Panda America Review

Panda America Review

Are you looking for a good investment to preserve and care for your wealth? If the answer is yes, you must consider Panda America precious metals.

Their precious metals are selected for their durability and quality, and at the same time, they provide an array of products to suit any need. With many decades of experience in precious metals market, this company gives you sound advice and service to assist you in maximizing your investment.

If you plan to buy products from this company, it is vital to read this Panda America review first. Reading Panda America reviews will assist you in getting more information about this company and give you an insight into whether it is worth investing in.

This Panda America review contains all the essential information needed to know to assist you in making a good decision on precious metals investing.

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Panda America Summary

Founded in 1982, Panda America has 40 years of experience in precious metals investment and is considered the leading precious metals dealer in the world. The company has an office in Torrance, California, USA. The primary purpose of this company is to become the certified and authorized distributor of the China Gold Panda in the United States.

This company expanded its business portfolio with its flagship product, Gold Panda Coin. Traders and investors alike have bought it either for collection purposes or investments. What is more, China Gold Pandas are also IRA illegible. They also organized the Singapore International Coin Fair in 2011.

Panda America administration takes account of the top executive, board of directors, chief financial officer, chief operating officer, and three officers who supervise and handle the company’s daily operations.

On the other hand, the board of directors takes account of five directors, with three being independent. The chief executive officer is the main person who is liable and accountable for the performance of the company and the daily operation of the business. The CEO is also the chief financial officer and the chief operating officer. Other officers handle and supervise the sales, accounting, and marketing departments. Kitty Quan is the company’s Chief Executive Officer based on her LinkedIn profile.

Panda America PTE LTD Contact Details

Headquarters: 19675 Mariner Avenue, Torrance, California, 90503-1647

Contact Number: 1-800-4-PANDAS (1-800-472-6327)

Local Phone: 310-373-9647

Fax Number: 310-378-6024

Email Address:

Panda America’s Website:

Panda America Products and Services

Panda America Products

Panda America provides many different coins from all corners of the globe. Investors can check their catalog online to look for coins from a specific region or category. Several company’s top seller coins take account of the following:

  • Chinese Panda Coins

  • American Gold Eagles

  • American Gold Buffaloes

  • Canadian Maple Leafs

The listed collectible coins can be deposited into an IR. The company also offers coin jewelry wherein you have to decide on a centerpiece coin and then choose a bezel style to create a custom-made pendant.

They don’t assist clients set up Precious Metals IRAs. So, the fee for storingmetals purchased from this company in an IRA would rely on the client’s chosen IRA custodian. Panda America is also interested in purchasing precious metals. 

Panda America Ratings, Reviews and Complaints

We gathered Panda America reviews and ratings from the renowned online directories and rating bureaus to help you determine if this is a good and reliable investment company. Let’s check this out!

BBB Rating: No Rating

BBB Complaints: No complaints in the last couple of years 

BCA Rating: AAA 

CitySearch: Not Rated

BCA Complaints: No complaints 

Ripoff Report: 1 Report 

Trustlink: Not Rated 

SiteJabber: Not Rated 

Yelp: (3.5 / 5) 

Yellow Pages: Not Rated 

Panda America indeed has an amazing reputation and standing online. Business Consumer Alliance rated this company with triple AAA, the highest rating. Better Business Bureau, however, rated this company with an A+ rating.

The best thing about this company is that in its forty years of experience, they only had few or minimal complaints from the clients. Primarily because of late response to customer concerns. And this is the reason Panda America is one of the foremost 70 Gold IRA firms. 

Panda America Gold Coins Overview 

The CGCI (China Gold Coin Incorporation) is the certified distributor of silver and gold Panda coins in China. CGCI is the only firm licensed and certified by the People’s Bank of China accountable for Chinese Panda gold coins distribution. They are also the distributor of Panda gold bullion coins in the USA

Panda America Gold coin's Appearance and Features

The most popular feature and remarkable style is the diagram of a big panda. Another common feature is that the reverse side alters yearly, apart from 2001 and 2002. Panda gold coins don’t have marks on them to recognize and classify where the coins are made. You can only tell where the commemorative coin is made by paying attention to the design and the temple or date. 

The exceptional engraving technique utilized in making the panda coins makes a stunning effect. The black and white patches on the trademark design are represented in a manner that makes it shine in a different way depending on the position it is seen from. 

Panda America Key Pages

Here are the vital or key pages on the company’s website in terms of Gold IRAs:

How to Buy: This company provides a simple, easy-to-follow guide on buying precious metals.

Coin Catalog: There are more than 2,500 selections of Panda American coins available. Always bear in mind that just some of the coins available can be deposited into an IRA. This includes Panda America prices

Shipping and Handling: When ordering or buying precious metals from this company, it comes with shipping and handling fees. The dispatching, as well as handling charges depends on the heaviness of the parcel and the location of the buyer. For instance, if you reside in Hawaii, it will cost a lot for shipping than if you reside in Texas or nearby areas. So, you have to be aware of the cost when buying precious metals.

Pros and Cons 

This Panda America review is incomplete without knowing this company’s pros and cons. So, let’s start with the pros. 


  • A wide array of products offered 
  • Sell coins 
  • Website is informative 
  • Years of experience in the business 
  • High BBB rating score 


  • Lacks online reviews and ratings 

Is Panda America a scam?

Panda America is 100% legit and not a scam. It’s a genuine precious metal company and has been in the business since 1982. Panda America has a physical address. Remember that most scam firms wouldn’t last five to ten years, and most don’t have physical addresses. They also have wide selections of products, and customer service is fast. The only drawback is the lacking of online reviews and ratings.

Tips for Buying Precious Metals

History has confirmed and verified that if the dollar and economy are down, traders and investors are likely to buy an increased number of precious metals like Gold and coin to secure and safeguard the value of their savings. If this occurs, the need for precious metals increases augmented, and the high demands lead to a high price.

If economic turmoil and inflation are at their worst, Gold, silver as well as other precious metals are at their best.

If you are following the recommendation of a lot of financial professionals, perhaps you are looking to give approximately 5 to 20 percent of your retirement to silver and Gold. The small part of the portfolio can wind up being important when the financial system keeps on its current course or heads into another slump or worldwide financial crisis.

Buying precious metals for an IRA devoid of doing thorough studies in advance is an expensive mistake that is often made by overzealous investors or novices. Picking the best Gold IRA firm and custodian must involve thinking about all options available to look for the most cost-efficient and reputable solution.


With many years of success and experience, the Panda America Corporation is dedicated to abiding by its tradition of excellence and good service. As a certified distributor for China Gold Pandas in the US and other precious metals from all over the globe, the company has a good standing as one of the most trusted names in numismatics in the present day, with 40 years of experience offering Gold panda coins over the net. The company has an office located in Torrance, California. Customers and investors can contact or email customer service reps directly when they need assistance and support looking for that perfect coin. 

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