Hertel’s Coins Review

Hertel’s Coins Review

Coin collecting is more than just a hobby—it’s a passion that unites history, art, and personal stories. Whether you’re a seasoned numismatist or a beginner looking to embark on this exciting journey, finding a reputable coin dealer is essential. Enter Hertel’s Coins, Lake in the Hills’ premier coin dealer, offering a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and an impressive selection of hertels coins and collectibles for enthusiasts of all levels.

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Key Takeaways

  • Hertel’s Coins is a reputable coin dealer offering reliable appraisal services and an extensive selection of coins, currency, sports cards and other collectibles.
  • Highly recommended by customers for their exceptional customer experience, competitive pricing and knowledgeable staff.
  • Conveniently located in Lake in the Hills with additional information available on their website or Facebook page.

Hertel’s Coins: A Closer Look

foreign coins and paper currency

Founded by Ron Hertel 17 years ago, Hertel’s Coins began as a simple hobby of collecting coins stored in jars in his basement. Over the years, Hertel’s Coins has evolved into a highly-regarded coin dealer known for its experienced and reputable coin appraisal services.

Their clear method for assessing the worth of coins and collectible paper currency has gained them a faithful customer base and a strong reputation in the field of numismatics.

Services Offered

Hertel’s Coins is a one-stop shop for coin collectors, offering a range of services that cater to the needs of both single and bulk purchasers. Their services include buying and selling coins, appraisals, and coin grading, ensuring that collectors have access to a comprehensive suite of services under one roof. They also transact with silver bullion, serving as a useful resource for precious metal enthusiasts.

Their extensive selection of jewelry and flatware, along with their appraisal services for rare U.S. coins, make Hertel’s Coins the perfect destination for those looking to evaluate and sell their old coin collections. With their commitment to catering to various collectors, Hertel’s Coins has established itself as a premier coin dealer in the Lake in the Hills area.

Expertise and Knowledge

Shaun Hertel, the founder of Hertel’s Coins, began his journey as a new coin collector, nurturing a passion for history that led him to become an expert numismatist. His extensive experience in the coins and collectibles industry has allowed Hertel’s Coins to become a popular destination for gold buyers, offering a wide selection of gold and silver coins from various countries.

Hertel’s Coin transcends the typical coin shop. They:

  • Sustain a broad network of dealers
  • Frequently participate in national coin shows
  • Stay updated on market trends
  • Offer an extensive selection of random jewelry and flatware to their customers

This continuous engagement in the numismatic community allows them to provide a unique and comprehensive experience for their customers.

Coin Collections at Hertel’s

Exploring the selection of gold and silver coins at Hertel's Coins

Hertel’s Coin Shop takes pride in its varied assortment of collectibles that satisfy a broad spectrum of interests. Whether it be gold and silver coins, foreign currency, or sports cards, Hertel’s Coin Shop has something to offer to everyone.

Their remarkable inventory guarantees that collectors will find an ideal addition to their collection or even stumble upon a new hobby.

Gold and Silver Coins

Featuring a variety of gold and silver coins from the U.S. and around the world, Hertel’s Coins is a rich resource for both collectors and precious metal enthusiasts. Their process of assessing the value of gold and silver coins is meticulous, taking into consideration factors such as:

  • weight
  • purity
  • condition
  • rarity
  • the current market value

This ensures that customers receive a fair and accurate evaluation of their coins.

The unique gold and silver coins in their coin collection cater to a broad range of interests, making Hertel’s Coins the ideal destination for both seasoned collectors and novices alike. With their extensive selection, you’re bound to find the perfect coin to add to your collection or start a new one.

Foreign Coins and Paper Money

In addition to gold and silver coins, Hertel’s Coins also specializes in foreign coins and paper money, offering a wide array of U.S. and international coins and currency. Their expertise in appraising rare U.S. coins extends to the foreign coin market as well, ensuring that customers receive accurate valuations for their collectibles.

Hertel’s Coins obtains its foreign coins, including the sought-after Hertel’s coin, and paper money through buying and selling transactions with individuals and other coin dealers. They provide information on the history and origin of the foreign coins they offer, allowing collectors to fully appreciate the significance of their acquisitions. With a selection that includes uncirculated currency banknotes from various countries, Hertel’s Coins caters to collectors with diverse interests.

Sports Cards and Other Collectibles

Sports cards and collectibles at Hertel's Coins

Beyond coins, Hertel’s Coins also offers a wide selection of sports cards for enthusiasts. Their inventory includes rare and noteworthy sports cards and other collectibles, allowing collectors to explore new interests or expand their existing collections.

Hertel’s Coins acquires sports cards and other collectibles from individuals, ensuring a constantly evolving inventory that caters to a broad range of interests. With such a diverse selection, collectors are sure to find something that piques their curiosity and passion at Hertel’s Coins.

Selling to Hertel’s Coins

For collectors intending to sell their coins and collectibles, Hertel’s Coins offers an open and equitable selling procedure. Their commitment to providing a quality experience ensures that customers can trust Hertel’s Coins when it’s time to part with their prized possessions.

Transparent Pricing

Hertel’s Coins assesses the value of coins and other collectibles based on factors such as condition, rarity, and market demand. They offer competitive prices for items like:

  • Morgan silver dollars
  • Peace dollars
  • Silver coins
  • Silver bars
  • Gold coins
  • Gold bars
  • Type coins

Customers have attested to the fairness of Hertel’s Coins’ pricing, appreciating the honesty and integrity of the business.

With their open pricing methodology, Hertel’s Coins guarantees that customers receive a reasonable value for their items, upholding the shop’s dedication to providing a gratifying and fulfilling experience for collectors.

Live Auctions and Coin Shows

live auctions and coin shows

Hertel’s Coins also participates in live auctions and coin shows, providing additional selling opportunities for collectors. Consigning your coins to Hertel’s Coins for inclusion in their auction catalog allows you to reach a wider audience of potential buyers, increasing the chances of achieving higher sales.

The benefits of selling coins via live auctions and coin shows include:

  • Arousing collector interest
  • Offering convenience for buyers
  • Exhibiting expertise in numismatics
  • Permitting in-person viewing and inspection of coins

Hertel’s Coins’ active engagement in live auctions and coin shows ensures that collectors have numerous opportunities to showcase and sell their prized possessions.

Customer Experiences at Hertel’s Coins

Customers regularly express positive experiences and endorsements for Hertel’s Coins. Their satisfaction with the shop’s knowledgeable staff, efficient service, and fair pricing speaks volumes about the quality of service provided by Hertel’s Coins.

Positive Reviews

Many customers have praised Hertel’s Coins for:

  • their wide selection and variety of coins and precious metals
  • their competitive pricing
  • their knowledgeable staff, who provide valuable information and guidance to collectors

The positive feedback from customers demonstrates the commitment of Hertel’s Coins to providing an exceptional experience for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Their dedication to customer satisfaction has earned them a loyal customer base and a reputation for excellence in the numismatic community.


Many customers highly recommend Hertel’s Coins for the following reasons:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Attention to detail in packaging and shipping
  • Warm and welcoming atmosphere of the coin shop
  • Wide selection of rare and unique coins available

These factors further solidify their reputation as a premier local and online gold shop, where each coin individually is treated with care and expertise at their dedicated coin shop.

Customers’ recommendations serve as a testament to the outstanding service and expertise provided by Hertel’s Coins. For anyone keen on entering the sphere of coin collecting or broadening their existing collection, Hertel’s Coins is the ideal place.

Additional Information and Contact Details

Hertel’s Coins is conveniently located at 9465 Ackman Road, Lake in the Hills, IL 60156. Their website, https://hertelscoins.com/, and Facebook page provide additional information and updates on their offerings and events.

Location and Operating Hours

The shop’s location in Lake in the Hills makes it easily accessible for collectors in the area. Hertel’s Coins is open on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, on Mondays from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and closed on Sundays.

Their weekend hours provide a suitable chance for collectors to drop by the shop and examine their remarkable range of coins and collectibles.

Contact Information

For customers looking to get in touch with Hertel’s Coins, they can be reached at (847) 515-5…. Their website, https://hertelscoins.com/, and Facebook page provide additional contact information and the latest updates on their offerings and events.


Hertel’s Coins offers a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and an impressive selection of collectibles for coin enthusiasts of all levels. With their transparent pricing, knowledgeable staff, and diverse inventory, Hertel’s Coins is the ideal destination for collectors looking to buy, sell, or simply engage with fellow numismatists. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the world of coin collecting at Hertel’s Coins, Lake in the Hills’ premier coin dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of coins and collectibles does Hertel’s Coins buy and sell?

Hertel’s Coins specializes in gold and silver coins, foreign currency, sports cards, and other collectibles, providing collectors with an extensive selection of products.

What services are offered by Hertel’s Coins?

Hertel’s Coins offers services such as buying and selling coins, appraisals, coin grading, and dealing with silver bullion.

Does Hertel’s Coins participate in live auctions and coin shows?

Yes, Hertel’s Coins participates in live auctions and coin shows.

How can I contact Hertel’s Coins for more information?

To contact Hertel’s Coins for more information, call (847) 515-5… or visit their website at https://hertelscoins.com/.

What are the operating hours of Hertel’s Coins?

Hertel’s Coins is open on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and Mondays from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, with Sundays closed.

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