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Cryptocurrency IRA: All You Need to Know

As we are witnessing a gradual but monumental change in the world of finance, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are booming.

If you are interested in investing currencies for your retirement, this could be a good option to investigate as it could both diversify your retirement portfolio and increase your retirement savings considerably.

As this change happens, the world of virtual currencies and investment might seem unstable, fickle, and risky.

But fret not – here’s everything you need to know before saving for retirement in a cryptocurrency IRA.

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What Is Cryptocurrency IRA?

Cryptocurrency IRA

To find a tax-efficient solution to upgrade your retirement account, you should divert your attention and resources to cryptocurrency IRA.

This is an IRA account that holds your investment in cryptocurrency.

 A cryptocurrency or Bitcoin IRA is a self-directed IRA. 

What does it mean?

Although the account is administered by a security platform, you (aka the account holder) get to manage the IRAs.

Therefore, a self-directed IRA makes it possible for you to invest in alternative assets and have alternative investments.

These assets are best reflected in precious metals, real estate as well as – more and more often – in cryptocurrency.

 These self-directed IRAs can be either traditional IRA or Roth IRA . A self-directed IRA can be opened by a custodian that allows alternative assets.

What you need to know, first and foremost, that you can’t put your crypto digital assets – cryptocurrency – into your regular account with your stocks, bonds, etc.

Instead, your self-direct IRA account you will have to open includes both Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies.

 An essential piece of information is that the IRS considers cryptocurrencies in customers’ accounts as property , so your virtual coins are taxed in the likeness of bonds and stocks.

So, your cryptocurrency IRA account can be used for various investments, besides cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and such.

Your long-term investment account can also include stocks, bonds, loans, and precious metals, to name a few.

How Does a Bitcoin IRA Work?

To understand the operation of a crypto BitIRA, you’ll need to have basic knowledge about a normal IRA because it functions on the same premises.

With a crypto IRA, you are investing your money and your funds in cryptocurrency rather than fund shares.

As it was previously mentioned, you’ll be able to choose between a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA, depending on your needs and interests.

However, as much as they operate on the same level with normal IRAs, crypto self-directed ones are differentiated from their normal counterparts in a couple of ways:

  • While you have a bank regulating your normal IRA, a custodian company officiates this role with self-directed IRAs. The custodian is responsible for your account in the sense that they mind that your account adheres to the regulations predetermined by the government.
  • Your cryptocurrency trades are managed by a crypto exchange. A crypto exchange is a digital platform where digital currencies are traded, so this is where you’ll buy & sell currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • While a standard IRA account may not have a setup fee and maintenance fee each month, your BitIRA (Bitcoin IRA) will face this fee depending on the platform of your custodian.

Your cryptocurrencies necessitate protection.

Most BitIRA companies include security storage methods to keep your digital Bitcoin IRAs safe.

Safe storage is a must if you want to be safe from cybertheft.

It’s important to mention that you’ll need cold storage for BitIRA crypto accounts. Cold storage is basically a “wallet” to hold your digital assets.

How to Open Bitcoin IRA?

If you decided to open a bitcoin IRA, you need to choose where you want to take your interest.

Much like opening up a brokerage account, you’ll need to find a custodian to back your self-directed IRA, and the custodian needs to authorize you to make cryptocurrency trades.

A Bitcoin IRA company will be of much help on your journey to a crypto-retirement sphere.

Let’s take a look at platforms that offer cold storage and crypto investment opportunities:


Advertised as the world’s most secure IRA for digital currencies, BitIRA offers you a toll-free number. In that way, BitIRA gives you an opportunity to inform yourself before you open an account.

BitIRA doesn’t have prices available for preview on their website, but they do have a reputable platform where you can be informed.

The array of BitIRA cryptocurrencies to buy includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin, among others.

Read the full BitIRA review.


Another popular solution for making alternative IRA investments is Alto.

Alto covers a wide range of assets – from real estate, precious metals to cryptocurrencies.

If you’re an investor interested in only trading in crypto, Alto’s crypto IRA would likely suit you.

They offer Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and many more cryptocurrencies at an OK fee.

Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA lets you invest in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Classic.

Their general aim is to make investments safer and simpler, as well as more open to the general public.

 With Bitcoin IRA, your assets can be stored and insured for up to $100 million, and their customer service is fast and accessible in minutes. 


With more than a decade of experience in alternative investment, CoinIRA is known specifically for its top-notch customer service that will walk you through every step of the process of opening an account.

Your crypto IRA with them can include Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic.

Why Use Digital Currency?

cryptocurrency IRAs

Pondering over the many options of retirement accounts?

If you aren’t firmly set on why you should use crypto digital currency, keep reading for the examination of the many advantages:

Long-term Investment

With the steady exponential growth in interest that Bitcoin IRAs have experienced in the past few years, it’s a no brainer:

 Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will continue to grow and expand in the future. 

Your retirement savings should include a portion of cryptocurrency precisely because it disrupts the normal order of events.

The power of cryptocurrency lies in its ability to permanently change the current monetary system – and for good.

For your individual retirement account, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could be the long-term investment that is most likely to double, if not triple, in value.

Portfolio Diversification

To keep your individual retirement account protected, especially in the event of a tumultuous occurrence, it is always best to diversify your investment assets.

Portfolio diversification is necessary precisely because failing to do so can result in many missed profits as well as completely lost chances.

A traditional IRA offers a strict set of assets that, although valuable, aren’t varied.

Of course, holding precious metal IRAs is a secure form of investment, and no one can deny its value.


An assorted array of assets lies in the core of profit, and it protects you from unnecessary misses.

Assets like cryptocurrency, although unconventional, still bear enormous benefits:

  • Bigger profit
  • Favorable tax treatment
  • Convenient storage
  • An additional layer of security

Thus, cryptocurrency is a much-needed diversification solution for your investments.

Anonymity and Security

Today, no one can put a price tag on privacy and security. People have come to both appreciate and value it more, especially when something as delicate as investments and money.

In investment operations that include cryptocurrency, security and anonymity are a proven priority. Otherwise, they wouldn’t harness the popularity that they enjoy today.

 Every cryptocurrency utilizes encrypted protocols. These protocols make it possible for you to stay behind the scenes. 

What is more interesting, no organization can trace your identity and identify you as the holder of crypto investment. As you stay private with crypto IRAs, you are also able to stay protected.

What makes cryptocurrency even more secure is the multi-level encryption.

With the numerous layers of encryption and no interference from third parties, digital currency transfers stay anonymous and untraceable.

Independent Functioning

Regular monetary and financial institutions and companies that regulate money, like banks and governments, have no ability to affect the crypto market. They cannot control the value and usage of cryptocurrency.

Effectively, a crypto IRA including any digital currency is unafflicted by government and bank involvement.

Cryptocurrency is decentralized from the traditional institutions, which makes this type of currency even more appealing as an investment.

The independent functioning of cryptocurrency makes it attractive to investors and companies alike.

Deferred Tax Asset for Self-Directed IRA

Perhaps the best advantage of cryptocurrency IRA accounts reflects in the fact that all growth that your IRA accounts experience will be tax-free until you decide to withdraw them from your retirement accounts.

But you may still face fees of some kind (more info provided below).

Transaction Speed

As it was previously mentioned, institutions such as banks and governments may not regulate the digital market and its flow.

For the sole fact that digital currency transactions are done through a Blockchain network of peer-to-peer protocols, they are incredibly speedy and secure.

 The transactions themselves are stored in a digital wallet, which is heavily encrypted and protected. 

Because of all the previous advantages mentioned, transactions are not only fast and secure but are also convenient.

What You Should Know Before Investing in a Self-Directed Bitcoin IRA

bitcoin investment

With numerous, fruitful, and appealing advantages, crypto IRAs have garnered fame and notoriety.

Cryptocurrency IRAs are only now solidifying their rightful place in the world of finance, and this actualization of such a revolutionary undertaking takes time.

As you begin to explore your options for self-directed retirement investment accounts, it’s best to equip yourself with an educated opinion.

Before opening up a crypto IRA, research all of the possible downsides that you might experience.

Here goes:

Prevent the Risks

Investing in cryptocurrencies like BitIRA is not without risks.

An investment should at best be educated, and the owner of a cryptocurrency IRA should be well aware of the following:

Erratic Price Movement

Bitcoin and its erratic price movement allude to instability which is anticipated from an immature asset.

These price point fluctuations that Bitcoin regularly has gone through in the past few years make it a risky investment option.

But high risk equals high reward.

Exchange Frauds

Fraudulent exchanges can be bypassed by carefully reviewing and investigating companies that present themselves as bitcoin trading platforms.

A company can present an “alternative” cryptocurrency, but before exchanging or deciding to buy anything, talk to your custodian.


Cybercriminal is at its peak with so much money being present in the crypto market.

With many investors and companies involved, it’s always best to take necessary precautions when you buy & sell crypto to defend yourself against cybercrime.

Higher Fees

Companies that offer self-directed IRA services state that the potential tax benefits overshadow the potential downsides that may come in the form of a fee.

Fees, especially when it comes to bitcoin trading, have numerous presentations in the process.

You may experience various forms of fees with your BitIRA.

Firstly, your bitcoin IRA starts with the initial setup fee, and from then on, you have both a custody fee and a trading fee, as well as those annual maintenance fees on cryptocurrency retirement accounts.

These fees will, of course, vary with different companies, the platform, and their services. A monthly fee in one company will be different than in another company.

For the sake of comparison, an IRA company will not charge monthly maintenance fees or an opening fee for the standard IRA account not containing crypto. Transaction services for the standard accounts are also smaller.

However, as noted, the tax benefits largely outweigh Bitcoin IRA’s fees.

Best Crypto IRA Strategies

To upgrade your existing IRA and your portfolio, you’ll need to have a viable strategy.

The best way to ensure a profit on crypto is to have a plan.

Before actually investing and beginning to trade in cryptocurrencies, you’ll want to make sure that you know all about IRAs, fees, and all the best companies to turn to for investment counsel.

For your easing into the world of crypto and currency trading, here’s a compiled set of pointers to give you a head start:

Crypto Basics & Research

To understand the security of your investments, you should first be introduced to basic concepts of digital trading and the technologies involved in it.

You shouldn’t be expecting an immediate influx of assets. Instead,  you should opt for a long-term payoff .

Educate yourself on the current state of the virtual market and be well aware of the risks that are included in the world of virtual trading.

Valid Cryptocurrency

Not all cryptocurrencies are profitable and valid.

Some are a result of scheming and scamming, so before you make an investment, educate yourself on different coins.

Besides Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin – there exist over a thousand currencies that are traded on a daily basis.

While the industry is still young, it’s a perfect niche to establish your own diverse crypto portfolio in order to succeed.

A strategic position with your crypto IRA will definitely outweigh erratic trend-following.

Swing Trading Strategy

Swing trading belongs to the so-called “long-term trading strategies,” holding the middle ground between day trading and trend trading.

To utilize the swing trading strategies to the fullest, you should examine chart patterns and look out for technical indicators in order to design trade ideas.

This strategy is ideal for beginners, as it isn’t too hard to keep track of, and it takes some time to play out so that you can get a hold of things.

Swing trading allows investors to think rationally and make informed decisions.

Day Trading Strategy

Seeing that most digital platforms do not conform to standard trading strategies and systems, day trading takes time in the span of one day.

Day trading may be really profitable, but it’s really stressful and high risk. It isn’t recommended for beginners.

Trend Trading Strategy

Trend traders use the services of trends and buy and trade accordingly to what seems to be the most profitable as dictated by the current trends.

Trend trading strategy may be the most accommodating for beginners, as it plays out over the course of few months.

This allows fresh investors to map their risks, plan ahead and consider all angles of a trend. Services such as risk managing and spreading outdrive their position up over a few months.

Scalping Strategy

Scalping might be the quickest strategy that there is, as they do not have any long-term profit on their mind.

Scalpers utilize the same moves time and time again.

Scalping is also known under the guise of High-Frequency trading precisely because traders who use this technique are known to close and open positions in seconds.

It is yet another strategy not recommended for the use of beginners as it demands a lot of risk-taking and on-the-spot decision-making, which is known to be very stressful.


Q: Can you hold Cryptocurrency in an IRA?

A: Yes, of course! You can do so by opening up a self-directed or Bitcoin IRA, which is an individual retirement account allowed to hold cryptocurrencies. Crypto retirement accounts have many benefits, and you can store more than just digital currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum in them.

Q: Is Crypto IRA legitimate?

A: Yes, it is. Crypto IRA provides a digital platform to connect investors interested in trading cryptocurrencies with custodians who regulate exchanges. Bitcoin IRA can also be used by those investors looking to buy other assets that aren’t considered traditional, like precious gold and precious metals.

Final Words


 Cryptocurrency IRA can be a valuable opportunity with the rise of digital currencies. 

Along with tax savings and large gains, you can familiarize and modernize your way of investing towards a better future.

If you decide to open an account and have a crypto IRA, you should research an appropriate custodian with a lot of attention.

While digital currency is still not so popular asset, it is an excellent one to keep an eye on.

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