UBS Gold IRA Review

UBS Gold IRA Review

UBSThere was a time when investing in precious metals was done by seasoned investors only. However, that has since changed because of the advancement of technology. These days, anyone can buy and sell gold easily on the gold market.

Many investors have begun looking at gold and other precious metals as viable means to secure their financial future.

With gold as part of your retirement plan, you can enjoy many benefits and an added sense of security that other investors can only dream of.

As the popularity of investing in gold continues to grow, so too does the number of gold companies across the country.

This is where UBS and other providers of wealth management services come in. The company is here to help investors who are trying to come up with a strong investment strategy based on gold and other precious metals.

This UBS gold IRA review will look at how this company can help investors enter the gold market and meet their investment objectives.

With so many wealth management services providers offering gold IRAs and other retirement plan options, knowing which one to trust can be difficult for investors.

If you are thinking about investing in gold and other alternative assets as part of your retirement planning strategy, this review is for you.

Read on to find out how UBS can help you buy gold and make informed decisions about your financial future.

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What Services Do They Offer?

When choosing the best company to oversee your precious metals purchases, gold IRAs, and retirement savings portfolios, you have to carefully consider the kind of services that the company offers.

UBS offers the following essential services to all its clients:

UBS Key4 Gold

UBS Gold

The Digital Age is here, and UBS is ready to fully embrace it. The company uses its state-of-the-art UBS mobile banking app to help investors gain exposure to the gold market and easily manage their retirement savings portfolios.

Using this app, investors can easily look at current gold prices and come up with effective strategies to navigate the market volatility that is common when investing in commodities.

The user-friendly interface is perfect for modern investors who prefer to buy and sell gold from the comfort of their homes.

Secure Gold Storage

Finding safe ways to store their physical gold is one of the biggest headaches investors face in the precious metals industry.

However, UBS offers a viable solution for investors by allowing them to store their precious metals in its highly secure vaults.

With state-of-the-art security protocols and insurance policies covering the physical gold in its storage facilities, UBS offers investors peace of mind when it comes to the security of their investments.

Gold Investment Accessibility

Poor accessibility has been one of the major hurdles standing in the way of potential investors who are thinking about creating a precious metals portfolio or opening a self-directed gold IRA.

However, UBS is making great strides in overcoming that hurdle by making it easier than ever before to buy or sell gold.

The implementation of the UBS mobile banking app is a great example of how the company is making it easier for even beginners to invest in physical gold.

Digital Banking Integration

With UBS, there is no longer a sharp learning curve for investors who are new to the industry because the company makes managing your gold investments as easy as running your bank accounts.

Using the latest technology in digital banking integration, the provision of educational information, and support from a dedicated team, UBS helps investors enjoy a straightforward approach to handling their gold investments and regular banking needs using the same platform.

Why Should You Put Gold in Your IRA?

Gold IRAs are becoming more popular with each passing day as investors begin to realize the many advantages of having an investment strategy that is based on physical gold and other precious metals.

One of the biggest draws when it comes to opening gold IRAs is that precious metals are resistant to market volatility and other changes in the global economic landscape.

This means investors can enjoy having a hedge against inflation even when the markets are as turbulent as they are these days,

Also, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium have been shown to steadily increase in value over time. While the increase in gold prices is gradual, it is a good option for those who have long-term investment objectives.

History has shown that the price of gold goes up very quickly in times of economic uncertainty. With many experts predicting a very difficult time in the global markets, the price of gold has been very favorable recently.

Besides investing in gold IRAs, there are also many other ways to be part of the precious metals industry.

Investors can buy gold in the form of bonds, ETFs, and mining stocks. This allows investors to enjoy better portfolio diversification, which provides an added layer of financial security.

Finally, gold remains one of the most trusted commodities around the world. Its value is so secure that many of the world’s biggest economies, such as the USA, China, and Russia have been steadily building their gold reserves in recent years.

What Gold Products Do They Offer?

UBS offers a diverse range of products and services that are tailor-made for different types of gold investments. It is not just a platform where you can buy or sell gold. UBS investors can access the following:

Physical Gold Bars and Coins

The majority of investments handled by UBS are based on the buying and selling of its wide range of physical gold bars and coins.

Many investors appreciate that the company offers different sizes of gold bars to cater to the needs of both novice and seasoned investors. The gold bars vary from small 1-gram bars to much larger 1-kilogram bars.

Investors who are interested in purchasing gold coins will find many different types to choose from. The coins are sourced from reputable mints around the world, such as the Canadian Royal Mint.

Gold coins have the added advantage of having aesthetic and intrinsic value on top of the value of their weight in gold.

Some of the popular coins include the South African Krugerrand, Canadian Maple Leaf, and the American Gold Eagle.

All UBS gold bars and coins are trusted for their quality and purity, and a certificate of authenticity is often included with the purchase.

That means investors who want to buy IRS-approved gold for their self-directed IRA portfolios will be able to find many products that fit the standard.

Gold Certificates

The need for finding suitable physical storage for gold and silver can be bypassed by purchasing gold certificates instead of actual precious metal assets.

Investors can buy certificates that serve as proof of gold ownership while UBS stores the corresponding physical gold in its secure vaults.

Each gold certificate will specify the weight and purity of the precious metals and can be sold to other investors whenever the investment needs to be liquidated.

Such an option is convenient and allows investors to enjoy the benefits of buying gold without ever having to hold the gold or worry about its security.

Gold ETFs and Mutual Funds

ETFs and mutual funds are traditional ways of investing in commodities that can also be applied to gold investments through UBS.

These funds are created for a wide range of gold investments, such as mining stocks and gold-backed securities.

Many investors who choose this route do so as a means of further diversifying their precious metal assets which reduces the inherent risk of owning and keeping their own gold.

Customized Gold Investment/Retirement Savings Solutions

Each investor has their own needs and requirements that are unique to their particular situation.

UBS understands that the requirements of a 20-year-old novice investor will be vastly different from what an experienced retiree will want.

As such, the company offers customized gold investment and retirement savings solutions to each of its clients.

UBS will provide personalized advice on which products to invest in, how to navigate the volatile gold markets, and the best way to diversify retirement savings portfolios.

The company has a team of experts who are ready to work closely with customers to make sure that they develop a sound investment strategy that reflects their risk tolerance, long-term goals, and current and future market trends.

What Do They Charge for Their Gold Products/Services?

Although investing in gold remains a viable long-term retirement plan, the profit margins can be very slim, which is why investors need to pay particular attention to the fees that a company charges for transactions and management of portfolios.

UBS has a fee structure that is designed to be as competitive as possible. However, clients will still need to pay for management, storage, and transaction fees. The cost is usually dependent on the amount of precious metals the client wants to buy.

Customers who are interested in mutual funds and ETFs will also have to pay a percentage of their portfolio as annual management fees.

Investors need to understand that paying such fees to the company is part of the gold investment process. However, the fees charged by different companies often vary greatly.

This is why it is important to conduct proper research and determine how these fees will impact the return on investment that the investor is expecting.

Main Aspects of This Company

Certain aspects of a business are important when it comes to understanding how suitable a company is to your needs.

A brief look into the inner workings of UBS has revealed the following aspects:

Reputation and Reliability

UBS has been around for some time and during that period, the company has demonstrated great reliability. Its strong reputation as a trustworthy gold investment company can be verified by looking at review sites such as Better Business Bureau.

Over its many years of expertise in the gold industry, UBS has shown an ability to adapt quickly to changes in the gold markets without compromising the quality of its services.

As such, investors have grown to trust the company, and are willing to recommend it to novice gold buyers who are thinking of diversifying into the precious metals industry.

Customer Service and Support

Many companies are only concerned with the initial buying and selling of gold products, after which they will abandon their customers to fend for themselves.

UBS takes a different approach by providing continuous customer service and support throughout.

Even when investing through the UBS Key4 Gold platform, investors will have 24-hour access to a highly responsive and professional support team. This will help them navigate the complex world of online gold investments.

The company also has dedicated educational resources that investors can utilize as they learn more about how the gold industry works.

With such a dedicated support structure, UBS strives to make investing in gold and other alternative assets as easy as possible.

Technology and Innovation

UBS is a company that strives to remain on the cutting edge of technology and innovation in the precious metals bullion industry.

This can be seen by how the company is heavily invested in its mobile gold banking app that provides digital solutions for forward-thinking investors who want to embrace technology.

The company has already advanced its digital platforms to the point where buying and selling gold is as easy as conducting regular online banking transactions.

Global Reach and Accessibility

This company takes accessibility very seriously and has already invested a lot of money into improving its global reach and making gold investments more available to different types of investors.

UBS provides many useful tools on its digital platform that are designed to make it easy for new investors to learn as much as they can about this exciting and rapidly growing industry.

Such innovation and dedication to accessibility allow UBS to enjoy a much broader customer base than other companies in the industry.

Top Three Precious Metals Companies Chosen Over the UBS for Gold IRAs

UBS is well known for its excellent services in the gold investment industry, but the company falls short when it comes to providing reliable self-directed gold IRA services.

Investors who are interested in opening a UBS IRA would be better off looking at other companies that are known to specialize in self-directed IRA investments, such as:

American Hartford Gold

One of the go-to companies for opening gold IRAs is American Hartford Gold. The company’s level of expertise in the gold IRA industry is unmatched, making it a suitable option for investors who want to put their gold investments in good hands.

The backbone of American Hartford Gold is its customer-centric approach which helps even beginner investors easily open and maintain a self-directed IRA account.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the company has built a strong reputation over the last few years, making it a good choice for investors.

Augusta Precious Metals

augusta precious metals gold ira

You cannot talk about gold IRAs in the US without mentioning Augusta Precious Metals. Having a personalized customer service approach and no hidden fees has helped the company build a good reputation among investors.

Education is also another cornerstone of the company’s success, and investors who choose Augusta Precious Metals are guaranteed great learning opportunities on all things related to gold IRAs.



The top pick for many gold IRA investors is Goldco. It is a company that has spent many years specializing in creating and managing gold IRAs for a wide range of customers.

Over the years, Goldco has developed a lot of experience in the gold IRA industry, which allows it to cater to all the needs of its customers.

Final Thoughts

UBS has proven itself as a reliable option for investors who are interested in entering the gold market. Its wide range of services and products cater to a diverse number of customers across the world.

However, investors who are interested in opening gold IRA accounts would be better off considering other alternatives, such as American Hartford Gold or Goldco.

UBS is a good choice for customers looking to simply invest in gold buy getting access to quality products and competitive prices.


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