GoldCore Review 2023: Are They a Legit Company or a Scam?

You may have come across GoldCore if you are seeking a dealer company for gold and silver investment. Gold and silver coins are the focus of the precious metals firm GoldCore. They undoubtedly have you wondering if they are real. We shall examine if they are worthwhile investments in this post. Do you believe them? Start with this GoldCore review!

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Goldcore Overview

Based in Dublin, Ireland, GoldCore is a precious metals investment firm and global bullion dealer. With more than 14,400 clients, over $130 million in assets under administration and storage, and access to corporate, institutional, and retail investors, it is available to all types of investors.

The first Irish gold broker was established in 2003 and was called GoldCore. As a commitment to providing its clients with the highest possible level of supervision, GoldCore switched its regulatory registration to the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority in 2017, replacing its prior regulatory oversight by the Central Bank of the Republic of Ireland, which had been in place since 2003.

They have built their storage facilities and services and today serve customers from more than 130 countries. Perth Mint Certificates, GoldSaver (a gold accumulation program), and bullion coin and bar delivery are just a few of the precious metal goods and services offered by GoldCore.

What are the Products Offered?

The organization provides bullion coins and bars in various sizes, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. There are other precious metals available that can never be seen in other precious metals companies. These are obtained straight from reputable government mints and authorized refiners.

The gold and silver metals that are now offered on their website are as follows:


Gold, gold bars, and gold coins can all be bought by investors. Investors have the option to purchase gold through GoldCore for direct delivery or safe storage.

Their team of professionals can provide a wide selection of hold products to diversify your portfolio and has experience working with different sorts of investors.

A variety of gold goods are available, including American Eagles, American Gold Buffaloes, and Gold Bullion Bars.


With GoldCore, investors can also buy silver. Silver is available in the form of coins, bars, and silver.

They provide a selection of silver investing choices. Silver bullion coins, silver bars, Silver Britannias, Silver American Eagle Tube, and Silver Canadian Maple Leaf are a few examples of well-known silver investments that you can purchase.

With GoldCore, investors can also buy precious metals like silver. Silver is available in the form of coins, bars, and silver.

They provide a selection of silver investing choices. Silver Britannias, Silver American Eagle Tube, and Silver Canadian Maple Leaf are a few examples of well-known silver investments that you can purchase.

Excellent Precious Metals IRA at GoldCore

Prior to today, GoldCore didn’t offer these services, but they do now offer precious metals IRAs, like gold and silver IRAs. But be aware that GoldCore is not an IRA custodian, despite the fact that they provide precious metals that are IRA-eligible.

You only need to adhere to these straightforward guidelines to begin your precious metals IRA with GoldCore. You must establish an account with a recognized custodian. Once your account is set up, you can deposit money into it via a personal check or bank wire, a direct transfer from one custodian to another, or an IRA rollover.

You can add GoldCore as a prospective third party or precious metals dealer if your IRA is currently with one of GoldCore’s authorized custodians. You can buy approved gold and/or silver from the firm once your account has been funded.

You have the choice of storing your gold and/or silver in a personal vault or one of GoldCore’s secure vaults. Contact your GoldCore agent once your account has been funded. You are prepared to purchase gold or silver after they have confirmed the availability of funds.

GoldCore Prices and Fees

The costs of GoldCore’s products are reasonable. Although they may not be the cheapest in the business, the pricing of their precious metal products is nonetheless enticing. Overall, the precise cost and charges you will incur will depend on the particular goods you buy, but the following is an overview:

Premium: For gold, silver, and platinum, GoldCore adds a tiny surcharge to the spot price. Typically, the premium for gold is 0.5% and for silver it is 1.0%.

Storage: GoldCore charges a 10 basis point annual storage cost for gold and a 20 basis point annual storage fee for silver and platinum. This implies that the annual storage price for 1 ounce of gold stored with GoldCore would be $1.00.

Transaction fees: For purchasing and selling gold and silver, GoldCore levies a 0.5% transaction fee. Accordingly, if you spent $1,000 to acquire 1 ounce of gold, you would pay $5 in transaction costs. Silver or gold redemption is free of transaction costs.

Minimum Deposit Required: $100 is the required minimum deposit for GoldCore. This implies that before you can begin buying, selling, or redeeming gold, you must have at least $100 in your account.

What Is GoldCore’s Operational Process?

You can purchase gold and silver bullion from the precious metals trader GoldCore online or over the phone. You have to set up an account with GoldCore and make a deposit before you can make purchases. You can then start buying gold and silver bullion once you’ve completed this.

You only need to go to their website and click the “Open Account” button to get started. Basic details like your name, address, and email address will be required of you.

You must make a deposit into your account after it has been opened. You can do this with a credit card, bank transfer, or wire transfer. You can now buy their silver and gold bullion selections once you have successfully added money to your account!

You must choose whether you want your gold and silver bullion delivered to you or kept in GoldCore’s vault after making your purchase. You must provide your shipping address if you want delivery. If you decide to store your gold and silver bullion, GoldCore will do it in a safe environment.

GoldCore Shipping Services

Whether it be domestic shipping or international shipping, GoldCore provides a variety of shipping services. They collaborate with a number of recognized shipping and courier businesses, including FedEx, UPS, and Brinks. Your shipment’s weight, size, and destination all affect the shipping costs.

For all orders over $10,000, the company provides free shipping. Additionally, your choice of shipping courier will affect how quickly your package arrives. Be aware that you might only be able to mail your order with Brink’s if you live in a nation that is not serviced by FedEx or UPS.

All GoldCore shipments are fully insured, and you will receive tracking information so you can keep track of their whereabouts. Last but not least, you must sign for the delivery of your gift. This will guarantee that the right person receives the package.

GoldCore Storage Service

Customers can store actual precious metals in secure vaults located in some of the safest jurisdictions and vaults in the world through the company’s service, GoldCore Secure Storage. These are only a few of these places:

Zurich, Switzerland’s Brink’s Global Vaults

Loomis Fargo Vaults, a US location in New York City

Delaware Depository Trust Company, a US company, is located in Wilmington.

London, United Kingdom’s Via Mat International Vaults

Any of the ensuing storage choices are yours. They, as well as the quantity and weight of your precious metal assets, will determine the costs and prices. The client’s coins and bars are reconciled on a daily basis. This reconciles the bullion holdings to the vault providers’ holdings.

Pooled Storage

The least secure but most cost-effective alternative for storing your bullion is pooled storage. Your metal will be kept in a shared vault compartment with other bullion. As a result, you won’t be able to trace the exact bars or coins that are yours and each bar or coin won’t have a special serial number.

Segregated Storage

This is nevertheless very secure even though it is less secure than allotted storage. Your bullion will be separated from other bullion by serial number and kept in a common vault compartment. As a result, you will be aware of the bars or coins that belong to you, but they won’t be kept in a dedicated compartment.

Allocated Storage

The safest way to store your gold or silver products and even bullion is in allocated storage. Your metal will be kept apart from other bullion by being kept in a separate compartment in the vault. Additionally, each bar or coin will have a special serial number that will allow you to identify it as yours at all times. This assures safe and secure precious metal investments.

Payment Methods Accepted

Like any other well-known precious metals firm operating abroad, GoldCore accepts a number of different forms of payment from consumers. The list below includes the following:

Goldcore’s preferred method of payment is a bank wire transfer. It is a safe and dependable method of money transfer.

Visa and Mastercard

These are accepted by GoldCore for payments. For credit card payments, there is a processing fee of 3.5%.

Debit card

Visa and Mastercard debit cards are accepted by GoldCore. Debit card payments, however, include a processing fee of 3.5 percent.


PayPal is accepted by Goldcore. For PayPal payments, there is a processing fee of 3.5%.


Goldcore is Bitcoin-compatible. Although this is a more recent payment option, it is gaining popularity.

Keep in mind that not every payment option is available to you. Depending on your region, they could change. As an example, you might not be able to finance your Goldcore account with PayPal if you reside in the United States.

Does the Company Offer Buyback?

There is a buyback program at GoldCore, and there is no minimum order requirement. Anytime you choose, you can return your gold or silver bullion to GoldCore. The buyback price will be determined by the spot price for gold or silver at the time.

You must first get in touch with them to start a repurchase, and they will then advise you on the next actions to take. They will first remove your bars and take them into an authorized vault to be evaluated.

Bullion that GoldCore sold to its customers but was left in its storage vaults will be gladly purchased back by the company. When it comes to non-client bullion stored in vaults that are not owned by GoldCore, it must first be transported there, verified, and maybe analyzed.

Remember that trade is only allowed during the store’s regular business hours.

GoldCore Customer Service

GoldCore’s Customer Service and Support team is dedicated, knowledgeable, and attentive to the needs of its devoted clients, living up to the company’s renowned services. You can get in touch with them in a number of ways. You can see the following below:

Customer service is offered by GoldCore’s customer support team round-the-clock, every day of the week. They can assist you with your account and provide answers to your inquiries.

Live chat: On their website, GoldCore offers a live chat option.

Questions can be emailed to the customer service department of GoldCore.

Support via the phone: You can reach GoldCore’s customer service representatives at their toll-free number.

On their website, GoldCore features a knowledge base where you may find solutions to frequently asked topics. The dedicated precious metal advisors at GoldCore are always available to provide assistance and advice on storing precious metals and more.

Social media: You may get in touch with GoldCore through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn sites. They are active on these platforms.

What is a GoldCore Pension Account?

With the help of the GoldCore Pension Account, you can include gold investments in your retirement plan. It permits investors to purchase and store actual gold in a small self-administered scheme (SSAS) or self-invested personal pension (SIPP).

By holding a physical asset that is seen as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty, investors can take advantage of the tax benefits of a SIPP or SSAS. Keep in mind that you do not become the legal owner of the gold when you buy it for your SIPP or SSAS. Instead, the gold belongs to your SIPP or SSAS.

Despite being a relatively new product, GoldCore Pension Account has already drawn a sizable number of investors. There are a few things you should bear in mind if you’re thinking about making an investment in a GoldCore Pension Account.

You must first open a SIPP or SSAS with an organization that provides GoldCore Pension Accounts. Second, you’ll have to give GoldCore a management charge. Third, you’ll have to pay storage costs for any gold you own in physical form. The minimum investment for a gold bullion pension plan at GoldCore is £30,000.

GoldCore Reviews and Ratings

You may get a sense of how good or poor a company’s goods and services are by reading ratings and reviews from reputable professionals. Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to read these reviews.

High net worth clients gave this company a good rating. BBB rated this with an A+ on their profile. They do not, however, have a star rating because there are no reviews. Yes, you read it correctly; they have no Better Business Bureau reviews.

Because the company is established in Ireland and only recently expanded its services through the USA, it may only have been recognized by the BBB in 2021. However, since there are no reviews, we can’t really draw any conclusions from this.

Final Verdict

In terms of investment, GoldCore is a great choice. Since its 2003 founding in Dublin, the business has established a strong name across the globe.

You can purchase precious metals like investment-grade gold, silver, and platinum. Investors located in Europe have the option of setting up precious metal IRAs.

Regarding its precious metal products, GoldCore is very open and honest. Investors can adjust prices based on the kinds of metals they’re interested in purchasing and monitor prices in real time.

Their website is easy to use and intuitive. For investors, starting a gold IRA account or purchasing precious metal products is made simple by GoldCore.

Whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned professional, GoldCore is a fantastic choice to take into account.


  • Excellent standing
  • Discreet storage
  • Available shipping internationally
  • Great online reviews
  • Low order minimums


  • Reviews only appear on a single website.
  • Customers can be charged for currency conversion.

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