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Sheridan’s Coins provides high-quality rare coins, including tokens, low-mintage, and even coins considered off the beaten path.

The business was established in 1985 to purchase and sell rare United States coins from 1794 through 19211.

It is one of the few local businesses in California that visits coin shows yearly to find clients rare coins of the highest quality in every grade. This is why it receives excellent reviews from former customers in almost every rating.

Examining your gold, silver, bronze, and copper coins, and letting you know how much they will cost on the market is a cherished skill.

Sheridan’s Coins also visits coin shows due to an interest in buying any higher-grade coins other collectors might have for sale. The rare coins will undergo review to establish authenticity before any business is done.

Just because gold or silver looks worn out doesn’t guarantee that it is authentic.


4100-10 Redwood Rd.,

Box 398 Oakland,

CA 94619

About Sheridan Downey

Sheridan has always been fascinated by rare coins and money of all sorts. His lifetime collection of old American currency is amazing. He is a Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGs) authorized dealer with several coin reviews on his website.

Services / Products Available

Sheridans coins products

Sheridan’s Coins offers great value to customers from a convenient downtown location.

Sheridan is an expert in rare coins, and you may access a wide variety of numismatic items and services in his shop, including:

  • Numismatic coins

  • Gold coin reviews

  • Examination of silver coins

  • Provides information about auction and sales results on half dollars

What Is Numismatism?

The study and review of different payment methods that are physically present, such as currencies, is referred to as numismatics. Numismatics, for instance, takes into account research into production, use, and rarity when applied to coins.

Like collectors, numismatists can be inspired to search and gather coins. However, they approach the coins they acquire with a more historical perspective. They are curious about the coin’s creation period, its background, and the mints from which it was struck. Numismatists are similar to currency historians in that they work to research and preserve information about the past of coins and money.

Sheridan has spent years acquiring the necessary knowledge and passion to consider himself a professional numismatist.

Contact Sheridan for Your High-Quality Rare Coins

The business is a PCGs and NGC-certified dealer. You can access information on coins that are on sale and reviews on his website.

Interested persons will discover a detailed listing of old USA coins. 

Each item has an image, a description, a price range, and available bids. He provides information on the maximum bid to help customers gauge how much they can also bid.

Visit the store in person or check out auctions on his website. To make inquiries by phone, dial (510) 479-1585 toll-free.

You can also find him at numerous coin shows across the country! Search for Sheridan’s Coins and provide a review whenever you can.

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