Golden Eagle Coins Review 2023: Scam or Safe?

Whenever you talk about investing in gold or silver in 2023, it’s crucial to work with reliable individuals and make sure you’re in capable hands. Scams abound. Before you leap, look!

Working with the company that best suits your needs is important when buying precious metals. However, given that there are numerous them out there, that can be difficult.

This Golden Eagle Coins review will examine this precious metal company to see whether or not it is a reputable business. They’re real, right? Alternatively, is Golden Eagle Coins a scam? Let’s investigate.

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Gold Eagle Coins Overview

A precious metals company called Golden Eagle Coins offers its customers numerous types of gold and silver bullion goods.

Additionally, collections of American Gold Eagle Coins, as well as bars and leaves, are offered for sale.

The first ever gold coins were produced by the American government in 1975.

The first golden eagle coins were produced after 200 years. Additionally, these coins were approved by the US Congress.

In essence, these coins have great historical significance. Each of them has wonderful qualities. These include eagles that convey a patriotic message, the Lady of Liberty’s picture, and 50 stars that represent each state of the Union.

Additionally, these coins are 22 karats, 91% pure gold, 5.33% copper, and 3% silver. The most popular bullion coins in the world are Golden Eagle Coins.

Gold Eagle Coins Products

Golden Eagle Coins offers a diverse range of bullion and numismatic coins to cater to both investors and collectors:


Their gold collection includes American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, European gold bullion, and gold bars ranging from 5 to 100 ounces.

Silver Coins

Silver enthusiasts can choose from a variety of options, such as silver coins, silver eagles, cryptocurrency silver rounds, silver bullets, silver bullion products, and silver bars spanning from 1 to 1,000 ounces.


In the platinum category, you’ll find platinum bullion coins and platinum bars ranging from 1 to 5 grams.

Palladium Coins

Golden Eagle Coins offers Palladium Eagles and bars for those interested in this precious metal.


Buyers can acquire bars of rhodium, available in sizes of 1 or 5 ounces.


Their copper selection includes rounds and coins like the Walking Liberty Rounds, Saint-Gaudens Rounds, and Morgan Rounds.

US Coins

Explore a wide variety of US coins, including pre-1933 coins, half dollars, commemoratives, proof sets, and mint sets.


Currency collectors can find notes ranging from $1 to $1,000, which include Confederate notes, Colonial currency, and fractional currency.

Foreign Coins and Notes

Golden Eagle Coins also offers a selection of currency from more than 100 countries.

Ancient Coins

For those interested in the history of coins, they provide classical and nonclassical gold and silver coins, encompassing Arabic, Greek, Roman, and medieval varieties.

Golden Eagle Coins’ extensive range of offerings caters to a wide spectrum of numismatic and investment interests.

How are Golden Eagle Coins Purchased?

Four different types of Golden Eagle Coins are available for purchase.

Each of these has a distinct purchasing procedure. Here they are.

The United States Mint sells proof versions of the Golden Eagle coin. The coins are enclosed in a secure capsule, and you will also receive an authentication certificate when you purchase them. However, you shouldn’t choose this if you wish to invest.

Bullion coins: Throughout the United States, you can buy bullion coins from various precious metals and bullion businesses. They are designed for investors as well.

Coins manufactured for circulation but not delivered to the Federal Reserve Bank are known as “circulating coins” and are made just as they are described in their name.

Uncirculated coins are produced using a particular extra process to ensure quality. Investors may also purchase them through the United States Mint.

Does the Company Offer Precious Metal IRAs

Yes, IRAs are available on Golden Eagle Coin. In actuality, Golden Eagle Coins satisfy the requirements for IRAs.

In their IRA accounts, Golden Eagle Coins are being used by more and more people as a result.

And because the majority of your IRAs are self-directed, you will have total control over them. Here is how to start a Gold IRA account:

Inform the IRA custodian that Golden Eagle Coins will be added.

Fill out the application form with the necessary information. The precious metals can then be included after that.

Invest your money in your chosen investments. Additionally, make sure you won’t contribute more to your IRA than allowed by the IRS.

You merely need to give your IRA custodian a call if you wish to sell your precious metals.

Additionally, you always have the option of a rollover if you already have an IRA account.

IRA Fees

Currently, the IRS only permits customers or investors to buy Golden Eagle Coins for a minimum of $5000.

If you intend to make additional purchases, you must ensure that the next orders you place will total at least $1,000.

Other costs include:

Fees for transactions

Storage costs

Paying commissions

Administrative charges

Payment Method Procedures

Depending on the cost of your orders, Golden Eagle Coins accepts a variety of payment options. The payment options, together with their delivery costs, order minimums, and maximums, are listed below.

Wire Transfer

Order minimum of $2,500, no maximum order, ships within 1 to 2 days with a bank wire transfer.

Check (Personal/Bank)

Orders between $0 and $50,000 are shipped within 10 banking days of receiving the check.

Money Order

Orders with a money order totaling $0 to $10,000 are delivered 10 banking days after being received.

Credit Card

Orders with a total of $0 to $1,000 must be shipped to the billing address within 1 to 5 days.


Orders must be placed for a total of $0 to $25,000, ship in 1 to 5 days, and go to the billing address.


Cash totaling $0 to $10,000, but only for local pickup


Count on the business

Been operating for more than 46 years

Offers top-notch goods

You have total authority.

Excellent client service

Better customer service


The website does not list the IRA fees.

Extremely poor BBB rating

Unimpressive Yelp rating

To Sum Up

This company seems legitimate. It offers top-notch goods and services. Its longevity is also remarkable

However, it mysteriously misses important details like the IRA costs. Yes, it has received complaints from previous customers, and the BBB has given it low internet ratings.

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