.

Roman: Okay. Try it. This one is good.

Speaker 1: [spanish language].

Roman: [spanish language].

Speaker 1: [spanish language].

Roman: This beautiful.

Speaker 1: I wonder which volcano. Look at that volcano. It’s puffing as well.

Roman: Yes.

Speaker 1: They’re not clouds. Is that what I can smell?

Roman: No.

Speaker 1: A little Andes town.

Roman: Almost 4,000.

Speaker 1: Yes. Look at that. Finding it hard to breathe?

Roman: Yes.

[background noise]

Speaker 1: Yes. It’s great. Look at this water here. Where could you swim? You have some sort of like [unintelligible 00:08:33]. It might take you a little bit. A lot of people have their own bridges. This is where we get our purified, fresh purified water from. This is from the property and it’s super clean. Okay. It initially tastes amazing. Oops. And then. It just leaves a bit of a sediment in the bottom. Fresh mountain water.

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