California Numismatics Review

California Numismatics Review

The world of investments can be rather confusing for newcomers. The way the precious metals IRA investments work, along with everything else can take some time to figure out.

As a start, you should pick a company that will help you with buying and selling bullion. There so many investment firms out there offering the same deal, more or less.

That being said, you must have come across the company California Numismatic Investments. Even if you heard good things, you must make sure that your precious metals or IRA account are safe with them.

For the full scoop, read our California Numismatic Investments review below!

About the California Numismatics Company

Gold IRA

California Numismatic Investments is a precious metal dealer – and they offer a rather wide selection of coins and other bullion. As the name says, the company is located in the State of California, at the address 525 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301, but you can contact them via their website

The company was founded by two co-founders – Richard Schwary and Ken Edwards all the way back in 1982. Both founders have extensive experience in this branch of the financial market.

Richard Schwary is now the company’s president. His experience in the industry comes from ten years as the director of PNG – Professional Numismatic Guild, and his experience as the chairperson in the same organization for a few years.

Schwary, now the company’s president, received his Bachelor in Science from CSULB in 1973, worked for more than ten years as the director of The Professional Numismatic Guild (PNG), and was PNG’s chairperson from 1997-1999.  Schwary has been called on as the “Expert Witness” by the State of California, with respect to precious metals and rare coins .

Edwards is now the Vice President at the California Numismatic Investments. He is an acclaimed expert in the precious metals industry and a motivational speaker. Edwards has been featured on CNN, CNBS, and PBS to speak about the market strategy regarding precious metals like gold or silver.

What makes this company stand out from the rest is the market insight they share with their customers. Investors can send questions about the market conditions, and you can ask an expert about the best investment right now. The professionals at California Numismatic Investments can advise you on the best strategies!

 CNI is a well-known precious metal company for a long time now – almost 50 years!  They have huge experience in precious metal trading, be that rare coins or other bullion products. California Numismatic Investments has been publishing their buy and sell prices in bull as well as the bear market.

What makes the CNI company so well known is its competitive pricing and the wide range of products offered. CNI offers palladium, rhodium, platinum, gold, and silver bullion – and with CNI, you can buy and sell any of these precious metals!

They pay up immediately if you decide to sell – but keep in mind that you need to sell a gold product in appropriate condition, wrapped, and fully insured. If that’s not the case, expect that CNI might not accept the item!

Moreover, investors should tag a note on the item’s packaging. The note should contain what is inside, name, address, phone number, and the order number as well.

Precious Metals Products & Services


Knowing all the information about a company is not enough to decide if you are going to place your precious metals IRA account with them. You also have to know about all their products and services in California. So, without further ado, let’s get on all the things offered by California Numismatic Investments!

Wide Selection of Products

What makes California Numismatic Investments truly stand out is the pallette of products you can purchase from them. The products offered are platinum, gold, palladium, rhodium, and silver bullion – coins and bars.

That’s not it – in their selection, you can always choose some more limited bullion for your investment.  California Numismatic Investments also sells certified and rare gold coins, limited mintage bullion, Peace & Morgan dollar rolls, and pre-1993 US gold and silver !

But that’s not it – you can contact the company directly if you want a special coin that isn’t listed on the website!

Price Matching

What is so great about California Numismatic Investments is their price matching service. Generally speaking, this business has rather a competitive pricing and they don’t overcharge their investors.

However, if you do happen to find better prices for the same products CNI is offering, you can easily contact them and ask for a discount. They are likely to approve the discount to keep their investors happy!

What’s more – they even have promotions and offers for new customers. For the first six months, you will not be charged for the services regarding your gold IRA, or other precious metals like platinum. We recommend taking advantage of these offers because you can save up significantly!

IRA-Approved Precious Metals

For those looking to roll over their retirement into a precious metals IRA, it’s good to know that CNI can help you out with that, as well. The management can help customers with selecting bullion for the investment, and so on.

Storage Options

Storage options are something that customers need to plan ahead for their precious metals investment. Luckily, when you’re investing with California Numismatic Investments, storage isn’t something you need to worry about.

When you do buy palladium bars or silver rare coins – CNI will send your precious metals to their trusted depository storage.  Their storage is IRS-approved, but you can choose the storage place based on your personal preferences . What they do not recommend is storing the gold bars in your home!

PCGS Grading

PCGS is a certificate launched all the way back in 1985. PCGS authenticates and issues authentication certificates for various gold coins – and California Numismatic Investments has a PCGS grading!

So far, they have authenticated millions of gold coins – making them the world’s largest third-party authentication and rating company.  If you have gold coins and aren’t sure of their value or authenticity, you can contact CNI to check the value .

Amazing Customer Service

California Numismatic Investments is shipping buying orders all over the US. Whatever you bought – gold, palladium, rhodium, silver, or platinum bars – you can return it and get the full value of your order refunded.

Even their website says so!  CNI takes its customers seriously, whether you contact them via the phone number or the website . Do note that bullion prices are market-based, so their value can vary each day!

Astonishing Inventory

What makes California Numismatic Investments truly stand out is their inventory – they have the largest inventory in the whole precious metals industry. This business is Dun and Bradstreet rated, and they manage to complete orders for gold bullion that rack up millions of dollars.

Their bars and coins inventory is truly amazing – it’s almost impossible that they don’t have a coin you’re looking for. Want to buy palladium, platinum, gold, or silver? CNI has got their customers’ backs!

On the website, you can see all the products in their inventory. However, if you cannot find what you’re looking for, contact them via website or phone for the extra info!

What’s more, California Numismatic Investments holds rhodium bars. Rhodium bars are rather rare, and it can be a real challenge for customers to find them on the Internet!

Professional Customer Counsel

Not every customer has extensive knowledge of the precious metals market. That’s why you can get professional counsel at California Numismatic Investments.

At CNI, you can always get the best advice, best offers, and even suggestions. Disclose all details so the expert can provide you with the best solution for your precious metals IRA. What’s truly amazing is that it costs nothing!

Accumulation Program


If you’re looking to buy PCGS-certified coins, consider joining the CNI Accumulation program. This program has many benefits, and we’ll discuss them all in this section.

In this program, you can always monitor your investment and keep an eye on it. You can start new investments, you can terminate the program, or customize it – whatever you like.

This program has been designed to make developing new, diversified portfolios easy. Also, this program helps the customers keep an eye on the money and to prevent potential losses.

This program is great because there is no limit as to how much money you can invest. To get started, all you have to do is call an account executive and get started!

California Numismatic Investments Review and Rating

3 Years Inc

Better Business Bureau – BBB

Better Business Bureau, BBB for short, is one of the most notable organizations for all things business. Their rating is very reputable and says a lot about a certain business.

So,  we were pleased to see that California Numismatic Investments is A+ rated, which is a great rating . Also, there were no customer complaints filed with BBB in the last 3 years!

Business Consumer Alliance – BCA

Business Consumer Alliance, or BCA for short, is one of the organizations that gives ratings for various companies. Just like BBB, their ratings hold a certain value and people truly respect these ratings.

So, California Numismatic Investments is AAA rated with BCA, which is fantastic! Also, there were no customer complaints filed with BCA in the last 3 years, which is a great sign, as well.


CitySearch gave California Numismatic Investments a 5-star rating from reviews!


On Yelp, California Numismatic Investments has a 4 out of 5 stars rating!


On the Google+ platform, California Numismatic Investments has a 3,5 out of 5 stars rating!

California Numismatic Investments Review – Bottom line

Gold IRA

To conclude, investing in your IRA and securing your future with precious metals is one of the best things you can do. However, to do that you must find a reputable, 5-stars company to make it all possible.

Luckily,  California Numismatic Investments is one of the best places where you can place your savings or retirement . This company takes special pride in its customer service and its relationship with the customers.

At California Numismatic Investments, you can get expert advice about anything regarding your investment. You can be advised about what you should invest in, how to diversify your portfolio, and so on.

California Numismatic Investments is certified, BBB and BCA-accredited, and also, they are a US Mint listed dealer. This company is as safe as they come! If you want to start gold ira investing, California Numismatic Investments is the ideal place to do just that!

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