Fidelitrade Review 2023: Scam Risk or Safe?

Many of you are probably thinking of diving into the precious metals division. But before you do so, you will need a trustworthy partner.

Finding a precious metals company you can trust is quite hard. However, some companies are worth giving your trust to. One of them is FideliTrade.

Fidelitrade is all about investing in different precious metals, and they’ve got your back every step of the way. They are not just any company; they are a full-service firm, ready to assist you in Wilmington, Delaware.

It’s important to not confuse this firm with the Fidelity Gold IRA. (Important.)

Now, before you work with them, you are probably wondering, “Can I trust them?” According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), FideliTrade has been around since 1997. That is a pretty solid track record, don’t you think? Plus, you might want to know who’s steering the ship. The President of the company is Jonathon Potts, and the Vice President is Grace Stockley.

So, stick around, and we’ll tell you more about FideliTrade and how they can help you venture into the exciting world of the precious metals division.

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Getting to Know the Company

Back in 1997, something big was brewing in the world of precious metals, and it all started with a guy named Jonathon Potts.

Jonathon was no ordinary fellow; he was the Vice President of the precious metals division at Wilmington Trust company. He was the go-to guy when it came to all things shiny and valuable.

But then, a twist of fate! Wilmington Trust decided to say goodbye to the precious metals business. That was a problem for Jonathon and his crew because suddenly, their jobs were hanging by a thread.

How FideliTrade was Born?

Instead of twiddling his thumbs and waiting for the bank’s next move, he came up with a bold idea. He said, “Hey, how about I buy out the precious metals part of the business?” It might have sounded unusual, but it made perfect sense to him.

His proposal was like a win-win for everyone involved. Jonathon would take care of the bank’s long-time precious metal customers, and the bank could breathe easy knowing they found a good home for their precious metals division. So, the bank said, “Deal!”

Just like that, FideliTrade was born, around 1998. In the beginning, they were working out of a cozy 720 sq. ft. office space. Fast forward to today, and they have grown like crazy. They now have more than 50 full-time employees and occupy not one, not two, but four different buildings with a total office space of more than 72,000 sq. ft.

Subsidiaries of FideliTrade

FideliTrade doesn’t stop at dealing only with precious metals. They have some fancy subsidiaries too. One of them is the Delaware Depository, which is one of the biggest depositories in the whole country. They hold onto precious metals for all kinds of investors, like IRA custodians, financial big shots, and even regular folks like you.

FideliTrade is an authorized mint distributor. Only 11 other companies on the planet can say that. This means they’ve got a bright future, and all that bullion in their vaults is in good hands.

You may ask, “Why are they so popular?” Well, it’s all about the world being a bit shaky right now, with lots of ups and downs. So, smart investors are looking for safe places to park their money. Precious metals are like the superheroes of the investment world, always standing strong when things get tough.

That is why many savvy money managers are knocking on FideliTrade’s door. They offer a cost-effective and crystal-clear way to dive into the world of precious metals. So, if you want to make your money work harder and safer, FideliTrade might just be your golden ticket.

What Products and Services You can Expect from FideliTrade?

Let’s dive into the world of precious metals with FideliTrade! They have a bunch of products and services that can make your journey shiny and bright.

Buying and Selling

First off, they are your go-to folks if you want to buy or sell precious metals. Think platinum, palladium, silver, and the star of the show, gold. And you’ve got options – bars or platinum coins, take your pick. It’s like a precious metals shopping spree!

Storage with a Twist

Now, where do you stash all that shiny stuff? Well, FideliTrade’s got a storage trick up their sleeve. They’ve got a snazzy subsidiary in Wilmington, Delaware, just like their HQ.

But here’s the cool part: If you are feeling international, they’ve got custody services in places like Toronto and Zurich too. So, your gold can travel the world.

Segregated Storage or Not?

Here’s the scoop on storage: you can go into segregated or non-segregated storage. Segregated means your precious metals get their own VIP spot, completely separate from everyone else’s stuff. They even package them individually, seal them up nice and tight, and slap labels on them for that extra peace of mind.

But if you’re more of a mingler, you can go non-segregated. Your precious metals hang out with everyone else’s and you can buy, sell, or take them home whenever you want.

IRA Magic

Here’s a real gem – they’ll work magic for you if you want to open a precious metal IRA. They’ve got connections with multiple IRA custodians, and they’ll help you pick the perfect precious metals to fill your IRA pot. It’s like having a metal-savvy wizard on your side.

No Shipping Costs

Oh, and here’s the cherry on top. When you choose FideliTrade as your precious metals dealer, you don’t have to worry about those pesky shipping costs. They’ve got you covered, no extra fees are required.

FideliTrade’s got the gold, the silver, the platinum, and all the services you need to make your precious metals journey a breeze.

Unveiling FideliTrade’s Wide-Reaching Partnerships

FideliTrade is all about connecting with a diverse group of folks to make the precious metals world accessible and safe for everyone. Let’s take a peek at who they’re working with and what they bring to the table.

Working with Previous Customers

FideliTrade has some roots in the past, especially with folks who used to deal with precious metals through the Wilmington Trust Company. They’re all about offering bullion services straight from the source. And guess where they get their bullion coins? Right from the government and commercial mints. Plus, they’ve got an exchange-approved depository. This means that you can sleep easy knowing your precious metals are in good hands.

Rock-Solid Financial Standing

One thing you should know is that FideliTrade is debt-free and has plenty of capital. That’s like having a financial safety net. You don’t have to worry about them disappearing into thin air. They’ll always stand by their commitments.

Every client’s asset is insured up to a whopping $1 billion. Your precious metals are covered.

Individual Investors

If you’re an individual looking to dive into precious metals, FideliTrade has your back. When you open an account with them, you’ll get expert guidance without any salespeople trying to make a quick buck.

They are all about giving you the best advice. Plus, you will score competitive prices from a company with a track record of happy customers.

You can use your account for both IRA and non-IRA transactions, and they’ll even hold your bullion in various locations. Whether it’s Delaware, California, Toronto, or Zurich, they’ve got your precious metals covered.

Advisors: A Partner in Prosperity

Calling all investment managers and advisors! FideliTrade has a clearing service in Delaware that’s designed just for you. Your clients can dip their toes into the world of precious metals by purchasing coins and bars. They can choose to take delivery or have their metals safely tucked away in custody, fully protected, and insured.

FideliTrade’s services are tailor-made for both investors and advisors. You can work closely with your clients to craft investment plans that align with your financial goals, all while getting top-notch guidance and the best precious metals markets prices for precious metals. It’s like having a precious metals expert on speed dial.

Banks and Brokers: Elevate Your Game

Banks, investment funds, brokerage firms, or even wholesales or dealers, FideliTrade is here for you. Their institutional clientele includes a wide range of financial players. With a commercial account, you can effortlessly trade various products, online or over the phone.

Their commercial trading hours are quite accommodating, running from 8 a.m. EST to 8 p.m. EST Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. EST to 5 p.m. ES^ on Fridays. They offer a comprehensive menu of custody, trading, delivery, and support services that can help your business grow and diversify.

Here’s the best part – you can do all of this with minimal risk and cost. It’s a win-win. FideliTrade is all about making the precious metals world accessible and secure for everyone they partner with.

So, whether you are an individual, an advisor, or a financial institution, they’ve got you covered.

Your Precious Metals, Your Way: Segregated Storage

When it comes to storing your precious metals with FideliTrade, you’ve got choices. Let’s talk about one of those options that might tickle your fancy – segregated storage.

Segregated Storage: Your Precious Metals, Your Kingdom

Imagine a storage option where your precious metals get the VIP treatment. That’s what segregated storage is all about. When you choose this, your precious metals are kept in their exclusive spot, far away from the shiny treasures of other clients. It’s like having your kingdom for your gold and silver.

Here’s the cool part – your precious metals are treated like royalty. Each piece is individually packed, sealed, and labeled with your name on it. So, there’s no investment product mix, and you know exactly what’s yours. It’s like having a gold and silver army at your beck and call.

Non-Segregated Storage

You are probably more of a sharing-is-caring kind of person. In that case, non-segregated storage might be your cup of tea. Here, your precious metals hang out with their fellow metals of the same type in a shared account. It’s like a precious metals party where everyone’s invited.

Flexibility is Key

No matter which storage option you choose, you’re in the driver’s seat. You can take ownership of your precious metals whenever you want. Need to buy more? No problem. Want to sell some? They’ve got you covered. It’s all about flexibility and convenience.

So, whether you want your precious metals to have their royal quarters or join the party with other metals, FideliTrade has you covered.

Your Guide to Precious Metals Trading Purchase with FideliTrade

If you are into precious metals like gold and silver, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. FideliTrade has some fantastic services to make your precious metals trading journey a breeze.

Buying Precious Metals

When it comes to buying precious metals, FideliTrade is your go-to pal. Why? Because they’re an authorized mint distributor, that means you get to snag these shiny treasures at some of the best prices in town. Whether it’s gold, silver, or other precious metals, they’ve got you covered.

Payment Options

Now, let’s talk money. if you’re using ACH (that’s like an electronic check), you can go as high as $29,999 in a single transaction. If you prefer to use your credit card, the max you can go to is $2.999. Just keep in mind, that there might be some fees when you use your credit card, so watch out for those.

Selling Your Precious Metals

Got some precious metals you want to part ways with? No worries! FideliTrade is also in the business of buying. Whether you originally got your platinum bullion from them or not, they’re interested in it. They’re like the treasure chest you can rely on when you’re ready to cash in.

Accumulation Plan: A Smart Way to Invest

Now, here’s something neat – FideliTrade’s Accumulation Plan. This is like your secret weapon for building your precious metals stash. It’s available when you buy their bulk generic bullion. Here’s how it works.

Regular Purchases: You can set up automated purchases, either monthly or bi-monthly, of their bulk-generic bullion. It’s like setting up a savings plan for your precious metals. You decide how much you want to put in and what type of platinum bullion you fancy.

Dollar Cost Averaging: This strategy takes away the stress of keeping an eye on daily market ups and downs. You can just relax and let your accumulation plan do its thing.

Flexible Start Dates: You can kick off your accumulation plan on either the 1st or 16th of each month. And guess what? No extra fees to join, just a one-time payment of $99 for any metal type.

Counterfeit Detection: Protecting Your Precious Metals Investments

FideliTrade takes the security of your precious metals seriously. They work hand-in-hand with their storage depository to make sure every piece of metal is the real deal.

Serious Safeguards: They’ve invested heavily in top-notch counterfeit detection equipment, skilled personnel, and the latest technology. Think dimension measurement tools, precision scales, agents with trained eyes, ultrasound equipment, and even X-ray machines. They leave no stone unturned in ensuring the authenticity of your metals.

Proud Reputation: Thanks to their meticulous attention to detail, Fidelitrade has built a rock-solid reputation in the industry. They stand by every piece of metal they handle, and that’s something they’re super proud of.

Is FideliTrade a Scam?

FideliTrade has been around for a good while, and they’ve got a track record to prove it. They’re not some fly-by-night precious metals operations; they’re the real deal.

You know what’s reassuring? They’ve got a real, physical address. That’s something you don’t always find with online precious metal companies. It’s like having a real home base.

Here’s the icing on the cake – they’ve got a solid reputation. People who’ve dealt with them have good things to say. They’ve passed the credibility check.

However, it is always a smart move to research any company before you jump into various precious metals investing. Check them out, read reviews, and make sure they align with your goals.

FideliTrade is no scam. They’re the real deal in the world of various precious metals.

Demystifying Precious Metals and IRAs with FideliTrade

Ever heard of “purity” when it comes to precious metals? It’s like the gold report card. Purity is measured in parts per thousand, and it’s often called “fineness.”

It tells you how much of the metal is in the refined product. For example, if a bullion bar is 999.9 fine, it means it’s 99% pure gold. People sometimes call it “four nines” gold because it’s almost as pure as it gets.

Rare Coins vs. Bullion Coins

A bullion coin is like the workhorses of the coin world. They’re made by government mints, and they’re legal money in a region. But here’s the twist – they usually cost more than their actual metal value because they’re top-notch quality.

Prices for these coins go up and down with the price of the metal they’re made of. So, if you have a gold bullion coin, its price follows the gold market.

Numismatic Coins

Numismatic rare coins are more like collector’s items. They’re valuable because they’re rare and might have unique features. They can be worth more than the metal they contain, thanks to their special qualities.

Adding Metals to Your Gold IRA

Now, the big question – can you put precious metals in your Gold IRA? Absolutely! You’ve been able to do it since 1986, and the range of accepted products has grown.

You can add platinum, palladium, gold, or silver coins to your IRA. If you’re investing with FideliTrade, they’ll make sure you’re only getting products that fit the bill for IRAs.

FideliTrade Review: Final Thoughts

In a world where trust matters, FideliTrade shines as a true gem in the precious metals industry. With over two decades of experience, they’ve earned their stripes as a reputable and legitimate company you can rely on.

What sets them apart? Well, they’ve got a real, brick-and-mortar address, which is like a solid anchor in the digital age. Plus, they offer the convenience of online trading – the best of both worlds.

Their friendly and knowledgeable reps are like your trusted guides on your precious metals journey. They’ve got the experience to steer you in the right direction.

When it comes to transparency, FideliTrade walks the talk. They’ve got a stellar rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), showing that they mean business in the best possible way.

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