Liberty Gold and Silver Review 2023: Scam Risk or Safe?

Finding the appropriate investment firm to work with is not always straightforward, but understanding what to look for can help.

Liberty Gold and Silver may be just what you’re looking for. In the precious metals industry, Liberty Gold and Silver have a respectable reputation.

You can buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in the form of coins or bars. Rhodium comes as bars or sponges, whereas ruthenium and iridium are powders. Liberty Gold and Silver also provide precious metals IRAs in which you can add metals that fulfill IRS purity standards.

Liberty Gold and Silver reviews will show you what services are offered, how signup works if there are any complaints, how Liberty Gold and Silver differs from its competitors, and how to purchase the things you desire.

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Liberty Gold and Silver Background

Individual investors can purchase precious metals via Liberty Gold and Silver. These services are intended to make it easier for investors to acquire actual metals for their personal collections or IRAs.

The precious metals IRA is one of the most popular offerings, and the organization collaborates with two well-known custodian firms. IRS requirements mandate these companies for IRA holders. Custodians manage all of the documentation associated with IRA ownership.

There are some concerns and hazards associated with precious metals investments. The corporation makes critical financial disclosures regarding the risks it faces. You may benefit from speaking with a financial counselor for the most up-to-date information.

Company Information and History

The headquarters of Liberty Gold and Silver are in Portland, Oregon. Liberty Gold and Silver is one of the few firms of its sort that have a physical store. This company, which has been in operation since 2012, makes it easier for investors to acquire physical precious metals items.

Rollovers in gold and other precious metals are available. These monies could be derived from IRAs or 401Ks. Physical precious metals can also be purchased by investors.

This company is committed to providing its precious metals IRA holders with an exceptional experience. Company representatives are very easy to contact if you have any queries or complaints. In most circumstances, you will receive prompt responses to your inquiries.

Feedback and Complaints

Customers and independent rating agencies overwhelmingly favor Liberty Gold and Silver. In most situations, concerns have been promptly and adequately addressed. Here are a few instances of what others believe:

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has not accredited Liberty Gold and Silver. There have been no ratings or reviews yet. Nevertheless, since BBB membership is voluntary, a lack of information on this site may not be grounds for alarm.

The organization has a 3.7-star rating on Trustpilot, one of the most well-known platforms for client ratings. This company has 27 reviews, the vast majority of which are positive. Customers were pleased with the way the organization handled issues.

The Google rating is 3.6 stars, and most consumers have commented on the client service staff’s helpfulness. Liberty Gold and Silver has 826 reviews on Consumer Affairs, with a 5-star rating. These grading methods accurately assess how most customers feel.

There have also been some concerns and bad reviews about Liberty Gold and Silver. Customers benefit from knowing the downsides as well as the advantages, which is characteristic of any organization. Negative experiences, if nothing else, offer precise depictions of how the organization handles difficulties that emerge.

When with similar companies, the number of unfavorable reviews is relatively low. The majority of the issues were shipment times, which were typically remedied satisfactorily. These complaints involved erroneous projected shipment timeframes, which is a regular issue for a number of companies.

This company’s customer support representatives routinely receive favorable comments. When there have been problems, the staff has handled them properly. Customers are treated courteously by the customer service staff.

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The Management Group

The Liberty Gold and Silver management team includes specialists with precious metals background. Although no specific biographical information is provided, the good evaluations indicate a high level of experience in providing outstanding customer service.

Services for Custodians and Storage

For custodial services, Liberty Gold and Silver collaborate with the Entrust Group Precious Metals Center and Gold Star Trust Company. These firms have some of the most prestigious reputations in the precious metals sector. Gold Star Trust Company collaborates with these companies because they are well-equipped to provide these services.

Liberty Gold and Silver suggests that all customers, regardless of IRA holder status, use depositories for storage. Liberty Gold and Silver works with a number of reputable depositories. Segregated storage and non-segregated storage are two choices.

Liberty Gold and Silver is committed to providing excellent customer service. This organization intends to make the purchasing of metals as simple as possible. Providing outstanding customer service is one of the finest methods to achieve this goal.

Process of Signing Up for Liberty Gold and Silver

The Liberty Gold and Silver enrollment process is simple and takes only a few minutes over the phone. Here are the steps you must take to place an order with this company:

Please contact Liberty Gold and Silver.

The simplest approach to get the process started is to contact Liberty Gold and Silver for additional information. You will be able to speak with someone who will explain the procedure and get things started. This call is also a wonderful opportunity to learn about any additional services you may require.

Conduct a Consultation

A Liberty Gold and Silver account professional will assist you in determining your objectives throughout the meeting. The professional will answer any questions you have concerning the procedure. You’ll be in a fantastic position to choose products that best match your demands.

Provide Your Contact Information

You must include your entire name and address, including your shipping address if it differs from your mailing address, as well as a phone number and an email address. It is critical to note that these orders have the legal force of a contract.

Complete Your Purchase

After you order the things you wish, you will receive a confirmation email with the pricing. At this time, deposit or wiring instructions are available.

Order Delivery

Your metals will be transported insured to your house or, if for an IRA, to the depository of your choice. Liberty Gold and Silver offer tracking so you can always know where your purchases are.

Customers who join Liberty Gold and Silver will find the process as simple as possible. The specialists understand how to walk each customer through the purchasing process.

Liberty Gold and Silver Precious Metals Products

Liberty Gold and Silver trades coins and bars of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, as well as powders of rhodium, ruthenium, and iridium. Here is a selection of some of the items available for purchase:

Gold Coins

American Gold Eagles, American Buffalo, Liberty Head Double Eagles, St. Gaudens Double Eagles, Indian Head Gold Eagles, and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf are among the gold coins available.

Gold Bars

Liberty Gold and Silver distributes gold bars from Valcambi, Argor, Credit Suisse, Pamp Suisse, Heraeus Precious Metals, and the SA Rand Mint, among others.

Silver Coins

American Silver Eagles, Kennedy Half-Dollars, Morgan Silver Dollars, Silver Peace Dollars, and Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins are among the silver coins available from this company.

Silver Bars

Silver bars are available from Valcambi, SilverTowne, Sunshine Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Asahi Refining, and COMEX Deliverable.

Silver Discs

SilverTowne Buffalo Rounds, SilverTowne Stacker Morgan Dollar Rounds, and Sunshine Mint Walking Liberty Rounds are among the silver rounds available from this company.


Liberty Gold and Silver’s platinum goods include coins and bars from the world’s best mints and refineries.

Platinum Coins

American Platinum Eagles, Platinum Maple Leafs, and Australian Platypus coins are among the platinum coin possibilities.

Platinum Bars

Liberty Gold and Silver is selling precious metals like platinum bars from refineries such as Vacambi and Credit Suisse.

Palladium Coins

The palladium Maple Leaf coin is available in a variety of release dates from Liberty Gold and Silver.

Palladium Bars

Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse, and Baird & Co. all make palladium bars.

Rhodium Bars

Baird & Co. rhodium bars are available.

Rhodium Sponges

Heraeus Precious Metals supplies this company with rhodium sponges.

Ruthenium Dust

Heraeus Precious Metals provides the ruthenium powder that Liberty Gold and Silver sells.


Heraeus Precious Metals has released iridium powder.

IRA-Approved Liberty Gold and Silver Coins

Liberty Gold and Silver offers a wide range of IRA-approved precious metals that customers can place in their IRA. These metals, which fit the IRS standards, include:

  • American Eagle Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Bullion Coins
  • American Buffalo Bullion Coins
  • Austrian Gold and Silver Philharmonic Coins
  • American Eagle Gold and Silver Proof Coins
  • Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins
  • Perth Mint Kangaroo Gold Bullion Bar
  • Canadian Gold, Palladium, Platinum, and Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Liberty Gold and Silver Gold and Silver Sales

Customers can sell jewelry, dental gold, class rings, and other metals at competitive market values with Liberty Gold and Silver. Customers are guaranteed the best pricing thanks to a match-the-price guarantee. If you find a lower price with another bidder, Liberty Gold and Silver will match it and add 10%.

Customers must first fill out a form to begin this procedure. You will be given an envelope in which to send the metals for examination. If you are satisfied with the price, you can request a check or wire transfer. All shipments received by the company are covered by full insurance.

Fees for Liberty Gold and Silver

Liberty Gold and Silver fees vary depending on the amount and type of precious metals purchased, how the items are stored, and whether additional services are required. Customers of Liberty Gold and Silver may be charged the following fees:

Fees for IRAs

Customers of Liberty Gold and Silver who open a self-managed IRA may be required to pay account setup fees. Fees include establishment fees, annual account maintenance fees, and transaction fees.

Storage Charges

Liberty Gold and Silver collaborates with firms that offer a variety of storage options to meet a variety of needs. The rates charged are determined by the number of metals stored as well as the type of storage. Most depositories levy annual fees that range between 0.05 and 1.05% of the metal’s value.

Liberty Gold and Silver LLC Price

Precious metal prices are determined by the present market. To offset delivery and sourcing costs, Liberty Gold and Silver charges a premium over the current price. G

The decision of Liberty Gold & Silver to keep fees hidden from its website may be detrimental. It reduces their competitiveness in comparison to competitors who publish their fees.

When people shop for a product or service, one of the most important aspects they examine is the price. Customers may be more tempted to prefer Liberty Gold and Silver’s competitors because they provide clear price information on their websites or advertising materials. This could result in a loss of potential clients and a decline in revenue for this company.

Furthermore, failing to disclose pricing information can give the impression that the organization is not honest or trustworthy. Customers may be hesitant to work with a company that does not present clear pricing and charge information. This might harm the company’s reputation and make it difficult to recruit new consumers.

Customers looking for precious metals dealers may be more likely to prefer a competitor who is open about their pricing, even if that competitor charges a somewhat higher price. Liberty Gold and Silver LLC is limiting its possible consumer base and perhaps losing business by failing to offer this information upfront.

Other Charges

Additional costs may apply to other Liberty Gold and Silver products or services. Appraisal, authenticity, and coin grading are examples of services that may incur additional fees.

Liberty Gold and SilverWebsite

The website of Liberty Gold and Silver makes it simple to select the goods you desire and learn more about IRA alternatives. Some of the information available includes:

  • Product specifications
  • Creating a Gold IRA
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Program for Referrals
  • Payment Options
  • Data on offshore storage
  • Blog

Reputation and Ratings

Despite the fact that it is not recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it has an excellent A+ rating with the BBB. This indicates that the business has an excellent track record of resolving consumer concerns and has fulfilled the BBB’s accreditation standards.

Liberty Gold and Silver is also accredited by GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) and NCS (Numismatic Conservation Services) in addition to BBB. GATA is a non-profit organization dedicated to uncovering and correcting illicit price manipulation in the gold markets. NCS, on the other hand, offers expert coin conservation and grading services.

The company has also received ratings from Google and Yelp. Liberty Gold and Silver has a 3.5-star rating on Google, which is extremely impressive. Another prominent review site is Yelp, which has a rating of 2.5 stars out of 5.

Customer Support

The responsiveness of Liberty Gold and Silver’s customer service is crucial. The firm is renowned for answering customer inquiries and addressing any challenges or complaints customers may have. This level of care helps clients feel appreciated and fosters trust in the company.

Another key aspect of Liberty Gold and Silver’s client service is its knowledge and skill in the precious metals market. The knowledgeable staff at the organization is well-versed in the products they sell, as well as the economic conditions and variables that impact the price of precious metals.

This expertise allows them to offer customers with useful information and guidance, supporting them in making sound financial choices.

Furthermore, Liberty Gold and Silver offers a variety of services and tools to help customers navigate the precious metals market. For example, the company’s website includes a real-time price chart that allows clients to stay up-to-date on the newest market developments.

Furthermore, the organization offers educational tools such as articles and videos on precious metals investing.

Pros of Investing in Gold and Silver LLC

Store of Value

Gold and silver have been used as stores of value for centuries. They have an inclination to hold their value over time, making them an effective hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.


Precious metals can diversify your investment portfolio, reducing risk by adding assets that don’t always move in the same direction as stocks or bonds.

Tangible Assets

Unlike some other investments, you physically own gold and silver when you buy them.

Safe Haven

During times of economic or geopolitical turmoil, gold and silver often serve as safe-haven assets, attracting investors seeking refuge from market volatility.

Portfolio Insurance

Holding a portion of your wealth in precious metals can act as insurance against economic crises or currency devaluation.

Cons of Investing in Gold and Silver

Lack of Income

Unlike dividend-paying stocks or bonds, gold and silver do not generate income. You rely solely on price appreciation for returns.

Price Volatility

Precious metals can be highly volatile, with prices subject to significant fluctuations in the short term. This can lead to both potential gains and losses.

Storage and Security

Physical gold and silver require secure storage, which may incur additional costs.

No Yield

Gold and silver do not pay interest or dividends, so they may not be suitable for income-focused investors.

Transaction Costs

Buying and selling physical gold and silver can involve transaction costs, such as dealer premiums, shipping, and storage fees.

Market Sentiment

Prices of precious metals can be influenced by market sentiment and speculative trading, making them vulnerable to short-term price manipulation.

Limited Industrial Use

While gold and silver have industrial applications, their value is primarily driven by investment and jewelry demand. Economic downturns can reduce industrial demand, affecting prices.

Tax Implications

Depending on your location and the form of precious metals you invest in (e.g., coins, bars, or ETFs), there may be tax implications that can affect your returns.

To Sum Up

Liberty Gold and Silver review shows that this is one of the most trusted precious metals merchants in the precious metals industry. This company also provides a precious metals IRA and purchases metals.

The variety of metal items accessible is one of the company’s biggest assets. Some investors, nonetheless choose not to use organizations that demand phone signups. They partner with reliable depository companies to give you full safety of your precious metals holdings.

This precious metals dealer is a good choice for investors who want a wide range of items from which to pick. Before you agree to work with Liberty Gold and Silver or any other company, consider your requirements.

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