The Best Monthly Dividend Stocks to Buy

​If you don’t have dividend stocks in your portfolio, I highly suggest you take a peek at this video below, or read the transcript, to see what a great cash flow they can provide you.  I’m not a Financial Advisor, but it’s clear to me that getting cash from an investment on a monthly basis is NOT a bad thing.  If you are hunting for some dividend stocks that pay out on a monthly basis, here is a great video highlighting some industry leaders in a few different markets that you may want to consider.

Note: I’m not rating these stocks or suggesting you buy them.  I am eyeing the addition of some of these stocks (in addition to gold) to my portfolio when 2020 comes around.  I will also add that I’ve followed The Right Trader for years and find their insight to be spot on.  Do with it what you want, I’m just passing along information that I enjoyed.  Do with it as you please, and comment below with any queries like always.

The Right Trader Highlights Stocks that Pay a Monthly Dividend

Mathew: Hey, what’s going on? I’m one Matthew from the right, back today with another video. Today we’re going to be talking about the best monthly dividend stocks and these are going to be stocks that have performed very well in the past at the very least in a stable manner. Also, pay out a really nice high dividend and their dividend payments on a monthly basis. Every month you’ll be getting those dividend returns and that’s huge because that can actually act as income. When you see the number of the total yield like here 5.69% that’s divided by obviously 12 months and you’ll get a percentage of that every month for the entire year.

The first company here is going to be Main Street Capital Corporation. If we take a look at the chart, really nice returns since 2008 here, it’s gone up 336% very stable, no major ups and downs or anything like that. And on top of that, we’ve got 5.69% dividend, which is just huge considering the stability of the stock and then the fact that it actually increases it looks like overtime pretty consistently, and if we divide that dividend by 12, that’s almost a half a percent return every single month on your investment. Very, strong monthly dividend stock there to start off.

main street monthly dividends

Next up we have Realty Income Corp. Its ticker is O you may have heard about this one before it’s pretty popular. This is actually one of the best dividend stocks in the entire stock market. It’s one of the dividend aristocrats, which we’ll get into what that means in just a second, but it pays a dividend yield of 3.6%, so a little bit less than the one that I just showed you, but the big thing with Realty Income is not only does it have this very stable dividend that it pays out on a monthly basis but we have just enormous returns since it’s publicly traded and back in 2008 if we look we’ve gone up 371% since then.

realty income dividends

Another huge thing with Realty Income Corp is not only does the stock go up over time it actually is very strong in bare markets. Back here in 2008, obviously we only dropped around 33%. That’s pretty amazing considering all the benefits of the stock itself and if we go and take a look at their website, they’re literally called the monthly dividend company. That’s their motto and they have a fantastic proven return of 16.8% on a compound average annual. Basically, with dividend compounding, it’s returned 16.8% on an annual basis since 1994 and that actually beats the market, which is pretty amazing.

If we go ahead and take a look at the next stock here, we’ve got Pembina Pipeline Corp this is going to be a pipeline transport company and what I like about the stocks that I picked here, I take a lot of time to research new stocks and look at their historical performance, so make sure to leave a like for the hard work, but I also picked a diversified basket of stocks here so you’re not just investing in only real estate stocks or anything like that, which is pretty typical for monthly dividend stocks. These are stocks in a variant of sectors, and that’s also something really to keep in mind here with a portfolio like this one, for example.

pembina dividend stock

​Obviously this isn’t investment advice, this is just my personal opinion, but stock ticker PBA here got a 4.86% dividend yield paid on a monthly basis So like I said, this is paid over the course of a year, that 4.86%, but divide that by 12 and you’ll get your monthly return. Now this one very stable return, no major increases and it did take a hit here on the 2014 drop, but overall, right since then, very steady even has gone up and pays out this really nice monthly dividend. This is an oil-based company so I think that you’re not gonna find many stocks like these that pay out dividends on a monthly basis and then have the stability to show its worth, so that is where something in and of itself.

Next up, we’ve got an Eaton Vance Tax Manage Fund. Ticker is ETV, and this one pays out a really big, almost 9% dividend. It did take a hit back in 2008. it did drop around 46%, which is pretty typical for a lot of companies during that 2008 crash, But since then, it made nearly a full recovery and actually has been relatively flat since then Which isn’t really a problem because although you’re maybe not getting that stock growth in and of itself that dividend speaks for itself. It’s a huge dividend and it has monthly payouts. I don’t think you can go wrong with something like that, especially proving that and it’s been able to survive that 2008 crash and has been stable ever since then. I think that’s a very good sign.

eaton vance dividend

Next up we got Shaw Communications. This is a Canadian based telecommunications company. Once again got some diversification there, 4.46% dividend yields. This one over time more recently it’s been pretty stable with some ups and downs here and there once again, we got that a monthly dividend to compensate for any bare market times where it drops a bit.


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Okay, Tim back here and I wanted to say that was one of the best contributions to this site of 2019!  Here’s to a lot more solid information in 2020!  On a very different note, but still related to trading stocks, make sure to check out this swing trading course by Jason Bond. He’s become the authority on playing the penny stock market and has produced some students who have made millions of dollars.

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