Gold Alliance Review

Gold Alliance Reviews: A Complete Guide Before You Invest

If you are looking to invest in precious metals, such as gold or silver, you need to find a trustworthy and beneficial company. Gold Alliance is a top performer in precious metals dealing. It was named the #1 Fastest-Growing Gold Company in America by Inc. 5000.

Now, what is this precious metals dealer all about?

Continue reading for a complete Gold Alliance review to help you make a strong investment decision.  Or, find out if they made my list of the best gold IRAS in 2023 straight away.

What Is Gold Alliance?

Established in 2002, Gold Alliance is a precious metals dealer managed by a team of financial experts with decades of investing experience. The company offers a variety of precious metals, including gold or silver coins, bullion, and collectibles.

Gold Alliance allows interested investors to purchase precious metals and even set up a precious metals IRA. It uses three IRA custodians that are highly trusted so that clients feel comfortable with their storage.

Located in Reno, Nevada, the company has a trusted team that I enjoyed working with. Even if you are a first-time investor or intend to establish a precious metals IRA, the team is happy to walk you through the steps.

Clients can work with the Senior Portfolio Management team, an account executive, and portfolio support while managing a gold IRA account.

The company has gained popularity over the years. Gold Alliance has been featured in the following outlets:

  • Forbes

  • WSJ

  • Fox News

  • Bloomberg Business

  • Yahoo Finance

  • USA Today

Gold Alliance Leadership Team

What sets Gold Alliance apart from its competitors is the experience level of its leadership. The company started because of the team’s desire to help secure the financial future of their clients.

Investors can buy gold, silver, and other precious metals easily. However, knowing what to do with these tangible assets can make a significant difference in retirement savings.

The leaders of Gold Alliance include three partners: Joseph Sherman, Kevin Troy, and Fred Abadi.

Joseph Sherman is the CEO. Inspired by his family’s financial struggles during his childhood, he set out to guide others to financial security and freedom.

Sherman obtained a law degree from the University of Tel Aviv and is a founding member of the Precious Metals Retail Association. He is also a member of the National Ethics Association and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets.

Kevin Troy and Fred Abadi are the other two partners who also serve as the directors. Troy graduated with a Marketing degree from San Diego State University. He started working for JP Morgan Chase where he transitioned to the real estate lending sector.

With the rise and fall of technology stocks in the late 1990s, he wanted to help others secure their financial goals. Troy feels more satisfaction helping clients invest in precious metals to diversify their portfolios and prepare for their futures.

Fred Abadi earned a degree in Business Management from California State University and became a business operations leader. During his successful implementation of management strategies, he started to explore his interest in investments and trading. This led to precious metals lending, where he now enjoys building strong relationships with his clients.

Many Gold Alliance reviews rave about customer satisfaction and how this company truly delivers. It all starts with the leadership. This company’s foundation is on the backs of people who truly want to help investors make smart financial decisions to prepare for their futures.

During my experience, the ideology of neighborly assistance trickles into all sectors of Gold Alliance.

Investing With Gold Alliance

Investing With Gold Alliance

This precious metals dealer offers a wide array of investment metals. Its primary function is to offer assets, such as silver and gold bars, common bullion, platinum, and palladium.

The company has several resources to help any investor find the right assets for their portfolio. It helps clients establish a self-directed IRA (individual retirement account) before they purchase precious metals.

While overseen by custodians, the account is fully owned and controlled by the holder. Gold Alliance can help clients set up a precious metal IRA and then work with them to contribute gold and silver to the account.

Everyone gets a free consultation with a Gold Specialist and a free gold information kit. When you purchase gold, it may seem like there are no right or wrong answers. However, there are some nuances that an account manager can guide clients through. This is what I thought when I first wanted to make a precious metals investment.

After speaking with one of the many knowledgeable staff members at Gold Alliance, I realized that certain investment metals could further my portfolio based on the assets I had already accrued.

Establishing a gold IRA seems like a complex feat at first. The specialists at Gold Alliance thoroughly explain everything and help you through the application process.

Once creating the account, holders can add funds from another IRA account or a retirement plan. This takes about five days, usually. Investors can start funding the account with gold and silver or other precious metals upon the completion of this step.

A precious metals dealer can help you select the best assets to include in the account and diversify your portfolio. As such, you are never on your own.

I always had beneficial resources on hand from the company as I was acquiring precious metals and setting up my gold IRA.

Gold Alliance Resources

One of the highlights of Gold Alliance is its accessibility to information and resources. No client is in the dark when making financial decisions that impact their future.

As a result, everyone receives a free consultation with a gold specialist and a free gold information kit. This aids with clients’ understanding of gold and silver investments, including the impact that a precious metals IRA can have on their portfolio.

Gold Alliance also provides information about the risks of investment metals. It is crucial to understand all sides of a financial decision–including the potential disadvantages.

What’s more, qualifying purchases offer $15k in bonus gold, incentivizing clients to add more to their assets.

The resource that I find the most helpful (and the most interesting) is the precious metals price chart. This tracker provides information about the current market value of gold and silver.

It also displays the historic pricing of these precious metals and how they have been impacted by the stock market. I find it so fascinating to have that knowledge at my fingertips so that I can better my understanding of my investment.

Finally, if you are a first-time investor in precious metals, have no fear! Gold Alliance has a complete FAQ section detailing everything you should know about buying gold coins, bars, and more. Gold investments are a fantastic financial resource, especially for retirement savings.

The leadership at Gold Alliance understands that more than just experienced investors are looking to purchase precious metals. As such, Gold Alliance offers accessible information to their clients just breaking out of their investment comfort zone.

Is Gold Alliance a Scam?

I can confidently say that Gold Alliance is not a scam. However, my word may not be all the proof you need to start investing your hard-earned money in Gold Alliance. Consider Mike Huckabee. The former politician exclusively recommends the company for purchasing gold, establishing gold IRAs, and exploring other precious metals offerings.

Additionally, Gold Alliance has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, proving that not only is it a legitimate company but it also keeps its clients satisfied. It has thousands of customers, so this is indeed an accomplishment.

Consider also the experience of the leadership team. They sell precious metals after years of experience with investing and trading. The members have good intentions when it comes to helping people diversify their portfolios and prepare for the future.

Does Gold Alliance Have Any Red Flags?

Gold Alliance offers lots of resources to help even the most experienced investors. The precious metals company does not have any red flags with flashing alarms telling you to turn back now. Instead, whether you choose to invest your money and start a gold IRA with it could depend on your overall preference.

The business is a legitimate company. Its website displays its full precious metals offerings for investors to shop. One downside is that it does not show any of the prices.

Those interested must call the company to discuss their purchase and start the process of creating a gold IRA. Nevertheless, many investment companies do not display the prices next to their assets.

These businesses take this precaution so that interested customers who call are serious about their purchase decision. Additionally, it helps account managers understand the steps customers would need to take before acquiring their gold and silver. Do they need to establish their gold IRAs, or are they existing clients? How should they prepare for precious metals IRAs?

What Customers Say About Gold Alliance

As someone with experience working with Gold Alliance, I can contribute to this section confidently. However, it is important to look beyond one Gold Alliance review to get a wider perspective.

Firstly, the company has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It also has an average of 4.98 stars out of five among customer reviews.

The BBB-accredited company actively works to close complaints, prioritizing customer care and ensuring that the business is solid.

People who trust Gold Alliance, its precious metals, and its gold IRA custodians have a positive experience.

Features and Benefits of Gold Alliance

Benefits of Gold Alliance

There are so many reasons to invest in this company. Some of the primary services that Gold Alliance offers include:

  • Buying and selling precious metals

  • Opening a self-directed IRA

  • Providing resources for investors

Diverse Selection of Precious Metals

Some precious metals investment companies limit their offerings to a small mix. An example is an investment company that only offers gold and silver because of their higher status in society and placement of stock market prices.

If you want to expand beyond gold and silver, there are other options that Gold Alliance provides. Clients are not limited to a gold IRA, but rather, they can open a precious metals IRA if so desired.

Gold Coins

A main selling point of Gold Alliance is its gold coins. This is where the company’s name comes from, so we would hope that gold plays a major role here. Its gold offerings range from common bullion to limited mintage and collectibles.

The website makes clear which assets are eligible for an IRA investment, which makes the shopping process simpler for those with an investment goal.

Silver Coins

Like gold, silver ranges in value from common bullion to limited edition. If coins are not your forte, Gold Alliance also has silver bars for an added cost.

Palladium and Platinum

Gold Alliance offers more than some traditional gold dealers. They provide opportunities for investors to purchase palladium and platinum. While not as common an investment tool as gold or silver, these assets could help with your portfolio over time.

Speak with a Gold Alliance specialist to discuss the effects of this investment and whether you could gain or lose money.

Since these precious metals are not as popular, there is a smaller selection of platinum and palladium. Nevertheless, these assets could be a fruitful opportunity for your financial future.

Assist With Establishing a Precious Metals or Gold IRA

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of Gold Alliance is its assistance with establishing a precious metals or gold IRA. This account is required to purchase from the company. However, you should not worry about not having one.

The specialists can walk you through the entire process so that you are comfortable opening and managing your personal, self-directed gold IRA.

Gold Alliance works with three third-party custodians:

  • GoldStar Trust Company

  • Preferred Trust Company

  • Delaware Depository

Gold Alliance does not often send physical gold to your front doorstep. While you can opt for this, the company tends to rely on third-party custodians to maintain them in a facility approved by the IRA.

Also, Gold Alliance helps break down the storage fees so that you can understand how to pay and uphold your account.

Gold Alliance Fees

No Gold Alliance review would be complete without an overview of the account fees required to be a client.

The company charges clients an annual rate of $180 for storage and maintenance. There is no minimum investment. All clients are free to make the purchase that best suits their wallets.

When it comes to the price of precious metals featured by Gold Alliance, they tend to be a little higher. The business does this so that gold IRA costs and maintenance fees can stay low. There is a bit of a trade-off, but this makes regular payments more manageable.

Gold Alliance FAQs

Do I Have to Open a Gold IRA?

Gold Alliance does not require that you open a self-directed gold IRA but they highly recommend it. Clients have more security over their assets and this allows for a more promising monetary future.

If you choose to store the precious metals yourself, you must take precautions, as there are more risks to your investment when caring for the physical metals.

How Does Gold Alliance Assist First-Time Precious Metals Investors?

There are resources for all clients, but Gold Alliance makes it easy for first-timers to get their foot in the door to investing in precious metals. The company has infographics, brochures, informational packets, and more.

Customer services are stellar at Gold Alliance. It is easy to contact a specialist to review your account, ask questions, and address concerns regarding the investment.

How Do I Make an Initial Investment?

Gold Alliance does not allow customers to make purchases through its website. If you are interested in investing, you must call the company directly to discuss the pricing and how to set up an account.

The process is relatively simple because a specialist is there to help.

The Bottom Line

Gold Alliance is a well-respected and well-established precious metals dealer. It consistently has positive customer reviews, and this review is no different.

The company stands out among its competitors by providing expert investment knowledge while guiding people to make the best decisions for their retirement savings.

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