US Precious Metals Review 2023: Scam Risk or Safe?

Key Highlights from Our Review:

  • Bullion Focus: While US Precious Metals has established itself primarily as a bullion dealer, its gold IRA offering appears to occupy a secondary position within its repertoire.
  • Diverse Selection: They offer various physical precious metals, appealing to investor preferences. However, our review indicates that a lack of company transparency can sometimes obscure the clarity of their product information.
  • Buyback Program: US Precious Metals provides a buyback program, which, while decent, does not necessarily stand out as exceptional in the industry.

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Quick Pros & Cons

When you consider United States Precious Metals, here are the pros and cons you’ll want to keep in mind:


  • You’ll find a wide selection of bullion, gold, and silver coins.
  • They offer great options for Platinum and Palladium.
  • Shipping is available with registration and insurance, though it’s not free.


  • The IRA offering might not be their strong suit.
  • You might come across mixed online reviews.

Who is US Precious Metals?

US Precious Metals is guided by three fundamental principles: integrity, expertise, and convenience. Their philosophy is that when people buy precious metals, they should get exactly what they were told they would get.

Within the Gold IRA company, a dedicated internal quality control team exists, diligently ensuring that investors receive the correct coin and one that meets the promised grade and is priced appropriately.

US Precious Metals focuses on its team’s deep knowledge of precious metals and IRA investments. They only hire people who really know about these things, so they can give clients very helpful advice.

When engaging with one of their many gold and silver specialists, you’ll be conversing with someone well-versed in all matters about precious metals. Furthermore, they firmly believe that investors shouldn’t be inconvenienced by the need to visit a more physical gold store to acquire the precious metals they desire.

Recognizing this, US Precious Metals operates exclusively online, offering very competitive prices, hassle-free transactions, and discreet shipping options for the utmost convenience.

Products You Can Expect from US Precious Metals

US Precious Metals offers a variety of precious metal products. Whether you’re new to investing or have experience with gold coins, they have various options to boost your investment portfolio.

Let’s explore their product choices:

  • Gold: USPM offers different types of gold products, such as US Mint Gold (Modern), US Mint Gold (Pre-1933), Gold From Around the World, Gold Bars & Rounds, and Gold suitable for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).
  • Silver: They also provide various silver products, including US Mint Silver (Modern), US Mint Silver (Pre-1964), Silver From Around the World, Silver Bars & Rounds, and Silver suitable for IRA.
  • Platinum: USPM also offer several platinum options, including US Mint Platinum, Platinum From Around the World, Platinum Bars & Rounds, and Platinum suitable for IRA.
  • Palladium: Investors can find multiple palladium products, such as US Mint Palladium, Palladium From Around the World, Palladium Bars & Rounds, and Palladium suitable for IRA.

Pricing Details

In the realm of precious metals investment, it’s not uncommon to encounter companies that impose excessive or concealed charges on gold or silver you. These hidden fees demand careful consideration from investors, which can significantly impact long-term profits.

US Precious Metals, however, distinguishes itself by providing real-time market values for its precious metals. While USPM doesn’t explicitly disclose additional fees, obtaining comprehensive details may require a conversation with one of their representatives.

Creating an Account

When you place your first order with the USPM store, an account will be automatically generated for you. US Precious Metals emphasizes the numerous advantages of maintaining an online account with them.

For instance, your contact and shipping details will be securely stored for future orders, ensuring a hassle-free ordering process whenever you decide to invest.

It’s important to note that while you will have an account with them, USPM prioritizes your security by not retaining your credit card information.

For those concerned about the safety of retirement accounts and their data, rest assured that USPM has implemented robust measures to safeguard your information. You will also be enrolled in their newsletters upon registering for an account.

Furthermore, investors have the flexibility to update their account information as required. You can easily modify your username, password, address, phone number, and delivery preferences.

Refund and Exchange Policy

US Precious Metals operates exclusively online, and if you’re curious about their approach to returns and exchanges, you’re in luck.

The process requires submitting a copy of your purchase receipt and the unused product in its original packaging.

It’s essential to note that items removed from their original holders are not eligible for returns. USPM adheres to a standard policy for returns and exchanges, and given its online nature, this commitment to fairness best customer service is reassuring.

Customer Support Excellence

US Precious Metals boasts an impressive customer support team composed of experts well-versed in precious metals, gold, and silver bars many of whom are active investors. With round-the-clock availability, you’re never left in the dark when seeking answers to your queries.

Reviews and Ratings

United States Precious Metals proudly holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Despite their accreditation, it’s worth noting that there are relatively few online reviews available for this company.

For those embarking on their first investment journey with US Precious Metals, the scarcity of online feedback and negative reviews may give rise to some initial hesitation.


  • 24/7 Support: USPM boasts round-the-clock customer support, a valuable feature for both novice and seasoned investors. The ever-changing prices of precious metals demand timely assistance, and USPM delivers on this front.
  • Diverse Precious Metal Selection: USPM offers a diverse array of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  • IRA-Approved Metals: In addition to its wide selection, USPM specializes in providing IRA-approved metals. For investors keen on bolstering their gold IRA accounts, collaborating with USPM proves advantageous.
  • Experienced Investor Team: USPM distinguishes itself by assembling a team of passionate investors well-versed in precious metals. This alignment of interests augments the overall appeal of partnering with the company.
  • Transparent Pricing: USPM maintains transparency in its pricing structure, displaying real-time prices directly on its website.
  • Generous Return Policy: USPM extends a considerate return policy, granting investors a ten-day window from the date of purchase to return items in their original packaging with a valid receipt.


  • Limited Reviews: Despite its solid reputation, US Precious Metals has garnered relatively few reviews on its business practices. Although this doesn’t necessarily question their honesty, it makes it harder for people considering investing to understand any possible company problems fully.
  • Exclusively Online: USPM operates exclusively online, lacking a physical presence. This may not align with the preferences of investors who value the option of a brick-and-mortar location for in-person interactions.


Is US Precious Metals a reputable company for purchasing precious metals?

US Precious Metals’s track record and customer reviews reflect their commitment to quality and authenticity.

How secure is my financial information when creating an account with US Precious Metals?

Answer: US Precious Metals takes data security seriously. While they do create user accounts for your convenience, they do not store credit card information to prioritize your financial safety.

Our Verdict

Upon making your initial purchase on their website, you automatically create an account, opening doors to various benefits, such as a newsletter subscription to stay informed about new products and expedited purchasing. Despite its exclusive online presence, USPM does provide a fair return and exchange policy, offering solace to those hesitant about engaging with a fully virtual enterprise.

Nevertheless, the scarcity of online and reviews online presents a challenge in assessing the company comprehensively. The absence of external perspectives makes it harder to form a complete opinion, relying solely on the information presented on their website. Additionally, for investors who prefer the assurance of physical locations, the exclusively online model may pose a deterrent.

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