Grizzly Gold and Silver Inc Review 2023

A precious metals merchant named Grizzly Gold and Silver first opened its doors in 2011. Through eBay, investors can locate a wide selection of precious metal products for immediate delivery.

Investors can also exchange their precious metals for cash by selling them to Grizzly Gold and Silver. According to this company, it wants to be more than just a precious metals dealer for its clients.

Additionally, they encourage clients to feel free to inquire about their products and learn more about them. Grizzly Gold and Silver are honored by the ICTA and PGCS members.

The business takes pleasure in being trustworthy, offering a wholesome environment, and promoting morality.

For first-time traders and investors, it is hard to choose the best precious metal company that you can buy and sell precious metals. Experts and professionals made these informative and valuable details to provide enough knowledge to come up with the right and the best possible choice.

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Overview of Grizzly Gold and Silver

According to Grizzly Gold and Silver, they are one of Montana’s top buyers of scrap gold and silver. Additionally, the dealer assists consumers with item identification, value determination, and price negotiation.

In order to maximize their profits, Grizzly Gold and Silver basically try to match the market worth of their goods. It’s vital to remember that Grizzly Gold and Silver will pay up to $1000 for precious metals.

Any request for more than $1000 will be subject to a 1% discount. That said, a $5,000 request will be reduced by $50 for a total of $4,950.

According to Grizzly Gold and Silver, they only purchase bullion from reliable suppliers to guarantee the quality of their precious metals. They authenticate everything they buy on the secondary market.

On their website, nothing they have to doubt is offered for sale.

What are the Products Offered by Grizzly Gold and Silver?

Grizzly Gold and Silver provides a great selection of gold and silver such as:

Gold and Silver Bullion: Grizzly Gold and Silver will calculate the best market price for your bullion using their own, live bullion quoting technology.

Numismatic Coins: To estimate a reasonable market value, Grizzly Gold and Silver’s experts will consider the coin’s condition and overall scarcity.

Jewelry and scrap gold and silver can be tested with an acid-scratch procedure to ascertain their true value at Grizzly Gold and Silver.

Sterling silverware will be priced by weight by Grizzly Gold and Silver.

Placer Gold and Nuggets: Grizzly Gold and Silver have no trouble turning your placer gold or nuggets into cash for you if you happen to have any laying around.

Dental Gold: The value of dental gold is incredibly great. White gold is inconsistent, so Grizzly Gold and Silvers request that customers send yellow gold for appraisal instead.

Coin grading: According to Grizzly Gold and Silver, all of their grades follow guidelines that have been accepted by the ANA, PCGS, and NGC.

The coin will be listed on it and priced accordingly if there are any problems, such as damage or a requirement for cleaning. Keep in mind that Grizzly Gold and Silver notes that grading is subjective and that errors can occasionally happen.

How to Purchase Silver and Gold

Through its website, Grizzly Gold and Silver does not offer direct sales of precious metals. Customers will be referred to the company’s eBay page in order to purchase gold and silver.

‘Buy Online’ can be found on the Grizzly Gold and Silver website. There are four links to various internet shops with various product categories.

US dollars, nickels, tiny pennies, and half dollars are all available in the business in Idaho Falls, ID. World coins, Canadian coins, medals and tokens, and bullion are all available at the Missoula, Montana, business.

The Billings, Montana store sells holders, books, periodicals, albums, and coin tubes. Other precious metals are sold in the Helena, Montana, store. With over 9.5 thousand goods sold, the Grizzly Gold and Silver of Idaho seems to be the most well-liked shop.

Why is This Precious Metal Dealer a Smart Choice?

The extensive assortment of metals that Silver Gold Bull offers is one of its selling points. The available products made of gold, silver, and copper also have some unusual choices. For collectors, Silver Gold Bull is a well-known supplier of precious metals. This comes with a sizable collection of jewelry and rare and expensive coins.

Its website is very user-friendly and offers a huge assortment of precious metals. You may explore their products by category, and navigation is simple. Additionally, you won’t get lost throughout their short checkout process.

Products the Company Buys and Sell

Silver and gold bullion

The most common type of physical precious metals to buy and sell is bullion, which includes gold and silver.

They calculate the most recent market price for your bullion as well as the melt worth of the majority of bullion bars and rounds using the in-house live bullion quote system.

Numeral Coins

The value of numismatic coins is depending on a wide range of variables other than their metal content or melt value. To establish a reasonable market value, the experts consider the condition and overall rarity. Staff will be pleased to make you an honest offer for your collections of coins or to simply assess them so you know how much they are worth.

Scrap Gold and Silver Jewelry

Do you have outdated rings and broken jewelry gathering dust in your house? They are still valuable! The acid scratch test aids in identifying the amount of precious metal in your jewelry, and the price is based on the metal’s current melt value. They are happy to assist you in determining the worth of your jewelry and scrap gold & silver, however, we do not take plated or “costume” jewelry.

Silverware in Sterling

One of the least appreciated and seen objects their customers have in their homes is sterling silverware. A good deal of value can be found in a collection of high-quality cutlery. Bring the unused cutlery and be astonished by how much money it can generate since they base the pricing on weight. Check to make sure your cutlery is branded “Sterling” or “925” and not “Plate” or “Plated” if you are unsure. Sterling silver may also be used to make various objects, including silverware, candlesticks, and antique salt shakers. If you want to learn more about your piece’s silver content, the customer service personnel are delighted to assist with any appraisal needs.

Nuggets & Placer Gold

There are still placer gold deposits and gold nuggets in the Northwest’s creeks and streams. They are delighted to be your avenue to turn your prospecting harvest into cash if you are fortunate enough to uncover some!

Dental Gold

While you might be aware that dental gold is used in tooth crowns, you might not know how valuable it still is. Typically, dental gold is 16k (67% pure). If you wish to bring your dental gold to the company, it must be yellow in color rather than white (owing to variances in purity) and preferably tooth-free (but this is not necessary).

Contact Information

Customers may simply locate the physical address for each eBay store on the website. That being said, if you are close to Missoula, Utah, Billing, Montana, Helena, or Idaho Falls, Idaho, you can go in person to an actual store to view the inventory.

However, if you are buying precious metals, you can call them if you’re not close to any of these places or would rather speak with someone on the phone. By visiting the company’s contact website, investors can get the phone number for each store.

Pros and Cons of Grizzly Gold and Silver

It’s a good idea to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing precious metals from Grizzly Gold and Silver before making a decision. We’ll look at a few advantages and disadvantages today.

Wide Selection of Goods

One benefit of purchasing precious metals from Grizzly Gold and Silver is the wide selection of goods they carry. You’ll find what you’re looking for in their huge inventory, whether or not you are interested in US coins, Canadian coins, or something else entirely.

Organization of Online Store by Product Type

The fact that Grizzly Gold and Silver categorizes their online stores by product type is another benefit of doing business with them. For instance, the company’s stores in Billings, Montana, and the U.S. Its Idaho, Falls, Maryland store has coins.

This makes it much simpler to find the goods you’re looking for and can expedite the buying process for buyers who need to get their hands on goods right away.

Average Rating on eBay

Investors may find it challenging to decide whether to purchase precious metals online, particularly if they are unsure of the dealer’s policies and procedures. Grizzly Gold and Silver is fortunate to have 100% favorable feedback on eBay.

This proportion suggests that customers are content with the eBay purchasing procedure.


Not Very Popular

Grizzly Gold and Silver isn’t as well known by other trustworthy organizations as some other precious metal merchants are. Additionally, it was challenging to locate as many reviews of the business.

They scored a 3.4 out of 5-star rating on average from the online reviews that were located. Grizzly Gold and Silver may not inspire the same level of confidence in those searching for a reliable precious metals dealer.

It may be smart to do more study before committing to this business.

Coin grading might not be precise.

The fact that coin grading might not be as exact is another drawback that investors should take into account.

Although errors are typical among precious metals merchants, the company’s explicit admission in its FAQs that coin grading is not always exact is quite unsettling.

The phrase “they always strive to ensure coin grading is as accurate as possible” would be preferable. However, it appears from their remark in their FAQs that investors should anticipate coin grading errors.

How Grizzly Gold and Silver Rated

Grizzly Gold and Silver is an average precious metals dealer with an overall rating of 3.4 out of 5. However, some have had a bad experience with this company.

One client reported speaking with a staff member in November at Grizzly Gold and Silver in Billings. The customer claimed that the representative was unfriendly and unhelpful.

The salesperson was unresponsive to the customer’s needs and offered them 50% off the spot price for gold.

Another client complained that the Billings location of Grizzly Gold and Silver’s representative behaved as though the client understood nothing about the objects they brought in.

Even though the purchaser had gone to another dealer to have one of their pieces authenticated previously, the representative claimed that it wasn’t real.

Another client reported having a terrible experience with Grizzly Gold and Silver. Helping the customer obtain an appraisal seemed to be of little interest to the person.

The client wanted to sell jewels that they had inherited from their late mother in exchange for cash. They received a very meager offer from Grizzly Gold and Silver for the jewelry item.

In order to get a second opinion, the buyer chose to take the jewelry to another nearby retailer, where it was valued at six times as much.

Another client complained that whenever they call Grizzly Gold and Silver, the agent seems unhappy and doesn’t seem eager to conduct business. Which location they interacted with was not specified.

Final Impressions

A precious metals dealer with a sole concentration on buying and selling gold and silver is Grizzly Gold and Silver. Investors can buy the company’s products in four physical sites and four eBay shops.

Shopping at Grizzly Gold and Silver seems to offer a wide variety of goods. Numerous American and Canadian coins, collectibles, and other items are available.

Despite having a wide range of products, the organization doesn’t seem to be the best option for a precious metals dealer.

The ratings for Grizzly Gold and Silver are generally average and they are not well known.

Having said that, the business has received a number of unfavorable evaluations, which seem to be focused on unhelpful and impolite customer service agents and mistakes in coin grading.

Investors should keep looking for the finest dealer because it seems like they might not be getting the best bargain if they choose to go with Grizzly Gold and Silver.

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