Investing in Vape Stocks

​The electronic cigarette industry is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing industries globally. Barely a decade since its introduction to the market, the industry has already achieved global popularity and might hit the $59 billion worth mark in less than 10 years to come. When loaning to invest in stocks, it is often recommendable to look for an industry that is trendy and has potential for profitability. Many investors find it hard to make the decision on whether to invest in vape stocks. View here for an idea of a vape juice site. Some of the things that make vape stocks worth investing in include the following.

Growth of the Market  

​The potential of an industry is determined by the availability of market for related products. Before investing in a particular stock, it is vital that you research on the potential of the industry based on the market availability. E-cigs have achieved worldwide popularity due to the fact that they are a safer alternative to smoking. There are also a considerable number of people transitioning to vaping as a means of quitting smoking. Being a trendy phenomenon, there are also new users who are getting into it to look cool. The increasing number of vapors provide ready market for vaping related products. Investing in the vape stocks is certainly a profitable venture.

Advancing Technology

Being a technology related industry, the vaping industry is bound to experience various technological boosts. Major players in the industry are investing heavily in creating newer and more advanced vaping equipment. This is great news to people investing in vape stocks as most users will be willing to purchase the newer equipment as they offer an enhanced vaping experience. Besides the market security, the advanced technology also boosts the reputation of e-cigs, good news to investors.

Producers of vaping equipment are also conducting further research on keeping the e-cigs safe. This effort is likely to help with state and local laws on vaping. If the research proves fruitful and safer e-cigs are produced, investors need not worry about laws against vaping.

Rising Mergers

The popularity of electronic cigarettes has hit the cigarette market quite hard. The number of people swapping out smoking for vaping is quite high, a situation that is leaving cigarette companies with less profits. To adopt to the dynamics of the market, various large cigarette companies are forming mergers with electronic cigarette manufacturers. These mergers are sure to make the e-cig companies even more powerful. Combining both resources and reputation makes investing in vape stocks a prudent move.

Prior to investing in vape stocks, it is important to consider both the positives and negatives. The main challenge that faces the vaping industry currently are the ever-changing laws and regulations on smoking. Being new to the market, governments are constantly changing their laws on vaping. While some are prohibiting vaping on public areas, others are imposing heavy taxes on the vaping products. This is a challenge that needs to be carefully considered when making in investment in the vape stocks to help you make the right decision.

2020 Vape Industry Update

The e-cigarette and vapor industry has been snakebit by a lot of stories about the dangers of vaping.  For this reason, I’m staying clear of vape stocks all together.  I don’t even like to look at companies with vape stocks in their portfolio of brands because of the potential for lawsuits that could result in major financial setbacks, plus loss of cash flow.  I personally think you are better off swing trading penny stocks than gambling on the future of the vape industry, but as always, that’s my opinion.

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