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There seem to be many new providers of credit repair popping up all of the time, however, not too many are able to follow through on their promises. Today, I’m going to speak about one that is fully capable, the Credit Assistance Network.

With the Credit Assistance Network, they promise that if you are not fully satisfied in 90 days then you get your money back, no questions asked. So if you don’t see your credit improving within the 90 days then you can walk away.  In my case, I didn’t have to walk away because what they set out to do, they actually did.  (I had some marks on my credit report from bills that slipped through the cracks when I moved to Latin America, and they were very quick to settle these old scores for me and get my credit score back to a respectable level.  This allowed me to lease vehicles, buy property, and more, without worrying about that insulting rejection notice!

While they do require an initial fee upfront, they do not require their customers to sign up for any type of subscription on a monthly basis.

However, what customers do is pay according to what the results are so payment is made only if any corrections on the credit file are made.

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In other words, if they are unable to remove any derogatory credit marks no matter how hard they try, then you can cancel their services and not pay a thing.

This is a much greater option than their competitors can offer especially when they require you to pay a subscription on a monthly basis regardless of being successful. With the Credit Assistance Network, they are able to reassure you that they will succeed with all of the services that are offered.

What Does the Credit Assistance Network Do?

The purpose of the Credit Assistance Network is not your ordinary credit services provider.

As a matter of fact, their overall goal of assisting is not through repair. Rather, they prefer to be known for their ability to improve customer credit.

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This is conducted by using a legal program that is realistically designed in helping with problems that are related to credit.

It was 2004 that the Credit Assistance Network came into operation in Boca Raton, Florida with the main goal of offering services that can improve credit.

Being able to provide this service is made possible by utilizing several experts who specialize in debt, credit and consumer finance.

Having these professionals proves that they are able to handle any type financial whoa that is related to credit.

They are fully CROA compliant as well as a member in good standing through the National Association of Credit Services Organization.

Their current BBB rating is a C+ and although they are not accredited by the BBB, they have had a file with them since opening for business.

How Does the Process of Credit Assistance Services Work?

The process of the Credit Assistance Network is able to use legal ways to help improve a person’s credit.

Federal law provides all consumers with the right to make a dispute against any derogatory credit marks that are discovered on their credit report. You are also able to obtain professional assistance throughout the entire process like with The Credit Assistance Network.

By handling all of the credit worries associated with inaccuracies, ID theft, and fraud, their customers can finally sleep at night knowing that their credit problems are going bye-bye.

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Once all negative impacts are removed the customer will quickly see their credit scores climb.

After signing up for their service, a financial specialist will look over your entire credit history. Then, you will have a consultation scheduled that will give you advice and allow you to provide feedback in order to have the most efficient experience possible.

After the consult, their service department will then analyze the credit reports to make a decision on which derogatory marks are going to be disputed, the legal foundation for them, and how the entire process will begin and end.

What the Process of Dispute Will Involve

The dispute process immediately begins by mailing letters of dispute that are customized and compliant to law to the TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax credit bureaus.

As many as 45 items can be disputed with each credit bureau and as soon as the bureau receives the letter and investigates the details then they must get ahold of the reporting creditor.

The creditor will then investigate the entry and determine its legitimacy. If the entry is not able to be legitimized then it is permanently removed. The collectors and creditors are given 30 days to conduct a thorough investigation and have the results back to the credit bureau.

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Once the results are received, the credit bureaus will then forward them to you in which you will then have them analyzed by the Credit Assistance Network.

While being reviewed, their credit specialists will concentrate on identifying any illegal abnormalities. If any are found, then complaints will be filed through the BBB, FTC, and your state’s attorney general office.

To help strengthen their position, the Credit Assistance Network is also able to utilize different dispute letters against collection agencies and various creditors by sending:• A demand for a validation letter• Letter of dispute and request of information• Letters of Cease and Desist• Letters of Goodwill

Following an initiated dispute an updated credit report will be sent to you within 45 days. This updated report will determine whether more action is required.

The dispute process is continued as many times as needed until the client is completely satisfied.

As a client, you will have full access to their client portal. From there, you are able to directly communicate with the Network, upload important forms, and track your progress. Clients are able to access it 24/7.

Benefits and Features of Credit Assistance Network

Monitoring of Credit

Together with IdentityIQ, your credit can be monitored by obtaining all three of your credit reports from the major bureaus.

They include alerts and monitoring on a daily basis, as well as a fresh, monthly credit report and ID theft insurance up to $25,000.

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The seven-day plan only costs $1 and then it goes to monthly for $19.99. Other than credit monitoring, IdentityIQ also provides alerts for possible fraud and credit restoration caused by ID theft.

The Credit Assistance Network Blog

Their blog is full of various articles that consumers have access to (even if you are not a current client), which will be able to enlighten you about the entire process of credit.

Blog topics include the following:• Statute of limitations• ID theft• bankruptcy• Credit Repair• Scams to avoid• Disputes• credit bureaus• Managing Debt• credit scores and reports• Collection• Rebuilding and re-establishing credit• Financial laws

Financial Calculators for Loans and Mortgages

Along with other valuable tools, the Credit Assistance Network provides online calculators for loans and mortgages. This calculator allows you to calculate different scenarios within a loan or mortgage program.

To get started you just enter the financial information as requested and the calculator determines your payment for each month as well as the date the debt will be finished.

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Other factors that are determined include property taxes, down payment, mortgage insurance, and property insurance.

Customer Service and Credit Assistance Number

Customer service can be reached via email or phone by dialing their credit assistance number.

Fees and Pricing

The fees and pricing for Credit Assistance Network have a very different structure as compared to their competition.

An initial upfront fee is charged at an individual rate of $179 and a couple of rate of $279. Then, a $50 fee is charged for every successful deletion for each credit bureau as well as $75 for any public record.

Although the fees may seem higher than just purchasing a subscription, you must understand that the fees charged are for providing services that end with a successful deletion performed by the Credit Assistance Network.

This is a significant advantage because with other providers they could be unsuccessful with having items removed but yet still charge you for the attempts so you are hit with more financial loss.

You also need to keep in mind that because of the way the fee structure is built, you can trust that The Credit Assistance Network will do everything in their power to be successful. Plus, that’s how they get paid.

Here’s How I Felt Once My Credit Was Fixed!

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A Simple Guarantee

The following guarantee can be easily made by The Credit Assistance Network:• Your service can be canceled whenever you want to.• There will be no certain outcomes promised.• Consumer data is secure and safe.• All clients are given courteous and professional treatment.• Customer requests are taken care of as fast as possible.

If there is any failure on the Credit Assistance Network’s part within 90 days of service then the client will be reimbursed for any and all service fees that were paid.

The Credit Assistance Network sign up

The signup process begins with a credit analysis that can be conducted online. To get started you just provide your full name, phone number, and email address.

The Pros and Cons of the Credit Assistance Network

Pros:• Every aspect of your requested credit repair is handled by the Credit Assistance Network. This makes them the perfect system for credit repair if you only require minimal work.• The structure of the fees is based on success and if no positive results occur within 90 days then the customer receives any money back.• They maintain legal compliance with every strategy used.• They pride themselves on the number of credit issues they’re able to fix.• They issue letters of cease and desist to creditors to prevent harassment.

Cons:• They charge high upfront fees and individual fees as compared to competitors but are based on the successful deletion of errors.

But like they say, you get what you pay for.  Literally being able to secure a car loan, lease, or better mortgage rate on a home purchase justifies this fee 100 times over!

Is The Credit Assistance Services Worth Your Time?

No matter who you go with, the Credit Assistance Network will be your best bet for results regardless of the high fees. Plus, the fees wouldn’t be so high if they were never successful. So what better way is there to be assured of success than to have a high fee? Plus, you don’t pay if they fail.

Even though their upfront fee is huge, they have no continual fee in order to maintain their services. What they do to make it worth your time is to only have fees charged for every negative mark that’s deleted.

This may be a small price to pay knowing that your credit report will be many points higher. Plus, it’s better than paying a monthly fee for a service that can’t get things done.

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