Gold Gate Capital Review 2023: Scam Risk or Safe?

With a focus on gold and silver, Gold Gate Capital portrays itself as a specialized merchant and broker. In addition, it provides clients with customized IRA services to help them set up retirement funds.

In their product catalog, they have a wide range of gold and silver products. In this Gold Gate Capital review, you will know whether this business is deserving of your money.

Before going any further, it’s critical to realize that investing your savings is a significant task. Which companies to trust becomes crucial when thinking about using precious metals in your investing portfolio.

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Gold Gate Capital Overview

Despite the lack of background information on the website, Gold Gate Capital launched in 2015 and currently has many proprietors with more than ten years of combined gold buying and selling experience.

It is listed among the Inc. Top 500 and is also known as GGC. It is a Better Business Bureau-accredited company. GGC assists clients with opening IRAs, investing in gold and silver, and selling any precious metals they no longer require.

Gold Gate Capital Fees and Pricing

Potential clients have complained that Gold Gate Capital’s website doesn’t display any prices. Customers can click on an item to learn more about it, including its history and gold content. However, the price is not disclosed in the product description.

Only after calling GGC and speaking with a representative may customers obtain rates. The website is also quite quiet about the fees it levies.

However, several clients left supportive evaluations mentioning how the business reimbursed them for some costs.

The standard setup fee for a new GGC account is $50. When customers purchase and add more products to the account, they must pay $30 for each transfer.

Additionally, a $100 yearly fee is charged to fund the assets’ storage and insurance. Customers also pay a custodian $100 to administer the account on their behalf.

What are the Products and Services Available

The Gold Gate Capital’s best-selling items frequently include a lot of gold. Gold has a high value and also has a propensity to maintain that value. Customers have the option of buying gold coins or gold bars from GGC.

The website offers several well-known gold coins, including the American Eagle. This coin also referred to as the American Gold Eagle, has Lady Liberty on the reverse and an eagle in flight on one side. The coin comes in separate batches and contains one ounce of gold.

To protect them, each coin is delivered in a plastic flap. Customers can also purchase 200 coins in a tube or 500 coins that are shipped in Monster Boxes from GGC. GGC also provides additional gold coins:

Austrian Gold Philharmonic

American Gold Buffalo

Gold South African Krugerrand

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

Gold Rose Crown Shield

Gold Bars

Gold bars are convenient to store and function well as a component of a portfolio of investments. Every gold bar sold by GGC comes with an authenticity certificate. This certificate lists the coin’s overall gold weight and the mint that produced it.

The one-ounce gold bars available on the website are made of.9999 gold and have a paper or plastic cover.

Additionally, customers have the option of 10-ounce and 1-gram gold bars. The bars are produced by numerous mints both domestically and internationally.

The Silver Rose Crown Shield is one of the silver coins that investors purchase from Gold Gate Capital. These coins are .9999 silver and come from The East India Company LTD.

Despite having a $1.25 face value, investors will discover that they are worth more when sold on the secondary market.

Additionally, GGC offers the Silver Round, Silver American Eagle, Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, and Silver Austrian Philharmonic coins.

Junk Silver Bags

Junk silver bags are one of the more unique products sold by GGC. The bags come in two sizes: one filled with coins worth $500 and one that has $1,000 worth of coins in terms of face value only.

Most of the coins are 10% copper and 90% silver. All of the coins date to 1964 or earlier and may include Kennedy 50-cent pieces, Washington quarters, Mercury dimes, and Roosevelt dimes.

Silver Bars

All of the silver bars available for purchase from GGC are tested to make sure they have a high enough silver purity level to be accepted as an IRA investment.

They may originate from many mints or a business like Sunshine Minting and are.9999 pure silver. Silver bars in sizes of 10 and 100 ounces are available from Gold Gate Capital.

Sell Gold and Silver

Although there are many websites that offer gold and silver, selling those same things isn’t always straightforward.

In addition to purchasing gold and silver from others, GGC also does so for a variety of purposes, some of which include:

Customers in need of money to pay for unanticipated expenses or repairs.

those trying to find additional income opportunities before retiring.

investors seeking to profit from the high market prices.

People looking for a simple method to sell their gold and silver online.

Customers looking to gain money for other investments by selling some of their gold or silver.

GGC will only make an offer over the phone; no offer will be made online. Calling is required for a client to describe what they have and what they wish to sell. They can completely liquidate their holdings by selling the site all of their gold and silver.

With a partial liquidation, they can choose which items to sell. Once they get an offer, they must make arrangements for GGC to acquire the goods. Then, GGC will make sure the delivered goods correspond to what the client described. The website will send a cheque to the client’s residence as payment for the sale.

Investment Guide for 2023

Similar to the prior offer, GGC also provides an e-book version of its 2023 Investment Guide. This book examines the benefits of gold investments, the need for clients to have broad portfolios, how to roll over an older account, and ways to reduce the taxes that must be paid on such investments.

GGC requests the client’s name, phone number, and email address in addition to the best time to reach them. Similar to the last offer, some customers who received the investment advice continued to get correspondence from the business even after they let them know they had lost interest.

How to Start: Gold Gate Capital

To begin working with Gold Gate Capital, you must first decide how you will pay for a self-directed precious metal IRA account. Gold Gate Capital advises beginning with (at least) $10,000 in value.

The accounts that qualify for a rollover are listed below:

Furthermore, you should be aware that, similar to traditional IRAs, you are free to transfer any of your retirement funds to a self-directed precious metals IRA without incurring any tax repercussions.

You will be guided through each step of the procedure by a Gold Gate Capital specialist as you transfer your money to Equity Trust Company, a licensed, recognized custodian that deals with precious metals IRAs.

Your chosen custodian will aid you in streamlining tax compliance, ensuring that your investment is lawful. Every custodian is held to the highest standards by Gold Gate Capital, which has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Choose What Precious Metals You Want to Invest In

For you to make an informed choice on your retirement schedule and objectives, your Gold Gate Capital specialist will offer suggestions and information.

Due to their established track record as investments, four precious metals are currently permitted for IRAs. Silver, gold, palladium, and platinum fall within this category.

Complete the Purchase

Your professional will help you with the deal closing after assisting you with the necessary documentation. The chosen precious metal assets are subsequently delivered to a reputable depository.

Your designated custodian will be in charge of finalizing the transaction, managing the paperwork, and carrying out withdrawals.

Additionally, they will monitor the accounts they are in charge of and ensure that your precious metal valuables are kept where they should be.

Does the Company Offers Gold IRAs

Yes! Gold Gate Capital offers Gold IRAs. Potential clients can quickly learn about the advantages of starting precious metal IRAs and obtain assistance setting one up with the information and resources provided by GGC.

It is also referred to as a self-directed IRA and gives the investor the freedom to choose which precious metals to include.

The accounts may also include palladium, platinum, real estate, equities, and bonds in addition to gold or silver.

Those who want to construct a rollover account and transfer some IRA funds from another account to a gold IRA can also get assistance from GGC.

On the phone, you can reach the Gold Gate Capital specialists. An expert is available via phone to help customers choose new silver and gold products.

They can ask their custodian to move their new assets to the IRA once they have one.

An account custodian manages asset purchases and sales, as well as storage and tax preparation. Customers can also get assistance from the experts in selecting the storage facility they want to use. Brink’s, which has locations all over the world, and the Delaware Depository, which provides insurance of up to $1 billion per account, are two options that GGC frequently suggests.

Silver and Gold Info Kit

Gold Gate Capital provides a free information kit because it is aware that certain clients could decide against investing until they have additional information.

This kit explains how to open an online gold IRA as well as some of the benefits of doing so. The offer can be seen on the site’s home page and a few other sites as well.

It requests the customer’s full name, phone number, and email address. Although GGC does not require customers to register and provides the equipment at no cost, the website routinely makes calls and sends out a lot of emails to try to get visitors to open an account.

Is Gold Gate Capital Legit?

Yes! Gold Gate Capital review shows that it is legit and not a scam. Clients who have provided the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with feedback about their experiences have generally positive things to say about Gold Gate Capital. The BBB mentions 17 clients who gave the business five stars.

They spoke highly of the expertise of the GGC experts and the assistance they received when transferring assets to new accounts and making purchases of new assets.

Even though GGC also has a 5-star rating at Birdeye, some users gave this site a lesser rating. Google reviews were used in some of the comments on this page.

One customer gave the business only four stars while writing a wonderful review. Other consumers reported having positive experiences when they made one-off purchases from the website and registered for IRAs through the business.

Scam Pulse, on the other hand, only has one complaint against Gold Gate Capital. According to this article, the California Department of Labor Standards and Enforcement looked into a complaint submitted by a former employee and discovered that the business owed an employee back wages.

The employee who filed the complaint cautions customers against doing business with GGC and asserts that the business has the ability to charge customers 25% more than the value of the goods.


Resources and free investment guides

More than a decade of experience in precious metal investments.

Several gold and silver bars and coins made of gold and silver

Purchases gold and silver from customers.

They offer gold IRA services

Market-based fees that may fluctuate from hour to hour

This is a very professional organization, a very proactive group. Help traders by keeping up to date with the latest happening in precious metals.

Customers can take advantage of limited deals to obtain safes and other rewards.


No available platinum or palladium products

Doesn’t disclose the prices of precious metals to clients who are online

May charge more compared to other precious metals dealer

Final Reflections

Despite its reputation of not being a fraud, several of its problems cause some customers to be wary. Some customers find it annoying that prices are hidden on the website and that some items are more expensive than they ought to be.

The majority of customers are satisfied with the services provided by GGC and appreciate that a professional is always on hand to assist them. Always bear in mind that in such an uncertain market, Gold Gate Gate Capital is here to provide assistance.

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