SD Bullion VS JM Bullion: A Comparison

Hey there, I’m your friendly neighborhood precious metal enthusiast, and I’m here to help you navigate the big, shiny world of precious metals for trading. I’m going to talk about two big companies: SD Bullion and JM Bullion.

They have items such as gold, silver, and platinum, which lots of folks enjoy because they shine and are worth a lot.

Now, I’ll check out these two companies in three key ways: what they have, how much it costs, and how they treat customers.

So, get ready because we’re going on an exciting journey to learn about precious metals with SD Bullion and JM Bullion.

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What is SD Bullion?

I’d like to tell you about a company called SD Bullion that I’ve been looking into recently.

What they’re really good at is dealing with bullion products, and they’ve got a whole bunch of options to suit whatever floats your investment boat.

When you visit the SD Bullion website, you’ll discover a wide selection of bullion products beyond just gold and silver bars. Their gold bars buy coins primarily from reputable sources like Ohio Precious Metals and the Royal Canadian Mint.

Although this bullion dealer and their inventory of gold and silver bars may not be as extensive as some other dealers, they stand out by offering some of the lowest prices most competitive rates in comparison to the spot price of buying precious metals.

One significant advantage of SD Bullio as one of the best online gold dealers in-depth comparison is its commitment to excellent customer service. You can easily get in touch with their knowledgeable representatives through various means, including submitting an online form, engaging in live chat, or giving them a call.

I’d like to highlight the diverse range of services offered by SD Bullion. And if you’re into some different metals, they also stock copper and palladium goodies.

It’s important to note, however, that SD Bullion does not offer IRA services directly. Instead, they have established a partnership with an IRA custodian, allowing clients to incorporate precious metals into their IRAs through this third-party service.

If a customer decides to sell their silver or gold to SD Bullion, it’s worth mentioning that storage fees will apply. When it comes to these various storage options and fees, SD Bullion provides reasonable pricing and storage options too.

As an SD Bullion customer, you can store your other precious metals, silver rounds, silver bullion, and more for as low as $9.99. This comes with an annual rate that differs based on the metal type you plan to buy gold invest in, including:

  • Platinum: 0.29% annual rate
  • Gold: 0.29% annual rate
  • Silver: 0.39% annual rate

What’s in SD Bullion’s Inventory?

SD Bullion offers a diverse range of bullion products and accompanying accessories:

  • Gold: You can explore a selection of gold products, such as American Eagles, Canadian Maples, Chinese Pandas, Mexican Libertads, European Gold Bullion, and gold bars ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram.
  • Silver: Our silver collection includes coins, banknotes, bullets, rounds, and bars, with sizes ranging from 1 ounce to 1 kilogram.
  • Platinum: We offer Platinum Eagles, Platinum Maples, various international platinum coins, and bars ranging from 1 gram to 10 ounces.
  • Copper: Check out our copper rounds, including Silver Shields, Lincoln Busts, Peace Dollars, Morgan Dollars, and more.
  • Palladium: Our Palladium selection features Palladium Eagles, Palladium Maples, and bars ranging from 1 gram to 1 ounce.
  • Accessories: Enhance your collection with our coin magnifiers, cleaners, storage boxes, and airtight cases, all available for purchase.

How SD Bullion Operates

SD Bullion provides customers with the flexibility to shop on their website without the need for an account. Alternatively, customers can reach out during business hours for orders or assistance. The company provides a broad spectrum of precious metals from gold coins to platinum bullion. After you have picked your desired quantity and products, you can continue finishing the checkout process online.

Payment options for orders are versatile, including debit or credit cards, wire transfers, checks, Google Pay, PayPal, or cryptocurrency. Just remember that the overall cost of your items will differ based on the amount of products you buy as well as additional fees for your selected payment method.

For instance, debit and credit cards, Google Pay, and PayPal come with higher purchasing fees compared to other options. Take note that your selected payment method might impose limits on the product quantity you can purchase in one go.

For example, Google Pay allows a maximum purchase of $50,000, whereas ACH increases the maximum to $100,000.

Once your order has been shipped, SD Bullion provides customers with tracking information, enabling them to monitor the progress of their shipment until it arrives securely and discreetly packaged at their doorstep. All packages are insured while in transit to your home.

Shipping Details

At SD Bullion, we utilize trusted carriers such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx for the delivery of orders to our valued US customers. For domestic orders totaling more than $99, shipping is complimentary, while orders below $99 are subject to a fixed shipping fee of $7.77.

International shipping rates are determined during the checkout process and may encompass additional charges for taxes and duties, which will be payable upon delivery.

Please note that packages are fully insured, provided a signature is required upon delivery. Opting to waive the signature requirement will result in the package no longer being insured. You can conveniently monitor the progress of your orders using the provided tracking number.

Pros & Cons Review of SD Bullion

Before you decide to make a purchase through SD Bullion, it’s important to weigh the following pros and cons. Here’s what I found:


  • International Shipping

    The company also offers international shipping services. This is perfect for customers who don’t live in the US.

  • Great Reputation

    Another good thing about SD Bullion is that they have already accomplished an excellent reputation in the precious metal market. This is reflected in their high ratings from customers that are available on platforms such as Trust Pilot and Better Business Bureau. Also, that positive feedback underscores their dedication to excellent customer satisfaction.


  • Limited Support

    It’s worth noting that SD Bullion’s customer support is available exclusively on weekdays and during standard business hours. This limited availability may pose challenges for customers in different time zones or those who require assistance during weekends.

  • High Restocking Charges

    SD Bullion imposes a restocking fee ranging from 3% to 5% if you decide to return a purchase. This fee can be a notable drawback for those who might need to initiate a return, as it can reduce the refund amount substantially.

  • Cancellation Fees

    Another potential downside is the existence of cancellation fees. If you fail to pay for an order within the specified timeframe, SD Bullion may charge a cancellation fee of 3% to 5%. This policy could be burdensome for buyers who encounter unexpected delays in their payment process.

What is JM Bullion?

I’d also like to introduce JM Bullion, a popular online gold bullion dealer that has been operating since 2011.

JM Bullion doesn’t limit itself to just gold products. JM Bullion offers platinum and silver products. One notable feature that sets them apart is their transparent pricing approach. Customers can easily access the prices for all their products directly on the company’s website. This clear information helps customers make smart choices when they start shopping.

Have we also mentioned that they provide a diverse range of precious metal products? JM Bullion caters to investors with a variety of options to buy precious metals, including jewelry and rare coins, all conveniently listed on their website.

When it comes to the world of gold, JM Bullion has got your back with a seriously cool lineup of gold coins and bars. They’ve got some big-name players in their collection like the American Gold Eagle, American Gold Buffalo, Australian Gold Kangaroo, and South African Krugerrand.

And here’s the kicker – they’ve also got a variety of gold bars in different sizes and shapes, all coming from legit mints, so you don’t have to worry about any funny business. It’s like a gold lover’s dream come true!

One of the things that makes them stand out is how budget-friendly their silver and gold bullion is. This makes them a pretty solid choice in the world of precious metals.

Furthermore, while navigating JM Bullion’s website, I noticed their provision of gold suitable for inclusion in self-directed IRA accounts. They even help you figure out if the gold you want to buy can be stashed in your retirement savings (IRA) – super handy stuff!

JM Bullion goes the extra mile with cool stuff like bulk discounts, a buyback option, collectibles, and a nifty automatic savings plan.

They’ve got all your precious metal investment needs covered, no matter what you’re into!

JM Bullion Products & Offers

JM Bullion provides free shipping and secure vault storage options for people who need added security when buying or storing their precious metal holdings. Their product selection also includes coins that are minted in China, Mexico, Austria, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

  • Precious Metals IRA

JM Bullion offers its customers with an option to invest in precious metals IRA via its partnership with New Direction IRA. Customers can also invest in platinum, silver, gold, palladium, and platinum for their IRAs.

  • Platinum

Platinum coins and bars are also accessible. Most are IRA-approved products.

  • Silver

You can find silver options from across the globe in bulk purchases in the form of rounds, notes, bars, and coins. You can also buy silver statues and silver bullets.

  • Gold

JM Bullion provides gold from across the globe in the form of jewelry, rounds, notes, bars, and coins.

JM Bullion Fees

You don’t need to worry when it comes to hidden fees on your purchases. That’s because all prices are live spot prices. After your cart advances to checkout, you’ll lock in that price for about ten minutes.

One of the good things about JM Bullion is that it has transparent pricing and provides extra discounts for higher product quantities. They also offer a four percent discount when you pay your purchase with an automated clearing house (ACH), check, or payments.

On the other hand, canceled orders will be charged a market loss fee. This is the amount the company lost as your order didn’t go through. That fee also protects the company against changing product prices.

Setting up an IRA is also done through New Direction IRA. Fees will also depend on the custodian you pick. Just remember that you must expect a setup fee, a storage fee, and an annual fee.

Pros & Cons Review of JM Bullion

Let’s delve into these aspects.


  • Zero Commissions

    JM Bullion offers the advantage of zero commissions, which can help you save on transaction costs.

  • A+ Rating on BBB

    Check this out, folks! This platform got an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. That’s like a gold star for being awesome at making customers happy and being totally trustworthy.

  • High Buyback Guarantee

    JM Bullion provides a high buyback guarantee, assuring customers of competitive prices when they decide to sell their precious metals.

  • Bitcoin Payments

    JM Bullion accepts payments in Bitcoin, offering flexibility in payment options.

  • Real-Time Price Updates

    You can keep in the loop with live price updates.

However, it’s essential to consider the drawbacks as well:


  • No Foreign Currency or Numismatic Coins

    Now, JM Bullion is pretty cool for most things, but they do have a couple of quirks. If you’re into foreign currency or fancy numismatic coins, you might hit a bit of a roadblock with them.

    It’s like they’re not really set up for those special items, which could be a bummer if you’re a collector or investor who’s into that stuff.

  • Minimal Customer Support

    Some users may find that the level of customer support provided by JM Bullion falls short of their expectations, potentially causing frustration when seeking assistance.

  • Not an Official Dealer with the US Mint

    JM Bullion is not an official dealer with the US Mint, which might affect the availability of certain official US Mint products.

Tips for Choosing Between SD Bullion and JM Bullion for Your Precious Metals Investments

When faced with the decision of whether to go with SD Bullion or JM Bullion for your precious metals investments, it’s essential to take various factors into account that can significantly impact your investment journey and outcomes. Here are key considerations to help you make the right choice:

Define Your Investment Goals

Different investors have distinct objectives. Are you seeking to acquire precious metals as a safeguard against economic uncertainty? Perhaps your interest lies in collecting numismatic coins with historical or artistic value. If it’s the latter, SD Bullion, known for its extensive range of numismatic coins and emphasis on economic preparedness, might align well with your goals. On the other hand, if diversifying your investment portfolio with a variety of precious metals, including the rare rhodium, is your aim, JM Bullion could be the better fit.

Examine the Product Offerings

A close examination of each company’s product offerings is crucial. JM Bullion boasts a broader range of metals, even including rare options like rhodium. Conversely, SD Bullion provides a more extensive selection of related products, such as survival food items and solutions for precious metal storage.

Assess Your Budget and Order Size

Your budget and the size of your orders should play a pivotal role in your decision-making process. If you plan to place larger orders, JM Bullion’s offer of free shipping on orders over $199 may prove to be more cost-effective. Conversely, if you anticipate making smaller, more frequent purchases, the potentially lower product prices at SD Bullion might offset any shipping costs.

Monitor Current Pricing

Precious metal prices are subject to constant fluctuations based on global market dynamics. Therefore, it’s advantageous to compare prices between SD Bullion and JM Bullion at the time of your purchase to ensure you’re getting the best value.

Review Shipping and Processing Times

Consider the shipping and processing times of each dealer. Both companies strive for prompt order processing, but actual delivery times can vary depending on market conditions and order volumes. If swift delivery is a priority for you, this factor could sway your decision.

Evaluate Customer Service and Support

The quality of customer service and support can significantly impact your overall buying experience. Take the time to peruse customer reviews and ratings for both companies to gauge their service quality and responsiveness.

Explore Knowledge and Learning Resources

If you’re new to precious metals investing or appreciate access to ongoing market insights, delve into the educational resources provided by each company. JM Bullion, for instance, offers an extensive resource section that may prove particularly valuable for beginners.

Final Thoughts on SD Bullion vs. JM Bullion

So, I did some digging in-depth comparison, and compared SD Bullion and JM Bullion, and here’s the lowdown: JM Bullion takes the cake in this showdown.

Why? Well, JM Bullion has got some killer features that set it apart. First off, they’re all about clear and competitive prices, and they’re always throwing out promos to sweeten the deal.

But what really makes JM Bullion shine is their selection. They’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re a newbie or a pro-investor. And they’re not stingy with discounts either, so you can save some serious cash on your precious metal investments. In short, JM Bullion is a great choice for purchasing gold and valuable metals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Purchase Gold on the Internet?

Getting gold online is pretty simple. The top sellers have a good website where you can easily look for different gold items (like gold bars, coins, special coins, etc.).

When you choose what you want and start buying it, the price you see stays the same for a little while, usually 10 to 15 minutes. You have to finish buying physical gold before the price changes, which depends on how the gold market is doing.

Q: Can I Store Gold at Home?

Storing your gold at home is an option, except when it comes to Gold IRAs. If you’re one of those who like having their precious metal nearby, the best spot would be a securely concealed safe right at home. However, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind if you decide to go this route.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to check whether your homeowner’s insurance already covers the potential loss or damage of your gold. If it does, great!

Q: How Can I Sell My Gold and Silver to JM Bullion?

JM Bullion provides a DIY buyback service that is accessible 24/7 without the need to call an expert. If shipped with a JM Bullion label via FedEx, your package will be insured for at least $100,000.

Q: Where Does JM Bullion Ship From?

JM Bullion is headquarters in Texas. Thus, all orders are shipped out of its Las Vegas warehouse for shipping protection.

Q: What Are the Payment Options from JM Bullion?

JM Bullion provides a broad spectrum of checkout options. Nonetheless, some will impact your purchase price and maximum purchase amount. Further, payment options include credit and debit cards, wire transfers, ACH, checks, crypto, Google Play, and PayPal.

Q: Is JM Bullion Legit?

JM Bullion has been in business for more than twelve years and has sold more than $7 billion worth of precious metals. On its website, there are more than 300,000 customer reviews from the last ten years.

Take note that every purchase is insured when shipping. Thus, you are always covered if anything happens to your package while it is en route.

Also, JM Bullion also shows the live precious metal price ticker so you can purchase with full confidence.

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