Gold Vs. Silver

Gold Vs. Silver

Due to various recent events around the globe, many have rejuvenated their interests in precious metals. Gold and silver are the two unique metals that share a similar legacy despite gold being favored as being more valuable. If you are an investor and you’re wondering about what precious metal is suitable for investment during this time of uncertainty in the economy, and then continue reading below to get a glimpse of the values, gold vs. silver prices over time, gold uses, and silver uses before you make a final decision on your investments journey.


For decades, many civilized people have always perceived and admired gold as a precious metal that offers outstanding benefits and properties. From its glossy shine to its appearance that seems natural and has a brilliant luster, gold can be used in defining the make of various things in modern life via multiple ways, forms, and shapes. Here are some of the gold uses currently;

• Making Jewelry

Each year, jewelry making uses approximately 78% of gold. Most consumers who buy jewelry access gold through the jewelry; hence many cultures have adopted it in their lifestyles. Mostly it’s because it acts as a stunning adornment; it’s long-lasting, admirable, and exquisite.

• Financial investment

The high value of gold makes it fall under precious metals, which are automatically considered natural currencies. For thousands of years, gold has held its status in the economy as a principle of finances. Most of the investors get the metal in terms of gold coins, gold bullions, or gold bars.

• Making of Computers & Electronics

Highly effective as a conductor, gold is used in making most electronic devices since it can carry mini-electrical charges. Some of the electronic devices include GPS units, televisions, and cell phones. Additionally, due to its properties, gold is also used to make laptops and desktops since it can transfer information at high speeds.

• Healthcare Usage

Dentists use gold for crowns, fillings, bridges, and in making orthodontic appliances. Gold is chemically inert; hence it means that it is non-allergic and can be easily inserted. Medically, gold isotopes are also used in tiny amounts to offer diagnosis and radiation treatments.

• Aerospace

Technology has uniquely taken over the world. When it comes to the aerospace sector, there’s always a need to use dependable and productive technologies. Therefore, gold is used in this industry during electricity conduction processes, lubrication of mechanical parts, and coating the automobile’s interior to offer maximum protection against heat and any infrared radiation.

• Making of Awards & Medals

If you mention a crown, you will envision a gold one because it’s something of high esteem. Just as crowns, gold is also used in making awards and other essential statutes for religion and medals. People prefer using gold to make such apparel because it possesses alluring qualities and uncommonness in representing the highest status.


Like gold, silver is considered to be of store value and a shield mineral that can be used whenever there are uncertainties in the economy. Silver is also a particular, tangible, and private asset that investors prefer to possess. There are more silver uses and benefits that we will talk about if you need to invest in it. Here is a listing of its current uses;

• Solar Technology

Silver is used in the innovation of photovoltaic cells, commonly known as Solar Cells or PV cells. They are used in the electricity conversion from sunlight. The participation of silver metal is crucial during this conversion process.

• Innovation of Engine Bearings

Silver should be appreciated and recognized well enough because of its involvement in making engine ball bearings for airplanes, jets, and helicopters. The metal offers help to the engines of a helicopter in keeping it running because they have an advantage of operation for longer hours at maximum temperatures.

The ball bearings are enhanced to become much stronger using silver. A process known as electroplating is used in engine fortification as friction is also minimized between the engine housing and the bearings. As a result, safety is ensured whenever the engine is shut down or if something amiss happens.

• Medicine Purposes

Similar to shots and pills, germs can also be fought by the use of silver. It acts as an antibiotic that can be used for more extended term periods. Doctors have used for decades to treat the eyes of newborns silver nitrate which helps prevent any infection-related problems. Long ago, during WWI, silver was used on the battlefields to treat deep wounds. The people made silver sutures which consisted of silver wrapped up in a foil. Currently, ointments and bandages are made of silver which is meant to restrict bacterial infection issues.

• Jewelry

Predominantly a small percentage of copper is usually used with silver to make jewelry wear. The crafted pieces are made to have sterling so that they seem appealing. The jewelry pieces include earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

• Cars

Fuel and silvers have the same dependable weight when it comes to cars. Each year, in the auto manufacturing industry, and more than thirty million silver ounces are used in motor innovations. Research shows that modern vehicles that operate on electrical connections get activated through contacts coated with silver. When the engine begins to function, or when you’re opening up windows, closing it down, or even making adjustments to your car seats, it’s possible because the switch membrane is made of silver.

Gold vs. Silver Pricing Journey

Gold vs. silver prices over time have similarly moved in one direction, and its pattern, as detected for almost 12 years, has marginally gone up while ranging between $5-$45 for every silver ounce. Lately, gold is considered to be more expensive than silver as compared to a few years back. There’s an estimation in the market of about 5 billion ounces generated from gold above the ground while silver is 450 million. The correlation in prices between these two exciting metals always exists despite gold being consider above the ground as more than silver.

One of the significant reasons why gold, compared to silver, is costly is that various central banks highly demand gold, and investors require using it for purposes of jewelry making, financial investments, and it can act as currency in place of cash.
Each year, almost a billion ounces of silver gets supplied within the markets. Comparing to gold, which estimates at around 120 million, we can see that the market considers silver more than gold despite gold being of much more value. This vast difference contributes to the pricing of both metals. Hence silver has a lower value in terms of pricing than gold, and that’s why it’s highly supplied.


As a pro-investor of such outstanding metals, you can see that they have many benefits in terms of usage, but they are very different. Gold is much more exquisite than silver, but silver is highly dependable because of its affordability. When taken in the bull market, silver can be very promising in terms of revenue generation. Gold is much harder to access than silver, and that’s why many investors get exposed to silver more often.

Depending on your needs, you can go for silver or decide to settle for gold because it’s highly hyped in the market and provides better returns. Perhaps you can consider engaging with market brokers who will assist you in knowing the actual gold vs. silver price variations that are reasonable in the bullion market. However, spending more on gold will be a must for you because of its rarity in the market, unlike silver and its uses hold a higher weight, especially in terms of currencies.

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