Review 2023: Scam Risk or Safe?

Investing in safe-haven assets like gold and other precious metals is a sensible and effective approach to increasing your wealth at a time when market volatility is at or close to all-time highs.

One business you may have come across if you’re interested in investing in precious metals is One of the top precious metals merchants in America, has been in operation for more than 40 years.

This review will offer you the whole picture and assist you in deciding whether this well-known business is the best choice for growing and safeguarding your wealth.

Protect Your Wealth & Get Huge Tax Savings! Overview

One of the first precious metals traders in America is called GoldDealer. This California numismatic investments firm assist you in investing your retirement account (IRA) funds in precious metals in addition to buying gold and silver bullion. Bullion in the form of gold, silver, palladium, rhodium, and platinum is traded by the firm.

In addition, there are options like rare coins and bullion with a small mintage. The business provides real-time bullion quotes so you may pick the ideal precious metals for your investments. They provide their customers with free shipping, a national metals price rate, and no commission on sales.

  • Tangible Assets
  • California Coins
  • Bullion Merchant Association
  • Professional Numismatics Guild

The organization has been unstoppable since 1956 as it guarantees client pleasure thanks to such formidable partners by its side. The company ships bullion all around the world for free, including packaging and shipping.

Who Owns and Managed

GoldDealer is a precious metals trader who will also buy your gold and silver bullion. They are a brokerage company that has been in operation for a while. The business is quite established, and it upholds its customs and principles. GoldDealer’s president, Richard Schwary, has been working in the industry for forty years. Before Ken Edwards passed away in 2018, he co-managed the business for 37 years with Ken.

Richard has been a lifelong member of both the Numismatic Literary Guild and the American Numismatic Association. Richard participated in the creation of the California coin sales tax statute for rare and bullion coins.

While conducting business with Minnesota and the Bullion Merchants Association, he was the first to suggest the dealer surety bond. The president is a contributor to A Guide Book of US Coins since he is an authority on rare coins. Richard has testified as a certified witness for the FTC and the State of California. Products and Services

People can buy a wide range of domestic and foreign bullion and coin goods through, or CNI, to have them delivered, stored, or deposited into a self-directed IRA.

It’s important to note, however, that the corporation does not operate secure storage facilities, but rather contracts with third parties. They are no longer regarded as legitimate IRA custodians because of this.

Nevertheless, provides a variety of precious metals for sale. Individuals and investors can buy bullion, coins, bars, or any number of IRA-approved metals, including gold, silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium, and more.

The business provides extra services like free appraisals and market information in addition to its wide range of these items. In the end, (CNI) ranks among the country’s oldest precious metals traders.

They provide IRA services for customers interested in investing their IRA funds in gold, silver, and other precious metals in addition to a wide range of bullion and numismatic merchandise.

Bullion and Precious Metals

In comparison to other precious metals businesses that only deal in gold and silver, has a competitive advantage.

The company also buys and sells bullion bars and goods made of other rare metals, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. They do sell gold and silver bullion bars and coins ranging in size from one ounce to kilogram.

Customers and investors may fully utilize the company’s varied choice of valuable metal options for their retirement savings and investment portfolio by turning to for rare coins or bullion with a small mintage.

You may probably find any precious metal bullion or coin product you’re looking for at, from one-ounce American Silver Eagles to Australian Platinum Kangaroos.

To add value, they also provide zero commissions on customer purchases, a national price rate, free delivery, and safe storage at an independent storage facility that is fully insured and CME-certified.

Precious Metals IRAs partners with New Direction IRA to provide IRA services for consumers wishing to include gold, silver, and other precious metals in their retirement portfolios, in addition to their extensive assortment of coins and bullion.

As already indicated, they serve more as a conduit for these investing services than as genuine conservators. You can get assistance setting up any variety of precious metal IRA products at

An IRA account’s first establishment charge is $150. A $225 annual storage cost and a $295 maximum annual management fee are additionally charged.

You can put aside a portion of your yearly salary once the custodian opens your self-directed IRA account to increase your retirement savings.

Silver Coins

The website offers fourteen silver and gold coins. And the majority of coins have a maximum value of $30. Additionally, a silver coin will typically sell for up to $26 if you wish to sell it.

.999 pure silver weighs 28.3 grams in an American Silver Eagle. This coin was also produced by the US Mint, and it has many design elements with the American Gold Eagle, which features the Bald Eagle and Liberty on opposite sides. Since 2001, these coins have been manufactured in bulk.

The 28.3-gram Canadian Maple Leaf was produced by the Canadian Royal Mint. Canada’s national emblem is the maple leaf, which features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the reverse.

In 2008, the Australian Mint produced 28.3-gram Austrian Silver Philanthropic coins. Vienna’s Golden Hall and a great pipe organ are depicted on the coin’s design, and twenty million coins are produced each year.

The 30-gram Chinese Silver Panda coin is a limited-edition item. It was produced in 1983 by the People’s Republic of China and featured a panda’s face on one side. The Temple of Heaven is depicted on the backside.

Silver Coins

The GoldDealer website lists twelve silver bullion bars. The lowest weight of the bars is 28.3 grams, and the largest weight is 2834 grams. There are also 1000-gram silver bars available. You can also find Canadian gold maple leaf and lunar gold coins here.

Since its creation in 1960, the Johnson Matthey 28.3 grams silver bar has gained notoriety. JM is a well-known and esteemed refiner in both the US and Canada. The bar is the same weight and size throughout.

The 28.3 gram Silver Bar Britannia, which is composed of.999 pure silver, is one of the most elegant designs. Brittania clutching a trident and shield is depicted on the front of the bar, while the weight and mintage company are featured on the back.

Compared to the other silver bars on the list, the 2834-gram Asahi Silver bar is unique. The weight of the bar and the Asahi trademark are both on the bar.

Platinum Bullion

There are 12 distinct platinum coins and bars. Although they have differing weights, the American Platinum Eagle, Australian Platinum Kangaroo, and Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf are all common coins. The cost of the coins ranges from 500 dollars to a thousand dollars. PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar and Baird Platinum Bar, both of which weigh 28 3 grams, are the only two platinum bars on the list of GoldDealer.

Palladium Bullion Coins

The rarer palladium coin is expensive compared to the other precious metals. There are just two bars and two bullion coins of palladium available. These products each weigh 28.3 grams, and the coins and bars will cost more than $2,000 each.

The Services That GoldDealer Provides

As one of the top businesses in the precious metals industry, GoldDealer provides several services that are essential when buying something so pricey and delicate.


Market intelligence is provided by GoldDealer to both customers and the business. Additionally, they add the position of the market at the time and the selling price of a specific bullion. As a result, you’ll understand just how to invest in precious metals.

Additionally, you can ask questions by filling out the form. You can choose the name of your chosen employee and fill out the form with your name and mailing address on the website under “employee contact list.”

Gold and Silver Coin Quality and Grading

For the corporation, the coin’s quality is far more significant than its grade. Some coins are more advantageous than coins of the same grade, and they are also in much better shape. The coins are graded using sight-seen and sight-unseen conditions.

No-Cost Consultation

The business will purchase coins and money from any other business, and it will even provide a consultation by phone or mail.

Precious Metal IRAs or Gold IRAs

You can open individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, with the assistance of The GoldDealer. This company will act as a precious metals broker. The gold and silver IRAs are rather common. The IRS must authorize the custodian, the broker, and the depository for the IRA to function.

The cost to open an IRA account is roughly $150. The yearly administration price can be up to $300, and the storage fee is roughly $225. The minimum purchase quantity, however, is not stated.

If you are qualified for an IRA, the custodian will open one for you and transfer the money to it. You’re only allowed to put a fraction of your yearly revenue into those accounts.

When the custodian informs the broker that precious metals are being purchased, the GoldDealer steps in. You can select the metal of your choice, and it will be sent to the depository of your choice.

The Delaware Depository, CNT Depository, International Depository Services, or AM Global Logistics, LLC are your options for the depository, while Equity Trust is the suggested custodian for the GoldDealer.

Golddealer Website Review

The site received a score of 3.2 overall, with an average rating of 3 for the customer service department. The majority of reviewers complained about the company’s time management and said that, in comparison to other dealers on the market, the GoldDealer takes up significantly more time than anticipated. Another client complained that the staff had bad customer service and had little interest in clarifying things or communicating with clients. The state of their merchandise was critiqued by another reviewer. Instead of the items, customer service was the subject of the majority of complaints.

BCA, or Business Consumer Alliance

On this site, there aren’t many reviews. However, the BCA gave them a AAA rating, and our site has received 0 complaints about them.

BBB: Better Business Bureau

Additionally, there are no complaints on this website. The BBB gave the business an A+ rating. However, since the Better Business Bureau has fewer reviews than Trust Pilot does, there is only one claim to be made.

Why We Enjoy Using

There are many reasons to prefer, including its strong reputation, a wide range of precious metals investment alternatives, and more than 40 years of industry experience. Working with them has several benefits, including:

Affordable Prices

The prices for the products and investment services offered by are competitive when compared to those of other gold dealers and precious metals businesses.

A Fine Selection

By offering bullion and coins in a variety of rare metals confirmed by the highly regarded Professional Coin Grading Service, excels in product diversity and quality.

Fast and Simple Transactions

It is comparatively simple and hassle-free to buy and sell gold and other precious metals and precious metal items. On coin purchases exceeding $1,500, the firm offers simple transactions with no tax or paperwork.

Educational Materials

The website, despite its archaic design, is chock-full of great learning materials and insightful data on precious metals, numismatics, and a range of topics that are helpful to novice investors hoping to advance their investment skills.

What We Find Disappointing About isn’t perfect, despite its long experience in the sector and an amazing array of investing alternatives. It has several drawbacks, including:

Outdated Website

The company’s website is antiquated and not particularly user-friendly, despite being beneficial and packed with fantastic information for potential investors in precious metals.

In addition to being crowded and ugly, there are occasionally technical issues, especially when updating metal price information.

A Lack of Transaction Updates

Regarding order confirmations, delivery details, and the reception of payments, does not consistently give information or updates.

While the sales staff strives to make the purchasing process as simple as possible, the client typically must check on the status of their transaction.

Inadequate Service and Support

In a similar line, there is significant room for improvement in the company’s customer service.

Despite giving excellent service while guiding customers through the purchasing process, many complain of being mainly ignored or encountering impolite treatment once eventually getting in touch with someone.

IRA Fees for Gold Dealers

When purchasing and selling any stock, bond, precious metal, or other investment asset, fees are simply the name of the game. However,’s setup costs for a precious metals IRA are more than reasonable.

The costs consist of:

$150 is the initial setup price

$225 in annual storage fees

Admin Charges – $75 to $295 per year

Conclusions Regarding has been trading verified coins and precious metals for decades, as opposed to fly-by-night precious metals businesses that appear one day and vanish the next.

Like the incredibly liquid and active Money Metals market, the company buys, sells, and trades every kind and kind of precious metal, including Silver Eagle Coins, Australian Silver Kangaroos, and Chinese Gold Pandas.

It is simple to understand why keeps expanding into one of America’s top precious metals organizations with a sizable selection of bullion and coins to pick from as well as IRA services for individuals looking to incorporate precious metals into their retirement savings.

Despite its flaws, it is a reliable business with a reliable reputation. Just keep in mind that before making an investing decision, as with any trade or buy, you should be certain that you comprehend the figures and basics.

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