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What is Gold Line International?

Goldline Inc. has been dealing in precious metals for more than 60 years. In addition to establishing precious metals IRAs using a seamless process, the company also offers IRA-eligible bars and coins and collectible and rare coins. Investors interested in palladium have the option to purchase a one-ounce bar. Gold Line products pricing is available by calling the firm.

About Goldline Inc.

The company was founded in 1960, with the Goldline management team and offices located in Los Angeles, California. The firm has spent more than six decades in the industry of precious metals, offering gold, silver, palladium and platinum products to investors. We found a wide range of bars and coins both popular and IRA-eligible for individuals saving for retirement. Collectors will most likely be interested in the selection of collectible and rare coins.

Goldline Precious Metals IRA info is available at The company offers an Express IRA program to provide clients with a simple three-step program for opening a Precious metals IRA. To help decrease maintenance fees for IRA accounts, the company provides qualifying purchases with free bullion coins. Once the client selects a depository, Goldline offers free shipping.

The firm has a good buyback program for those interested in selling collectible bars and coins. The individual follows three basic steps, waits for Goldline to receive and authenticate the precious metals shipment and generally receives payment within three business days. The company only purchases precious metals in either bar or coin form.

What is a Precious Metals IRA?

A Precious Metals IRA is an account established for retirement. Goldline offers different types of accounts based on the objectives and goals of the client. This type of account offers clients excellent tax advantages. The Goldline management team will discuss the accounts available to ensure each client can meet their individual retirement goals. A traditional IRA can only hold certain types of assets such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

A Precious Metals IRA is self-directed. This means the investor has more freedom for their choice of investment. Clients can invest in both traditional and alternative assets including precious metals because this type of account does not have the same limitations. Clients can also invest in real estate, commercial paper, limited partnerships and futures. Self-directed IRAs first became available in 1975 and are included in the 1974 Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

Many investors refer to this act as ERISA. Ever since self-directed IRAs became available, the popularity among investors has steadily increased due to the ability of portfolio diversification. Many investors are concerned with market volatility, the potential for another stock market crash and fiat currency inflation. We have spoken to numerous investors that do not believe a portfolio containing only stocks and bonds provides sufficient protection.

This is the reason Goldline offers investors a range of IRA-approved products for deposit into their accounts. The majority of investors are interested in investment flexibility only available with a self-directed Precious Metals IRA. Goldline clients have the option of holding traditional investments in stock and bonds while diversifying with a variety of alternative asset classes. Precious metals also have the advantage of an extremely long history of hold and gaining in value.

Goldline Precious Metals IRA Info

Establishing a Precious Metals IRA with Goldline is a fairly simple process. The company is experienced and familiar with all of the necessary steps. First, the investor must decide whether to set up a new account or roll over a qualified existing IRA account. If the client does not already have an established IRA, retirement account or 401k, the company will explain the process. Due to the number of years in business, the firm knows which type of accounts are eligible for rollover and which are not.

If the account is not eligible, the client will need to establish a new Precious Metals IRA. The next step is selecting a custodian for the IRA. This is a trust company or IRA custodian responsible for holding the account. This type of custodian is essentially a fiduciary for the account. Custodians offer a variety of services including setting up the account, ensuring acceptable contributions are placed into the account and producing statements for the account.

We are aware of the significant number of custodians currently offering services. We recommend researching and comparing these companies. Investors should be aware of how long the custodian has been in business, if there have been any complaints filed and whether or not they were resolved, read client reviews and ensure the company is reputable with transparent fee structures. The fee structure varies with every custodian.

The investors should be aware of exactly what they will pay before establishing a new account with a custodian. Goldline will make recommendations for a custodian for clients setting up or rolling over an IRA. Goldline serves the client as a precious metals dealer. Investors can purchase Gold Line products approved by the Internal Revenue Service for inclusion in a self-directed IRA. Due to consistent fluctuations in market prices, the firm does not list prices on its website.

The client can request prices for any products of interest such as silver and gold American Eagles with proof sets available. Some of the other qualified assets include gold American Buffalos, gold Australian Kangaroos, Mexican Libertad coins and silver Australian Kookaburras. To help ensure eligibility, gold bars and rounds must have a minimum fineness of .995, with the requirement for silver bars and rounds set at .999 minimum fineness.

If the investor is interested in either palladium or platinum, certain products have received approval from the IRS. Once the client has selected the products they want to purchase, the next step is to select a depository. Goldline will deliver all products directly to the depository for safe and secure vault storage on behalf of the account holder.

Precious metals can only be stored in an approved depository. Clients have a wide selection such as the Delaware depository. In some cases, an approved depository is recommended by either Goldline or the account custodian. Investors do not have to accept these recommendations and can select a depository of their choosing. Once all of the above has been accomplished, the precious metals and coins purchased from Goldline are shipped to the depository and held.

When the client decides to sell some or all of the metals, Goldline offers a good buyback program. Until this time, the client will receive account statements periodically from the custodian with the holding details. This often includes the wholesale value. Metals can be liquidated at any time according to the needs of the investor. The client also has the ability to make minimum distributions to their IRA account.

Gold Line International simplifies the process of establishing a new Precious Metals IRA. The company answers all questions, helps clients with each necessary step and offers invaluable support. Purchases can be delivered to the depository in as little as a few days. Depending on the specific purchase, a few weeks may be necessary.

Gold Line Products

The official Goldline Inc. website has a Buy/Sell section. Clients can find information regarding all of the available products by visiting this section. We found several coins exclusive to the company. This is because Goldline is the exclusive dealer for numerous silver and gold bullion coins issued by the Perth Mint Australia and the Royal Canadian Mint. These are two of the most reputable and finest mints anywhere in the world.

The Goldline gold bullion catalog features a wide range of coins including the American Gold Buffalo and the American Gold Eagle. The silver options are just as extensive including the Australian Kookaburra Silver coin and the American Silver Eagle. For investors interested in other options, the firm offers the American Platinum Eagle and a one-ounce palladium bar. All of these options are IRA-approved.

Goldline also offers gold bars and coins, silver rounds, bars and coins, platinum bullion and coins and palladium coins and bars in addition to a variety of silver and gold bullion coins.

Goldline Storage and Custodians

Gold Line International has established partnerships with the renowned IRA custodians Equity Trust Company and GoldStar Trust Company. The firm offers a variety of secure storage depositories located in Zurich, Switzerland, Las Vegas, Nevada and Singapore. These facilities provide secure storage with top-of-the-line security to ensure safety.

What Makes Goldline Unique?

Both the company and the Goldline management team are unique in several different specific ways. The firm offers clear disclosures, protection programs for price volatility and a good selection of exclusive coins. The Goldline spread is clearly disclosed directly on the official website. At this time, the spread is as follows. A 13 percent spread for:

• Bullion bars a minimum of one-ounce
• Bullion coins a minimum of one-ounce
• American Eagle Proof coins in one-ounce and two and four-piece sets
• United States minted coins before 1933
• Silver quarters and dimes

All bars and coins weighing less than one ounce are charged a spread of 28 percent. The website clearly disclosed client breakeven appreciating between 14.94 and 38.88 percent depending on the specific purchase. Liquidation fees are extra with a current rate of one percent. All additional costs are stated upfront. Goldline will even purchase back products purchased by clients. All of these fees are compatible with other companies within the industry.

Goldline also offers clients a variety of programs for the management of price volatility post-purchase. This is called the Goldline Price Shield Program and the Price Guarantee Program. Once the purchase price is locked, clients receive price volatility protection. Price Guarantee covers purchases of a minimum of $10,000. Price Shield covers purchases of $75,000 or more. The Price Guarantee Program is a good example.

If a client purchased more than $10,000 of gold coins at a cost of $250 each, and the price decreased to $220 during the period covered by the program, the client can request purchase repricing for the lower amount. The Two Way Price Guarantee enables clients to take advantage of price increases. The client can make another purchase at the initial purchase price. Price Shield is a very similar program, with periods beginning at three months and some lasting for as long as one year.

The difference is made up by the firm in additional bullion and coins. The final benefit is the range of products offered by Goldline is much more extensive than many of the other companies in the industry.

How Does the Sell Back Offer Work?

The specific buy-back terms are available on the official website. The company ensures selling back precious metals is simple. Goldline has made a commitment to purchase and sell precious metals and coins simply, safely and quickly. According to the law, guaranteeing buybacks is prohibited. Despite this, the company has an impressive history of repurchasing precious metals sold to clients. In many cases, the firm has made purchases refused by other gold dealers.

The company reserves its highest bidding prices for clients. Selling precious metals is simple because only three simple steps are required.

Step One:

Contact Goldco by calling (800) 963-9798 or view product listings by visiting

Step Two:

Once Goldline has expressed an interest in purchasing the precious metals, the client sends them to the office. The company then films, counts and catalogs the products. Detailed instructions are provided by a client service representative before the client ships their products. This includes protecting all shipments with appropriate insurance.

Step Three:

Once Goldline has received and authenticated the precious metals, the client is notified of the purchase price. Liquidation is then confirmed with a client service representative. Payment is issued within a maximum of three business days after confirmation. Goldline charges a small liquidation fee of one percent.

The Bottom Line

Goldline is a solid precious metals company offering clients everything expected from this type of company including IRAs. The firm also offers some extras not generally available with most of the other companies. This includes statistical data for the market and a radio show.

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