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Pennco isn’t a real company. It is, in fact, a parody Twitter account, and as of April 2018, had amassed just over 200,000 followers. But Pennco is no joke to gold investors since it parodies the Libor scandal with its gold-based pricing. Libor is not a real thing, but Libor-based pricing is since many financial institutions use Libor rates to determine the interest rates they pay each other.

Bullion Pennco Coin and Bullion

From bullion to commemorative coins, pennco coin and bullion, Inc. is the right choice for all of your precious metals needs. Check out the site to find out how the company can help you with buying and selling, as well as offer coin and bullion services.

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Bullion Platinum

When you buy a platinum bar, you’re essentially buying a rights product made of valuable metal. Platinum bars are one of the most popular types of bullion investments, especially among those who have access to precious metals; platinum bars are relatively easy to store, and they’re not susceptible to inflation like other precious metals like silver and gold. Some platinum bars are even legal tender, as the U.S. has minted platinum bars as legal trademarks tender since 1983.

Bullion Sign

Pennco Bullion

A “bullion” sign is a type of metal with engraved letters that hangs over a doorway. There are several different types of “bullion” signs, but the most common type are skeleton signs

Michael Pennington

Michael Pennington is a best-selling author of personal development books and seminars. He’s best known for his work on self-development, effective communication skills, and peak performance. Michael Pennington’s self-help book, “The Secret of Self-Confidence”, has sold over four million copies and has never been copyrighted.

Jewelry Stores

The jewelry business is a booming market, and it is becoming increasingly popular among both younger and older customers. Jewelry stores are numerous and they offer a variety of styles and brands. Quality jewelry is durable, timeless, and crafted with care. Men’s jewelry is a popular addition to many men’s outfits, and these stores offer an impressive array of styles. Bracelets are a classic and elegant accessory, and sterling silver bracelets are no exception. The right bracelet can elevate your outfit from drab to fab.

Bullion redmond

Redmond is a small town in north-central Washington that only about 8,000 people call home. But over the years, it has become known for several things: Microsoft, Burt’s Bees, and The Goonies. But did you know that it also has its own precious metal? That’s right: Redmond is known for being addressed in the US where the mineral “bullion Redmond” can be found.

Pennco coins

Pennco Metals is a name synonymous with high quality numismatic coins. Their coins are minted in the U.S. and reflect different themes. Pennco Metals offers coins with pictures of U.S. symbols, such as the American Eagle and the Great Seal of the United States, as well as coins representing presidents and scenes from American history. Each coin has a silver or gold finish and is 1 oz. in weight.


Pennco Bullion is a reputable company that sells jewelry to over 50,000 customers. Pennco Bullion makes its gold, silver, and platinum jewelry from high-quality precious metals which are ethically mined. Many of the jewelry pieces are also made in America, and Pennco’s customers can rest assured that every piece is thoroughly inspected before shipping to ensure it’s of the best quality. Pennco Bullion also covers the cost of shipping for customers, and ships all of their products for free.

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