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Ira Investing

The best part about an IRA investment is that it offers such a wide range of investment options.

Most accounts allow you to purchase stocks individually, along with options, mutual funds, and other securities.  I personally use a self directed IRA and have full control over the investment, but you can also allow a financial advisor or other investment manager do the investing for you.

How IRA Investments Work

There are many options within the scope of how IRA investing works.  I’ve set up pages about both the Roth IRA, as well as the Traditional IRA.

Common questions that are asked about any sort of retirement investment include:

What is the amount of money I can contribute each year?

What are the fees?

What if I leave my employer?

I set up to clarify all topics that pertain to investing in retirement.  I’ve self-hacked my way through the opinions of financial advisors, wealth managers, websites, and personal experiences to build what I call “the largest portfolio of retirement investing information on the web.”

Many topics confuse people, so I created pages that address questions and concerns as they surface.

Below I’ve outlined some of the top pages on this website that will help you understand various points about IRA Investments.

First, let’s get an understanding of what does IRA Stand for?

Also, if you are looking into the Gold IRA investment idea, check out Noble Gold.  They are one of the top companies in this space and you can learn more about them in my gold ira company reviews.  That page in specific talks about gold IRA custodians, how they work, and what you need to do to qualify for this self directed IRA plan.



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