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Do you want to level up your transactions? If yes, you should try GoCoins. To help you know whether it’s best for you, here is a comprehensive review of the company.

Who is GoCoins?

GoCoins is a company founded on July 4, 2013. It is based in Singapore, Central Region, Singapore. It is a digital currency payment gateway for e-commerce merchants all around the world to accept Bitcoin as a payment option.

It was a service that enabled you to pay for items with your earned points from participating in video games, events, etc.    

The firm comes with 18 investors, such as Owen Van Natta and Blockchain Capital. If you’re interested in the services of GoCoins, you can contact them through their email at info@gocoin.com and phone number: +65 4242341640.

They also partner with big brands, including Subway, Disney, Coca-Cola, etc., to give opportunities for earning free GoCoins. Additionally, they also offer a referral program that allows you to get money by referring friends who purchase something on their site.

How Does GoCoins Works?

GoCoins is easy to start for your business. It also offers informative articles on what coins you can use and the amount of money you can get from different activities.

Once you’ve earned your first coins, you can redeem them and use them for gifts or money.

Some choices are gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, and more. If you choose a gift card, it will be mailed to your specified address.

On the other hand, if you redeem points for money, you can view its worth in USD through their homepage and redeem consequently.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of GoCoins

Like other companies, GoCoins also has specific advantages and disadvantages.


Excellent referral system

About the referral programs of GoCoins, you can refer friends to their site through your link. They can get $5 for their first purchase after spending under $100. If they spend over $100, they can get a $25 credit for your account.

Earning opportunity

If you want a small business where you can earn some money, GoCoins is the solution. There are many online and offline games and brands where you can join to earn coins.

Great selection of gift cards

It is among the few websites which can provide a list of gift cards from brands, including iTunes, Google Play, and Apple Store. If you lack debit/credit cards and want to get music or apps from these sites, GoCoins will help you.

Easy redemption

It is among the most accessible points of currency services today to redeem. To begin, you should provide GoCoins with your shipping details. Then, you can redeem them for cash or gift cards.

Money-saving deals

The company provides different money-saving deals and promotions, which can assist you in freeing up some of your coins and using them in other ways.

Variety of users

As you join the firm, you participate in a community of more than 1,000,000 users. Each one who joined with a unique link to their account can see their coins earned and see their personal points statistics.


Customer service

Some complaint about the customer service of GoCoins. Some customers complained regarding the lack of details provided to clients and difficulty in reaching their support team.

Inaccurate information

Another disadvantage of GoCoins is they make it hard to work with their customer support team. So, you should get more information on how to redeem rewards and earn to make your business worth it.

Excessive transaction fees

GoCoins also charge excessive transaction fees as you cash out your earned points through their service.

Is GoCoins Worth It?

Yes, GoCoins is worth it if you want to level up your shopping experience. Some investors who want to use bitcoin in their transactions stated that they had had a positive experience with the company.

Conclusion: Tangible Investments at hwy laguna beach ca

To sum it up, GoCoins can be a good investment if you’re satisfied with receiving gift cards. They offer great gift cards selection from top brands like iTunes, Google Play, and more.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want poor customer service, the company may not be perfect for you.  We’d suggest looking into Ace Coins or even Americash Coins.

In addition, they also charge excessive fees for their transactions. You can opt for other alternatives like Tangible Investments. It is among the top companies that offer rare coins in the United States.

Aside from the rare coin, they can also offer excellent support, which is a sign that it’s a good investment. They have raised standards when it comes to serving their clients.

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